Surgery scheduled for December 17th

Hello everyone! This is my first time reviewing...

Hello everyone! This is my first time reviewing anything, so bear with me. :) I just sent my photos to Dr. S so hopefully everything's in order and I can join the BBL sisterhood soon! I've heard/read so many good things about him.

A little background on me: I'm 20 years old, 5'5, and I weigh 146/147. I'm 100% Chinese, so inevitably I'm cursed with the "flat ass" and no shape at all. I don't want a huge JLO/Kardashian butt, I just want mine to be more round and bubbly. Better to have a little butt than a ironing board. (; Anyways, any advice or encouraging words are appreciated. I will check this website regularly (probably a few times a day, lol). Thanks for reading. PS: That's not my quoted price, I'll change it when I hear back from him.

@Kirsty: thank you!
@wantmynewbodynow: I think that's when they will schedule me too because that's what I was told is the next available time. Unfortunately, I'll be in school by then... :( Dream body vs. School. Ahhh. Idk. Maybe I'll have to wait longer. :'(
goodluck let us know when you hear back from them ! I am scheduled for September I feel like its so far away !!!!

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Please keep us updated on your progress!


Hi guys! So I am desperately hoping that someone...

Hi guys! So I am desperately hoping that someone needs more time/ wants to reschedule their 2012 summer BBL with Dr. Salama. I'm in school full time so after August 29th, my next available date is after December. :( Of course they are scheduling October and onward right now, so if you have a time you prefer, I will lock it in as soon as you let me know. Nancy is just waiting for the day I have in mind.Thanks ladies!
Thank you! I'm hoping Nancy calls me with someone's cancellation. Lol. I know everyone wants Dr. Salama. Good luck with your scheduling and your surgery as well.
good luck with scheduling girlie ..i am hoping someone will need to switch their date to a later date..mine is in February 2013 and i am looking for a december 2012 date..he is so in demand right now its crazy
Lol the waiting sucks!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lapse in posting. I...

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lapse in posting. I promise that as time gets closer, I'll be updating this more. Right now my surgery is scheduled for December 17th. I just got my packet today, I'm getting excited cause time is getting close! I lost a lot of weight though... I was 167 and now I'm at 127. I'm going to start eating like crazy (its almost a dream lol) and put most of the weight back on for the surgery. I'll keep you guys updated. :)

Hey guys! Currently at 135 pounds. Still trying to...

Hey guys! Currently at 135 pounds. Still trying to pack on the weight cause I don't want to reschedule. The goal is 150 so if you have any tips for weight gaining fast, let me know! Filled out my packet and turned it back in. I'm feeling a little anxiety..because of possible scarring.. My pigmants always turn darker. :( But I know this is what I want. If anyone had advice on the scar prevention, please let me know! Happy early Halloween everyone !
Thats what I felt when i booked it. But now its almost here and I'm like, crap, where did the time go. Lol

Booked the hotel and everything! Five more days to...

Booked the hotel and everything! Five more days to go. I'm currently at 150 pounds, I hope it'll be enough. Is anyone else having problems with taking the vitamins? I feel nauseated after taking them. Is the amount too much? (I'm following the pre-surgery sheet) Or is this just a general side effect? I can't wait to see how I'll turn out. Keep you guys posted!
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