I can't belief my fantasy is going to be a reality - Miami, FL

I can’t believe this site exist…….. I...

I can’t believe this site exist…….. I literally stumbled across it and now I am hooked like a CRACK HEAD…LOL Seriously, this community helped me solidify my decision to do the BBL/LIPO. I promise to update my journey on this site for 1 year after my surgery, because the information I was able to obtain from pre-post op patients was PRICELESS and I will pay it forward and maybe I will be able to help someone else!

Okay, I didn’t realize I had gained so much weight and my 5 feet frame was hovering towards 174 pounds. When I had to forward pictures to the doctor for a Skype Consultation I was mortified, but was resigned to losing weight and pushing back the original surgery date I was anticipating, which was going to be for Sept 2013. However, with this excessive weight, the doctor I finally chose advised me to lose 20-25 pounds if I wanted to achieve the maximum results. If a sister is going to pay $9,000 for a magical transformation, then she wants maximum results, thus starting my dieting and exercising journey today and I will update the pics as I lose the weight.

After ready probably 1500 reviews I found my top three doctors, which was Dr. Salzhauer in Miami, Dr. Moises, Salama in Miami and Dr. Yily who sounded like the waist snatcher and the key to my success. Also her prices were 50% less then the USA doctor’s. However, the doctor I chose was chosen firstly, because I loved 100% of the BBL/LIPO compared to Dr. Salzhauer I loved 85% and Dr. Yily I loved 100% and she snatched the fat out and again even if I threw in a Breast Lift, she was still much much cheaper then the USA doctors. However, it scared me to go to another country to have this type of surgery and the doctor’s outside of the USA didn’t seem to be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Also I read a review about someone paying doctor $2,500 and they were advised the money wasn’t received and I am sorry I am not living that type of life that if someone told me this it would be okay. So, after review of my pre op pic’s and sending 5 of my wish pic’s I was told that getting my first choice would not be an issue, but the doctor who was the only doctor that advised me of this, but he wants me to lose 20-25 pounds (I agree 110%)……DRUM ROLE PLEASE…LOL The Doctor I chose was DR. MOISES SALAMA in Miami at ELITE PLASTIC SURGERY, which I will have to travel to since I don’t live there. However, a major deciding factor was also Nancy Duque a patient coordinator at the Elite Plastic Surgery. She is professional, but the long lost friend that you can’t believe your luck to have. Nancy was truly my cheerleader and she is an angel in disguise. I am looking forward to continued correspondence with her and meeting her. She is an asset to the office and was the real determining factor of why I chose Elite and Dr. Salama. She is a people person and made me feel not like a customer, client, piece of meat or a dollar sign, but made me feel like an old friend!

Currently my surgery date is April 13, but I am trying to get something’s in order so I can have the surgery before then, but if not……date is fine therefore, I can have my body on display for the 2014 summer….lol

Again thank you Real Self Community wand I am excited about my journey and look forward to reporting back!


It was crazy surgery day I was soooo calm , I knew I was in God hands .
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Ditto on nancy . She rocks !!!
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In 6 months po Salama changed my life great choice
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I am taking the doctor's advise seriously regarding dropping 20-25 pounds before surgery to obtain the MAXIMUM results. Obtaining a big booty isn't the issue, however, to maximize the waist since my weight is in the stomach area, requires loss of weight. Therefore, I am doing the gym thing daily just cardio and 3 days a week I have a trainer. I know April sounds far away, but I feel like I have so much weight to lose and need to have some margin for error.

Hopefully when I get on the scale and the trainer measures me, I will have lost a decent amount of weight.


YAYYY!! I'm March 31st !!
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Btw I think your outcome will be perfect !! The key prior to sx is to get ur body healthy to make it through . Vitamins , healthy food, no smoking , limit your alcohol intake , n exercise . If u need any tips hit me up
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Girl thank you so much....I soak up all the tips given to me and truly do appreciate you! Please continue to heal and I will certainly hit you up if I have any questions, which girl you know I will.....lol


Doing amazing going to the gym every day for my cardio and working out with the trainer 3 days a week on strength training legs and arms. My diet has massively changed, but it will have to be on point any way after the surgery, so, I figured I am killing 2 birds with 1 stone, because I need to drop the weight before surgery and I need to be eating more healthy to maintain the new body I will be getting. I was weighed in today and in 2 weeks I have dropped 8 pounds.....doesn't sound like a lot, but it is the beginning of my journey!

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These are some of my wish pic's and yes I said some...lol I have more, but figured I have more than enough time to lock down a butt.


Great choice...Hun...welcome
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WooooooW I just moved from miami I can't wait to see your transformation
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Thank you babe.....where did you you move to?


You know it is funny……….you read the various postings and the great pioneers before us, the post ops who have done it and still around to talk about it…..and to see some kinships, friendships and sisterhoods develop and just when I think I have read a pre or post op’s negative comments about someone’s doctor they chose to use or about their outcome, it makes me thankful I have a thick skin, but it also makes me thankful that there are more angels on this site then demons or haters…..girl’s keep up the great posting and I delayed my work out due to being down with a very bad cold and root canal, but will begin back next week. Found many more wish pic…………..however, I am convinced that this one I am posting today, is the grand grand grandmother SLAM!!!! She looks around my height and this is the overall look I want to end up with. So, far every picture I have sent Nancy, they have kept and this pic shows the ultimate look I want to sport when it is all said and done! Until we meet again!!!!!!!!!!!


You will be bootylicious in no time babe. Keep doing what your doing to remain healthy, that way the recovery will be easier. post-op care is very important too and alot of people forget about that. I will be watching your journey too God Bless.
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Sorry to respond back so late......Thank you baby, it really warms my heart the love that is given!!!!!!!!
Good Luck on your journey love I'm going may 29 so I'm on the sidelines waiting to be salamafied lol:)
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Hey, have not had enough time to breath, but wanted to report that my weight loss is going slow, but well and I can see a big big difference. I will try to get some pictures up as soon as I can, so you can at least see the fat girl is slimming down. I also stopped stalking the scale, so don't know the pounds, but feel the pounds and inches are hiding out waiting for the lipo....lol I don't go until April 17, 2014, but lately been thinking about all the pain I read about...trust me it is not enough to make me not do it, because girlfriend been dreaming about an azzzz forever, so it will happen, but it is something as it gets closer, I am thinking about.

Also, can anyone tell me how long were you out from work and how did you sit when you were at work? Please help a sister out.

Also, again, thank you everyone for commenting, supporting and sharing your own stories....we need to have a BBL Yearly get-away....lol Ok, maybe I am pushing it to far.....lol

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I am losing slowly but surely, ready to be SALAMFIED!!!!!!!!!

First I want to apologize for the gunshot wound in the thongs....but wanted to wear the same undergarment I had on when I took the pics, but I promise you I that I no longer wear them...lol and they are waiting patiently to be trashed.

August 22, 2013, was the first fat girl pics on the site and today is the update Oct 18, 2013....still a fat girl when I look in the mirror, but I do see the slimming down.
Losing weight is an issue considering my weight gain didn't come from food, but nonetheless, we all still have to lose it the same way, no matter how we put it on. I missed the gym with consistency last week and literally feel like I have gained at least 20 pounds...lol Ok ok ok, I am exaggerating, but this week I feel better then I did last week. The last time I weighed in, I was about 160 pounds, but have not been on a scale in 2 months.

It's late, but just wanted to post the progress! Nighty nighty....or better yet Good Morning since is 3:53 am

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16 Pounds

I have lost 16 pounds and they want me to lose 20-25 pound pounds before surgery fir maximum results. However, I am shooting to lose at least 25 pounds-30, especially with the holidays around the corner lol


Girl keep it up.....Your gonna look sooo hott when your done ...Work it Girl !!!!
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Thank you baby girl!!!!!!!!!!! Greatly appreciate it and as of today lost a total of 18 pounds.

Little by little

As of last week, I have now lost 18 pounds and down to 156 pounds.


Congrats girl he gonna hook you up, I love my new body
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As always, thank you so much for your words you have given me througout the process. However, Girl, your body is the BOMB DIGGITY BOMB.....You are a true wish pic.


I have been job hunting after being laid off after 8 years. Therefore I have not been on here, but try to respond to anyone who i kind enough to reach out and touch me. Finally, found something I can live with and start next week, so i will start to think about my April 17 surgery, but otherwise it has not been part of my thought process. Nonetheless losing the weight slowly but it is coming off and I will update pic's as soon as I can come up for air....lol The doctor wanted me to lose between 20-25 pounds for maximum results and I have lost 20 pounds, but a girl is shooting for more, so after surgery I have no weight I want to lose. My ideal weight is 125 and that is where I want to be after surgery, so I am going to try to get down to at least 140 the max before surgery. I hope all is well on this site and I will get some more pics as soon as I can.


Hope all is going well April is right around the corner!!!
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Thank you baby girl and I know it is around the corner and I can'twait!!!!

It's been a minute....short update

Greetings Good People! I was laid off from work, found a job and then got sick. Therefore, I moved my surgery date and it will not be happening on April 17, 2014 as planned in 2013. For some reason I am less excited about the surgery, but still 110% committed to it.

I am still eating healthy and at some point will update the pics, because I have lost 25 pounds and don't look so bad now....lol


Congrats on your journey!!!! Can't wait to see your results....
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Miami Plastic Surgeon

A major deciding factor chosing Elite Plastic Surgery and Dr. Salama was my positive interaction with Nancy Duque a patient coordinator at the Elite Plastic Surgery. She is professional, but the long lost friend that you can’t believe your luck to have. Nancy was truly my cheerleader and she is an angel in disguise. I am looking forward to continued correspondence with her and meeting her. She is an asset to the office and was the real determining factor of why I chose Elite and Dr. Salama. She is a people person and made me feel not like a customer, client, piece of meat or a dollar sign, but made me feel like an old friend!

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