If youre wondering about Dr Azurin.......new after pics approx 3 months post

I have lost all of any nice booty that I have ever...

I have lost all of any nice booty that I have ever had. I have worked my butt off, lol, going to the gym trying to get a nice firm rear but it just is not happening. All the leg lifts, squats, lunges & more cannot put a booty on this body for some reason. Don't get me wrong, my muscles get firmer, my legs look better & not as flabby but my dream of a nice tush is just nighmare-ish! Ugh! I cannot ever achieve in the gym the kind of derriere I am wanting. Soooooo.....another consult at the plastic surgeons office is what gets it done! I have been considering this for over ten years. My first consult for "butt job" was about ten years ago & the only option offered to me then was implants with a full lower body lift which I was not up for that.

Well ladies, I am having such a bad day! My...

Well ladies, I am having such a bad day! My boyfriend of almost 2 years & I broke up not too long ago (I broke it off) he has no idea that I've been wanting this done, he has an obsession with big booties but that is not why I want this, I wanted it long before I met him but it didnt help that he loves lots of b'donkey butt & I have none. I was getting more & more self conscious, insecure & down on myself. I am 45 years old & I am ready to have a more stable relationship but I need confidence which not feeling good about my figure is not helping me at all. So the short version of a very long story is, I met another guy shortly after my ex & I broke up. I am usually by myself for awhile before jumping into dating so I can get over my pst relationship. Anyway, I was dating this guy & thought he was great & what I was looking for, he was very affectionate & complimented me constantly, just what I needed & craved. The next thing you know, he tells me he feels like "rebound guy" & bascially wants nothing to do with me. OMG! Caught me soooo by surprise! He avoided me & kinda blew me off with a text "sorry, I tried to look past it but I feel like rebound guy, can we remain friends"?? ... I was shocked & didn't get it so I confronted him eye to eye, I think he should be man enough to tell me to my face...so he says that I mentioned my ex to him in a conversation & he knew I wasn't over him so he feels Im not ready!!! Wow! I dont even remember saying anything about my ex but we were out, I had only two drinks but apparently I wwnt on about my ex....I feel bad if I was talking to him about my ex but seriously? So, now I am really down on myself & having a bad day. I'm sure he did me a favor it that was all it took to run him off but no matter what happens or who it is.....rejection is painful. So today I'm really down on myself. I so need a confidence booster. I don't need to get it from a man. I'm independent but it is nice to have someone. I guess I'll shut up for now about this but at the moment I feel this is the only place than con relate to how I'm feeling about my image. Just sucks.

Just wondering what the process is to book a...

Just wondering what the process is to book a surgery date? How much is a typical deposit? I've heard 10%, for the ladies that have had the procedure or booked their surgery date, is that accurate? I want to be financially prepared tomorrow if possible.

Ok, soooooo I had my cons yesterday with Dr....

Ok, soooooo I had my cons yesterday with Dr. Azurin. I have to say that from start to finish it was a great experience. I felt comfortable even tho I am so embarassed about my booty & lack of, he & he assist were extremely professional, patient, imformative, thorough and kind. I did not feel rushed at all, he answered everything in a manner that I felt he was so honest about what my results would be, he told me that some of my results may not be 100% be that it would be better & he could improve on what my problems areas are. I will be 46 years old this year & he explained about the risk of my skin could become loser & he would not be aggressive in the areas that wouldn't improve much but other areas he would take every drop of the fat that he could. I loved that he was up front with me & that I wont have any unexpected surprises but if my results are better than expected I will be happy. Dr. A is the man when it comes to "curves" & he sculpts the body in a manner that the butt will look bigger even if someone doesnt have much fat he can make it appear bigger by his techinque. I'm sure I will have plenty of fat since I am approx 30 pounds overweight, give or take a pound. He said I did not need to gain or lose. He explained to me about the fat in out bodies & there are fat cells, they get bigger or smaller as our weight fluctuates but he takes out as many cells as possible in the problem areas so if I lose weight my cells are only getting smaller but they dont go away, sooooo he removes them regardless of their size. So now I get it, its not the size of the cell, its how many can be removed. Anyway, I am glad that I dont have to worry about dieting but I do want to get a bit more "fit" to help with recovery. Dr. A removes as much fat as possible that he can from the problem areas (that is allowed) & then he puts it ALL back in.....yep that's right....after filtering it & getting the transferable fat (I guess the "good fat" that will live) he puts all back in the booty. If he gets to a point that it's full & can't take anymore, he doesn't put in anymore in because more isn't always better because over doing risk the chance of the fat dying & big booty shrinking but for the most part....he will take out as much as possible & put back in as much as possible unless the patient requests to have a conservative amount. The cost would be $6250.00 includes everything but the garmet, meds, & clearance. I'm over 40 so I have to have additional pre-op work up. Bascially the breakdown in $3850 for lipo of the main BBL areas, additional areas are $600 so I am having one additional area, $1800 for fat grafting. My disclaimer is that everyones case is different so the prices my vary according to what the individual may need for their body typre & procedure, plus the instructions may vary also per patient because my friend that went with me has a very different problem & different options so ours varied just a bit so I wnated to just say that because I think the overall prices & intrusctions may be very close but everyones body type, needs, request etc can be different. I am def going with Dr A. I can say enough how wonderful he was, how his staff was soooo amazing & I felt 100% comfortable, at ease, & most of all, I feel like my body (& my life) would be safe in his capable hands. Also his surgical center is HIS own, I wont be going to a place where several different people are going to be having work done which reduces chance of infestion, illness & such. I'm just trying to cover as much I can think of. Oh, my friend had work done recently by another place in Miami & she has bad results that she is very unhappy with & now looking to Dr A. to revise her. She also loved him & was almost in tears wishing she had found him first.

Ok, so my consultation with Dr. Azurin went well,...

Ok, so my consultation with Dr. Azurin went well, he is amazing & so is his staff.....my problem is, I've been thinking WAAAYYY too much & I'm confused. I'm about 25 pounds overweight so I'm thinking that is just about right to suck all the fat out & have lots for a big BOO-TAY....Dr. Azurin says my weight is fine. don't hav eto gain or lose but he is not going to be aggressive on certain areas that my skin will be 'lose" so not to ad to more lose skin. The more I think about it, the more I'm worried that I'm going to have a great shape but I'll have this sagging lose skin around my butt, waist & thighs....UGH! Now I'm wondering if I need a "butt/thigh LIFT" with a fat grafting....Dr Azurin does not do a butt/thigh lift!!! He is the only one so far that I trust with my body! My question is...ladies who have had this.....how is the back area? I mean I have "back boobs" that I want GONE but he said my skin would be lose there if he was too aggressive in that area....also my inner thighs he said would be too lose....anyone with back boobs...has the skin tightened? I know everyone is different but I'm trying to decide about the additional lift but it will be a huge scar. Also to anyone who had this procedure done that was overweight for sometime & had loser skin...how are your results after lipo?? I heard that Dr Amand Soto does both but I'm sold on Dr Azurin's results. I'm just sooo confused. I have a second consult to talk to Dr Azurin at which timem I want to pay & get scheduled but the only thing holding me back is if I get the BBL & end up with lose saggy/fabby skin, I'm afraid of that. Anyone have any advice, experience, or words of wisdom?? Honestly I don't think Dr. Azurin would do a BBL on me if he didn't think the results would be good but I don't want to have to have a lift AFTER & mess up his work if he maked me a nice round badonkey! HELP!!!

I am going to another consult before I decide for...

I am going to another consult before I decide for sure on a surgeon for BBL. I love Dr Azurin & would go to him if I wasnt worried about my skin becoming loose & saggy. Dr A doesn't do actual "lift" so I'm checking that out first. I have heard mixed reviews about Dr Soto, mostly great but a few BBL gals say results dont last.....ugh, decisons decisions! But if I'm spending several thousands & going thru pain, leave of absence at work.....I def want to be sure. I cannot tell you how much I want this done & how much I can't wait for it to be my turn. I get so excited for the other BBL sisters & then I see their result & I'm happy for them, then I'm depressed kinda, lol, thinking "I WANT MINE TOO, NOW!!!!" lol :)

Ok, so I had another consult Monday. This time for...

Ok, so I had another consult Monday. This time for an actual butt LIFT with thigh lift & fat grafting to butt. I liked what he explained to me would be my results....firmer thighs, smaller waist, tighter buns.....but when I asked about projection he didn't seem to think he'd be able to get that much, he said it would def improve but the whole idea of me having any or all this work done is to achieve a bigger, rounder, fuller, tush with nice projection. I'd love my thighs & hips to be firm but tighter & SMALL is not what I have in mind. I have a so-so curve shape now minus a booty but my hips are not too bad, I don't want to get rid of my curves. I'm not trying to be a thin girl, I love curves. So, for $12 grand I'm not sure if having surgery done & still not having much projection is the answer. As of now Azurin is still my man. I honestly don't think he would work on me if he didn't think it would look good. So for now I'm one step closer to an Azurin azz lol! Just waitin on my check to come :)

Just wanted to ad that no Dr that I have consulted...

Just wanted to ad that no Dr that I have consulted with (total of 5) over a few years but 3 very recently ...has told me to lose or gain any weight. I'm approx 25 lbs over weight & they all have said to stay as I am. I'm very glad not to worry about my weight.

I haven't been on much for a bit because I was...

I haven't been on much for a bit because I was starting to think that my turn would never come. I am happy for everybody else but I was thinking that something went wrong with the money I was expecting. Just as I was about to give up & decided I would just have to wait til I could save the whole amount....bam!!!! Check in the mail & extra money in my paycheck.....mean to be, it was meant for this to happen & just fell into place. I called Dr Azurin's office, put down my money & got my date!! Luckily they had a opening a few days after my birhtday & a few days before Christmas. What better birthday / christmas gift is this???!!! what I've been wanting for sooo soooo long. Anyway, I have tons of questions for the veterans now but I'm too excited to get those thoughts together at this point. I am wondering if anyone is willing to post my before pics if can't get them loaded on here. I'm back in the game!! ;)

Before photos up,,,,surgery date Dec 17th

Before photos up,,,,surgery date Dec 17th

I have hips & not much of a belly.....no BUTT at...

I have hips & not much of a belly.....no BUTT at all!!!

Having done at same time willing to split the...

having done at same time willing to split the aftercare nurse!! I am also wondering what hotel is close to Dr Azurin's surgical center if anyone is staying there or close to there that can recommend something. I am wanting to make a reservation soon before it gets closer to holidays. I am getting so excited!! I cant wait!!!

Ladies, I have one week to go....I'm excited &...

Ladies, I have one week to go....I'm excited & nervous! I have paid everything, filled out my packet & cleared for surgery so no turning back now! I haven't been on much because I feel like I've had so much to get done but I am always thinking about my RS girls & thankful for the info & all the updates with their experieinces. I don't know if it would be the same without the support of others going thru the same thing. I have to thank the most important RS gal on here that has truly made a difference in my journey so far....THANK YOU MIAMIMOM for all your info, updates, support & sharing your experience with Dr. Azurin. I am grateful to you. Also, Zizi, you have been so awesome!! You guys look phenomenal, I must say!!! I can see that I am confident with my choice in a surgeon & glad that I decided on Dr. Azurin. You both have fab figures to go with your winning (& caring) personalities. To miamimom....I don't know what you are talking about when you think your bootay is conservative! It is nice, plump & BIG dear, lol....in a good way. LOL but everyone talks about wishing they went bigger & getting used to the swelling so maybe I will go thru the same thing soon! I feel confident in Dr A's capable hands & I'm gonnalet him be the judge but I do want as much projection as he whatever he thinks will suit my body! Anyway, let the count down begin......7 days away

Ok, so tomorrow 12/17/12 6:15am, it's my turn!...

Ok, so tomorrow 12/17/12 6:15am, it's my turn! I'm
Excited but nervous! Happy but scared! My family has had a lot of negative things to say & not supportive if me so if anyone going thru the same or similar situation had anything to share or advice, I could use some RS sisterhood up lifting words right now! I was looking forward to this for so long but now to know I really don't have any support for me is kinda a downer! A few of my friends are even saying that I shouldn't do it! My family is trying to talk me out of it! So, now my ex-bf is going with me to help me since my mom is against it! I'm on my way!

I'm gonna be completely honest & tell you that it...

I'm gonna be completely honest & tell you that it hurts like hell. I was in the worst pain ever on the way back to hotel room. Please ladies when you have this done, don't let the pain get the best of you. Take the pain meds before you start feeling real bad because it really hurts. I'm very drowsy so I'm gonna rest for a bit. I will update as much as I can. I'm sure I'll have down moments but as of now I have no regrets.

I'm really loopy lol

I'm really loopy lol

I wish I had a way to post pics from my iPhone! I...

I wish I had a way to post pics from my iPhone! I have been texting my friends & they are giving me great feedback! I told Yashira that doc did a phenomenal job on me & she said "you ain't seen nothing yet, you're healing & have a way to go!" I'm thrilled. I love that I have no drains to deal with & also the garment has a way to go to bathroom without taking it off every time! I can tell I'm swellIng but I walk around & seems to help. Also I got arnica so we'll see how that does. I heard a lot about the Marriott which is close to doc but I stayed at La Quinta on University because they quoted me $69 the first night, then $65 2nd, & $60 for the third & Marriott quoted $119.00 a night & said they never heard of Dr Azurin & had no cheaper rate.

2 days post -op photo

2 days post -op photo

Not letting me add more photos but I have more to...

Not letting me add more photos but I have more to come soon! Giving me problems!

I wish I could say that I had more pics but seems...

I wish I could say that I had more pics but seems like I am having so much trouble getting them downloaded on RS! I am still swollen at 2 weeks post OP but the transfomation is amazing & the pics dont do the projection justice! Even tho doc said I am going thru the "flat" stage because of the swelling changing it make butt look flatter, I can tell that it is def still there & everyone notices the difference. My wist is shriking like crazy so when the final swelling goes especially in the lower back area, I know I will be thrilled becuase I am so happy already!

Loving my results so far & how my body is changing...

Loving my results so far & how my body is changing shape! I now understand booty envy because when it is first sooo swollen you get used to it being gigantic & then it goes down some & you feel like you have none. I just look at my before & it brings me back to reality. Especially when they tell me that after the swelling in my back goes down, my butt will fluff back out. I still am loving it so far. I cannot express how much changes you go thru & at times how painful this procedure is.......it's no joke ladies. I have my good days & bad but some nights I can barely get comfortable & I'm goin thru this stage right now where I feel like my skin inside is burning. It's hard to describe but kinda like a sun burn underneath your skin but it doesnt hurt to touch, just burns. I will try to post pics as I can.

Sorry for the delay. It's just hard for me to post...

Sorry for the delay. It's just hard for me to post anything because I can't post at post & all I have is my phone to get on internet right now. Anyway, my friends say my butt is HUGE in a good way. I have never had so many compliments in my life & never had people literally stop (men) & try to talk to me or turn heads, NEVER until Dr A gave me hardcore curves! I am weaning myself off the garment which I have become so used to. It is a pain but also a comfort if that makes sense. I still have some tingling & numbing sensation but it is better all the time & not really pain, its more like itching in some areas. Anyway, I am trying to post pics so you can see for your self how my shape is coming along. I have a pin up girl photo shoot in April & hope to post pics of that when possible.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have researched this procedure for many years now & am SOOOOOOO thankful for BBL now! Another option other than implants! Dr. Azurin has a great reputation along with a website that offers over 100 before & after photos of this procedure, all that have been done by him personally, no photoshop, with every type of body shape. This was exactly what I was looking for, a Dr that has great results with every type of body shape & kept those results after the healing process! I literally cannot wait til it's my turn!! So excited!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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absolutely amazing work..how are you feeling now? How long before you could sit on you butt? your curves are so beautiful he is truly an artist from what i can see, you must be so excited :)
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I could sit on my butt right away but not long & he recommended sleeping on stomach. It's been over a year & I haven't lost any butt even losing 20 lbs it's still there. Can't believe he passed away, he was the man!
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He sure was!! He was amazing! He gave me my life back!
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woohoo amazing! :-)
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Did he do anything with your abs? How is your stomach soooo flat if he doesn't do abs?? I'm really dying over this bc I don't think I'm going to be able to go with him if he refuses to do them. That's where ALL my fat goes and never leaves! I need the stomach lipo!!! Will he do it for the extra 600$?? Or does he refuse
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Dr Azurin does not lipo the abds.
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My stomach was flat before I had procedure done.
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Phew!!! Are these two people you? Wow the waist job is amazing! Wow!
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Yes, both me lol I take that as a compliment! He did amazing work, I can't believe he passed away.
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Holla back at it! What an amazing transformation!
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Girl you look GREAT! I am considering going to him right now myself and would love to talk to you on the phone if possible.....or even through email if that's cool with you. I have a few questions that I must ask someone who has been to him
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I'm sorry I never got back with you, haven't been on here. I saw that he passed away & so shocked I had to confirm :(
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you look phenomenal
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goddamn goddamn let em know 40"s getting it in... doing a good job representing us sexy....
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Thankkkk youuuu
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Goldiexxxxxsexy :-] you look absolutely stunning. You must be in the nine clouds . I'm sooooo happy for you. Keep it sexy baby
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Thanks, what a compliment
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Stone cold fox! I love the butts Azurin does they are so nicely shaped and natural. And those hips and that waist! Killin em!
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Yes, he was awesome, I love the work he did, still in shock that he is gone
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Wow!!! You look BAD,girl. Werk that new bodyyyy!!!
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Thanks woo hoo
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U look absolutely amazing!!! :))
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U look incredible! Congrats!
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