BBl with Fisher in December 2014 -Miami, FL

Hi Real Self. My name is Rose. I'm a 21 years old...

Hi Real Self. My name is Rose. I'm a 21 years old pharmacy student that lives in Minnesota. I've been strolling and debating on this website since I was 14 and finally decided to take a step forward in my journey. Because I've had babies, the urge to get a BBL and breast implants and or lift, (depending on cost) is a must!

My budget for both procedure is $8,000. I also am planning a really expensive wedding for July 2015. Because I have a supportive man, who is an "ASS" man himself, we are in this journey together to make sure I feel comfortable for my big day. It's always been about him and our kids but 2014 is Rose's time to shine.

The doctors I'm debating on is either Fisher in Miami and/or Campos in Mexico. They do good work but I am affraid at the thought of their prices and that Campos is in a different country. I intially sought out Jimerson in Atlanta but scheduled a BBL with Salama in Miami few months prior to finding out about our second baby who is now 4 months. With the new addition to our family and the engagement, money is tight as we are paying cash for my procedure. My inspiration is RnB singer K.Michelle. Her voice and booty is AWESOME! I am thinking of at least 500cc in each buttock in case of absorption. Like my man always say, "If you're going to do something, do it big. Either do it big or go home!" For once I am taking his advice amd seeking a booty like K.Michelle. If anyone is interested in giving me advice or reassurance, please feel free to do so.

Deposit made...Procedure scheduled!

Hi there again,

After debating on which doctor to get the procedure done by, I chose Dr. Fisher with Vanity Cosmetic in Miami. His results are exactly what I'm looking for and fantastically priced as well (5k). My procedure is scheduled for December 12th, 2014 so if you will be doing your procedure with Dr.Fisher from December 10th through December 17th, I would be honored to be your surgery buddy. In my initial review, I wanted 500ccs but after researching and looking at results in that area, I've decided to go with at least 1200ccs to ensure I get great results after re-absorption.

I hope to achieve a proportionate shape as I have broad and muscular shoulders and arms. I am grateful for my slim waist and hips that I've gained from my 2nd birth. However, because my shoulders are broad, my big thighs and semi-flat booty doesn't look right. From the front, you would think I have a decent sized butt, instead my lower back and butt seems to be joined together. As a result, I am looking for a shelf booty. I want that obvious distinction from my lower back to buttock area. I have a somewhat nice shape already but Dr.Fisher could help me tweak it up a bit. I was charged extra as I requested extra fat drawn from my arms.

All I can say so far about Vanity is that they seem to strive to make you happy. I had one bad experience so far with my coordinator. She charged my card double than what I requested her to do. After telling her, she still denied it. I verified with my bank and sent her the info and she refused to get back to me. I don't know what that was all about to be honest. I don't know whether to really call it stealing or if she felt guilty at the fact she made a mistake but she never got back to me til this day. Luckily I demanded a supervisor and she credited the overcharge to my balance. My advice is to be careful with tracking your money and who you are dealing with. Always have supporting documentation. Our lives and money are in these people hands just always remember that! Be your own advocate! I will keep you ladies posted!

Best regards,

Surgery swap anyone with Fisher?

Hi ladies,

I can't believe how close it is to December. My procedure is scheduled for December 12th but due to the extreme work load in my Human Anatomy class, I want a later date to ensure I do great on my final. Is there anyone who is scheduled with Fisher on January 7th or 8th? I would really appreciate it if we could swap.

Finally figured out how to upload pictures!

2 Weeks Left Until I'm Fisherfied!

Hi again ladies,

I have ALOT to update you guys on. I was able to switch my date from December 12th to January 9th luckily. To the lady that was so kind to switch with me, because of you I was able to focus and aced my finals and got accepted into nursing school! (I'm too geeked!) Also, I have paid my balance in full, secure a spot a new body recovery services with Monie, and only have to purchase a ticket! I cannot believe that I'm actually going to do this. I've been wanting this for a very long time and it's finally happening! Below is information on the recovery house.

Here is the link,
Her contact info is +1 786-334-8859
She's an RN and seems to have very much experience with post op care. Her prices are $155 a night which includes nurse and cna at all times, a driver, 3 meals a day, 3 massages, and supplies are provided. It's definitely cheaper than Vanity Recovery House and what really stood out to me to me is that there's ACTUALLY someone who's with you at ALL TIMES unlike what I've heard about Vanity's recovery house. From what I see on the website, the house is clean and nice. Also a real self sister (cocopuffs09) who recently had work done by Hasan a few weeks ago posted pics of the food, room, and review on the recovery house and it sold me!

I took my lab December 19th here at home in Minneapolis and will be contacted December 22nd by Fisher's assistant. A blood work was order to test various conditions such as red blood count, pregnancy, hiv, and a couple others that I cannot remember off bat. His assistant seems really nice.

Now that fall semester is over and done with, I have more time on my hands to aid you ladies on your journey as well as mine. Remember we are here to help each other!

More Pics!

Real self has been slipping today! I've been trying to upload all day.

Wish Pic!

Current Pics

Since I secured a date with Fisher in September, I've gained 15 lbs. You can clearly see in the first few photos of me I was much smaller. Here is my accurate weight. I plan to take an appetite suppressant along with dieting and also hired a personal trainer to get me ready for spring break in March. I'm insecure when I'm this size. Although I love my curves at this size, my arms is EXTREMELY huge. I have a muscular top and as a result, I'm getting arm lipo from Fisher as well.

Surgery may be canceled!

Hi ladies,

Fisher's assistant, Giselle, called me on Monday, December 22nd and reported that my pt/ptt/inr was a tad bit below normal. I asked her if it was a major problem and she said it shouldn't be but to be on the safe side, I should redo it. I also told her that I have been anemic all my life and I'm extremely worried about it. She said it would be fine. Not thinking anything of it, a few days later here am I on a real self sister's DareToBeDifferent page. Lurking on her page, I found out that a former and now deceased sister has died due to low hemoglobin level. I'm a nursing student and my teachers have emphasized it plenty of times that hemoglobin is EXTREMELY important. After lurking, I researched to see whether the lab test I failed is related to blood level. I learned that the test is structured to determine how fast your blood will clot. Although not directly stating a relationship to low blood level (anemia), you can certainly assume the correlation. Whose to say if being an anemic will determine how fast your blood will clot. So on Friday I will purchase iron-rich foods and schedule my labs to be redone for Monday, December 29th, as well as seeing my primary doctor for a medical clearance. Although I haven't heard of any death by Fisher's hands, you can never be safe. Like my mother always told me, "Know thy self." I know that I anemic and have two kids with troubling fathers. It would be a DAMN shame to die over achieving a bigger ass. It's not worth it ladies. Don't rely on just the assistant. Do your own medical clearance.

I will update next week when I receive final lab results and medical clearance.

Best regards,

Did I mention that Amie was my Ultimate body inspiration?

After looking through boutique websites on IG, I seen a model amazin_amie and now I know why she calls herself that. Everything on her is PERFECT! It's obvious that she has done a buttock augmentation but it looks SO NATURAL and that's my goal. I want MAJOR projection without looking too fake.

PREVIOUS vanity patients PLEASE READ!! I need help. Surgery may be CANCELLED!

Hey ladies,
Let me say I'm in tears and beyond speechless! I redid the test (pt/ptt/inr) that Giselle, Fisher's assistant, sent me. It was abnormal slightly by .3. Giselle said that I would need a medical clearance from my primary doctor. Apparently this lab order determines how fast your blood will clot. My hemoglobin surprisingly is normal so I'm not an anemic at this time. I guess my question to any previous patients who've had an abnormal result for this lab order, what was your remedy or final result? Did you cancel your bbl or were you prescribed any meds to help with a high inr result? I'm mad because I just feel like this is a scare tatic from Vanity to stall me or take my money. It's always something with this company! When I tell you I'm a HEALTHY person, I am! I do not use recreational drugs, only drink occasionally (once every 3 or so months), natural births, no known diseases. As much as I been to the clinic while being pregnant last year especially, I would think that I would be aware of any possible hemorrhage or blood clots. I do however have horrible cramps and bleeding last longer with periods but cannot seem to understand why this test is a bit high. My period ended a week and a half ago so I don't know if that is playing a factor in my bad result. I am scheduled to meet my doctor tomorrow to go into detail about this lab order and she will give the final say on whether or not I should go and get this procedure done. I'm sooooo pissed because I feel like they're playing games with me. I asked if my doctor said no if I could get reimbursed and there was a slight pause with hesitation. Any nurses or previous patients on here with similar story to mine, any advice?

bringing in the new year with bad news but a great resolution!

Hi real self sisters,

I know many of you are getting all dolled up for the new year celebration. Unfortunately, I'm not due to several reasons. Since December 19th, the day I took my original set of lab orders, I've had an elevated pt/ptt/inr lab result (see previous updates). Today, I finally met with my primary care doctor to get a medical clearance. I took an in DEPTH version of the pt/ptt/inr again and also requested an EKG test to evaluate my heart. Although I initially went to get a medical clearance for my elevated result, I requested the EKG for several reasons. When I was 9 years old, my dad died right in front of me. His death was sudden and was labeled as an "unexplained death". Now that I'm much older and in the health care field, I believe he died of a heart attack due to similar symptoms that I'm having myself. I've noticed as I age (I'm only 22), I got sudden chest pains that is EXTREMELY excruciating and shortness of breath. Since I'm investigating this possible "excessive bleeding" that Fisher's assistant presented to me, I also wanted to pursue my heart activity. Although I could be cleared by January 7th, I've decided to cancel my surgery and postpone it until May of 2015. My reasons for this decision are below :

1). The time I could get cleared is too close to the surgery date (January 9th). I would be doing ALOT of last minute things which will increase my stress level and no one wants to go into surgery while stressed.

2). My doctor is really concerned about the EKG and told me she doesn't think I should proceed with the procedure until I can get my EKG results which I wouldn't even be able to do until January 7th due to the new year and it's limitations on staff.

3.) FINALLY, I came down with a TERRIBLE fever and chills. I'm to the point where I might go into the ER. My doctor MOST DEFITNITELY ain't clearing me now!

Being a Liberian, I am a firm believer that GOD sends us signs through difficulty. It's obvious that he doesn't want me to go and do this surgery. At least not right now. I'm all sorts of mad, sad, frustrated but it's LIFE and I have to think about my kids, my family, and ME most importantly!

So what is next for ROSE?

Rose will first fight through this sudden sickness and continue to find answers on why my pt/ptt/inr lab result is elevated as well as follow up on my EKG. If my results are not concerning or if I can alter it in anyway, I will also prepare myself for my postponed surgery in May. I will change my diet, work out, being healthy PERIOD! I'm almost certain that doing all this will reduce any complications during my future surgery.

I will get my results for both the in depth pt/ptt/inr and EKG test sometime next week. I will make sure I let you ladies know how I'm doing and how my journey is coming along. Although it's a lost to me, any ladies want an earlier date, January 9th is now available.

Attached are pics of me in the beginning of this year and pics of me currently. Beginning of this year I was around 150 lbs, now I'm 178 lbs. Did i mention I was also 5'2? Yea it's all bad lol! I've let myself go probably due to the stress that comes with being a full time nursing student, with two jobs, and two kids but I will get the old Rose back. It's not just about looking good but it's about feeling and KNOWING that you're good. Being healthy is my main goal for 2015 and it starts now! To the ladies who are planning on doing any procedure, PLEASE do yourself a favor, get healthy and be honest with your doctor and /or surgeon about ANY concerning family or personal concerns. A BBL is not a SIMPLE procedure! Do your research!

God bless,


Hi ladies,

Just when I thought there was no way in hell I was going to get cleared, I got a phone call early this morning from my doctor's office saying I can proceed with the procedure. Unlike the previous bloodwork I've failed, this one was IN DEPTH! As a result, she found that my "abnormal" pt/ptt/inr was minor and was probably because of my heavy menstrual cycle (to no surprise, I'm on my period now). She confirmed that I DO NOT have any bleeding disorders, liver disease, nor a high lack of Vitamin K; all of those factors which could have caused an elevated pt/ptt/inr result. Basically, my family history of heavy menstrual bleeding was what caused the elevation of the result. However, she says she recommends that I start taking folic acid and iron to raise my hemoglobin level up as well as increase my intake of Vitamin K. Both of those will help reduce the risk of bleeding as much during the surgery. And as far as my EKG result goes, I wasn't able to schedule a "STRESS" test to see if I'm a candidate for potential cardiac arrest. I wouldn't be able to schedule an appointment for the EKG until January 7th or 8th which is REALLY close to my surgery date ( January 9th ). Because of the short notice of what I should do to reduce my risks of bleeding a tad bit more than usual and any cardiac arrest, I still decided to put my surgery off until March 9th. By this time, I would have gotten a good amount of iron, folic acid, omega-3, lost 15 lbs, and of course gotten my EKG results. I'm not in any rush to get this done. It's better to be safe than sorry.

The booty journey continues!


Miami Plastic Surgeon

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