Does anyone know of Dra. Duran patients that had implants placed behind the muscle?

I am interested in liposuction to the middle...

I am interested in liposuction to the middle areas, abdomen, flanks, back, inner thighs and bra rolls. Pretty much I am interested in losing all of the back and midsection fat as well as gaining a more smoother, contoured silhouette. I am currently 24 years old, I will be 25 in September and I would like this to be my birthday gift to myself. The beginning of 2012 I worked hard for 6 months or so and I lost 35 pounds. At this point I have encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I would like to finish off what I have started through plastic surgery. I have thought about it here and there however I have finally stop putting it off and doing what it takes to make it happen. People have always said wait until you have kids or wait until this however I believe in "living my best life now" I cant wait for this or that to happen when I have today as a gift. I look forward to networking and buidling with other individuals that are on this journey and are looking forward to going through cosmetic surgery. At first I thought I would just get liposuction on the middle areas then I said my butt may need a little boost as well. I also would love to have the breast done asap, these saggy breasts have bothered me all my life and I am so tired of these sad breasts. I want these things lifted up where they belong. I have considered Dr. Jimerson however his price is way too much for a sister. Thanks in advance for positive comments and suggestions.


what methods did you take to loose your weight?
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Hello, I worked out an hour a day of cardio mostly elliptical. Ate a lot of veggies more so a lifestyle change drank only water. Cut out alcohol for about 6 months and really cooked my own who fresh foods. I havent eaten beef in 3 years but I mostly ate seafood when i did eat meat. Are you trying to lose weight? What are your plans? Also, I took green tea supplements for natural energy and thermogenics.
Thanks for the info but im trying to loose 25-35lbs before my bbl even though im not getting it until the end of the year im trying to avoid getting a tt

Ok, after careful of other physicians I did not...

Ok, after careful of other physicians I did not know anything about Dr. Perry. I believe that I would like ot proceed with Dr. Perry as my surgeon. I just have a new peace about plastic surgery with him because he is more into patient education and that is how I roll all the way. My thing is should I get smart lipo or just lipo to the midsection and back before I go in for a bll. At this point, I really want my midsection and back fat to be significantly reduced and I need some help with people that have done these type of procedures before or those that are in my weight range. I need to know about this from some people that have been through this. Thanks ladies.


I agree with Jamaican you do have a nice body shape. I think your results after surgery would be awesome. Congrats on your weightloss so far. Im planning on getting lipo a tt and fg to the butt but Im also working on losing weight before my surgery as well.
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Hry meanttobe how u doing lady? Who is doin your surgery do you plan to post pics? Thanks for the support, I really do appreciate it. I do want to lose more weight working out is my therapy. Im one of those people regardless of what I eat I have to exercise to lose weight and maintain.
I wouldn't do any lipo before your bbl. If you decide to go with dr. Perry, have Kirsty correct the doctor and how it reads you have already had surgery. dr. P does the best lipo. Usually if you do lipo u have to wait 6months before you can do more.
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Hey ladies, I hope all is well. I have been...

Hey ladies, I hope all is well. I have been working long hours and weighing my options for this procedure. At this time i have been wanting Dr. Perry to do my bbl I have called and emailed and I have yet to receive a call when they said I would about virtual consult. I have been considering Dr. Yily as well...maybe my only concern with her is sometimes her waist have a sideways v type look instead of a natural curve and I dont want that effect. Then when looking I already have a butt I just want midsection and back fat gone. Hips not any bigger just more projection and mass. I dont want anything else but back, flanks upper and lower abdomen lipoed because I want them to be able to get the most from those ateas. I will contine to work out to tone thighs and arms. However ladies I would really appreciate your suggestions and feedback. As of today I have list 4 pounds. And it is my desire to lose 30 more. Ttyl


Dr.perry will do a lovely job on you!!!!
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thanks lady
Hey girl. Thanks for asking. Well I actually wanted the procedure done in june or july so by my birthday I would be fairly recovered. I want the bbl done in miami and then I was planning to take a month off so that I could recover fairly well and not have the anxiety of going back to work in pain or severe discomfort on my mind. I already wear a fully body suit. Should I put the squeem on under that to get the extra slimming and sweating benefits as well? Does the squeem have metal clasps or what? I plan to get my boobs done here in NC probably, I haven't seen too many good breast lifts with implants on here on ethnic skin. Stay in touch.
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Whats up yall? Hope everyone is good. I believe...

Whats up yall? Hope everyone is good. I believe that I will allow Dr. Perry to do the surgery I do not want any barriers and I want to be in complete peace when I go in. I have been wearing a garment everyday for slimming effects and lumbar/posture support. Its great. I think I will start wearing a squeem to sweat and get added results with weight loss. I want the best results possible. For those that have gone to Dr. a month too long to take off work? Just want to recover smoothly n not trying to work in pain. Where have you found some reasonable squeems? To the Dr. Perry BBL ladies, how long did it take most of you to feel comfortable to go back to work? How long before you did not need any pain medication? I am looking to schedule for late may/early june however I still have not hear back from Dr. Perry, hopefully I will hear back from him this week....


Looking forward to seeing your result. My day is 11/5/13
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Coming to ur page to show love and support!! Dr Perry is gonna hook u up!!
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Thanks girl Ive got to hit u up on ur page as soon as my laptop gets together. I hope he does hook me up.

Hello Ladies, As of Saturday, I did speak with Dr....

Hello Ladies, As of Saturday, I did speak with Dr. Perry for a pretty good amount of time and he and I went over the procedure, there is not any health prier problems that I have. What I admire to begin with about Dr. Perry is how he immediately noticed the hip misalignment that have and that he noticed one side is curvier than the other and how he would make sure that he handled the fat in a manner that he could alter the appearance of the discrepancy. This misalignment happened several years ago and I do need to pursue regular chiropractor care to get this worked on as well. He stated to me that I DO NOT need a tummy tuck, and when he first looked at my pictures that he would have never considered me needing a tummy tuck. Neither did I ever consider one. He stated that he would be able to remove all of the back and midsection fat, and I told him that he could take some from the inner thighs however I did not want him to do anything to the arms because I will handle those later with smart lipo and when I get my breast lift later in the year. I do not want to have anything besides midsection and lower body to deal with therefore I will deal with arms in the colder months when arms are less exposed and I can wear compression for the arms and breasts throughout the winter. Everything I am pursuing at this point will be done in stages because I know that's how things happen in stages nothing happens over night. From what I have read the women that have had liposuction on their arms have not experienced much of a decrease there. I plan to lose some more weight, I want to lose another 20lbs and he said that was fine as I have been working out and trying to lose weight for the past year and a half, not just something I am doing because I am considering surgery. I also want to be able to work on endurance period before surgery so I am mentally, and spiritually stronger before this procedure because I do believe in Mind, Body Medicine. Another thing, which ladies that have gone to Dr. Perry can offer me a breakdown of the prices for massages with Miriam and Pre-Operation Items to my inbox? I do plan to stay 10 days that is what will allow me to feel the most comfortable, if I am going to pay this much for a procedure, I would like to be able to stay the most time recommended for peace of mind about my post op care. Thanks again ladies. Remember to be positive, if not get positive. That's the only way for process. Smile


Squeems do fit true to size. Amazon I think has the best prices.
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Thx I dont know which size to get I was gonna wear it under my body suit when I work out. I just dont want it to slide up a lot of people say it does. Should I even bother with it?
Wow, i dnt know if I could workout in it. I don't make it that long in it. I wld get it for afterwards. There is a seedy band u can workout with that wld help.

Hey Ladies, Ive been working hard before this...

Hey Ladies, Ive been working hard before this procedure really making sure my lifestyle is in line with the lifestyle that is needed for the lifestyle I will need to maintain. I have been working out as I do want to tone and see more definition in my legs. Im doing an hour of cardio a day which is nothing new for me but it feels really good. I was jogging yesterday and I could really feel my abs burning from the intense cardio. I want to really get thighs done and defined and I did not want to get the bbl and lose booty from working out a lot afterward. I am getting really excited one because of the results I am seeing from working out and for two the fact that Dr. Perry is gonna put in work to handle this midsection and back fat. I really hate the back fat more than anything. Has anyone considered using Strivectin-SD for stretch marks on the abdomen after surgery under garments since the skin will be so weak for nourishment and treatment? Im getting really excited. I will post pics of my weight loss improvements soon. Maybe closer to June. Stay Tuned.....


Are you suppose to get stretch marks after surgery?
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No Im talking about to penetrate post op to help with the ones I have. Its not bad what I do have.
Oh ok do u think u can use Shea butter its natural

Hey Ladies, so I have a friend who stays in...

Hey Ladies, so I have a friend who stays in Tamarac, FL which is about 40 minutes from Miami, FL and I was considering staying there with her for recovery and saving money. I was kind of concerned about the distance of 40 minutes from Miami, FL but I am concerned about the distance from Miami, FL what do you ladies think that have had the surgery in FL about that distance? I am trying to finalize everything with my trip at this point and wanted your suggestions about staying in Tamarac, FL for recovery. Maybe only staying in Miami, FL for the first night.


Hey grl tht seems like a good idea that,s a major budget cut. 40mins is not that long of a distance just go to Miami and do everything u need to do (doc visit, eat, massages) and go bck to the crib.
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Yes that is exactly what I was thinking. Girl Im getting ready. I keep trying to workout n stay strong n healthy.

Hey ladies, so I have been working out as I...

Hey ladies, so I have been working out as I already was before I even considered this surgery and I am down another 10 pounds or more and I really do want my midsection and back fat to be gone. Arms and inner thighs too maybe a later date. I really do see that my stubborn fat area is my thighs and I really want those to go down more before any surgery therefore I have been toning likfe crazy. I have seen the results of Rockyworldwide, sblunt11, redonkulous, MyJuicy87 and orlando7193, and many others however it is something that I admire about each of these womens results. I do not want to become a lipo addict however I am concerned that I will not be happy with the results, with no question I definately want the stomach to be gone, and all back fat, I think my back bothers me more, well maybe as much as the stomach. Another concern I really do not need additional hips, I would however like my butt to have more projection and be more juicy looking. I admire Dr. Perrys work and I feel that he would be able to do well on me, however I am concerned as to whether or not he will give me the buttocks I want. I was considering maybe just getting regular lipo first them going back for a bbl, or doing what redonkulous did get the lipo of stomach and back first then go back for arms and inner thighs that way I can ensure a maximum removal of these areas each time. I have just really having mixed thoughts not about no getting anything but really who would be able to give me the all around maximum benefit of the procedure. I do not smoke, I workout and have no health issues that I have to be concerned about prior to surgery. I am going to keep working out before and after the surgery because I just truly believe in optimal health and wellness. I need some good sound suggestions and most important accurate information. I really like Rockyworldwide results, makes me wonder if I should lose a lot more then again I like Orlando7193 too. It appears that full figured women that have the super slim midsections and juicy donks have to go back for round two. Honest, accurate, realistic feedback is supported. Also tummy tuck is no where near an option. (Aint nobody got time for dat)! Happy Results Ladies! Also it seems that Yily does better results on women that already have a butt. What you think?


hey boo! your results are going to be great! youve already got a good shape. i think yu will be pleased with both yily or perry. thank you for the shout out :)
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Hey thanks girl. Yeah you looking good. You make me want to get it done in parts which is what I was thinking from the beginning before I even considered a BBL. It seems like a lot of people have to go back for round 2 bbls because they end up wanting more lipo after they heal from the first one. Im still thinking my options, I like the results you all have from yily, I would just be scared I would wake up in the middle of the procedure with no general anesthesia. How are things going with you?

I have been working out over a year I have lost...

I have been working out over a year I have lost over 40 pounds, I have seen overall decrease but it seems that my thighs dont wanna go down like I want them to. Any people with thigh fat that likes to linger? My stomach decreases better than my thighs?


Congrats on ur weight loss :)
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Hey girl thanks bklynbeauty, Im trying to get the rest off. The closer Im getting to my goal weight its harder to lose.
Hey sis!! I am so proud of u and ur weightloss!! As for the thighs a lot of that has to do with genetics. Does thick thighs run in ur family? U may need to do exercises specifically geared at working out ur thighs. I can say 1 think ur skin is like flawless!! It is very pretty with no scars or stretch marks!! Ur gonna look great after Dr perry hooks u up!!
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Hey yall, Im here thinking about this procedure...

Hey yall, Im here thinking about this procedure and all tha tI have been doing over the past year or so to be a healthier individual and I am really just in a state of thought, pondering it all. I have been working out and doing all that I know to do nutrition wise, and I really just dont know if I should wait or what. I wanted this procedure done before my 25th birthday which is in Sept, and be past the 1 month post op stage by then. When I first considered this procedure I was really adament about the aggressive lipo to the stomach, bra roll, and full back. Now dont get me wrong I my inner thighs and arms do both me however that is something that I am willing to deal with a little longer. Looking at my shape and all if my midsection was signifigantly reduced, that would do me a big adjustment with my overall sculpture. I understand their are limits to what can be done in the United States versus out of state. I really do want to go to Dr. Perry but from what I see is that Dr. Perry does great jobs, and I like that as well as the shapes he gives. I need enhancement. My only concerns with Dr. Perry is that he will not place my the buttocks that I am looking for one he completes the lipo. I may be underestimating, and I am also concerned that I will not get the lipo benefit that I want. Im not sure if I am reading too far into things, it just appears that a lot of people have to go back for round twos that have particular requests, and Im not going to lie, I am one of them. I am all about losing weight and working out, and I just want to make sure that I get the best at least the first time anyway. It seems that Dr. Perry has done procedures of all sizes but it seems that he works better with women in the 150-170 weight range. I was considering Dr. Yily once again because I see what she is doing on the full figured women that already have some shape and she is literally enhancing what they have and murking the midsection and back fat. I am excited about the persona of Dr. Perry as well as the post op massages that are available there, I just need to pray and think about what is the rest route to take a little more I guess. I appreciate your help. Thanks ladies. I really do want that lower back handled well with that lipo because I definately want that slope popping off back there. :)


He's going to hook you up! Best of luck!
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Thank you goodz!!! :)
my boo gonna look.Good
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Hello everyone, I have been working hard trying to...

Hello everyone, I have been working hard trying to get everything prepared for my procedure. When I tell you I have been very careful about updating on here because I have never really been a cluquish type chick and dont have time for negativity. I had everything pretty much set up for Dr. Perry to perform my procedure and to stay a few miles outside of Miami with a friend and her mom and unfortunately, they wanting to act shady. I tell you I have never been a jealous or funny acting person and it appears that as you get older you truly see who is for you, and I mean over the most simple things. I see a lot of women that have had surgery and are truly amazed with the attention they are getting and how people become covetous of things other people desire when their is no need for that. I have now had to rearrange my whole program and try to get everything together as I prepare for what may come. I am scheduled for June 26 and part of me wonders if I should just wait a little longer and make sure I have more things covered because I do not want to get anywhere and have issues with unexpected. I wanna give the biggest shout out to NikkiNyce, she is truly a sweetheart and I am thankful for all of her support that she provides as well as resources. Missjamaica87 she is my other beauty, she has become like a sister to me and I wish she and I could have our procedure together. Its obvious realself is what you make it but at the same time it is best to not become consumed with what others are saying or what they are wanting but to make sure that you are equipped with the knowledge of what you desire. Remember no BBL, Tummy Tuck, or Lipo will make you a new person, it only enhances what you already possess. Thanks for all the support, cus that drama, getright2013 aint got time fa dat! lol


Hey lady!! I hope everything is going good for u with ur planning. Dr Perry is gonna make u look great!!
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Lol girl it's no biggie, it's my pleasure. u will look amazing I no that much. don't worry getting ready is the most excited part. remember u don't need all those stuff prior to sx .. keep it simple
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girl you need to be giving me resources too :)

What are some good garments that will not send off Metal Detectors from the clamps?

What are some good garments that will not send off Metal Detectors from the clamps?


I will keep u posted
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Your gonna look great i think im gonna look into using your doctor although my first choice is moises salama but i dont kno if i really want to pay 10,000 when im seeing others pay 5 or 6,000
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Hey, Salama was indeed my first choice. I wish you the best, let me know how things go for you.


At this point I really do not know what to do. Everytime I have tried to reach Dr. Perry office I get a busy signal, I am not able to get anyone, or Norma is not at the office and she tells me to call back and when I do I can not get her on the phone. My date was scheduled for June 26 and Norma called me like a week ago and was like it was not available she was sorry that she had scheduled wrong. When I called the office to pay my deposit Norma was not at the office and she took my card information and once she took it she was like I cant give you a receipt right now because Im not at the office, my question is why did you take my card information then? Then when I told her the price I was quoted she went on the talk about how because of my weight their was no way that I was quoted 7,000 and that he is charging a minimum of 8,000 now. I want to be respected on the phone as I give respect but Norma was handling that phone call like she handles the cannula. She was telling me that I needed to get my whole body lipo'ed really I did not need that I just needed to get things squared away with my date. I have tried to contact Dr. Perry by email and by phone and I have not been able to reach him. Im just starting to wonder right now. Initially, Dr. Salama was my first choice and then I changed to Dr. Perry, what I can say is that Dr. Perry is nice and takes his time answering questions but I have concerns about the communication with the office. His prices are going up and nothing is included. To have to travel after surgery while in FL to get massages and all of this and have no communication it makes me wonder what is really going on and if I should proceed. I'm wondering at this point if I should just not go through with the procedure and wait and go with another doctor because all of this has really thrown me off. Here I am coming from North Carolina trying to schedule a procedure around a school and work schedule and this happens. I went through all the process to get my stuff together and now its like what do I do. I am aware that Dr. Perry is a nice but at this point I do not know what to think. I know he is nice but I'm still a customer paying straight cash. Also, I want my buttocks to be round not carrying to fat at the bottom, I want it to sit high. I'm just concerned as I have not met him in person and I am having all of these communication issues. Before somebody gets out of line, I'm not by any means saying that Dr. Perry is a bad person because he is not, however the protocol and communication has me second guessing myself....

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


Another Wish Pic!


@getright2013, Her Momma is absolutely correct. No, I haven't been to the office, yet it seem's that Dr P is running a one man show. I guess business is really booming these day's for him which is a good thing! As far as his anesthesiologist, I was told that Dr P only does a few sx's on Mon, Weds, and Fri's. That's the reason that the anesthesiologist is only part time. With me researching Diffrent Dr's, I can a appreciate Dr P only doing a few a day. I've read story's where as to one Dr perform's surgery as late or should I say as early as 1am. If u don't believe me check out Dr Ayman Shyman I believe that's spelled correctly. Anywho girl, hopefully everything wrk's well for u!
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Thanks, same to you girl. I am determined to get this done and in due time.
Did you go yet?
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To the people that had surgery and had drains versus those that did not have you think that drains caused you to have worser scars, and those that went to Perry do you think not having a drain made your scars not so bad?


I had drains and the doctor took mine out 2 days post op and my scars aren't bad at all.
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Thought I had posted but looks like I had not. As frustrating as it may be you have to do what makes you comfortable. We get so caught up and fail to realize that talking to doctors directly via email, phone or text is not common practice. So when I see ppl that have gone at it for a week or so and get frustrated I just smh. It is how bad do you want it. You have all extremes when it comes to customer service. You have doctors that you don't talk to until the day of service and those that only you talk to. Yes grant there was a break down in communication with your date. You should be concerned when you call and the doctor answers the phone or when you can schedule same week because that to me are signs of not being busy. Yes he is experiencing growing challenges are you really suffering.... No what he won't do someone else will. He is not the only person that can take your money. The work that he provides for the price by far is better than any of his closest competitors which are few. Like another person said put your big girl panties on and get going. What worked for me was to take a cue from Norma and Dr. Perry. All my interaction with them has been calm and professional. Their calming demeanor confirmed for me that he was the right doctor and if he wasn't panicking or stressed why should I be. In regards to the drains and scarring.... Depends on the individual as to how they scare normally and how will they maintain the drain or lack there of. I am brown skin so my scars are there and they are relative to me, meaning no big deal. No one has asked about them. No drains for me was good but I went to Miriam and never had a problem with fluid or seromas. I have had drains before and hated them.
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Yes with some of the points you have made these things are true, with my situation and contacting the office, well any office even if you do not speak to someone on the phone there should be some type of communication via email or something. Dr. Perry is my doctor not my friend so when I deal with him I want things to be good when it comes to reaching Norma or anyone at his office. I understand Norma has been nice with you all but with me including some things she said that I did not put on the blog she was unprofessional. I have my big girl panties on I had them on when I decided to get the surgery, Im just all about good communication. When you are traveling from out of town for a procedure you wanna make sure you have all your stuff together. Dont wanna get to FL n something not b in order. Yeah I see that scars are there I wasnt sure how much more drains have have made them darker. Thanks


Has anyone seen Dr. Salama do aggressive back lipo?


Hi hun...just wanted to say in light of all the concerns you have, don't forget that this is major surgery. You will be putting your life in Dr. P's hands. Don't get me wrong, in no way am I discrediting his skills as a surgeon. I've read some good points here but YOU need to be comfortable with your decision. We all choose and change our docs for different reasons and the reasons most important to you should def prevail. I realize I may not be able to speak to my dr on a whim but he has staff that I have access to with questions and concerns. IMO, that's equally important as the quality of his work bc it represents how he conducts business. It may also be indicative of what you can expect during your aftercare. Only you know if you are comfortable enough to put aside the personal treatment you feel you are receiving now, for the results you think you will receive from surgery. I know this is a huge and sometimes unnerving commitment to make. I wish you the best of luck with your decision!
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Well thank you for keeping it real. Cus thats all Ive been trying to do and yes Im very concerned about how things went. I keep saying just go with Dr. P then its like well hold on....really my first choice was Salama. I feel some type of way for a lot of reasons bcus a lot of girls get on here trying to act like they work for these docs n as if they do not wrong but u r right. Thanks for keeping it real on realself. Hopefully I can find peace in a good decision this week.
Oh no doubt! I truly understand where you're coming from. I was back and forth on my own decision many times. Lurking on RS can make you 2nd guess yourself over and over again. I'm comfortable now and the one thing I could always go back to was meeting my dr and the overwhelming comfort I had being there. I can call on the phone, I can email and that's worth it's weight in gold. Some responses I read I just think, "are they for real?" Lol...Idk if all they care about is a phat booty or if they really look at things that way. Either way, their opinion is just an opinion. We can't worry about them..u just do u boo! Everything will work out accordingly.

Does anyone know if Dra. Duran does axillary arm lifts? Which leaves the scar hidden in the armpit crease.



Im up with Dr.P in June on the 27#. Are you still getting your procedure with him as well? If so I guess I will see you and good luck on your Journey and happy healing!
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Good luck on your journey! We have the built have you chose yet?
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I only wanted to add that your username…straight FIYAH!! Wish I'd thought of that! Lmao!!
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