How many of you are going for round 2?

I want to know about Dr. azurin and dr. salzhauer...

I want to know about Dr. azurin and dr. salzhauer anyone had bbl done with them and how was your post op results? pics plsssssssssss are you pleased with your results and overall experience? I need to finalize my doctor. I really like the fact that these two Doctor's don't use DRAINS!!!!!! the thought of having drains just creeps me out.

OK bbl sistas here are my pre bbl pics I hope Dr....

oK bbl sistas here are my pre bbl pics I hope Dr. Perry can work MAGIC on this body after 3 kids.

Here are my pre sx pics

Here are my pre sx pics

Hi girls I am so sorry I took so long to post pics...

Hi girls I am so sorry I took so long to post pics however I was in so much pain plus I left my computer at home. I am still draining from one side and I have to say this surgery is no joke and you need to be prepared for the pain. Dr. Perry is an unbelievable surgeon, he has the patience of GOD. I can't express just how great he is and how much compassion he has for his patients.

Dr.Perry told me he put 200 in each hip and...

Dr.Perry told me he put 200 in each hip and remainder in butt total 2600 was used for transfer. I also had chin, inner thighs and under arms done.

I am having a very down day today. Can't stand the...

I am having a very down day today. Can't stand the way I look right now, my stomach is swollen and it looks like I lost the hips and my ass is flat again in the center ughhh I don't know if I went to the right Doctor or I never should have had this bbl crap done

I was thinking I should go for round two next year...

I was thinking I should go for round two next year if I don't see improvements in 2 months. Although I am only 2 weeks post op I can see a major difference from all the other girls that come right out of surgery. Maybe this time will use Dr. Salama since he seems to be the round booty Doc. What do you think?

Booty's starting to round out and get softer 17...

Booty's starting to round out and get softer 17 days post op Team Perry.I wil be posting new picks tomorrow. results are improving slowly but improving.

I oredered my foam and board and it's arriving...

I oredered my foam and board and it's arriving today however I need to know if it's too late to start wearing them at 19 days post op. Please let me know thanks

I purchased a Shiatsu Back massage cushion by...

I purchased a Shiatsu Back massage cushion by Crofton to help me with my self massages and it is amazing. It rotates clockwise which is what we need to break any lumps we may have and it works. I used it last night and I couldn't believe how I felt afterwards. Although I am going for massages 3x a week I still need to massage 2x daily.

I must say this bbl is an emotional roller coaster...

I must say this bbl is an emotional roller coaster One day I am beyond myself with my results and the next depressed. I guess you have to mentally prepare yourself for all the changes your body will go through before your eyes and it can be overwhelming at times. I hate the way I over analyze my body and seek perfection I'm so hard on myself. I have had work done before and never felt the way this sx has made me feel.

I noticed my butt is getting much softer but it...

I noticed my butt is getting much softer but it hurts when I press into it. If I sit on a pillow it hurts after a while. any comments appreciated

I can not express how satisfied I am with the...

I can not express how satisfied I am with the services rendered to me by M&M Medical it is by far the best place to have your massages done after sx. I was treated like family, I reside in NY and I receive a call weekly from them to follow up on my healing. where can you find services like that? If you are having sx in Miami then I suggest you call them and schedule your appointments. Their prices are great.
M&M Medical 14750 SW 26ST STE 1066 MIAMI, FL 33185 305 480-0100 ASK FOR CARLOS OR ERIC owners

Body shaper Magic Butt Lifter, Fajate Virtual...

Body shaper Magic Butt Lifter, Fajate Virtual Sensuality 1382, Faja Panty Huecos you can find it on Ebay. It has shaped and lifted my butt and I am loving my results.

After 6 weeks my results have disappeared I am...

After 6 weeks my results have disappeared I am left with a better body shape but no fat in the buttocks. I will be going for round 2 as soon as I get the green light. This happens sometimes and it's NOT the Dr.'s fault everyone's body is different and will react different to things. I do love Dr. Perry and wish I could have retained more fat but unfortunately it didn't happen. I did follow all his guidelines but it just didn't work for me. Maybe I need implants idk I guess once I speak to him he will guide me in the right direction.

I am no longer going to post on re because I...

I am no longer going to post on re because I really can't take that bitch perrydoll and perry82 all these perrydoll accts that are so damn annoying. I wanted girls to hear my side of the story not fabricated stories. I feel like I can't be honest with my feelings so I will not be posting anymore. best of luck xoxox

I'm just curious to know how many are truly...

I'm just curious to know how many are truly satisfied with their results and how many are looking to have round 2?

Miami Plastic Surgeon

After searching RE for months I found Dr. Perry to be the most loved and experienced Plastic Surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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As I said before I don't do drama. I will not be posting or reading your page/review/comments anymore. Good luck on your journey and I hope you find what you're looking for. Peace!
That's all you had to do was STOP following my reviews if I am so annoying I wish you the best as well
md it's not that ez to stop following. once u make a comment on someone blog u will forever get a notification about their blog. I hope Kristi makes a suggestion to have a option to remove yourself from people's blog bc this is draining. I follow your blog since the beginning and up to now, I sat back and read in silence bc you have made ur journey very different, I read perry potential dolls question you at only 6weeks when everyone knows it takes 3months for final results. I agree with just right n qt n little in the middle simply bc in less then one week u said u wanted a round two... then ur not.going to post...then.your gonna have a round 2 ,ur page is confusing. at first u did say maybe you went to the wrong doctor or maybe you should have never got the bbl done. then ur butt started to look big then it went away. ppl.have round 2 all the time but md you did fly out earlier then u were suppose to.... is it possible u may have.killed ur fat cells?'I'm.Just.asking?' I.Don't.agree with perrydolls82 & her mean.comments but I can see how one can get annoyed especially when they may and I will repeat may have damage their own fat cells. also I don't agree with the comment u made after sexirn said she love her butt or results n u hit her with wait a week etc that.was.So.negative. I'm three weeks tmmw n u can see my butt from the front. my hips r nice. yes I had fluid but that is common . im.not.sure why.your.husband didn't advise you not soon after ur sx being he is a surgeon :-/
So im stuck following this post???? ugh...please Kristy remove this from my email...
Actually you can stop the notifications by changing the setting so that you don't get updates to reviews you replied to. Check out the notification tab
Hi Nikki I would like to set the record straight about my husband as well as me killing my own fat. First my husband is a Orthopedic Surgeon NOT a Plastic Surgeon. he has no clue about bbl sx. Second: Dr. Perry told me I would be ok to fly back home 4 days after my surgery. That was the first question I asked him before I put my deposit down and booked my sx. He has had patients fly back home 4 days after sx and had great results. My butt was my first concern the day after sx when I saw my midsection not round as you can see on my pictures right after surgery. I was told it would drop, fluff etc. it did do the dropping but it also did the disappearing act. As for sexirn those were not my intentions.
right keisha but that would stop all the notifications, what about the ones we actually care about ? No offense md322
no offense taken NikkiNyce
Thank you for summing up what QT said but even nicer, qt may have taken a more straight forward approach due to the relationship they have but she was absolutely right. I've followed MD's journey from the behinning and just became restless after a while of hearing the negativity towarded dr. perry and then say he is great. It just doesn't make sense. If i were able to opt out from reading your blog, i would have but unfortunately realself has not made that an option. I have also read every other email because it is way too much to read every single repetitive, comment, emotion, and question that is posted. I do wish that MD was happier with her results but that is not the case. MD please don't interpret what I'm saying has negative , i think you should be able to epress yourself , but 6 weeks doen the line maybe you should re read some of your postings before you actually post them because this is some one reputation. and like you said dr. perry is great . I think if you just try to see from the readers point of view and not be close minded and think we're attacking you, we would be able to continue supporting you through this physical and emotional healing process. I wish all the ladies on here happy healing and good luck you every bodies decisions.
Yeah I know. RS needs to modify it
I never said anything negative about Perry that would hurt his reputation. Please do not make false statements, if you do not agree with my blog then do not post a response., But DO NOT accuse me of hurting Dr. Perry's rep I love my Doctor and made that very clear to everyone.How my body reacts is not my surgeons fault and again I have made that clear so maybe you should go back and read what I wrote.
who are you? why did you come on my page to be so negative towards my comments? if you do not agree with me then keep quiet and move on. no one cares
Kirsty at RealSelf (Community Manager) 11 Apr 2013 Ladies, It's time for you all to take a break. It's clear you don't see eye to eye, and that's fine, not everyone in life gets on with each other. However, this isn't the place for you to play out your argument. RealSelf is a big place and if you can't get on with someone, there are thousands of other blogs you can visit. You've both said things that did not need to be said and you've both made comments that can be seen as hurtful. It's time to draw a line in the sand and move on.
Okay let me be clear... If you are addressing me, I've been communicating with you before you had the procedure. I chose to stop comment after awhile because you started to confuse me with your review but I still supported you. I'm going to type this the best I can b/c I truly think you should be happy with your results. When I wrote the possibility of messing his reputation Up !!!!! i was referring to this comment" we need to be honest with ourselves and not candy coat the facts. When we are under general anesthesia we do not know what is happening to our body. We trust our surgeon and hope he does the right thing. In this case I am not accusing anyone of any wrong doing, I am simply expressing my own personal feelings about my desires in a bbl" As to the many comments you write like this. You KNOW exactly what your saying, so lets not "CANDY COAT"as you would say. If this is how you feel then fine, that's YOUR freedom to express but don't make it seem like others are bashing you when your sending mix messages and most of the ppl on your blog were trying to support you. making comments like going in to buy a new car and coming out with a lemon, WTF... Again your referencing your surgeon!!! I'm not making this up in my head, I know how to read between the line, as many of us can. As you say this is your damn blog and what you write is to your free will, so at least OWN what you write. If you can't see that some of your comments question your surgeons ability to preform satisfactory work, then you need to read your own blog from the beginning. But again let me be clear I was not attacking you or accusing you of anything , I was simply interpreting what I was reading from YOUR blog. So don't be nasty and hit below the belt, I'm very direct with what I have to say!!! I hope you can resolve your emotions and find a happy medium within yourself!!
@sculptme I just sent you a cyber hug....
The reason I made that comment about the car was due to all the questions I kept getting. Did I tell Dr Perry exactly what I wanted and I was tired of answering the same question
Why is it ok for other members to go for round 2 with a different doctor and complain aboit their results bur when I do it thwn its war
Sorry for the typos my cell screen is cracked
Right back at cha with a kiss!!!!
There is no war because you want to get your butt done again, If I was unhappy I would do Round 2 as well. I just don't think you understand the messages you're sending out. I understand that this is your blog and you can tell it the way you want !!!!but when you're writing messages that sound condescending it just doesn't make sense. That's why all the ladies on here are asking the same questions over and over and over. I think we're all on here because we all want support and I wish we were all able to support you in a way that could help you deal with some emotional issues you are having without you thinking everybody is attacking you when we're only interpreting what you're writing on your blog. But I'll say it again , you may not like the responses that you are receiving but remember there in my inbox as well and everyone else's for that matter. There is no war, lets just clear that up!!!.. the difference between what QT said and maybe someone else is her intention was not to be hurtful and neither is mine. No one tried to hit below the belt, but you did when you didn't like what was being said, I hate when ppl do that!!! We are all entitled to a respectful opinion and sometime ppl can be very blunt and straight forwarded with there words but still have good intentions. But I wish you the best of luck and I hope your butt develops into what you want, I just want you to be happy and so does everyone else.
Wow! I just read some of these post below. I can't believe the name calling...blah blah! It's crazy!! If people don't like what u have to say on ur got damn blog, then why bother commenting!! Geesh!! We will never be satisfied be cuz the world was never created with perfection. Don't be mean people! Who ever u r! Cyber bullying at its finest! Better yet, Keep ur Pm's to ur self!...that's y is was created!!! Anywho to MD332, give ur results some time! Jus focus on healing. Ur butt gonna grow!! Now after 6 months if u don't likey then go for Round 2! Good luck!!
Lol the pony of my post is that we get it!!! She's unhappy with the size of her butt. I know this bc she said it today, yesterday, the day before that, the day before that, etc etc etc. my point was that she should give it time instead of documenting every single feeling/emotion everyday. It's fine, it's her blog, but we all have to see it in our email inbox 30 times a day. It gets old. We get it. I wasn't trying to be mean. I don't do cyber drama and usually stay out if it. But I'm just sick if seeing the same topic in my gmail 900 times a day. That's my point.
At QTwithaBootie, I wasn't mainly directing my comment to you but everyone in general. But I feel you on the annoyance especially if your ur getting that many emails. Lol... But you do have a valet point, no doubt! Yeah she needs to relax and be patient. I'm Cool! Thanks fo tha Response hehee!!
Anytime. I believe we should support one another and when some of these girls just start cat fighting I stay silent. I'm not a cyber bully. I just wanted to stop the redundancy. Lol
thanks Ice Cream I don't care what they have to say and if they don't like my comments then do not read them or turn off their NOTIFICATIONS OFF!!!!. I will write about complain about whatever I want on MY BLOG. This is what it's here for. As for posting the same stuff 900 times per day is NOT true. I simply answer other bbl sista's questions and maybe that's what she gets in her emails. I am not going to stoop down to this nonsense and be nasty and cruel I am way above that.