BBL Part 2 Perry Princess- 5 months post op

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please...

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please click here.

Hello Friday. Long week, but i made it. I shimmed my way into some not so fitting pantsa girls got to do what a girls got to do. I don't think I really realized how different my clothes would fit. In the mall yesterday I did get suckered in by the sales and bought two pairs of pants and a jacket. All the while it seems like most people are going down in size after surgery, I went up. I don't know if that is temporary or what but i do know it was for my hips and butt and not my waist. Also had my first manual lymphatic drainage massage since being home. I was so scared to lay on my back. There was a pillow under my knees and back, but something in me felt like my butt was flattening by laying on the table. I had a hard time trying to turn over and not place any pressure on my sides. The massage therapist was good. She noticed the swelling below my knees all the way to my feet. She worked on my stomach for a while and showed me what to do at home. She worked on my upper and lower back as they are also tender to the touch. I was so drained and exhausted leaving all I could do was put on ny garment and coat. I carried my suit in my hand, LOL. I will say today the swelling is not all gone but i feel like i am moving better. She told me what i already knew, I need to walk and drink more. Subconciously I walk and drink less because I move slow and dont like having to get out of my garment to go to the bathroom which can be a 30 min ordeal at times.

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Short update. Added a few pics. I had some updates...

Short update. Added a few pics. I had some updates that ddnt make it. Shout out to Team Perry in the next few months. I have met a lot of awesome women and am praying for their journeys. Pm if u have any questions. I should be getting my garments back today. Oh am I a fish out of water without them. Many blessings.


You look amazing! How much did you weight pre sx? I know you probably answered that question a million times
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LOL 137
Just saw the comment on my page and , yea us shorties have to represent after all its a tall world out there. Lol ..When you're up to it would love to tummy pic since I'm still undecided on tummy tuck. I know you mentioned before that a doctor told you that you needed one as well. Any word if Dr P's back?
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Hey ladies I have been looking high and low for...

Hey ladies I have been looking high and low for the dang ultrasonic cavitation in the DC metro area even though Dr. Perry said no. Luckily I got one of the last 12 sessions for $149 that usually cost like $1,500. So if nothing else I will be out less money if I am not happy. As I look further down on Groupon I see something for lypossage?! WHAT is this? Look at for a person in your area. So u may be thinking why am I still doing massages? Well I was very lazy and cheap, more so cheap and waited a month from being back before I started massages again. That being said I have been using the heat pad at night to get to crease out at the top of my stomach. I think the problem is my posture, if that makes any sense or am I just fooling myself. Anywho when I wake up it is flat from laying down but throughout the day it swells back to a crease, any thoughts?
Try Groupon or Living Social for deals. I do like my therapist, but for $110 including tax......I think you would agree.


r the increases from the fajas?
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HELP!! DID YOU FIND A MASSAGE GROUPON LINK? lol, I've been searching since you've posted this to no avail!
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You look awesome babe, beautiful round booty! P.S. I think that if when you wake up your belly is flat, and it creases during the day, that eventually that will stop when you're swelling less. It makes sense to me that anything that gets worse with swelling HAS to go away eventually when our bodies return to their normally functioning mode.
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Hi ladies,its been awhile since I have updated....

Hi ladies,its been awhile since I have updated. Everything is going well. Better than what I could have imagined. So much to say!!!!! Going to post pics then update.


you look amazing, lam sooooo happy for you. Good bless you,
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Did Dr. Perry do both surgeries at the same time?
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Which two surgeries?

So I was trying to be cheap and did not order more...

So I was trying to be cheap and did not order more lipofoam from Biodermis. I ordered from ContourMD. What is the difference? Biodermis foam has plastic on one side that has to be removed and sticks directly on to the skin. The foam is a little less flexible, but with age it will get softer. On initial feel of the ContourMD, it feels like the Biodermis pieces that are old. Anyone had experience with both? Biodermis is more expensive by a little and ships next day. Guess since the four sheets are here, I have to use them ;(. I liked what I had and thought that was what I bought. Will keep you posted.


i love your hips!
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Thank you.
does the foam go under the board?
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3 months tomorrow. I am feeling great. Started...

3 months tomorrow. I am feeling great. Started back in the gym last week, felt good. My stomach is still coming down. I between a 27 and a 26 inch waist. I don't measure often. My S squeem ripped ( the rubber part) yesterday and I have had it less than a month. I am going to exchange it for a XS. I have no idea how it ripped and it wasn't at the seam. My butt is not all the way soft. It does jiggle though. It is funny when I walk or have a real wedgie. My thighs are way down and so are my arms. I had to stop wearing my faja like last week because it ddnt fit anymore. I couldn't keep taking in the waist an the legs were so big. The best part is none of my clothes fit now because they are too big except for my panties. Early on I said all my clothes were too small. Ladies don't buy or get rid of a lot of clothes for the first few months. I weigh less now than I did before surgery. I could never maintain my weight like I can now. My appetite is much smaller. My husband complains and says I waste food because my eyes are big.
My current routine at night aftery shower is to use the hand held massager that is heated on high on low vibration for about 15 mins. I later either coconut oil, Jamaican castor oil, ACV or baby oil or the combination of all then put the foam, board then squeem on. Since my squeem has decided to go on hiatus I have been wearing shape wear shorts that have loose material over the butt and comes up high on the waist. I place the foam and board in there. Btw I have to APOLOGIZE for the assumption I made about the board. The first board I got was from the faja store. Not paying attention I assumed it was the same as the Ann michell store board, it is not. Fail fail fail. That is the second time I have recommended items that are not what I had. I am sorry. The AM board is too big for my stomach. It wraps clear to my back. It is too wide and long. I have no idea what it is made of. The board I had first and went back to is maybe 12x8 if I hade to guess, and has a metal material in the inside. It gets flexible when old. Am is a hard plastic from what I could tell. The lipoexpress board was shaping my stomach like an 8. So at the bottom by my hips where it ddnt lay flat would be hard by the end of the day. Hard to explain. It made the places that were underneath flat and smooth but the areas on the outside became hard and I ddnt like that. So I am in a search to find out who makes the board that is sold at Catherine's in Miami Lakes, please let me know if u know. I think it is the same one Dr. Salama gives. Ok bck to my routine so now I wear the Diane post operative vest #2465. Over the top of the high waisted shorts. I love this for many reasons: the squeem vest for me still doesn't come up high enough in the back and under my armpits because I can feel the skin hanging out, I am short waisted so on the sides and the back it crinkles up and the boning sticks in my skin (pain and itching for days), I size down too fast. I have had to buy two squeem a within months. The vest comes up on my neck and down past my elbows (kinda sucky). I bought it in Jan and can just now get it on my arms good, not well and the waist part is at the tightest hook and I could stand to take in another inch. My arms much smaller as is my back. I can tell from dresses and suit jackets I'm not busting out of. Ppl have even commented on those two areas specifically (gym ppl that know how hard it is to get the back and arm fat down). So the vest is really great for arms, back and upper torso. When I first bought it I could only wear it an hour. 3 months later I wear it all day.

Why do I miss the old Real Self? I miss it because I learned so much from a lot of ladies that are no longer posting. The dynamics are so different now. I get a lot of questions and I don't mind answering, but most of what ppl ask is answered if they just READ. Ppl dont want to do the work. No one should be surprised by the swelling, massages, pain, fajas, boards, foam, etc. everyone has a story to tell and if you read it or spend time on RS you will see tht those ate some of the basic things you will need to prepare. When ppl ask me when is my surgery or what type of surgery did I have, all I can do is smh. I don't want I be one to get upset and do a grand announcement of my departure and deleting of my account and taking all my pictures down. Btw they don't delete accounts for everyone that says that, they can or I have seen it closed for comments. I just want the best outcome for everyone no matter how much u pay, who u go to or what you have done. READ and empower yourself with knowledge it is your life, your money and your results. I am guilty of getting the things I need too late, but I can't blame the doctor because I don't have the right garment or am not getting massages or sitting on my butt. We have to own what we have when we leave. They are not magicians we weren't perfect going in and won't be perfect going out. We are what we make it.
Last thing the NEGATIViTY has got to stop. You will rarely see Vets flipping off. I ddnt get this and will always say when MissMiami made a comment (paraphrasing) Abt U dnt know until u have been through it, I shook that comment off (before my surgery) but afterwards i realized she was so right. I think it is extemely rude the way some ladies that have not had surgery, have no pages or post pics criticize ppl tht have been through the journey. It is very hard and emotional. Life changing. I often comment on pages and if you know me my helpfulness may not come across or be well received and I understand. I want to help ppl that want to help themselves bcuz i don't expect anyone to do anything for me. Nothing I have was giving to me and I expect nothing less from anyone else. I want everyone to be beautiful but it has to start from within. So if you are a few days or weeks post op please don't be so hard on yourself. No that it is a journey and everyday it will change. I stopped posting pictures early on because I believe it gives ppl a false sense of results. One month out and further will u really get to see results. Those first weeks are swelling and once that it gone is when your shape will start to break through. I commend anyone that starts the process. It is very taxing emotionally, physically and financially. Prepare your mind, thoughts, words, heart and body. Luv you all even the ones throwing shade. Btw going back next month for my checkup. Many blessings.

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I have a few more pics. I have to do a better job...

I have a few more pics. I have to do a better job of getting other ppl to take pics for me. Will work on pics in clothes. Old clothes too big don't fit my new shape. Will get some dressing room shots. My mind can't reconcile that that in the mirror is real. So used to dressing for my old body haven't quite mastered wearing smalls or certain clothes. Takes time. Asianbooty I will get some more for you. These are what I have.


You look great!!!
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Wow!!!! Ur results r amazing
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Ur results just keep getting better! Ur booty looks great!
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So flustered right now. I ordered a xs waist...

So flustered right now. I ordered a xs waist cincher from last week. I called Friday, Monday, Tuesday and today. Each time the lady was saying it was coming hoy (today)! I am not fluent but I do know conversational Spanish. I knew enough and she knew what I was saying but she kept saying someone would call me back. Long and short they took my $$$$ but haven't received. So how is that my problem. So she said she wld call me back after they check with the bank that processes their $$$$. So add to the fact that I think my neighbors are stealing my mail because once items say delivered they show up days later. My AM board my neighbor opened and said she thought it was tshirts that she ordered. She called me and then brought it to my house, idk how she got my #. Add to that that my biodermis package said delivered Thursday and it shows up Tuesday and has 3/29 date on it. They fedexed me another box, now I have two. So I call Catherine's and shapesecrets and neither have a 2xs until next week. My S squeem the rubber ripped. So I am a week with crappy compression. Any suggestions? I have to send my squeem back. This sucks.


Smh, I feel like realself is getting flooded with incompetent reviews. Seems like ppl get worse as time goes by. I really dont think ppl read what they write and then wonder why ppl question what they say. Myb after surgery there is no need to be on RS. I am so in love with my results, but I also go in like a Kia expecting to come out like an Aston Martin. Alot of ppl tht havent had surgery will tell you what to do like it is the gospel. Quite entertaining I will say. My favorites are ppl the encite sheer pandemonium with their titles. Death at...., 1 day po in love, still waiting..., etc. If doctors put their patients on blast the way some of these bloggers do it wld b crazy. I thank God i am not a doctor because I wouldnt have alot of these crazys as patients. Case in point if you are literally sitting by the phone or email waiting to hear back from the doctor, imo you the dummy. When did it become come in the medical field to only communicate like we expect on RS. If you arent getting the response you want then do something different. If you are in love the first week and then a few weeks later you wonder why things have changed, you really do t have a clue or did no preparation. No one doctor is better than another. The doctor is not God. Dismissed, smh, really?! Im not a child so I can see where your maturity level is coming from. Laughing at a response from a bbliw (bbl in waiting). If some of these ladies between women and girls stop running off at the mouth before surgery myb they wld b able to pick a doctor better, be better prepared and appreciate what RS is for instead of the pure ignorance I read everyday. It is refreshing to see ppl that are 6 months or more out update because their mindset seems more of a sharing is caring perspective.
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Hey beautiful! Just wondering if you finally did those ultra cavitations? What is it and why did perry say no to it? Thank you
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The ultra calvitations are like ultrasonic pulses. Hulyas day spa n Georgetown/ glover park does them. He said no because it may cause scar tissue. I have been doing cupping tht has worked.

Me and this booty are going places-5 months post op

Im so in love with my body. Yes BODY. My butt was just the icing on the cake. I will say it has me going places. I have been traveling ever since and it has been fabulous. Im getting comments from both men and women. Overseas we have been treated like celebrities. One of my favorite places to go I had some women come up and ask me can they touch my butt. My husband was less than excited but hey everyone wants some. Besides the traveling shopping is like nothing before. More structured clothes make me look square. Fitted or size appropriate items make my shape pop and scream sex appeal. I used to hide behind my clothes but now I am what makes them stand out. When ppl see me they say nothing but good things. Makes me wonder what were ppl thinking i looked like before?! Doesnt matter bcuz that was then and this is now. I will say I am way smaller than i was before. I have lost weight all over, not intentionally but im holding down xs clothes with room. Also is my butt smaller yes. Is it still big YES. It is to scale of my natural weight. So glad i did it when i did it, where i did and for what i paid. Have i had some challenges, yes. It was and is no cake walk. Is my doctor perfect, no. Am i perfect...... hmmmm i like to think at times i am but no. Am i done recovering no. I will probably go down another inch or so in my waist and about 5-10lbs in my weight. So by next January it will be safe to say i am where i will stay. Much luv. More pics to come. Most of my pics are with ppl. Single butt shots are usually in the dressing room.
I cant stress enough if you go into this procedure crazy...... You will come out crazy. You all know who I am talking about there are plenty on here to go around. This isnt something to do or take lightly, but then again thats me. I can be a little to frank with ppl and I guess they want their hands held. I digress. Maybe I am crazy for thinking people should be more informed and it is their responsibility, hmmm.

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Perry Princess 5 months post op

More pics later.


Bbeautiful2 this mornings blog entry is on point. Your shape is gorgeous!

5 months

Yeah this is obviously a new process to update. 3rd times a charm?


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Hi BB2. From reading your blog and some of the comments it seems like there used to be pictures posted part 2. Did you take them down? I have my surgery with Dr. P next month and I would love to see more long term results and maybe a before if you are up for it. Thanks for sharing your journey and I hope you are still enjoying your new body!
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Amazing girl !! Glad u chose Dr. perry
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Miami Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Perry on Real Self. He was truly a blessing. He is a very professional and humble doctor. He takes his time with each patient, not booty mill here! He considers your WHOLE body, no two basketballs sticking off your back. I have never felt so calm as I did with him. I wish all doctors were as wonderful as him. He is really dedicated to his craft. He made me a better ME.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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