BBL Round 1: Deposit made, going to Dr. Ghurani !!!!!

I think I've settled for Dr. Perry, just waiting...

I think I've settled for Dr. Perry, just waiting for him to contact me to put down my deposit. Can't wait!!!! Not looking for a shelf butt but I definitely want a nice round butt. 2013 is my body year, I will be doing a complete 360 degree on myself. I have a high little butt with love handles that make me look like sponge bob square pants. I found a bunch of doctors but I like the personal relationship and attention he gives to each patient and I want that experience as well

Still waiting for perry to Dr.Perry to call

Still waiting for perry to Dr.Perry to call

So depressed:-( My care credit did not get...

So depressed:-( My care credit did not get approved. I don't understand, my credit score is almost 700. I'll just have to wait to see what the letter states. I just knew I would get approved!!!!!

I know dr.perry is a great doctor but I'm just...

I know dr.perry is a great doctor but I'm just getting discourage about working with him. I still have not heard from him and I know this is not like him, I'm going to try to call Norma one more time. Now going on 3 weeks...smh If dr.Perry doesn't work out. I'll just go to dr. sadeh or dr. Yager in NY

I feel better now,I'm on plan B now...gonna wait 3-4 months and apply again to care credit. I need this work for me, my confidents is on the line

Dr. Perry said in his opinion he doesn't think I...

Dr. Perry said in his opinion he doesn't think I will need a tummy tuck-- so that's good news. That's the first time I ever heard that but works for me. We spent about 30-40 minutes on the phone and I asked less than 10 questions. I need to stay for 10 days and no drains, yessss!
He said that I would be fine at my current weight but I don't think I'll be happy with the outcome of the results there's only one thing to do ...lose the hell am I going to lose 60 lbs without starving which will never work me.

The price has increased so if this is something you want to do with doctor Perry, START MAKING PLAN.... Everybody is increases their price.

Btw forgot to ask how many CCs...smh but we did go over my wish pics and boy was I happy. I'm going to be a hottie with a nice body .. Not to curvy, that's not what I want Nikki or Kim butts for me!!!!

Update... Just called again. I have up to 1500 CCs...

Update... Just called again. I have up to 1500 CCs each cheek so I have enough fat to share but of course not looking for that just want 900-1000 CCs

I'm so glad me and Dr. Perry were able to meet in...

I'm so glad me and Dr. Perry were able to meet in the middle for pricing. It was almost a deal breaker for me because the cost of me traveling was getting crazy. Now I have to call Norma and put a deposit down and then figure out a date in the summer

So I'm going crazy on google looking at pics of...

So I'm going crazy on google looking at pics of nice round butts..smh. It's official I've givin myself an obsession to looking at booty's all day!! Is anyone experiencing this booty obsession. And might I add Bernice burgos has the body I want!!!

Well I just made my deposit today, yippie!!! I...

Well I just made my deposit today, yippie!!! I feel like a got a deal considering I get two garments

I've decided that I will do liposuction twice....

I've decided that I will do liposuction twice. When I do my breast, I will lipo the flanks to get rid of this box shape and then when I get the bbl the rest will be history. I'm not really looking for a lot of projection, just that s- curve factor. Any suggestions, I'm all ears.

I'm stuck in the middle about staying in the...

I'm stuck in the middle about staying in the states or going to the Dominican Republic.

As of right now I have a deposit with Dr. Perry, ...

As of right now I have a deposit with Dr. Perry, But now I am certain I want a tummy tuck as well. I want a tummy tuck / bbl with lipo to the flanks/ inner thighs and maybe the underarm area. Robles has qouted me 5200 al inclusive. I've emailed dra. Duran and now I am waiting for a reply with a price quote and recommendation. I've emailed her from two different emails-- one in Spanish and one in English, wanted to see if there would be a differents. I would like the comfort of staying in the states but I really like the work of Dr. Robles and now Duran I think Robles has cleaner tummy tuck lines and Duran has fuller butts. I also would be lying if I didn't say the price is not attractive. I can't say I'm 100 % sold yet but I would like to see if the Dominican Republic is an option for me. Looking to have surgery in December and would like to buddy up if possible , I will not go to D.R by myself.

Just posted pics of where I will be staying...8...

Just posted pics of where I will be staying...8 minutes from the hospital

I could either call for you or you can call yourself. Mitch is really cool, just mention Realself surgery website. Trust me its an awesome deal-- he's not offering a recovery house but we're working on making accommodation.

Has anyone heard of Dra. Fragoso? She quoted me...

Has anyone heard of Dra. Fragoso? She quoted me 3500 for both tummy tuck and bbl. I'm scheduled for December , if anyone has info please help!!!!! Duran is taking to long to respond to me, so I found someone else.

I'm absolutely stuck in the middle with my...

I'm absolutely stuck in the middle with my decision. Dra Beaz has quoted me 3500. For lipo of the entire sides( flanks) , back and I think inner thigh with tummy tuck and bbl and of course she can speak English. Of course it's a great price but I have to say dra. Duran is so appealing to me but i have yet to hear from her, it's been a month and I sent four emails, 2 by gmail and 2 by Facebook...smh no response. So then there is dr. Robles , I love her tummy tuck incisions, the best in my opinion!!!! I was quoted $4300 w/o the RH and $5200 w/ the RH. I currently need to lose 30 more lbs which I'm down 10 , so 30 more to go. I was told I didn't have to lose that much weight but I want to be happy with my results at a smaller frame.

Also if any girls can give me and idea of what I should pack, I'm all ears. I only want to take what I need, I purchase some stuff when I'm there, the pharmacy is up the street. I'm only taking a carry on bag to D.R. Or at least that's what I'm hoping to do

Confirmed... Dra. Baez

I wish I could go sooner

I wish I could go sooner and get this over with. Although I am still having my moments when I want to change doctors, I remind myself not to believe the hype. Dra. Baez is a great choice for me, I believe she will do her very best. We discuss transforming my shape all the time. I love how she reminds me to focus on my health-- most important step. I do not desire to be skinny or have a tiny 26" waist, a 30" 31" would be quite fine with me. My price of 3500 includes liposuction of the entire waist, back and inner thigh --this would be part of the bbl procedure and tummy tuck. I might do my underarm but I'm not sure. Purchasing my supplies in july, I want to start writing a list of my needs and wants now. I'm addicted to eBay--love having options. Going to start my passport application and hopefully purchase my airfare-- tickets right now are in the high 700s for me, waiting for a deal

I do have one question-- why is it that doctors are charging extra for liposuction?Isn't liposuction the foundation of a bbl. We should not be paying extra for lipo in certain areas. The objective of a good bbl procedure is to reduce the waist and increase projection, using the fat to create a fuller, rounder or bigger butt.

Shopping list... Need help from the vets

I have put a list together with the help of other reviews and my own personal needs, can the vets tell me what will be useful and what will be a waste.

White sheets
Ensure( powder)
Bath wipes and no rise body wash
Brush and Comb
Tooth brush, tooth brush and mouth wash, lotion, deodorant
Small can of Lysol and Disinfectant wipes
Meds-- medication, laxative, Tylenol, water pills, arnica and bromelain
Hibiclens and anti bacterial soap
Depends, pads, clux or wee wee pads
Rubber gloves, q-tips, gauze,
Tummy tuck board
Marble and ear plugs
Lip balm
Hand held blender
Suction hooks for drains
Caddy and pill box
iPad and phone

2 packs ( oversized panties)
Thigh high compression socks
6 maxi dresses
2 pair of pants
2 long/2 short sleeve shirts
1 pair of flats
1 pair of flip flops
2 moo moo's
1 pack of T-shirts
1pack of A-shirts
Thin robe

This is what I came up with and will travel with... All advice given is appreciated

Hotel booked

My buddy just booked our hotel today-- we are staying at the Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua Hotel and Casino for $79 a night.

Going with Dr. Rami

Just put my deposit down today. I was told the price is going up Friday, I locked my price of 4500 for my bbl. Can't wait, I was recommend to do my bbl first then do my tummy tuck . Not sure if I'm taking their package for 7k which includes hotel, driver, nurse and food...not sure yet? Any suggestions

Just some wish pics

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rami Ghurani

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Congrats girl! Im waiting to hear back from Jessica
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Did Jessica get back to you yet?
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Nah, I had to contact her but its cool she apologized and said she is swamped with ppl requesting Ghurani. I put my deposit down and I may just pay it off already and book for late feb
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Ok cool, I decided I'm doing a tummy tuck first. I want a flat stomach, I can't imagine going another summer with lose skin
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Can't wait! ;)
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Yay join us
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I'm so damn excited, if I was 40 lbs lighter I would go next week
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Me two..gotta lose 30..its ok tho, Iam on this diet, serius !!!!lol...we gonna be hooked upppp !!woot woot
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Congrats lady, I think if you are going with someone then you may want to stay in condo and save some money. If you r going alone the rh would be perfect. When is your date and what is included in your quote.
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It's just 4500 for the surgery
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I don't feel like i need a nurse for 7 days so I might just opt out of the RH. Not sure on the date because I'm doing my bbl first than a tummy tuck . One of those procedures will be done in sept and one will be done in May or June
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Gotcha, I don't think you need a nurse that long either. Is Dr Ghurani doing your tummy tuck too? I hope I won't need one after my sx but if so I'm open to it. How much is vanity charging for the tummy tuck? Thanks hun
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That is a damn good price. What areas are you getting lipoed?
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$3500 for tummy tuck, yes Dr. Ghurani will do it but I also think dr. Fisher can to but I'm booked with Dr. G I just need to pic a date. I just made a deposit to lock in my prices. ask to speak with Abner, he's great he'll answer all your question, I was on the phone with him for an hour on my first call and another hour on my second.
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I told him I didn't know what I wanted lipoed I just want everything to be proportioned but the stomach back and entire side has to go. He said when I come down he'll lipo the necessary areas to get my desired results
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Don't carry any valuables pls. Good luck!
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Good luck!
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Never mind! Good luck by the way!
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What is her contact info
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Do you know where i can find more post op pics of baez work?
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Your hotel should have a safe. I brought my laptop. It was fine. I locked it up, but yeah. DR is not a safe place. Good thing you have your hubby.
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I recommend you not bring your iPad only because my friends that are from there say that the people will snatch your stuff right out your hand .... I am bringing nothing valuable.
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you prolly wont use the robe try not to bring too too much clothing pack light. make sure you bring LOTS of maxi pads because you will drain. i drained all over the damn place. also a pack of wife beaters (undershirts) that you dont mind to throw away afterwards.
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You can leave the board at home..won't need that for two weeks post op unless you will be there more than two weeks.
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Hi Brown Betty Boop. Is 2 weeks the soonest you can put in the board?
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