BBL; Confused on What Surgeon to Go Too...- Miami, FL

Hello dolls. i know most of you on here have...

hello dolls. i know most of you on here have gotten your booty done already, but as for me i havent yet, the only reason is because im undecided on what surgeon to go to, i have been researching and my three top surgeons are Dr. Salzhauer, Dr. Salama & Dr. Jimerson. HELPPPP MEEE!! i want a big booty like yaris sanchez :D


Omg ! I want a yaris booty tooooo! Me and my best friend are booked with Salzhauer in January ! Please post before & after pics lol help a sista out :) good luck ms. New booty xoxoxox
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Welcome! I have not did my procedure yet either, but I will tell u if I had to guess the toss up for most ladies on here are Dr J, or Dr S. I was torn also, but decided ruth Dr J. Your decision is your decision. I would just look at the reviews, and the before and after pics...thats what sold me. Dr J from what I see is priced higher, but I don't care. I think u get what you pay for...not saying you won't be satisfied with either of the others....I'm just! Keep us posted!!!
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Hello Dolls. once again im writing. i forgot to...

Hello Dolls. once again im writing. i forgot to let you ladies know more about me. im 5'4 and around 150pounds. i will post pics of myself of what i look like right now and what i want to look like.


I've seen great results from Salzhauer and Salama. Both hard choices and they give good amounts of CCs. I would choose Salzhauzer because although his butts are huge they look more like bubbles. Salama has more of that shelf look.
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hey I'm one step away from making my down payment.iwant to scheduled for march 2013. im from nyc n i made up my mind w dr.salzhauer so from my opinion i think you made a great choice cause girlfriend ive been to a million consultation and have done research for the past year. and it all came down to him a lil pricey but worth it.
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Hey sexy booty im also from nyc but I undecided if I should go with salama.
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