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SecretButt is back! BBL 19 Mo PO W/ Dr Moises Salama - Miami, FL

Hello Everyone. My name is A and I recently...

Hello Everyone. My name is A and I recently relocated to Boston, MA. In February 2012 I got the Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr Moises Salama in Miami, FL.

It was painful and recovery was very stressful. I won't rehash all of the details because I was cranky, moody, etc and don't want to think about it. I do know that I would and do plan to do it all over again, so it must not of been that bad.

I'm posting pre and post op pics. I guess I will document my journey in the caption of those photos.

I'm currently aspiring to be a Duran Dolly and am researching her through Real Self. I thank all of the Duran Dollies that have shared their experiences on Real Self. Its actually what made me go ahead and come back to share my experiences with Salama, Nomie and Ruben.

Cost Breakdown ~ $8700
Approx $6500 with Salama (I think)
- this included the operation, anesthesia, garment, lower leg compression, post op massages
Approx $200 for meds (might be high but I really don't remember)
Approx $1000 post lipo massage (They were $80-$100 each once I returned home. DO NOT FACTOR OUT THIS COST IF YOU WANT TO AVOID LUMPY LIPO. My lipo looks great compared to some friends because they didn't do post lipo massage eeeewwwww can't be me).
- $1000 Travel & Post Op Care (again I am just rounding.)

Got a call, will update more later.

- A


I should have just said I'm ready for round 2, still researching surgeons.

I may go back to Salama as he agreed to some minor revisions. I have to decide on it because this will be my last time.

Other than a round 2 BBL, I wish for Latisse, Boletero or Restylane in my eye trough and thats it for now.
Pics will come soon, I promise!

Marked up by Salama getting ready to go under 2/8/2012

I needed the lipo much more than buns. I really got the BBL because I could get both for same price as lipo compared to other quotes. I didn't want it to look like I got my buns done, just wanted some roundness!

Q & A: Why go to another surgeon?

Someone asked this question and I figured I'd answer it here because I will get the question a lot. Even before I share my story lol.

Q: "If you liked it and it still looks good why are you going for round two with Duran ? Sorry to ask but im actually trying to decide if I should go with salama or not."

No problem and thanks for asking. It takes an artist to give you the dream body you want and although Salama is an artist, I've fallen for the variation in art produced by Duran. She can do shelf booties and upside down hearts from what I can see. HUGE Butts & perfectly rounded and proportioned medium butts. I LOVE that she can do that because I'm not aspiring for a HUGE butt. Salama actually gave me a smaller garment to compress my butt so it wouldn't be too big. I don't regret it AT ALL.

I like that I will be able to share my butt AND hip goals with her. I also admire her hip to waist ratio A LOT! I'm a huge fan of curves, so of course her hands are a true blessing to me. I don't really have hips and she can give me some. Salama's projection is great, but I'm after curves and sculpting. At the time that I saw him, he didn't cater to the hips. I'm not sure if this has changed or not.

Salama has agreed to revisions so its actually better financially for me to go to him. He's closer too. Another bonus. Duran is on my mind though as I prefer to be sculpted than revised. In addition to being affordable, unlike many other surgeons, I see a lot of her before and afters, I see the results of other women years post op, and since I've been through this before, the post surgery brusing seen in many of her reviews and Instagram tells me a lot about her artistry. Its hard to explain. I guess once you go through it or really savvy up on the process, you can tell what the surgeon does differently and what they focus on in the lipo areas. So far I just love her work. I STILL don't want a huge ass (although I have a nice one haha), I just want that jaw dropping waist to hip ratio and a SMOOTH transition into the hips. I want it smooth like a slide, or as close to that as possible. I'm not a fan of sharpness from too much shelf without some hips to smooth out the curve. I don't look like that, but at some angles it gets really close!

I'm still deciding on what to do for round 2. I'd prefer to go back to Salama because lord knows travel with recovery is a pain (plus its better financially), but if I have to travel out of the country to Duran in order to achieve my wishes, I will! IF Salama assures he can deliver based on my wish pics, then I'm all his. I just have to figure this all out and honestly am not into the communication behind it. If I could have it my way I'd just walk in and be done, but I have to be sure I'm communicating what I want which I didn't the first time. Right now though I'm drooling over Duran's results and how caring and attentive she seems to be. I can tell from the variety of her work that she is delivering based on each client's preferences. EVERYONE can get a shelf (based on my research I see a lot of surgeons are good at this, Salama is a beast though), BUT everyone isn't getting them Duran Curves. The ones that are, are paying at least $12k in the USA. This tells me that the placement of fat injections (during bbl) is an art and either you have the aesthetic eye for those curves or you don't and Duran has it for a really good price.

Last thing, geographically, the DR is filled with curves. If you see perfect curves on a variety of body types growing up, you likely with have a better aesthetic eye for them. Just like knowing how to layer a woman's hair to define her facial features, these surgeons need to study various women and learn how to place that ass on her lower half to compliment and transition the top.

Its all a personal preference and not a diss of his work. I hope thats clear :-)
My goal is to make the best choice.

P.s. Some of us are addicted to surgery & treatments like tattoos. From HCG Injections, to laser lipo, to laser hair removal, to botox, I have tried or have it on my to do list to try them all. I've spent thousands at cosmetic medical spas. A part of me I guess is just never content. I have no loyalty to my hair or nail stylists either. If another stylist is producing better results, I'm going to try them out. Just a tad bit about me so that you know where my mind is. I really don't want to seem like I'm throwing shade at Salama or dissing his work, I'm just peculiar. :-)


I guess this was a couple days or so post op

I wore the diaper to prevent the drain cords from moving around because they hurt!

I wore the diaper to prevent the drain cords from moving around because they hurt!

Before & After

Before and after pic of my right side

Before, embarrassing

More Before & 2 weeks after

All of the before & afters so far are 2 weeks post op.

Revisions, Errors, Imperfections....

When I come back I will post pictures of things that need revisions (Salama agreed to them and all I'd need to pay for is travel expenses and anesthesia). I believe EnjoySelf also needed revisions and went for round2 with him to correct. Honestly, I've sort've lurked her review for a while to decide what I want to do. Salama does good work, but with the opportunity to fine tune it....makes me wonder what he produces, may look jaw dropping ;-)

I have some hemosiderin staining (i guess this is light blood clotting under the skin) on one of my inner thighs which was lipo'd also. I haven't been treating it because it fades over time and traditional scar creams lighten the area verses treating the scar, but still looks bad today. I'll post photos of it also.

My 2 cheeks unfortunately are not shaped the same. I'll post photos of that too. Its not obvious, but I'm very very very conscious of it and no matter how unobvious it is....it needs correction. Its only not obvious until someone notices. Once its pointed out, its pointed out. Over the past year I asked my friends and they agree with me, but they don't notice it as much as I do. Maybe because I actually see myself naked every day when jeans, leggings and leather skirts aren't shaping me.

These non-perfect things are the risks we take, but I don't hold it against salama because he was understanding, caring and agrees to fix them. I'm an understanding person also and didn't hold it over his head that it isn't perfect although I wish it were -_- I've seen a lot of surgeons for all sorts of procedures on RealSelf tell their clients they'll have to pay for full procedure to fix. So this says a lot about Salama that he agrees to fix.

Due to the above, I HAVE to return to this procedure for revision so I'm figuring I may as well go all the way and do a round 2! Who knows, I may settle for revisions because I do look good, but again if I have to go through it again why not look BETTER and go ahead and get dream curves. I chose salama first because I knew he'd give me some ass with success for sure whereas the other curve doctors were not at the time. If only Duran was around marketing on RS at the time I'd have gone to her. Oh well. The size of my ass is out of the way, next on to perfecting these small errors and getting my waist to hip ratio on point!

My original review before I had a tantrum and had it removed (Privacy Related)

Here's a link to my original review of salama. Unfortunatley there are no pictures.

In a nutshell, I had a temper tantrum while recovering and have my account deleted. Some girl got my real name through one of the drivers that cater to EPS and she said my name on here. LAWD HAVE MERCY I WENT OFF! I think I was the first person on this site to go off like that LOL. Its funny now, but when someone strikes a nerve the 1st week post op and you are drugged up and can't walk or even roll over....you just go off!!!!!

Here's my original review. There should be measurements and what not on there. I have a new body now so I've forgotten all that old stuff (original measurements and weight, etc).


P.s. I didn't even tell the girl my name

P.s. I didn't even tell the girl my name!!!! The driver just said he has to get the boppy pillow to me and next thing you know she's on here saying hey are you "GOVERNMENT NAME" ??? people dont have any discretion and are so ready to make friends that they don't realize PRIVACY comes FIRST! I'm still a little bent out of shape about that. lol

Decided I'm sticking with Salama! HE BEEN DOIN HIS THANG!

I'm so happy that I was patient about my touch ups because I don't know what changed in 2013, but the 2013 Dollies are phenomenal! I still love Duran's work, but I'll stick to what I know since I'm confident that as long as I *communicate* what I want from him, I'll be great. His curves have improved and I am here for it!

I'm going to email Nomie & Ruben ASAP to see about getting in.....soon. Cuz I'm thirsty. Probably more thirsty than the first time.

I was so thirsty to get in and out the first time, that I wasn't communicating properly! I thought I was, but now that I'm a vet I know better! I HAVE TO BE CLEAR about the results I want to see. I'm marking up my wish pictures with a pen (like he did me before the sx) so that Salama clearly sees what results I want. Lucky for me, my wish pics are another Salama Doll that is almost a year post op and she had a similar original shape, so I know he can do this!! I love how her ass fluffed out and all! I swear, once you've gone through it once, you know what to look for beyond a 2 week post operation picture. Those ain't nothin. My waist has shrunk TWO inches since my 2 week post op photo and I eat fast food mostly (not proud, but its the life I live). That proves that lipo swelling can last for up to a year.

Thank you to all the Post Op SalamaDolls who shared pics and their journey. Helped me out so much! I swear!


Before & After

The after pics were taken 11/3/13
Fluffed & Dropped 19 months post op

Pics of me right now

19 months post op with salama

Before & After, 19 Months PO

(see miss shaped inner thighs)
Salama agreed to touch up

Residual fat

The arrow is pointing to some residual fat. My stomach was never completely flat under my belly button after surgery. It's ironically is where fat likes to go to as I gain weight :-( sad face

I emailed Nomie & Ruben today

I asked what they need from me to quote me on what I want done. In 2012 Salama agreed to revisions & I'd only have to pay for anesthesia & hospital, but I'm not sure if he can get me what I want with a simple touch up. I hope so! It's not that huge of a difference. I do want my upper back lipod all over again and I want as much abdomen & waist fat as he can get removed. I might have him put it all in my butt this time. Just depends if he and I can agree on my wishes. Even if I have to pay a little extra I want it done! Stay tuned.

Hemosiderin Staining

I have a hideous scar on my inner left thigh that I haven't been treating because "it fades over time." (-_-) 19 months later and it's still here. As an African American woman, we jump on scars right away because its the only way to stop it from getting dark. Unfortunately by the time I even had a name for the type of scar it is, it already got too dark (-_-). Luckily it has faded to some degree, but since I saw it start around 2 weeks post op and get darker and darker, I believe that with some EDUCATION AND ATTENTION, the staining could have been slowed down or SOMETHING before it got this bad (-_-).

So I did my own research on hemosiderin staining on real self & a doctor said vitamin k oxide will reverse the staining & expedite healing. A whole other doctor recommended DMSO plus a bleaching cream. So I looked into them and was confused as hell.

HOWEVER, I went to good ole eBay and typed in "Hemosiderin Staining" and viola. 2 products with these ingredients popped up. DMSO comes from trees and allows ingredients to get below the external surface of skin. A version of it is in Amerigel Premium Care Lotion, Maximum Strength. So I ordered it for $14. Biopelle Auriderm Post Op gel has the Vitamin K Oxide. I got it for $19.95.

I can't wait until they arrive to see what happens.

Here's a pic of the scar tonight. Ill post another one 1 month after. If this works.....I'm going to be happy but trust that I will call Salama to tell him I know full well he could've figured this out a long time ago. If I did he definitely could have. Black skin & scaring is not THAT complicated. When you act fast on it, the darkness doesn't get a chance to set in. But I'll stop preaching because this stuff may not work lolol.

Got my quote from Duran & Salama (Round 2)

Salama quoted 1500 for revision & 5000 round 2. Duran quoted 3700. I'm leaning toward Duran and it's not about price....I just love her heart shaped booties and already have Salama's shelf. Plus Duran is more artistic. I'll decide today. Smooches Dolls.

Treating my hemosiderin staining

I obtained all the products I mentioned & am terrible with using them religiously so I can't say if they work well. The auriderm is AMAZING for bruises however! I got a bruise from a fall and it never turned purple thanks to auriderm. I will be ordering a lot of it for round 2. :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I would go back. They were a very great staff and the work still looks good 1.5yrs later. :-)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Hun are you happy with salama ?
  • Reply
also it may be too late but try a faja to see if it will help you reshape....if you chose to get a little more lipo put it on immediately..... read up on the dolls of the DR,DO....
  • Reply
black scar?? no still get the mederma and bio oil.. it may still work some magic on it
  • Reply
That pic of you in all black 2 weeks post is like... DAMNNNN! New wish pic lol!
  • Reply
Hi girl! For Round 2 have you decided who to go to? I am planning on having my 1st BBL in December and my heart keeps going from Duran to Salama to Ghurani :(
  • Reply
Looking goo! I do have a question, did you have any weight loss after the surgery? Some people say they lose weight and others say they stayed the same...
  • Reply
Perry gives nice hips , i am thinking if him . I really don't want a surgery outside US! Have you girl check him out !
  • Reply
You said in your review that there are doctors in the US that can give curves as good as Duran, anybody specific ? I want a round 2 and I want hips and curves much more than I want a butt. Of course I want also projection and shelf which I didn't get with my first surgery.
  • Reply
Hi love! If I said that, I don't remember the Surgeons. I am in love with her curves and personally think she does the best work! Since finding her, I can't get her work off my mind LOL.
  • Reply
Good results
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Can you point me in the direction of reviews that you've seen Salama do w/ the focus on the hips/curves? Please and thxs
  • Reply
Hi love! I will update if I come across them again. It seems like his work varies depending on the ladies original frame. IMHO I'm boxy, but I was boxy before. I'm positive round 2 with Duran will fix this issue because she seems to sculpt more so than "get allllllll the fat out."
  • Reply
Thanks for the feedback. Im only looking to do this once...lol
  • Reply
I love your results.
  • Reply
You looks great your body looks really natural and thats what i like about his work . but will be following your page for round 2. Can't wait to see what he is going to do for u.
  • Reply
Thx!! I emphasized natural with him. I had him give me a garment to REDUCE the size bc my ass was HUGE lol. I was the first girl he ever had to do that for lol. Thank you for the compliments!
  • Reply
U look good hun I'll be following your revision babes good luck :)
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Hey sweetie you look great! I totally understand going back for a number 2 now. I didn't get the waist line I wanted. I will be 3 months post op in 2 days. I am now doing corset waist training. An fyi about DMSO it is great stuff...my mom uses it..be aware though it will make your body emit an odor. That is why my doc stopped using it. It pushes in whatever you put on your skin. I wish it didn't do the smell though because it helps circulation. Also...check out skin biology dot com. This stuff is great and I have been using for years. This is for the mark on your thighs. It helps the skin heal from the inside out. Plus I use now for my scars too. good luck!
  • Reply
I heard that it has a garlic like smell. Eeewwww lol. I'm going to check out skin biology. Do you have hemosiderin staining? Good luck with round 2!! I can tell that I have fat remaining in my original problem areas which makes me think it's somewhat normal to need another round or touch up. I'm going to read your story & might message you about DMSO ;-).
  • Reply
Update! I took another photo of my thigh scar and I THINK the DMSO & Bleaching cream combo were actually working. I wasn't keeping up with it but now that I see minimal results it makes me want to commit to the creams to see if I can get impressive results. I swear after 2 weeks I began to forget about them. I'm the same with birth control pills, vitamins & face creams. Smh lol.
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Hi ivfmama. Just wanted to let you know that there's a DMSO that doesn't have those strong side effects. It's offered from DMSO.bz. I used it after my 2nd TT scar, from a dark spray glass bottle, and the doctor and nurses were in awe of how fast my scar was healing. I know you didn't ask but I love the stuff and I don't work for the company and I'm only looking to pass on information that will be helpful to those in similar situations. Sometimes people have a gem of knowledge and choose to be selfish with it...I choose to share whatever treasure I can. Hope this is helpful.
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You look good hun with the revision you gonna hurt somebody I'm 8 months po love what salama did for Me
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Thank you! You look great & the fluffing is setting in good!! You remind me to find my 2wk po measurements & compare to now.
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