How many of you are going for round 2?

I want to know about Dr. azurin and dr. salzhauer...

I want to know about Dr. azurin and dr. salzhauer anyone had bbl done with them and how was your post op results? pics plsssssssssss are you pleased with your results and overall experience? I need to finalize my doctor. I really like the fact that these two Doctor's don't use DRAINS!!!!!! the thought of having drains just creeps me out.

Good luck on your upcoming sx I am also going to Dr. Perry!
azurn claims I may need a tt but I am not ready to have that done now. I have seen many girls on this site that were much heavier and didn't have a tt and looked pretty good with just the lipo and bbl.
Azurin can b just ok if u want hips or aggressive lipo. for salhauzer check out reesyvaughn she was one of my wish pics.

OK bbl sistas here are my pre bbl pics I hope Dr....

oK bbl sistas here are my pre bbl pics I hope Dr. Perry can work MAGIC on this body after 3 kids.
M&M Medical 14750 SW 26s ste 106 Miami, FL. 33185 (305) 480-0100 they charge $50 They do an awesome job.
What's this for??^^
messages maybe qt

Here are my pre sx pics

Here are my pre sx pics
How are you doing md322
Hope you continue to have a speedy and safe recovery
Ok had massage today with Eric and he was great and super gentle. Tomorrow will be a different story and he has to be firmer which I am not looking forward to. I am draining a lot and I hate it. I will never do this again I don't know how girls go for round two. today I really miss home I with I could fly out tonight but I am hurting. I can't wait to post my pics I've been taking eveyday. I don't know how to post from my cell.

Hi girls I am so sorry I took so long to post pics...

Hi girls I am so sorry I took so long to post pics however I was in so much pain plus I left my computer at home. I am still draining from one side and I have to say this surgery is no joke and you need to be prepared for the pain. Dr. Perry is an unbelievable surgeon, he has the patience of GOD. I can't express just how great he is and how much compassion he has for his patients.

Dr.Perry told me he put 200 in each hip and...

Dr.Perry told me he put 200 in each hip and remainder in butt total 2600 was used for transfer. I also had chin, inner thighs and under arms done.
I hate my touch tone phone
some stitchesare stubborn and they need to be removed thats with doctor Perry told me
I noticed today I have a dent in my left buttock cheek ughh wtf

I am having a very down day today. Can't stand the...

I am having a very down day today. Can't stand the way I look right now, my stomach is swollen and it looks like I lost the hips and my ass is flat again in the center ughhh I don't know if I went to the right Doctor or I never should have had this bbl crap done
I want everyone here to understand I am not bashing Dr. Perry in any way I am just going through changes and I needed to vent. I know can't ask for a better Doctor, he truly cares for his patients. However I am a perfectionist and therefore I tend to be very hard on myself. I know Dr. Perry had to put all his expertise into trying to mold my horrible body but I was just expecting it to be rounder like the other girls on RE. no biggy I love my new shape just hope my butt rounds out in time.
U r just saying how u feel. Hope u had a better day doll
Thank you all so much for all your support. I appreciate every single one of you for being to compassionate and soooooo helpful with all your knowledge.

I was thinking I should go for round two next year...

I was thinking I should go for round two next year if I don't see improvements in 2 months. Although I am only 2 weeks post op I can see a major difference from all the other girls that come right out of surgery. Maybe this time will use Dr. Salama since he seems to be the round booty Doc. What do you think?
How are you feeling?
Md322 I understand your frustration boo. I would be crying like a baby if I saw no projection. But like the others said, give it more time. My question to you all is, if you have a bigger frame do u get less cc's? I'm 5'9 199lbs now n I'm still confused on how man cc's I should get. It sounds like if your shall we then u get more cc's? Is this correct.
goodz yes 1300' or more a check

Booty's starting to round out and get softer 17...

Booty's starting to round out and get softer 17 days post op Team Perry.I wil be posting new picks tomorrow. results are improving slowly but improving.
MD how are you feeling? Any updated pics?
What hotel did you stay at?
I stayed with my girlfriend who lives in Miami.

I oredered my foam and board and it's arriving...

I oredered my foam and board and it's arriving today however I need to know if it's too late to start wearing them at 19 days post op. Please let me know thanks
Girls, girls, girls. I hate seeing any of this negativity. I feel like I'm back on the Yily boards. Smdh...please let's support one another. :(
Shake your groove thang girl! Looking good. Now yall know this is not how Perry Princesses behave, we are way too Pretty for that.

I purchased a Shiatsu Back massage cushion by...

I purchased a Shiatsu Back massage cushion by Crofton to help me with my self massages and it is amazing. It rotates clockwise which is what we need to break any lumps we may have and it works. I used it last night and I couldn't believe how I felt afterwards. Although I am going for massages 3x a week I still need to massage 2x daily.
I'm almost 6 weeks I still use pillow I don't when I'm out but I stand when I'm out also !!
You look fantastic!
Hi thanks where are your recent pics? you only have 8 days post op

I must say this bbl is an emotional roller coaster...

I must say this bbl is an emotional roller coaster One day I am beyond myself with my results and the next depressed. I guess you have to mentally prepare yourself for all the changes your body will go through before your eyes and it can be overwhelming at times. I hate the way I over analyze my body and seek perfection I'm so hard on myself. I have had work done before and never felt the way this sx has made me feel.
You look beautiful. I can understand the emotional rollercoaster aspect. I haven't even had the sx and I already feel that way. :/ IDK how I will feel if I go through with it.
thank you Teddylove and yes it's crazy how my feelings about this procedure flucuate daily. I do love my waist and how flat my belly is but I wish I had more roundness and fullness in the booty. I know I am going through physical changes daily but I just wish I can see my final results now lol
Looking gd

I noticed my butt is getting much softer but it...

I noticed my butt is getting much softer but it hurts when I press into it. If I sit on a pillow it hurts after a while. any comments appreciated
I think you look fantastic! Similar body shape as me. How tall are you? I'd be ecstatic if I come out looking like you!
Hey um 6 weeks goin on 7 my butt is always warm and its a weird feeling to sit but its nice and is 65% soft soo
I'm 4 weeks going on 5 just feels weird because it hurts

I can not express how satisfied I am with the...

I can not express how satisfied I am with the services rendered to me by M&M Medical it is by far the best place to have your massages done after sx. I was treated like family, I reside in NY and I receive a call weekly from them to follow up on my healing. where can you find services like that? If you are having sx in Miami then I suggest you call them and schedule your appointments. Their prices are great.
M&M Medical 14750 SW 26ST STE 1066 MIAMI, FL 33185 305 480-0100 ASK FOR CARLOS OR ERIC owners
No need for round 2 your body looks amazing
Thanks but I will wait and see in a few monrhs where I am with results
First let me start by saying that you look amazing!!!! Yesterday I had slim lipo on my flanks and saddle bags with fat grafting to my butt. I woke up this morning and didn't see much of a difference in my butt. From your posts I see that it took a while for you to see the full roundness. Were you flat after bbl too? Thanks.

Body shaper Magic Butt Lifter, Fajate Virtual...

Body shaper Magic Butt Lifter, Fajate Virtual Sensuality 1382, Faja Panty Huecos you can find it on Ebay. It has shaped and lifted my butt and I am loving my results.
Oh also- I am so new to this im sure i just missed it. But what is fluffing?
Hi MD322- you look great. I dont see on here anywhere- what was your weight and height (pre-op) if you don't mind me asking. I am actually waiting for Perry to contact me back now and trying to compare myself to others out there body height and weight wise. Also did he charge extra for your chin, arms & thighs?? Again you look great :)
U look good wow its interesting how much different u look after the fluffing! Nice! Thanks for the body shaper on ebay info! I def want to order from there but do u suggest I order before surgery or afterwards? How do I know which size to get? ...

After 6 weeks my results have disappeared I am...

After 6 weeks my results have disappeared I am left with a better body shape but no fat in the buttocks. I will be going for round 2 as soon as I get the green light. This happens sometimes and it's NOT the Dr.'s fault everyone's body is different and will react different to things. I do love Dr. Perry and wish I could have retained more fat but unfortunately it didn't happen. I did follow all his guidelines but it just didn't work for me. Maybe I need implants idk I guess once I speak to him he will guide me in the right direction.

I am no longer going to post on re because I...

I am no longer going to post on re because I really can't take that bitch perrydoll and perry82 all these perrydoll accts that are so damn annoying. I wanted girls to hear my side of the story not fabricated stories. I feel like I can't be honest with my feelings so I will not be posting anymore. best of luck xoxox
I am so very sorry there were apparently some insensitive statements made to you (I haven't read them). I have been following your journey so I am deeply sorry to heat that some of our members have been inappropriate. Your shape does look really good and I do think you have retained some fat. Wishing you all the very best. I do hope you re-consider and not allow a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. xoxo
Dont be discouraged to log on, we are so thankful for your all of the information you have priveded us.
so mdd322 do you think it is Perry's work that is making you need a round 2. just trying to get as much info to help inform my decision thank you

I'm just curious to know how many are truly...

I'm just curious to know how many are truly satisfied with their results and how many are looking to have round 2?

As I said before I don't do drama. I will not be posting or reading your page/review/comments anymore. Good luck on your journey and I hope you find what you're looking for. Peace!
That's all you had to do was STOP following my reviews if I am so annoying I wish you the best as well
md it's not that ez to stop following. once u make a comment on someone blog u will forever get a notification about their blog. I hope Kristi makes a suggestion to have a option to remove yourself from people's blog bc this is draining. I follow your blog since the beginning and up to now, I sat back and read in silence bc you have made ur journey very different, I read perry potential dolls question you at only 6weeks when everyone knows it takes 3months for final results. I agree with just right n qt n little in the middle simply bc in less then one week u said u wanted a round two... then ur not.going to post...then.your gonna have a round 2 ,ur page is confusing. at first u did say maybe you went to the wrong doctor or maybe you should have never got the bbl done. then ur butt started to look big then it went away. ppl.have round 2 all the time but md you did fly out earlier then u were suppose to.... is it possible u may have.killed ur fat cells?'I'm.Just.asking?' I.Don't.agree with perrydolls82 & her mean.comments but I can see how one can get annoyed especially when they may and I will repeat may have damage their own fat cells. also I don't agree with the comment u made after sexirn said she love her butt or results n u hit her with wait a week etc that.was.So.negative. I'm three weeks tmmw n u can see my butt from the front. my hips r nice. yes I had fluid but that is common . im.not.sure why.your.husband didn't advise you not soon after ur sx being he is a surgeon :-/
Miami Plastic Surgeon

After searching RE for months I found Dr. Perry to be the most loved and experienced Plastic Surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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