I locked my price this Friday hopefully getting my...

I locked my price this Friday hopefully getting my Brazil loan but with vanity this November. It's been a long road been eating right taking care of my body I am ready for the next step. I have not pick up a date yet but I am working on it..5'7 218 lbs I want to lose maybe 40 more lbs max 170-180 lbs will be great

Dr bass of vanity

Any pictures?
Thanks dear
I saw some Bass patients in person & they looked great. One of the ladies that works at the front desk... (In Hialeah at his location) is a post op patient & she is fierce! There were also ladies coming in for post-op visits & massages.

It's getting real

My deposit of 500 is posted on my bank account ...it's 6 months away. Can't wait for my new body I just started to take care of myself better lost 10.8 lbs maybe going with Fisher if I get off. The weight range and the BMI he wants but as of right now I am a Bass doll excited and nervous:))
Dr. Fisher is a excellent choice ..!
Yes...I think that I will go with him!!!
I think the bbl with him are 5g..! DR. Hasan bbl - 4g ( a women died on him)

Labs . physical

So how does it work ...what labs are required for bbl and do you get physical at the vanity?

weight is coming down:)

I weigh myself yesterday 213.6 weight lost after a month 15 lbs I am so happy my goal is to be 180-190 before my surgery#excited
Yay! You will like him. He's funny and very sincere. He was helping my doc with my case when Bass came to Doral for me. So you will be fine. I am glad you decided on Fisher.
I am with Fisher also. I am liking his recent results!
Is this website still working for home care givers? It isn't showing up for me? Maybe I am typing something wrong? Did you use them or have a good reference about them?


I live in Boston Massachusetts. I am looking for great local doctor someone in Massachusetts someone that is really good at brazilian button lift help help
go all the way to the bootom of page under "my account" click on inbox to check your email to send me a message put your cursor over my name graduate2011 and the gray box will pop up and it states to send a private message click on it
@graduate2011 and mylife1985 How do I inbox you all? I hope to rent a hotel or condo, and get a caregiver for a few days, if we can split up cost.
Just go to the top of your page to the right and click on your icon symbol thing or you can go all the way to the bottom of page and it will say inbox

weight is coming down

now I weigh 209 lbs from 229 last may!!!I am extremely proud of myself loll I am hoping to make it to miami for my surgery end november or earlir december I can not wait will updat with my wish pictures soon:)
Girl please post your weight loss journey....I need help trying to lose these last couple of pounds...... I'm 5 7" 170....I'm trying to get down to 160......I'm more comfortable there because my face arms and stomach is where I gain my weight.......and I'm still not satisfied.......my arms need to go down or imm gettin these suckers lipoed

142 days until I leave for my surgery

Let start by saying that Jessica at vanity is the bomb..she is sweet and helpful on Thursday I will let you know my exact surgery day..I put in my two weeks vacation this morning:) it's getting closer
Hey girl sorry about the late reply yes I know exactly how you feel we are exactly the same I gain weight in my arms stomach and face:) weight loss sucks so what I do is that I eat small portion fruits and veggies I stay away from juice but I don't deprived myself of anything really:) I have 15 more to lose before my surgery I want to be at 190-195 lbs and we can do it together:)
That's ok babe........and it's so hard trying to lose the last couple of pounds...o em gee'....im sitting here and got 8lbs to lose and it's taking forever....I'm already doing the small portions..and exercise....... Maybe ill add more time for exercising....
You can do it!!!

my vacation is approved

I turn in my vacation days ( 2 weeks ) yesterday and guess what? its been approved so next week after i choose my surgery day i am going to buy my plane ticket does anybody knows good deal Boston-Miami leaving nov 30th:)

wish pic

I like that shape ...The button is perky and round

more wish pic


pics wish

Here we go

post op

does Dr Fisher place drains? give heparin? keflex for antibiotic? please answer

cheap maxi dresses!!!!!!!! enjoy ladiesssss


more wish

Love her shape

still counting:)

111 days left untill my transformation, I ma still debating if i should get my arm lipo help!!!!!

I am ready doe the next move

I am definitely sure about what I want !!
I didn't get my arms lipo and I was super glad I didn't because when you go through recovery which I call hell! Your always on your stomach bad enough all of your torso and thighs is out of commission so atleast you have your arms to support you. Pull up on and help you because recovery aint no joke.
That's so true but mine are so them big:) thank you do your input girl

It's set December 2nd schedule date

I just got my date confirmed with Jessica:) December 2nd I will be a Fisher doll can't hardly wait not even nervous ;))

more preparation done

I book my flight this mornig so exciting, i found a good deal with american airlines non stop and on my return flight i bought a special seat for$ 30 my plan fare total is $ 515.92 round trip!!!!

supplies !!!

pretty much all my supplies are bought waitting for them on the mail as sson as I receive them i will post pictures:)))) i am so excited my days are closer 134 days until my surgery!!!!
anything new, are you book I am book for december 2nd!!!


I am looking for 24 hrs care to stay with me for the first 3 days

I am so excited

So today I finally know where I am going to stay ... I talk to myrian she is amazing an we built a package almost half the price of what I was going to pay I already have a caregiver set with her I am so excited and I talk to Jessica I will be buying a small package for only 320 from them she is the best:) then I started receiving my supplies lol I ts getting real about to pop my iron pill my current hemoglobin from April was 11.6 will be checking it tomorrow

more wish pics

I want the hour glass shape the nice projected bum

weight loss steady

Today weight 207 lbs! !! Dr Fisher want me at 195 lbs almost there 13 more pounds but I think I want to go to 175-185 lbs but the aim goal is 195 by November so total weight loss so far 21 lbs since may
The more you loose the better will be your results... :-) I know it's difficult some times but you could do it..!
Welcome and congrats..!

Being serious about weight loss

I will posting my food and exercises to keep me motivated!!!
I know I want to go down to 170-180:) thank you for the encouragement by the way do you know what firming cream should I buy?
How is the weight loss I am down to 207 lbs keep it up!! You can do it
Girl I'm down to 165.... go to my page.....nancy told me to stop losing weight...im so happy....this weight loss has been a journey


Of course my iron pill. My lunch is only 320 calories portion is important
Girl u just went through it it's bomb.com:))) listen what firming cream and scar scream you bought did you get that heated pad?


Finally got my wrap can't wait to try it


Fish and chips and steamed veggies

counting the days!!

i am seating here at work and thinking about m new body even though my stomach hurts from the iron pills:( 131 days left but who is counting:) i am going to do mostly lots of liver spinach and cale and lentils and take only one iron pill and 1 vitamin c starting next week because my stomach is killing me!!!!!
hello i am looking to buy firming cream which one did you buy and also for scars which cream did you buy? thank you:)

wish pics

Her name is wanting better results she is hot


Full of iron!!!

more supplies

Just arrived
good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my date is set for nov 7th!where r u staying>?
Thank you dear good luck to you too who is your doctor? I will be staying at marian's recovery


But who is counting
thx Fisher is my doc as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how much is marians recovery ?do they have a 24hr nurse after sx n transportation?
girl you could not have choose better doctor and who is you PC? I hope it is Jessica she is amazing!!!!! yes you need to cal Marian and get a personalized package and things, yes she has care giver .. i choose to take one for the first 24 hrs after my surgery($250) then i will go on a daily basis it is $12/hr yes she also offer transportation she can pick you up from the airport drop you off and take you to your appointments and stuff, she also offer offer massages: 5 for 240 including the transportation to and from the RH so yea give her a call my dear!!

i think enough $$$ spent

I calculate my supplies spending and i spent $ 212.97 toal I have pretty much everything.... i just have to get some things when i get to florida like water bottle pineapple juice, some fruits, saltines and ensures ouff thank you Lord I will be posting a full list later on when i got my whole items through the mail...I made my own list with the help of my precious Jessica!!! 129 days people cant hardly wait!!!!!!!!
her is marian's info its all on her website @bblatlbound http://www.medicalmassageprofessionals.com/ goodluck

more supplies

Exciting ..

more wish pics


My 2 liposuction foams are here

128 days

i am just counting the days until my dream body..128 days sistersss 128 days.....

so i have some measurements

bust 41
waist 36-37
Hip 42-43 and 127 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!..........

oh forget

left arm 15 and right arm 14 cant wait to get them out of the way so tomorow i am officially back at the gym !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Courage does not always roar. SOmetimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying i will try again tomorrow. Marry Radmacher

here we go

126 days until my surgry, today i am going back to the gym and restarting my 5 days/week 3 miles walk....we can do it sisters and for those in recovery be strong!..lets keep our eyes on the price:)

The weight is going down;)

I officially at 22 pounds lost:))) currently 207 lbs what a journey nut so exciting


126 days


officially 125 days!!!

today mark 125 days until surgery or months so excitedddd......i am more than focus!

Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken only ..enjoy sisters!!!

Minutes to Prepare: 5Minutes to Cook: 15Number of Servings: 4

4 tsp brown sugar
12 ounces boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 clove garlic
2 Tbsp butter
Dash black pepper

This makes four servings, 3 oz per person
1. Melt the butter in a frying pan
2. Brown the garlic in the butter
3. Add chicken breasts to garlic and butter and cook thoroughly, adding pepper as you like it.
4. When chicken is fully cooked add brown sugar on top of each breast
5. Allow the brown sugar to melt into the chicken (about 5 minutes)
6. Serve with your favorite carb, and veggie or salad. We usually have rice or noodles and carrots or green beans.

Nutritional Info
Servings Per Recipe: 4
Amount Per Serving
Calories: 166.4
Total Fat: 8.0 g
Cholesterol: 68.2 mg
Sodium: 87.7 mg
Total Carbs: 4.3 g
Dietary Fiber: 0.0 g
Protein: 19.4 g
Hey mylife! I saw ur question to the docs and wanted to tell u what I got. Pic was in BabiesRUs for another reason but not for me! Anyway, they had dry skin itch relief olive oil spray. Palmers I think. Love it! I also got Palmers firming lotion with q10, collagen, vit.E and more stuff. I did a little research and there were several ingredients that were consistently mentioned. This lotion has most if not all of them. I really want to go look but I'm too lazy to get up! I can check and tell u for sure. I'll have to get up to pee eventually! Ok, TMI....sorry
Thank you so much yes I order the palmers firming and the aveeno firming i am going to start using them as soom as i get them then will be using post surgery too, thank you so much


Recovery house reservation done:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 124 days left
Hi fellow doll... first let me apologize if this is a repeat question... What recovery house are you staying with now? I booked a hotel but still looking for something more reasonable. I am booked with fisher for December 5th and trying to get massages with marian for afterwards. thanx

Don't give up

Everything you are going through is to prepare you for what you want ..need...and ask for...123 days away!

The days are passing by

So today is day 122 !! Exciting I decided to add Ferrol a dietary supplement on my diet ..went out and bought some beef liver I am taking iron down:) I also receive some supplies I think I have only my forming creams to arrive and my supplies list will be done yayyy my ez pee is so small I can carry it on my picket I got the travel version :)

as promised

I said i was going to share my list with you all sisters... so there we go, keep in mind that this list is not all inclusive.. this is what me and my PC found essential for me and i am having a BBL, so feel free to copy and share it:)
I dont but no stocking because my MD is providing that, then for my garnements i am buying my first 2 one from my doctor so less headache with finding the right size!!! because we know how online shoping can be...
antimircrobial soap( i got the liquid version--Dial is a great one)
baby wipes( i got a big box ( hundreds of them you will need them
everyday bathroom supplies
maxi dresses( i got only 4 new one)
back scratcher( i got one for less than $2 at walmart
tank top/camis thin ones ( i have at least a dozen of them
arnica gel( the dark one) for swelling and pain
lipo foams( i got only 2 amazon 7.99 each
Iron pills for me i start taking them for over a week i take them along with vitamin b6 and vitamin C all that to stop at least 3 days before then restart after the surgery for healing and electrolytes repalcement
lymphatic massages: i bought 5 massages in miami that i am starting 24 hrs after surgery , then i already scheduled myself for 5 more back home then i will do it on a need basis i have a massage every month anyways:)
i got a female urinal ( a small one that i can carry on the plane and every wear wih me one 3 dollards and some change on amazon
i got a mederna cream with pain relief
alcohol pads, q tips, gauze, boppy pillow, body pillow, stool softners, firming cream, chux pads, pills organizer, band aids
this is it: i only buy all my things online i used: amazon, walmart, burlington, and rosewholesale.com and my total cost for everything is around $300 yes $ 300 dollards
My round trip paln ticket : 515 non stop!!!!!!!! and in my return flight i have a special seat !!!!!
I have a recovery house deal with Marian for $1390 that is including my first 5 massages:)
i did a great job I think so good luck to every body and feel free to ask any questions!!!!!!!!!!

just here counting.......

121 days:))) DR Fisher I am coming!!


so today is 120 days which mean exactly 4 months!!!! so I was going through some messages and comments on my inbox and RS, I wanted to take the time to thank all the beautiful ladies who have been encouraging me... I want to welcome all the new beautiful ladies who are embarking on this exciting but at time scarry adventure... feel free to ask me any questions, write me anytime. One thing i see here there are a lot of rumors and negativity... me I came here for support, and i know what I want, I am the type of person I take the good and leave the bad, if you have concerns about your surgeon qualification you can look him.her up on the board of surgeon website, the PC, the doctors are here to answers all your questions so my mom always say if you have any doubt you need to take three steps back and re think everything through so if you still have doubts after that you should folllow your gouts!!! so me I have no doubt about my decision, I know what to expect and I know it is not going to be easy but I am putting my eyes on the price, nothing worth having is neither free or easy !! lets keep it classy, positive, encouraging, constructive, and instructive #120 days!!!!!!!

new goal

i want to be at 165 LBS:)))))))))))) 10 pounds a month oufff big one but i can do it:)!!!!!!!

hello a little message......

Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.” 119 days left wowww!!!!!!!!!

I did it

I hit my half way goal weight I lost 25.8 I am 203 lbs this morning:))

hello ladies....

118 days left....i feel good about myself only 8 lbs away from what Fisher ask and i have 4 months to reach it:)!!!!! but my personal goal is 165-175 and i know i can do it is incorporated liver in my diet since yesterday..... so evey day for dinner 4 ounces of liver!!!!!!!! my spirit is high and i am excited


117 days left woww planning of finishing paying for my surgery by next month been having a lot going lately with work life... waiting on my graduate school accpetance is nrve wrecking!!!! I should get an answear before i go to surgery by november 1st and starting school in january need prayers because it will be a lot ...i am buying a house, doing school and working full time can not wait for it all to be over!!!
Prayers for your acceptance letter,i'm sure you'll get in :) Congrats on school,surgery and new home purchase. That is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD for you!!!


I got my lats supplies yayy:) I need to take pictures of my maxi dresses sometime
Thank you dear:)
thanks sorry so late im just now figuring out how this works lol
thanks hun im def looking her up


I just had an hour massage feel amazing and I schedule my pre surgery lymphatic massage have a great day dolls!
Glad you're at your weight goal and feeling good. Stay Positive :)
Amazing Accomplishments,i am impressed!! :0) truly very admirable. You are a beautiful strong smart woman. :) SMILE!!
no prob luv


my prayers and thoughts are with the girls getting their surgery today and happy healing to those who already are on the other side..... 116 days left for me....working on my hemoglobin, eating tons of liver!!!
thank you beautiful!


I am 115 days away i can not wait, i will celebrate my 30's in my brand new banging body:) just thinking about it is exciting!
WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Miami here you come.
yes i am set and reday:)
I'm loving the countdown and great job with the weight loss


working my butt off.. the american dream but i am ready for december i feel like i lost some more lbs will not weight myself until monday i will let you all know, 114 days:)
Have you read WenDbOOty2014 journey? You may want to since she is a Fisher Doll just to help you.


113 days!!!!!!

counting down

I have been doing these squats challenge and I can tell you that I am having just a little taste of recovery:)
Booooooo where you get that app at.....I like that...
It's final countdown in android :) how are you doing?


This morning weight was 200.2 3 more pounds down:))))))! Now beach time
Girl feeling good today....I might be putting down my deposit on my stay this Friday..so pray for me.........but how been boo


111 days left woowww it is getting closer and closer, went to beach today and have a big headache and my legs are still hurting from working out i can barely walk and i was thinking oh well it is a great learning experience for what is coming, my thoughts and prayers are will all that are having their surgeries today and happy and complete recovery to the others who are already in the other side:)))))!!!! P.S. everybody keep telling me i look good :)
I'll be a fisher doll in December too. I will be there dec. 16, maybe I'll see you there. I'm staying at Vanitys recovery house for a week!
Keep up the good work. Best wishes for your surgery

110 days left

110 days left and i feel good about it all decrease my calorie intake to 1200 calorie this week we will see how i do:)
Congrats on your dieting. 1200 calorie intake ,i remember those days,i was so angry and had NO patience. Just drink a lot of water it makes you feel full. WooHOOOO. You're focused. :)
yes dear i am focus, I know it can be hard but i want to be at 175 LBS by surgery date!!!!!!!!
i was going to be at the vanity's but did my research i am going with marian's recovery house!!!! i will be staying in miami for a toal of 10 days!!!!novemvember 30th-december 9th!!! surgery december 2nd:)

still counting-109

i am at day 109 should be putting some more money down in couple weeks it is closer and closer and closer thank you GOd for giving me peace about my decision nothing can stop me oh i almost forget some girls email me about my regimen for my blood
in the morning
-1000 mg of vitamin C
-1 vitamin b6
-1 iron pill
and at night i do take another iron pill and from now and then especially after my period i do take 3 teaspoon daily of Ferrol(syrup) hopefully it all work i will be going to check it out in 2 month so i have time to work on it even more befor my surgery i december good luch and happy healing to all of you my sisters!
You'll get there ;)

heated blanket

I ordered a heated blanket from khol's on sale tax free good deal!!!! that was the last thing i had left that i wanted to get for surgery#107 days left:)


I can not say that I was bad with my diet:)))... I still keep it on the 1200 calorie I had chicken roti last night for dinner ummm so good i look up the calorie it is between 476-500 calorie for one so i cut it in half and left the other part for lunch for tomorrow self control its all i feel like i have not loss any pounds this week this not go to the gym that moth i guess i maintained but will see on monday i weigh myself every monday so I am focus 100 % only 106 days left and i am beyound excited, happy healing ladies!
The thing that will keep u up at night is the pills that u have to take like clock work- and getting up to pee all the time
AY chica Indian food is like mexican so heavy and fattening. LoL. I love Indian,Mex&thai but so NO BUENO!!!!!!! Stay focused. Just have grilled chicken &veggies and water&run, You will be on your way.
I know I will:)!


Some pics update 105 days
Did you go for #2
How was it??:)


Left arm 13.5 right arm 13
Waist 35 ! Goal 5 lbs lost next week and I will be at the doctor wish!!!! Staying focus
No it's 10:44 am EST taking 2 senekot instead of one and 2 full glass water we will see if I do today pls pray for me this needs to happen
Oh my dear I hope and pray keep working around
Eat prunes lots of it

the days are approching-100 days!!

only 100 days until my surgery and 98 days untill i go to MIA.. i cant not wait even though i have a lot going in my life it is one of the exciting thing I am looking forward to....:)
I am excited for you!
Gd luck
hi doll did the itworks wrap work to help with your arms or is it just weight training


My app don't count the surgery date so technically it is 99 days
WOOHOOOOOO!! I bet you're so ready for this by now.
Me too:) thank you hub and I want to see your pictures again! And thank you so much for sharing your story
Thank you dear


i am here just counting my days- $2000 left to pay my surgery off:) praise the Lord! I have 93 daysssssssss left!!!!! i thought i would share this little receipe witth you the summer is almost over ladies enoy remver it is 136 calories per serving!!!
These tasty roasted vegetables can be cooked on the grill or roasted in the oven! The pineapple adds a wonderful sweetness to the vegetables.
These tasty roasted vegetables can be cooked on the grill or roasted in the oven! The pineapple adds a wonderful sweetness to the vegetables.

Minutes to Prepare: 15Minutes to Cook: 30Number of Servings: 6

1 C diced potato (peeled or unpeeled)
1 C chopped bell pepper (any color)
1 C chopped raw mushrooms
1 medium onion, chopped
1 C cherry tomatoes
1 can pineapple chunks in natural juices
3 tbsp olive oil
2 tsp chopped garlic
2 tsp dill weed
1 tsp celery salt or celery seed
1 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)
1 1/2 tsp garlic powder (optional)
1 1/2 tsp onion powder (optional)
salt (to taste)
pepper (to taste)
**Different vegetables and spices can be substituted based on preference and availablity**
I know it's hard to not just wish December to be here already. You know I'll be following you, bc I'm scheduled with Fisher 16 days after you. I have the countdown app too. I am in two different graduate programs AND have two little ones,yet I am obsessed with getting my new booty! I love your updates and the helpful information you provide we are both 5'7 and I think our post. Butts look the same. Do you have. The number of a masseuse near Vanity? I signed up for Vanitys home away plan so I get 4 massages after, but I wanted to pay for and reserve 1or 2 before my surgery. I'm getting my inner thighs done too and traveling alone from Kansas (5) hour flight with plane changeovers coming back YIKES!!!
We are twins BBL for sure lol yes I scheduled my massage post op while I am in Miami with Marian I got a package of 5 with her then before my surgery and after when I get home I scheduled my massage with massage envy ...Thank God the one 5 minutes from my house has a girl who do lymphatic massages:) check to see if there is not one around you because it is so much cheaper you got the membership then a free massage a month and any free additional massages only for 39.99 so check massageenvy.com then for Miami Marian number is 786 488 8805 she has website check it out www.medicalmassageprofessionals.com she has a little apartment and she does recovery services I am staying with her for 10 days ! 5 hours mine it's 3 only and I am not excited about it!!! I will double check the information about the medical clearance and let you know:)
Thank you for the nice recipe :) Happy Saturday!

another low cal yummy receipe:) only 18 calories per serving!

A low-cal summer delight! Perfect for any patriotic holiday.
A low-cal summer delight! Perfect for any patriotic holiday.

Minutes to Prepare: 10Number of Servings: 18

1 quart fresh strawberries or raspberries, divided
1 1/2 cups boiling water
1 pkg. (8 serving size) sugar-free strawberry gelatin
Ice cubes
1 cup cold water
1/2 (12 ounce) package pound cake, cut into 10 pieces
1 1/3 cups blueberries, divided
1 (8 ounce) tub fat-free whipped topping, thawed

Makes approximately 18 servings.

1. Slice 1 cup of the strawberries; set aside. Halve remaining strawberries; set aside.
2. Stir boiling water into dry gelatin mix in large bowl until completely dissolved. Add enough ice to cold water to measure 2 cups. Add to gelatin; stir until ice is melted. Refrigerate 5 min. or until slightly thickened (consistency of uncooked egg whites). Meanwhile, line bottom of 13x9 in. dish with cake slices. Add sliced strawberries and 1 cup of the blueberries to thickened gelatin; stir gently. Spoon over cake slices.
3. Refrigerate 4 hours or until firm. Spread whipped topping over gelatin. Arrange strawberry halves on whipped topping for 'stripes' of 'flag'. Arrange remaining 1/3 cup of blueberries on whipped topping for 'stars.' Store leftover cake in refrigerator#92 days
I know we are the fall winter babies..... Every time I think of the season we are getting our bbls ...I always think of fabulous when he said "I know how a winter gut turn into a summer butt".....haaaaaaaa
You're so cute with all these cool recipes :) Have a Happy Labor Day!
i know dear i can not wait 92 more days!!:) and hun stay away from drama on this site okey my dear you are amazing sweet and beautiful lady so no place for drama in your life, we come here to support and help each other so ignore all of it and stay away from all of it xoxo i am so excited for your procedure you are going to look so banging:)


i am officially 3 months until my transformation... the excitement is huge!!!!!!
woooohoooo great Xmas Present!
Yes best ever:)
I am EXCITED for you chica. :)

New beginning

I am more than excited for the surgery coming up......I am here preparing my self mentally physically and spiritually! Just got my email from Jessica aka the best I want to get some labs done so I know where I am because my surgery is coming up...I am newly single but everything happen for the best in life.. learning everyday from my mistakes God bless the ones having surgery today and fast and smooth recovery for those in recovery? 87 days !
You have all your after care supplies right?
Yes I do dear


It's been a pretty hard weekend but through it all God been good can't complain I weight in this morning and guess what I am at 192.2 lbs reach Dr Fisher weight of 195 Pow to all the ladies trying to lose weight for their surgery you can do it!!!!! Getting breakfast now happy healing and happy surgery day:)
WOOHOOOOO! You go Girl!
Food I'm do happy for you......this diet stuff ain't hard once you are used to the change......
I know sis I want to go to 180 now lol per Dr Fisher advice I wanted 165 but he said no...it's almost time for you hun I am so excited for you keep your eyes on the prize:)


My lunch today stuffed shells with spices herbs and cheese with some tomato sauce it's only 230 calories
Congrats on your weight loss!! You are well on your way to the body of your dreams. So excited for you !!!
Thank you dear:); I am so excited too how is everything going with you?
You're so disciplined,i love your focus :) I have lost mine 16 months ago. Gotta get it back.


So today mark officially 80 days !!! Wow can't wait so I got my massage scheduled now with Marian December 3rd 4th 5th 6th and the 8th at 1 pm for all of them:) yayy at this point I am a little stressing about my hemoglobin but just finish my 1st Bottle of 80 pills of iron yesterday starting a new one this morning so crossing the fingers !!! Happy healing to all in recovery and safe surgery to all having surgery today see you all day 60!


On Saturday one of my RS sister made me aware of what was going at vanity..I later saw lots of updates by other sisters saying they receive calls emails they made changes. ..it is already noon nobody has contacted me I already call 3 times for my coordinator but same sister she is busy" I am keeping my cool right now I am not even going to comment yet on that mess....


So I called 4 times nobody to talk to I ask to speak to a supervisor ..Vanessa with no last name came on the phone and told me that there is no change in my surgery date Okey still waiting to speak with Jessica because that's odd she always update me of things that is why I was surprise I didn't get a call or email anyways surgery is still for December 2nd !!! So my other issue is that one of our RS sister bring to my attention her experience with Marian and it was horrible and graphic don't have time to deal with unstable people so I am strongly looking at another RH I call the lady today but she was in her way to drop someone at the airport so I will call her back tonight to hear her prices and if she has an opening for me if it come to worst i will go to marian with my own helper will not hire hers but still going to her for my massage though already paid for it so mind as well then on a brighter note I am 189 pounds ...:) 70 days left happy healing to you all on the other side and peaceful journeys to all the others I am praying that it is the last of my headache with vanity!
I hope it all works out Hermosa.
Grl can you be my mentor? LOL Just kidding......Congrats to you!! With your weight loss I know it's not easy at all, especially when we hit about a size 14 it's challenging. I have ten more pounds to lose and whew it's hard work. I have three months to go and it's challenging with having hypothyroidism but I'm taking it a day at a time....I look forward to following you on your journey! Best Wishes : )
Thank you sis I know it is a hard and trying journey lol yes we can do it together and I know you can lose these last 10 pounds I have hormonal problems too! You too dear I wish you a great journey :)

so #3

Today was a long day but thank God everything worked according to his will....my new date is December 4th! Leaving December 2nd for Miami exhausted see you all in 60 days #72 days away
I can't get a hold of her either she hasn't sent me my receipts to sign or my new invoice been almost 2 weeks What is going on?
it was a lot going today over there but yea i did talk to her yesterday did you email her? email her agai and she will email you back tomorrow
I've sent 3 just in the last 2 days I talked to her earlier said she was sending it and still Nothing


I got my Rh covered no more Marian recovery for me I am so happy with my new choice:) bur I am keeping Marian for my massages and I get my new times oh so relieved everything is coming together now back on my waiting zone 71 days

carrot pumpkin bar:)

2 cups flour
1 1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
2 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup light butter/margerine, softened
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
2 large egg whites
1 can (15 oz.) pumpkin pie filling
1 cup carrot, finely shredded

Cream cheese topping:
4 oz light cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon skim milk

Pre-heat oven to 350. Grease 15 x 10 jellyroll pan.

Prepare Filling:
In small bowl: combine flour, pumpkin spice, baking powder & baking soda.

In larger bowl: Beat sugar, butter and brown sugar until crumbly. Add eggs, egg whites, pumpkin pie mix and carrots. Beat until well blended. Add flour mixture and mix until well blended. Spread onto greased pan.

Prepare Cream Cheese topping:
Mix together cream cheese, sugar and milk until thoroughly blended.

Drop teaspoon-fulls of topping over pumpkin batter and swirl mixture with a butter knife.

Bake for 25-30 minutes or until cake tester (inserted in center) comes out clean. Cool in pan completely on wire rack before cutting into squares.

Makes 24 squares.

only 136 calories per serving 70 days!
Lol you up early...good morning haaaaaa
Good morning I work night shifts:)
Hey boo how much are you paying marian for all your messages......and yes I heard about her recovery house.....it's sounds like a nightmare......no one checked to see if the poor girl passed.out or nothing

Faja store

I have been reading about a faja store next to vanity can someone give me the name? Thanks

so it is ...

so it is officially 2 months until my surgery( 60 days), I am not really thinking about it lately taking it one day at time 58 days until i fly for MIA, I so need this little vacation:) hope all of you ladies are haing a great day!
60 days it is! WoooHOOO!
kevin gates baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Is that your new surgeon?


I decided to go ahead I buy my faja abdominal board and waist cincher today I was going to get them in Florida but I got free Shipping and still have time to exchange I got the board for 20 on amazon and the faja and cincher for 108 so I will post pics when they arrive:) xoxo
Hi! Helpful review, I'll be following you. Do you have a complete list of the supplies you purchased? I think we have the same surgery date. I'm booked with Fisher 12/4. Are you staying at Vanity's RH?
I don't recall but I think I post it in my profile no I am not staying at the recovery yayyy Fisher twin I hope to meet you down there I will be there since December 2nd
wooooohoooooooo! I will be following your journey!!!

50 days left

50 days left until my surgery wow can't believe it so I bought my Fajas I bought a medium and a large I also bought a clincher and the abdominal boards my supplies list is officially complete oh I bought the Fajas on ebay 63.50 each the clincher 43 and the board on amazon for 20 I have an appointment on the 22nd with my doctor to get a pre labs to see where I am at!!! I will update been taking my iron and vitamin c every day I want to lose 10 more pounds working on it I will have a telephone consult with Fisher next month I will update on that I am starting the squat challenge ...other than that I am good staying healthy took my flu vaccine this morning be safe people with all the viruses out there! Heading to work now so I will update you guys next week after my doc appointment and I will post pics of my last supplies!!!!
Hi Hun! 50 Days WOW...that will be here before you know it! keep us posted with the squat challenge.....cause grl the burn is real LOL
Lol I know I will:) you doing great with your weight loss girl you can do it!
I'm knew to this site and already addicted. I will be following you. I soon what it have this surgery. And will need a lot of your advice. Did you use the gym a lot for your weigh lost?

just a little thing

I do my best to answer to all questions and concerns but i have a big issues...I dont normally talk to people with no review profile, people who just comment and as questions.. we are all learning from each other so please ladies have a review profile because i already had bad experiences with some jerks writting me and who have nothing to do with journeys so sorry if i have not answer to you !# 48 days counting
Best of luck! I'll be following you. I am from Boston but moved away years ago. I now live an hour and 45 away. Im planning on going to Miami next year with God's favor. Can't wait to see your transformation. Take care
Thank. You I will be following you too
I am still counting with you Fisher Doll to be :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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