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Hey ladies, I am a very estatic 22 year old mommy....

Hey ladies,
I am a very estatic 22 year old mommy. I always felt like i lacked back and have wanted a bbl since i saw j.lo in selena...gorgeous..anyhow i am 5'6.5 and 140 pounds...i know i may have to gain some weight to achieve the results i want. I am really anal about the way i envision my soon to be body...i am excited to finally be able to pout my goal in motion....debating on when and also my place of healing for two weeks....but i am very excited none the less....i don't know if im going alone out with Someone but i do know it has to be soon...i have never had a problem pulling one our two but i want a body that is to undeniably sexy...after my last ended engagement i have started to feel a bit insecure,but enough of that life im now ready to push forward with my operation. And receive the body of my dreams from......Dr.Salama...i mean he's the obvious choice when you do your research and ice been doing that for a little over 3 years ago...so i will be trying to set up a consultation a soon as possible.....i am also open to suggestions and our remedies from any one who's willing to offer thanks guys
P.S. will put upbefore pics after the initial consultation

January Twelth

Finally received a call back from Nancy...my official date is january twelth...whoop whoop a year away almost..I'm not going to rush things though when i finally take my nudes i will have an exact price...debating on if i should just wHip the hours up there for a hands on consultation! ....but maybe i won't have to if my pictures are enough....well ladies and gents i will be updating soon

my b4 pictures

Hey guys im back with my before pics please excuse the furry kitty but these are the exact pictures i sent to dr.salama i can't wait to have the body i want again...i will let you guys know my total as soon as i get the info so exited...i know i have been patiently waiting and searching for the right Dr. to fulfill my booty vision

more before pics

the rest of my before pics

Lol my fingers keep hitting post update instead of add photo that's annoying but here are the rest of the pics along with measurements:
chest:34inc.;waist28inc ;hips:36.5inc

wish pics

before pics contd

Don't know why real self didn't upload pics with my earlier reviews.....but here goes some before pics hope I won't need a mini tummy tuck

Cant use my mans credit card

Salamas staff has recently informed me i can only use credit cards n my name this grinds my gears but it is fixable just have to pay them completely off later,,,,....their problem not mine still freaking excited january 12th feels so far away but soon it will arrive along with my curvaceous booty i want a jlo ass not a nikki or jocelynn size ass just ass like my profile pic jlo the chick who just won a grammy for 12 years a slave ummm i could go on for hrs especially because im smoking an l right now lol my grammar and punctuation have left the building along with my inhibitons i am ready to be reborn n redelivered via eps miami ......here i come


Feels like it is never going to get here

I want a sooner date I can't w8 be anylonger

My scheduled date is January 12 th I would like to have it pushed up does anyone want to trade days

My better half

So I told my boyfriend about wanting a sexier ass he was thrilled of course he loves it the way it is .....yadayadaya...lol now I need to move it up asap he is so anxious to see and I am so anxious to have it now I'm thinking a bit bigger
eps miami..dr salama

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I am about your size 5' 6", 138-142 pounds. Only I carry a lot of my weight on these 34 DDD. I sent my picture to multiple Dr's in the Dominican Republic and was told I had enough fat. Will be following your journey and so happy there is hope for us small framed girls ;)
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Welcome hun ur in good hands wit Salama i am 6 mos pist op today an lovin my results.
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You look amazing...i will be following your reviews closely since you have basically been there done that...thanks for your reassurance in choosing dr.salama :)
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Welcome to RS! You're definitely right about that GO BIG OR GO HOME!! Just make sure the PS you choose is about his/her skills so in the end you can be happy and stay happy for a very long time!! Best wishes and good luck on your journey!
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I definately will and i have been researching,booty stalking,and etc. For about three years now,and that is y I am relieved that i am choosing Salama and his expertise skill...thank you so much for the advice :)
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All love girlie just want the best for you!! Yes research is the only way to go about this journey!!!
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