My surgery is in 13 days

I am 25 years old I, I am 150 pounds height is...

I am 25 years old I, I am 150 pounds height is 5"3". Sine I was a young girl I have always hated the way I look, I have always researched for butt implants, then when I heard about your own fat being put inside your butt I was happy I researched it BBL and I came to thing website I have found so many of you girls reviews n before I after pic I was sold. I can not wait to have my BBL done.

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I have called nancy to make my appt for 10/22/13....

I have called nancy to make my appt for 10/22/13. I am so nervous and it's 8 moths away, time flies so i know it will be here in no time.
Nancy is the best she is so nice she really answers all your questions can't wait to meet her and Dr. Salama :)


Best wishes and time will fly (~:
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Thank you so much :) How about you have you done BBL or you are going too
Not yet; I'm scheduled for 8/29 with Salama as well. I'm so excited and can't wait

Hi ladies I need help I would like for any one of...

Hi ladies I need help I would like for any one of Dr. Salama girls help me, I would like to know what would I need to buy to start preparing for this surery, and what should I expect during this whole recovery. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! :)


I just in boxed you. xoxo
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Hey girl. I have October 22nd also. This is a revision for me to fix and bigger. I haven't booked anything yet
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I haven't booked any hotel or flight as yet I meant

My surgery is on oct 22 with Dr. Salama what do I need to buy for treatments and medications please help I do not have anything

I am very nervous my surgery is next month. I have not bought anything. I do not know what to buy hope someone can help :(


atleast 2-3 sizes of fajas, boards for tummy, a female urinal, drink and eat lots of pineapple before-trust me it will help significantly with swelling, pill box, boppy pillow- these were essential for me.
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Thank you so much for ur help i really apreciate it :)
Actually if you ate going to salama the first 2 garments and board is included

I am cleared for SX yay lol

I haven't book my flight will do so tomorrow I will be putting up a before and after pic before my SX I am so nervous


how did your sx go?
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Hun you can check some of the girls that had that done before have posted many useful lists. One of them is bigbootytinywaist and so many other useful info. I read a lot of reviews and thats what i will do when its my turn. Simply go to salama post op bbl reviews and read through them and find them. Some of them have even pics of items. Good luck hun and keep us posted
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Thank u so much I will look in to the girls pages Of course I will I will put a before and after pic :) I love ya girls you guys are extremely helpful
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I have seen everyone reviews and great after pictures and let me tell you Dr. Salama has done great jobs to everyone. I am so happy to know how great he is.

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