NEW 2 months 11 days -BBL on July 3,2012 - Miami, FL Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta

June 30,2012 i'm 5'2 and normal weight 114 lbs and...

June 30,2012 i'm 5'2 and normal weight 114 lbs and my weight on before pic was 122 lbs. Now my weight is 133.5 lbs i gain weight for surgery. I want to gain more but i cant. I trying so hard for 1 month to gain more. I might just have enough to this but might not big. /which is good i dont want too big butt for me

July 1,2012 We Arrvied in Miami airport at 1pm and...

July 1,2012 We Arrvied in Miami airport at 1pm and checked in at Residence Inn airport.
We stay here for the 1st week then 2nd week we move to Loews Miami beach hotel.

June 2,2012 i think Residence Inn is good for...

June 2,2012 i think Residence Inn is good for recovery time becuase it has fully equipped kitchen and full breakfast.
At 7 am we went down to breakfast and surprised they gave full breakfast like scrambled egg , egg benedict , waffles, sausages , bagles, yogurt parfait, fresh fruits and more stuff..
Then at 12 pm we went to Dr.Medieta's office for pre-op. I had appiontment at 12:30pm and I read and signed all froms by 1:10pm.
Still wait for dr. he was in surgery room. I was hungry and a lilte upset that i had to wait til 2:30pm to see theDr. So we went out had Cuba food . When we came back to the Dr. at 2:20pm ,he was seeing petients . I thought he supposed to be in surgery til 2:30pm It was ok not a big deal.

So i saw the Dr. and he told me i dont have enough fat to get a big butt.. Yes i expected that. Anyway The Dr. and all staffs were very nice.
hi girls no he didn't tell yet. i will see him tomorrom and i will ask. oh girls lot of pain soon i took painkiller it help a lot.

Just rest and relax and keep taking your pain killers until you're more comfortable! Hope you're doing well.


Good luck with your surgery, I hope all goes well! Please do keep us updated on your progress.


July 5 ,2012 he told me i got 900 cc. i will post...

July 5 ,2012 he told me i got 900 cc. i will post my pic soon. my honey used my phone to take pic and took only one pic . i dont think you can tell my butt size. tomorrow i will try again when he take my garment off
NO I was weight 133.5 LBS before i left to miami and on the surgery day i weight 131 lbs. i was so unhappy becuase i wanted to gain weight not lost it.
I like your results.....he was able to get 900cc's with you weighting 122lbs. Thats great gurlie!!

July 18,212 I just post after 11 days post and...

july 18,212
I just post after 11 days post and 15 days post. I feel much better today. No pain anymore. I am very happy with my result so far and I'm hoping my butt not get down too much at the end. I like this size not too big and not too small.
oh wow thanks hun =)
you do look really good tho..your shape is exquisite! very nice =)
i just talked with angel today..she didnt seem SO cool? idk lol but my husband is about to back out on me bec of the other expenses =( so im trying to ask the ladies out here who got work done by mendieta...if they can give me an estimate of their hotel stay?
and the rental care....
but yes the 2 gamrnet thing sounds good..i think ill get one with the butt out since im just going in for lipo now..not the fat transfer =( i guess im more into my shape than my butt lol but my husband said i dont need it bigger...and after 2 kids and the loss of our last child it does put weight on my midsection bad =( ugh
no it wasn't hard to take garment off but it was very hard to put back on. You will need help. It is up to you when you want to wash your garment. You can get 2 garments. washed by hand and put in dryer .. took only 30 mins.
was it difficult taking off the garment? when it was time to get washed? and what did you wear when you had to take it off?

I still like my result so far. I love to look at...

I still like my result so far. I love to look at my body in miror every morning and feel so good about my body!!! LOVE IT!! Not try to make myself feel good i just really love it.
I think i chose right dortor. Back in DEC 2011 my husband and i went to Miami for consutation with 3 doctors; Salama, Mendieta and Micheal Salzhauer. The Salama fees $5899 , The Medieta fees $11000 and Salzhauer fees almost $10000.

I chose the Salama becuase good price and works,so in end of FEB 2012 i deposited 10% and supposed to have sugery July 5,2012.
Then in May 2012 i felt i liked the Mendieta body contouring better and i really not wanted big butt. Just want rounder butt .. I told my husband i wanted to change dortoc to Mendieta and we would lose 10% deposited with /Salama. He told me just choose Doctor i wanted the most. Dont worry about the money. So we deposited $2000 with Medieta. I wanted both doctors work on me. yes would not happened that way.

The Mendieta had sepecial for summer $9850 so went...

The Mendieta had sepecial for summer $9850 so went down from $11000 to $9900 i dont know why i paid $50 more. but it was ok. not matther.
I was lucky that my husband had meeting in Miami in July for a week and he got free rooms for whole trip. My husband always travel and has lot of hotel points and Miles. Yes free air tickets and hotels. Bad thing is he stays in hotels 3 or 4 nights per week. Comes home only weekend.

I dont know if i stay with Salama, would i have same result. I love my body now and can't wait to show to all my friends at work. I would tell everyone at work i had it done.

what did you bring with you for after care??? bec i wanna buy the stuff now and be prepared you know?
and what kind of meds did he give you? and did your insurance cover it?
bought A LOT stuff there. My insurance cover everything med except DMSO costed $ 55. The dortor will tell to go phamacy close to his office to get all stuff you need for after care.

July 8,2012 im 30days today and i didnt see much...

july 8,2012 im 30days today and i didnt see much change or butt still look the same from a week ago. My doctor told me my waist will look smaller at the end of healing process. Still waiting for that to happen.

Sorry i wrote it wrong supposed to be Aug 2 2012

sorry i wrote it wrong supposed to be Aug 2 2012
Thank you for keeping us posted!!! You do look amazing!!
Hi thanks!! The problem was I took pic myself. My honey wasn't home. I tried to take full back before but I couldn't my erms not long enough. I will ask my honey to take it for me.
hey girl i need some i recieved all the paperwork the big packet lol
and it says to bring 2 extra garments? what kind did you buy?? i went on and they had some pretty good post op garments..but idk which one to puchase?? so where did you get yours?


I still like my result but one thing i dont like i...

i still like my result but one thing i dont like i have more cellulite on my leg becuase he did lipo on my leg.

Ok. On my before pic i was weight 122 lbs but on...

Ok. On my before pic i was weight 122 lbs but on the surgery i weight 131.5 lbs. Please dont be confuse!!! I will get before pic from Dr. office when the Dr. took my pic on surgery day. On the surgery day looked bigger than the before pic i posted.
I love your little cute booty its the perfect size! sometimes I wish I would've switched and did more consults but it didn't go that way. We have a similar build and I got 900cc too but my but feels huge lol. Is your booty still the same size now?
Lucky for you you feel your booty huge. I had my BBL done by M in 2008. I wish I did more research. Now almost 5 tests later and over 11K lighter I am going for round#2 for more symmetry,projection and hips
who are you going with? and yes hun I feel huge lol my butt had a little projection to begin with I just hated my love handles but when my love handles went away so did my booty lol.. but I'm still swollen and have more massages to go and I'm only 2 1/2 weeks post op I didn't want a big booty just a lil bigger than what I had
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