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I have been wanting to do the bbl for about 10...

I have been wanting to do the bbl for about 10 years when the procedure first came out around 2005, but the Drs. in NYC that were doing bbls were not impressive. I ended up going to grad school and later the economy took its toll on me. I was laid off so many times and I finally got a steady job last year so I'm finally ready and excited yet nervous! I am going through a transition in my life as far as ending negative friendships and starting to date again after numerous heartbreaks so my only emotional support system is a few family members which I'm grateful for.

Anyway, I'm currently trying to decide between Dr. Salzhauer, Dr. Hasan, and Dr. Fisher. It seems like Fisher and Hasan's prices are closer to my budget. I have seen that Hasan will make an obese woman's stomach look tiny-he's amazing! but I'm a little worried because Hasan is not board certified plastic surgeon although its legal for him to perform cosmetic surgery in Florida. All 3 doctors are amazing!

Coworkers . . . What will they think?

I have been worrying abt my coworkers opinions and feel kinda nervous abt how they will react to my bbl. I'm def not telling them but I know I have bold coworkers. It's funny how we want the surgery to feel good abt ourselves or our body parts but we allow others to determine our happiness. But I live by the motto of treating others the way I want to be treated. So I respect ppls privacy so ppl better respect my privacy bcuz I will tell ppl boldface lies even if it's obvious if I feel I need to protect my privacy. So ladies please tell me how u feel or dealt with nosy, critical coworkers.

Was Dr. Fisher the right choice? may switch to Dr. Salzhauer

I'm seeing some recent reviews from other rs dolls saying they don't like their results. Mostly from dolls who weren't looking for enormous booties like me. I did notice that some dolls had "high" butts but I thought it was bcuz they wanted enormous butts. Some ppl are saying it will settle. I do think chineseassasin looks nice though she seems to be dissatisfied. I don't see the high butt in her pics tho. I'm starting to think I should pay more and go to Dr. Salzhauer. That was my original ps he just costs like $2k more and I feel that dr. Fisher is lipos the abs and lower back more for less money. Problem is that I already paid Vanity, don't know if I could get a refund now.

I'm calm now and feel that I made the right choice

I was concerned abt my choice after reading other fisher dolls who were desiring not so big butts, but after their respective surgeries, they got more booty than expected. Although I love Dr. salz, I feel like dr. Fisher is the best choice for my bbl.

Officially a Fisher Doll!

I didn't clarify in my last few post that I am officially a Fisher doll

Oooo, Look at this body, I work out! LMFAO!

here are some pics of my sexy bod (sarcastic). I am 5'8"-ish and weigh 163 lbs. For years, I did all types of exercises like weight machines and squats with weights because I thought it would make my butt bigger. but from my experience, exercises will make ur butt muscles firmer and maybe give a little more roundness, but it won't SIGNIFICANTLY increase the size, at least it wont give me my desired size. maybe some of u can relate! years ago, I mentioned that I wanted to do this surgery to some friends and most tried to talk me out of it and told me to "just do squats". it's funny because, years later, one friend tells me that she plans to go to DR for bbl surgery (dont know Dr's name tho) and wanted to me to have surgery with her, but I didnt go bcuz I dont want to have surgery outside the USA. I'm hyped about this surgery!

Wish Pics

As you can see Draya Michele is in most of my wish pics. I love her shape! I dont want a ba-donk-a-donk, just want more fullness, roundness, and little more projection

Pics of booties I admire, but think may be too big or unnatural on me

Beyonce VMAs-Girl got Hips for days!

And her butt looked fab on tonight on the VMAs. Wonder if she got a bbl lol!

New Wishpics

Nervous and ecstatic at the same damn time!

I can't believe that I have a little over 5 weeks before sx. I'm ecstatic especially when I see other rs members who recently had sx and they look great! I believe that my surgery will b a success by God's grace, but I am kinda nervous that my butt will be enormous! To me I don't want anything bigger than Jennifer Lopez, but I must admit I have occasional booty greed lol! I wonder if A booty like Bernice Burgos would look natural on me lol. She looks amazing!

Supplies so far

So far I bought the following products (still have a long way to go):

band-aids (assorted sizes)
Mederma night repair
Mederma scar gel
Medical tape for gauze
Brita portable wAter filter bottle
Iron 325mg
Vitamin C 500mg (2 pills per day)
I also bought these pills called "Legatrim PM", they were on sale at Walgreens. I did research and they are pain killers specifically for the lower body. I will still buy good ole Motrin or Advil pm just hoping to catch some sales lol. Walgreens also has a product named Dermend that has arnica in it and is made specifically for bruises. It's $30 though so I need to do more research to c if it's worth the investment.

I have a long way to go. I also bought some skirts for work for post bbl. I had surgery b4 so I expect my weight to go up by 5-10 lbs due to swelling and water retention. Also I anticipate that I might have a high booty during the first two weeks and I am only taking off one week so I need to cover up the high booty somewhat to its settles and looks more natural. Once my orders arrive, I will post pics.

Lia from Vanity

I just wanted to give a quick review about my interactions/dealings with Vanity up to this point. My coordinator is Lia and she is absolutely fabulous! She has been extremely helpful and goes above and beyond to assist me especially with the million & one questions that I have. She is also prompt in replying to my emails & calls. I have read other posts about horrible experiences with Vanity and I'm not sure if Vanity changed staff or have simply improved customer service but I haven't had any issues with Vanity and am grateful to have Lia as a coordinator. It makes the experience so much better especially because I am an out of state patient.

With this sx, you should do some research on your own and figure out what works for you. For instance, renting a condo vs. staying at a hotel, going alone vs bring someone vs. having a caretaker for several days. Make sure that you are somewhat armed with knowledge about the procedure. I feel like I'm running out of time because there is so much more research I need to find to prepare for my sx. This experience is pretty demanding but I believe it will be worth it in the end! :)

Good luck to you all with your research and all of ur individual journeys!

P.S. I have paid my entire balance and Vanity's customer service did not decline or stop after Vanity received my money.

So I went to the Gym yesterday . . .

just trying to maintain my weight for this surgery, not trying to lose anything. I couldn't help but notice some of the women who were putting in work on the Smith machine and doing walking lunges with 50 lb weights. they had booties like mine - small and shapeless, lol, and I'm sure they were aiming to at least round out their booties. I felt like giving them Dr. fisher's info and saying stop wasting time, lol. Not knockin' them, Just reminiscing because I used to do all those deadlifts, lunges, and squats, and would be so frustrated because I didn't get the results that I wanted even though I was putting in the work. This post is not to bash these women, just mentioning them because I remember doing exactly what they were doing, wish I did this sx long time ago though. Glad I finally just decided to do this! I'm so excited!!!!!!!

More supplies, Xtra unforeseen expense lol!

ok so I bought more supplies this weekend (these supplies can get expensive, geez). I would say I got about 75% of my supplies right now. I decided to hold off on getting some supplies until I reach Miami. I am arriving into Mia one day before sx so I book a rental car only for that day. I plan to go straight to Walmart from the airport and pick up the remaining supplies. I dont want my luggage to be too heavy (plus TSA will be lookin at me sideways like wtf?! lol) and I am ok with discarding some items on my way back home (like slippers). Also some of the supplies will remain home such as Mederma because it cant b used on open wounds I believe, so neosporin, bandages, and gauze should work for the week that I'm in MIA.

Supplies that I bought this weekend:
-Men's "Wifebeater" tank tops in small (so they could fit snug; "wife-beaters", where the bleep did this name come from, lmfao! I guess men use to have them on when beating their wives?? dunno! anyways, will wear under my garment)
-Compression socks
-Socks (regular)
-Arnica gel
-Advil PM
-Sports bra (3 pack for $12)
-2 Throw Pillows (for my office chair, will put under my legs along with boppy pillow)
-Cotton Balls (for belly button)
-headbands (to hold drains while showering, will cut at least two in half so I can use them to tie down the drains)
-Dermend (bruise cream)
-Roll on deodorant (still debating if I want to do arm lipo so just in case my arm area will be sore, need something that will glide on)
-Gauze Pads
-Boy shorts
-baby wipes (180 count, hope this is enough)

Also I already bought maxi dresses for $3 each on sale, Yaasss, hunny, $3 in NYC! Summer is ending so they have to get rid of the summer stock now. of course I didnt go to a big name store, gotta go to those small stores or like charlotte russe. I just want to get one more from a certain store, but I'm waiting for the price to drop because it will since the season is changing.

What I will buy while in Miami before sx:
-Boppy pillow
-shower slippers (may pick up before travel if find great deal)
-anti-bacterial soap
-anti-itch spray
-cleaning solution for wounds
-pads (still not sure why this is needed but several rs members say they use them for other than the obvious lol)
-dark sheets/towels
-Moo-Moo nightgown (ha-ha, Moo-moo! where did this name come from!)
-small bottle of detergent (or may bring some powdered detergent from home)

What I will most likely buy this week from online
Lipo foams (Vanity supplies this with recovery house pkg, but another member said they told her to buy xtras for her sides and I heard its more at vanity so just in case)
Vedette 929
Arnica pills (I hope my liver and kidneys will be ok with all these pills, dont forget abt prescriptions)
Mederma STRETCH Mark formula (for new booty)
(still debating about silicone sheets because I hear they work, but u cant use any other product with them so not scar gels like mederma or neosporin, dunno yet)

btw, I typed "BBL Supplies" in the search bar and found a post that said to look at these two rs members blogs to see what supplies are needed. here are their names:

Foreverbooty Part 1
Foreverbooty Part 2

officially one month before surgery

Its getting closer. Just ready to get it over with lol. Still have to visit my doctor for labs and pick up a few more things. It'll b here b4 I know it :)
Jonathan Fisher

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I'll be following your journey. Your are so right about the lunges, squats, leg press etc. I did a body building show and my butt went completely south. Oh I had and still do have serious butt muscle but that does nothing for the shape.
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Yes. Its true. These exercises will firm the booty but won't lift it or distribute the muscle or fat to certain areas of the booty lol
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It sure will! :)
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That day will be here before you know it.
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Good luck!! You're definately more than prepared with your supplies. I bet the time is passing by so slowly. Also, don't worry about what your coworkers think. If you're happy, that's all that really matters. If they ask just say I've been doing squats for years, and it's FINALLY paid off. Lololol
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Lol. Thanks! Yes, I'm excited! I just want to have little or no issues when I get there :) thanks re: what u said abt co-workers. I work at a really conservative place so I am worried, but I will eventually get over it. Ppl will talk regardless, but I'm not doing it for them, I'm doing it for me :)
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Good luck to u as well on ur journey. R u considering a bbl as well?
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Lol at the "wifebeater" comment, girl you are sooo overpacking lol I live in Miami and even I think that's too much, anyways I heard that you can't take Advil before or after surgery, just Tylenol for the pain/help sleep.. Don't know if I'm right but I have heard my coordinator tell me something about how Advil is bad because it makes the blood thin or blood clots? Idk but research.. Love reading your updates!
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lol I think I'm over-preparing, I feel kinda overwhelmed lol. thanks for the info about advil, I will research more. some of the stuff is for home, but I hear so much abt u need this, u need that and on top of it, I'm goin by myself so I'm trying to b as prepared as I can. Girl, I plan to hibernate during the first few days after sx lol. ur so lucky, u live nearby so you'll be in ur crib right after sx. that's so cool!
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Lol yes! And actually I can't stay at my place because there's kids and just too much people around and I DONT want them to know what I'm getting done so I actually scheduled a 7 day stay with Marian RH, my 5 massages are included in the price so I'm super excited and that way I can have people that are professional and non judgmental around me for at least 7 days :) I tend to over pack as well, it's better to be overly prepared rather than killing yourself later trying to get things last minute.
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Do they (admins at Ofc/Dr) tell u what vitamins and supplies are needed before surgery and sgter surgery? do they explain everything? I'm so overwhelmed I just wanna make sure I do everything right before I get mine done.
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I got most of my info abt supplies from other rs dolls. I'm not sure if any of the doctors recommend things like arnica pills etc. I asked my coordinator about supplies that I've seen other dolls mention and she said most ppl use these things bcuzz they feel that it will help with recovery. She did tell me to start taking iron pills and vitamin C. Although she didn't tell me much abt most supplies, she is very helpful with answering questions that I have about supplies. I would definitely suggest to "shop" around to see who ur comfortable with. I also did a consult with Salz, chose fisher bcuz he's more aggressive with lipo and price is less. Mendietta and salama r just too expensive, but there r others. Keep researching to make sure u choose dr u feel most comfortable with.
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Curious, what do the iron and vitamin c pills do?
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It has to do with the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, if ur iron is low, ur hemoglobin will be low too, and if ur hemoglobin is low the doctor cant do sx. iron should be taken with viamin C, sorry dont really remember why
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Thanks hun. I definitely know I wanna go with dr ortega but I just want to be educated on the recovery process. I'll check the 2 profiles u mentioned for their supply list.
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btw who did ur first bbl/lipo surgery? how was the recovery process for that sx? I just asking bcuz I like to know what to expect since I'll b there soon
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lol I haven't had a surgery done yet that's just a wish pic :)
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I'm apologize. I meant to send that message abt her former ps to ninka1 ^^^ lol
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Oh ok lol
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Hey doll, I'm going to vanity too with Dr. Fisher 18Dec. Jessica is my coordinator. I'm paid in full too and so far still good customer service. I think I M going to tell Fisher to just do his thang and make it plump, mainly bc I hear you'll lose 50% and bc is don't want a round 2!
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Hey Doll. I hear good things about Jessica too; looks like we both have good experiences with customer service even after we paid everything. its unfortunate that some ppl are having probs but we're fortunate that its been a good experience thus far :) I was actually thinking the same thing, I dont want to tell him just a little and then I end up having to do round 2. thats why I chose him over dr. salz. Dr. Salz is awesome, but I want to lose some weight after sx so I'm afraid I will lose everything and Salz is better for girls who are content with their weight b4 and after sx, he's not as aggressive as Fisher esp. with lipo.
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I am having serious booty greed and am now thinking I want a Bernice Burgos booty lol. but ur right, I think thats why alot of girls say its too big right after sx, fisher prolly knows it'll get smaller because some of the fat will be lost.
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When's your sx date?
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Hey it's October 14th! Around the corner :)
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