Almost 3 months post BBL

I am 5'0, 133-lbs and have NOOO waste line and...

I am 5'0, 133-lbs and have NOOO waste line and an inverted rear end (kidding but really I have nothing). I have been researching the BBL for over a year and the opportunity has finally presented itself. I am scheduled for surgery on March 29th. Words can not begin to describe how excited I am. I am no stranger to surgery, I have had a TT and breast augmentation. I just I hope I am not too sore. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and hope to enjoy some of Miami while I am there. Wish me luck... =)

Hi! I will. Im too excited not too.

Hey there, thanks for sharing your journey with us! Please keep us updated on your progress.


Two more weeks! I am getting my blood work done on...

Two more weeks! I am getting my blood work done on Friday. They are having me do a CBC and and serum HCG. I can't wait. I want it to be here already!

All the blood work is done and the surgery is paid...

All the blood work is done and the surgery is paid for. All I am waiting for now is time to hurry up and pass. I should probably be trying to diet or something buttt im not.
I have been having nightmares though. I getting really nervous. I dont know why. I have had a couple procedures before. I think I am afraid of the postop nausea. =/
Thanks. I feel great. I'm swollen a lot where he lipo'd but that is normal. I took a shower on my own, use the restroom on my own, and am able to walk around for an hour at a time in my hotel room without getting tired or dizzy. I won't know how well my results are until the swelling goes down in the lipo'd areas but I'm hopeful...and some butt is better than no butt like before...LOL. I will post pics when I get home next week. Don't have computer access here. I'm using my IPhone
Just had my BBL yesterday. I'm excited for you!!! ;)
Congratulations! How are you feeling? I am excited too. I have been having stupid dreams... dreams that they forgot to do the fat transfer and another one where I hated the results =/ I hope that is just a sign of nerves.

I landed in Miami today. I am sitting in the docs...

I landed in Miami today. I am sitting in the docs waiting room waiting to have my preop. I am so excited! Tomorrow morning I will be in the OR!!! I am planning on stopping by the drug store to buy a funnel (I have heard they are extremely helpful). Well... That's all for now.
You will look great. Day 2 is the worst. Im 3 days post op. I saw my shape immediately. Still a little swollen, but i look great. 900 cc's. Good luck and god bless.
Good luck on your surgery tommorow, I know your so excited! :)
Yaaay!!!! You are going to be so happy with the results. Can't wait to hear from you afterwards! :)

Just got back to the hotel. I still feel the...

Just got back to the hotel. I still feel the effects from the anesthesia. The doc got 700ccs in. He was such a sweet man, very personable!
Let's see...
Woke up from anesthesia (I was dreaming about the beach lol) felt sore, mainly from my inner thighs and butt. I was shivering like crazy.
Got to the car, sat on my side for the ride.
Walked into the hotel (embarrassing) lol
Got to the room laid my pads on the bed to lay on like a puppy lol (to prevent ruining the sheets). I'm draining like crazy..
Took a Zofran because I'm afraid the throw up.
Took a pic and sent it to my mom. I'm really swollen and stained with drainage.
I go back tomorrow for my first post op.

PS if this makes no sense lol I'm still groggy. Lol
I'm gonna pass out now.

Right now I am just laying around in the hotel...

Right now I am just laying around in the hotel room. Really bored. I am sore on the legs but not in pain. I was super anxious about the post op period but at day one, its not too bad. Someone posted and said day two is worse... so I am expecting to be in pain tomorrow.

I had to change my garment just a little bit ago because I was soaked. Especially on the left knee. (Oh they lipo'd my flanks, and, back, inner, thighs and in front of the thigh) My hubby went out and bought some overnight maxi pads and I padded up and put my second garment on (what a pain that was). Also, the funnel is a gift from That takes so much stress off my life. I have noticed I go pee like every hour. Which is good I guess, it gets me up and walking.

I dozed off for awhile and had the silliest dreams. I think it is the after effect of the anethesia. I have only had to take 1/4 of a Percocet.

Well that is it for now. Im posing some pictures.
Good morning. So glad to hear you are recovering well. I agree with you about the saver! LOL I'm recovering as to be expected. I had a lot of areas aggressively lipo'd so I am soar and I've been only taking Tylenol since yesterday. Night is the hardest since I'm stuck on my sides. I wake up about 3-4 times a night to switch sides because of soreness from being in the same position so long. I feel uncomfortable pressure in my lower back but that may be because my body isn't used to having a butt to carry around back there...LOL. Anyway, that's where I'm at right now. I love the results and am super excited to enjoy the end results. :)
Lol. I know, huh. Thats one bad effect of post anesthesia for me. It jerks me awake. Plus I have to get up and walk every so often.
CONGRATS and happy healing!!!! cant wait to see your results... I have a consult with him later today.... had to check him out after I saw Love Life's photos

I am back in Colorado now. I plane ride was rough....

I am back in Colorado now. I plane ride was rough... I stood and kneeled the whole 3.5 hours (with the exception of take off and landing- I did my best to be on my side). I am so nervous about the time that I did sit on my side. I used a boppy pillow but the whole time I was waiting for take off I kept thinking my butt was deflating by the minute. I like my butt the size it is... I dont want to lose too much fat. Its kinda funny coming home with a butt. I left Denver with no butt and I return with a big one. I dont know what to say to people... lol.

So let me back up to day three... I woke up not feeling so hot. Only to find out I started my period... total bummer. The whole funnel thing, period and applicators is such a hassel. I quit using the funnel. I now undo the garment everytime I have to go.

I dont really take pain meds. I think I have taken a total of 1.5 pain medications. I can only take 1/2 at a time and the first night I only took 1/4 tab. For the most part the pain is just soreness and the pain meds never took the soreness away.

Walking is getting easier but I have major bruising around my knees. To make matters worse... I am a nurse and I am super paranoid about getting a blood clot. The bruising around my knee and the way I have to walk makes my lower legs hurt and I keep getting anxiety about the pain. Im sort of a

I am finally starting to be able to lay on my side. I have, for the most part, been laying on my tummy. Someone else posted that when they lay on their stomach their face swells and they get a headache... I notice that happens to me too. I wonder why that is.

Well thats all for now. TTYL
No, I haven't lost any of my butt. It's still huge cuz I'm still real swollen. He lipo'd so many areas on me. I'm not sitting either unless I absolutely have to...and that won't be long. I have a little bit of shelf too and love it as well. You and I are gonna love the way clothes look on us with our new butts! LOL! :)
Hey, I mentioned the swelling in my face and headache when laying on my stomach. The nurse that visited me the day after my operation said that laying on your stomach lowers blood flow to your head. I figured that may be it or the strain it puts on your neck. Anyway, I'm glad to hear you are doing well. I'm just as paranoid about losing fat mass in my butt. I feel so "normal" with a butt that it would crush me to go back to "no back"...LOL
Hi there! I knew I read that somewhere... I wake up with a fat face and a killer headache lol. I can't wait until I get back to normal. Have you lost any of your butt? I have a little shelf and I love it. I'm just really upset about sitting on it while flying today.

I know exactly what you mean about feeling "normal" with a butt. I do not want to go back to what I had. Plus, that would be such a waste of money and time.

I am on recovery day 6. Its been a lazy day... its...

I am on recovery day 6. Its been a lazy day... its snowing here in Colorado. My legs are still extremely sore. I walk like Frankenstein... haha. I am still pretty much sleeping on my stomach. I feel guilty sleeping on my siden but on occasion I angle myself on my side.

I have an appt tomorrow to have the sutures removed. I woke up this morning and didnt have as much swelling around my mid section. But not it is the afternoon and im puffy again. On top of that, I am cramping pretty bad which is weird because I should be ending my period. I have occasional twinges on my butt... I dont know what that is all about. My butt is still pretty hard I think the swelling in my rear has come down some. I took a pic this morning and it just doesnt seem like it is as big as it was. I am trying to prepare myself now for the shrinking. I like it the size it is but it is what it is.
Yeah, mine is hard. It looks a bit smaller today...not happy! I have to focus on losing the weight I gained for the surgery. I have to work next week and there is no way I'm fitting into my pants. Dr Salzhauer's office has called me everyday since my surgery to check on me and answer any question and concerns. I'm blown away by the personal attention I've received.
You know... I am kinda irritated that my PS hasnt called to follow-up. The last I heard from them was the day after surgery and that wasnt with him The last memory I have of the doc was when I was waking up from the anethesia. He gets an F for follow-up. But I do have a nice booty so that doesnt make him bad. haha
Is your butt hard? Mine is... Like firm where he injected the fat cells. I wonder when it will go away.

I have slowly lost my booty. Or at least it seems...

I have slowly lost my booty. Or at least it seems like it. I took pics today and have noticed a signifigant decrease in the volume. Boo. On the positive side... the flank fat is gone and I have a better shape. I am still pretty swollen so I expect to lose more fat. =(
I am still pretty bruised and my legs still feel like I did a million squats. Someone had posted that their doc told them they would lose volume and then magically get it back at around 3 months. I sure hope that that is true but I am doubtful. My luck I will be back at square one.

I thought I would be able to go back to work by this time buttttt.... I cant. I had the doc fill out FMLA paperwork. I am anticipating returning next weekend the 14th.

Todays post is negative =( hopefully I will have a positive one soon. New pics.
I posted pics of the triangle pad I was referring to
Hey Smartgirl! You are looking better each time you post! :) Yeah, it will make a huge positive improvement once the swelling in the lipo areas goes down. My doc is having me keep a triangular pad on my lower back area just above my butt to form a scoop look which will give the illusion that the behind is bigger.
Thanks girl! A triangular pad...? What does it look like. You should post a pic. I think I expected grand results and from what I read that is what contributes to the post surgery "depression". I'm doing better today lol... Thankfully.

I am finally at the two week mark. I think at...

I am finally at the two week mark. I think at around 12 days I started to feel back to my old self. I was able to get out of bed like a normal human lol. My bruising is about 90% gone and I'm almost free of sharpie makes lol.
I am hoping that I am still swollen in my lower back because I don't like what I see so far. My butt has gone down a lot but I do have a better shape. I am still wearing the girdle they gave me in the office. I have another one but I'm nervous to wear it. It's tight and I don't want my butt to be smashed in it. I have lumpy areas and I have read they will eventually even out. I have read a lot of reviews about lymphatic massages... My surgeon never mentioned anything about these. Which brings me to my next disappointment.

I feel like I had a one night stand with the doctor (I have never officially had an actual one night stand but this is what I assume it to be like). I have not heard from him since the day of surgery. No, "hello how are you feeling, thank you for your business", nothing! Another thing is prior to my surgery I would get a email response back in 10 seconds when corresponding with the coordinator Dianne. Now that they have my money and I've had my surgery it's like she is a figment of my imagination. Belkis the medical assistant is sweet and I like her a lot but I don't get follow up calls from her either and she hasn't responded to my emails. Grrrr... If you are looking for follow-up care don't see this doc. He's not so good at following up.

I am a little over two weeks and I feel great. I...

I am a little over two weeks and I feel great. I have been getting lymphatic massages. I am not sure if they help but ive only had a couple so maybe its something that takes time.

I am still sore especially in my lower back and legs. I went back to work on Sunday and boy, two weeks of inactivity really sets you back. I still sit on pillows or a yoga mat. If I sit directly on my bottom (which is rare), it feels itchy like if I just sat in a tub of water that is too hot.

My skin is still itchy, mainly on my thighs, and my feet are still swollen. My butt mass has gone down but I am happy with my results.

I compared before and after pictures and boy what a difference. I dont have a JLo booty and I am glad because I would look ridiculous. I look better in my clothes (oh yeah.. forget to mention that they fit again) and I dont have to constantly pull up my pants like before. Oh and muffin top- GONE! I am so greatful for that.

I got a call from the docs office. Belkis was out on jury duty... so that explains why she wasnt returning my emails. I have to say... she is super sweet and I really related to her. I will take and post more pics when I hit the four week mark.

Oh I forgot to mention something... My son who is...

Oh I forgot to mention something... My son who is 6 years old (bless his little honest heart) said, "Mom, you look like you have been eating a lot of donuts and their going to your butt". LOL. I had to laugh.. I guess people can tell I have a bigger butt.

It's been awhile since I posted on here. Let's see...

It's been awhile since I posted on here. Let's see... It has almost been a full three months. I am still experiencing soreness, believe it or not. The soreness comes and goes but it is mainly in my lower back and butt. I tried running but I can't. My butt gets really sore when I run. I still swell on my back and abdomen. I wonder when this will go away. Has any else experienced swelling and soreness this late out?

Now to the booty! It went down a whole bunch but it's still has a better, fuller, and bigger shape to it. I am happy with the the results in my booty. I knot wish the lipo would have contoured and back and abdomen more. However, I just need to put in some hard work at he gym. I started doing yoga again... But after a session my poor booty is wiped out. It gets really sore =\
Nice! I'd love to see more pictures! If you had the option, What would you have done differently?
I'll post some update pics in a few days. I haven't taken any in awhile.
Any pics of your results?

2014 and better than ever...

We are now in 2014 and my booty is better than ever. I have honestly gotten compliments on my butt. My booty is not the shelf I imagined in my head... But it's better than ever and I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. **i want to apologize to the surgeon for making a rant post after my surgery. I posted an angry post because there was (what I felt) no follow-up. However, he is a wonderful surgeon, he did a great job and he is responsible for my boosted confidence. Thank you, Dr Tachmes and team!
Do you know how many cc's he removed? and how much in each cheek?
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

I like Dr Tachmes. I think he did a great job. The scheduling and payment process went really smooth. I was coming from out of town so they "rearranged" his schedule and squeezed me in. I left 5 days after the surgery so I didnt get to see him for a follow-up, as he went out of town the next day.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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