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Ok so in 2 1/2 weeks I'll be having surgery...

Ok so in 2 1/2 weeks I'll be having surgery -_- I'm sooooo scared . I'll be having lipo to my sides, upper and lower back and abdomine. This will be my first surgery so I don't know what to expect. I'm 5'7 & 185 pounds. My medical Clarence in on February 29 :-) which is this Wednesday. I'm praying for a smooth surgery and recovery. I work in a call center so I'm taking 2 weeks off. Will keep u guys posted.

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The doctor on my page is should be the...

The doctor on my page is should be the doctor from Miami. I don't know how to update it :-( will try when I get to a computer.


What is the S shape?
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It's like a curve in your lower back :-)
LOL...I feel the same way about wanting the right proportion for me. I have looked as so many pics that I'm confused now! I know how doctors feel about seeing body parts all day...after a while they all seem the same. I think I've look at more back sides than Hugh Heffner these last few months. LOL! I have goggled brazilian butt lift, beach butts, and perfect butts to see various size and shapes to decide what I want the doc to do for me. I will be posting wish pic, my before pic, and my after pics once I figure out how to do it. We need to hang in there, remind ourselves we aren't the only ones going through this, and encourage each other. :)
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Ok 2 weeks to go. trying not to think about my...

ok 2 weeks to go. trying not to think about my surgery. ordered my arnica and patently waiting for it to get here.

4 Comments excited for you!!! I have my pre-op on March 14th. Any info you can share about your pre-op appointment that msg be helpful to me?
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It was quick and simple. My appointment was at 8:30. When I got there I was told to fill out some papers and pay the pre op fee of $195. Waited 5 minutes then I was called inside. Yeni took my blood then I was escorted to another room where she did my EKG. Then a doctor came in and said he's giving me the green light for surgery and will call me if I need further testing. He did ask me some medical questions and he took my blood pressure. Then I went into an office and was givin a package of what not to do and eat and also was givin my prescriptions. It's alot of prescriptions >_
Wow...that was quick. I had to gain 15lbs in order to get the surgery because I only had 3% body fat. I am going to ask to see the doc real quick when I go to make sure I got enough now and to show him my wish pic. I'm gonna go over the procedure with him the day of surgery before the procedure to recap what I want and give him a large copy of the wish pic to put up in operating room. I want to make sure he knows what I want and gets it right because I don't have the finances to redo it.

Surgery in 1 week. Watching everything I eat -_-...

Surgery in 1 week. Watching everything I eat -_- since certain things are not safe to eat before surgery. * sigh* might just eat fruits and oatmeal till the 19th.


Vicki4449 is having her surgery with Dr Salzhauer this coming Wednesday the 14th so you may want to view her posting in case she posts some helpful info before your surgery. :) I'm excited!!!
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Thanks Hun

Officially 1 week before my surgery ..... ^_^...

Officially 1 week before my surgery ..... ^_^ still have plenty of things to get. Super ready :-)


Vicki4449 is flying to Miami now. Tuesday she will on the operating table with our doctor. So exciting!!!
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*_* ...... OMG!! Sending my prayer her way and that we all have a safe surgery and recovery. * jumping up and down * this is so exciting :-) I just took my pre op pic -_- ugh so not cute. I'll post it when I get to a desktop ....smh can't wait to get this body sculpted

Surgery at 9am Monday the 19th :-) Now I just have...

Surgery at 9am Monday the 19th :-) Now I just have to get my last minute items.... !! But my heart won't stop beating -_- trying not to get nervous lol


You will do just fine. I'm right behind you...the next Monday 26th! Can't wait to hear how Vicki4449 is doing after hers this past Wednesday. I got all my meds, loose clothing, and hotel booked. Just got to get the funnel, boppy pillow, and body pillow.
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Ok so I got my bobby pillow and meds. Did some...

Ok so I got my bobby pillow and meds. Did some grocery shopping and did my nails. Now I need to get a wax and slippers and that should be it. ...... For now ^_^


Checking on you. How did everything go?
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I second what Teresa commented! So excited for you!
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Thanks Hun :-) your right around the corner. I'll have my friend take pics as soon as I come out .

Will post updated pics in a few. Besides the...

Will post updated pics in a few. Besides the swelling everything is going great. Today is day 8 and I'm feeling much better. Aside from my love handles which dr salzr lipoed, dr Ortega did everything Elae as far as the lipo and butt lift. he is greatttttt with the lipo. Post op day 2 I saw curves. And my butt is big :-) I love it. Let's see how much I keep. But he gave me exactly what I asked for, aggressive lipo. I was upset back in october when they told me Ortega was doing the butt lift from now on not salz unless you booked before he stopped, but I'm glad ortega was the one. I'm going for my 1 week post op appointment tomorrow to remove my stitches -_- so not looking forward to it. Will keep you posted.


Are u alive?
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Any pics??
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would love to see pictures
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