29 No Kids. BBL DR. SALZHAUER 6/30/14 - Miami, FL

Hello Lovely Ladies, I'm 29 years old, plan on...

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I'm 29 years old, plan on having kids in 2-4 years. I have a nice shape, but I always wanted a tiny waist and more booty. I'm 5'10 and weigh 160lbs.

I have chosen Dr. Salzhauer. I like the fact he doesnt use drains, and I like his lipo method. I am most concerned with having the smallest waist I can and hips since I have none now.

It has been a struggle to gain weight. I need to gain about 15lbs and have only gained 2lbs. Do you all have any tips on weight gain? I've been drinking Ensures but definitely need to start eating more often.

I have a 6/30 date now but need to change to around the 2nd week of July. I called Salz and they said they are booking for August now :( and no July dates.

Is anyone interested in June 30th for Salz ?


Hi ! If I was more prepared, I would of switched with you . I go see him on July 18. And THAT will be here before I know it. Sorry :( ! Good luck with finding a different date and your journey. I hope it all works in your favor :) ! I'll be checking in on you :)
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Excellent choice in my humble opinion. Keep us posted and good luck with your journey. I wish you the best! :-)
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Oh yay you!! Your transformation is almost here! I can't wait to pick a doctor and set a date! I'm new to the whole bbl research. What are Drains and why do you like the fact that this doctor doesn't use it?? And my tip for gaining weight is definitely consume more cals lots of protein!! And healthy fats! Each day add 200 more cals a day! And sugar at least 15g a day but healthy sugar. And don't exercise. Hopefully that helps
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Actual left, wish Right


Hi doll! thank you so much! It has been so tough to gain weight, but I'm still trying,,if not I'll have to switch to August date. Good luck!!!
Thank you I will! I'm so excited
thank you for the weight gain tips! Well from what i've researched, the drains are used to drain out fluid and usually placed in the front and back. Some doctors use them and some dont'. I think Dr. Hughes also doesn't use the drains. Dr. Salzhauer drains you himself. Hope that helps.

Pre op


Do you still need to change your date? I have July 21. That's the earliest Ari could give me. I wanted June 12. Lmk plz
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I Have The Third Week Of July, Hmu If You Want It .
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Aggressive lipo and Fat graft to Hips ONLY...Thoughts?

Hi dolls! Lately Ive been thinking about only getting lipo to my flanks and lower abdomen and back aggressively and grafting it to my hips. I really want a smaller waist more than a large butt and I need the flat area on my hips filled out.

What do you ladies think?

I'm going to ask Salz if there will be a price difference for this

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Hi all, I need a good lymphatic massage person in Miami. I want to schedule these in advance before my 6/30 sx date.

Any suggestions?


Hope you're feeling better today!! Pics please!! :-)
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Your date is slowly approaching ... Cant wait to see your results... I am also going to Dr Salzhauer on the 7th of August ... best of luck to you and God Bless
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Search for RS user Marian for MLD after surgery. She has amazing rates (5 massages for $150) and does an awesome job. I'll be in Miami while u r there & I'll be having my massages performed by her.
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Miami Plastic Surgeon

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