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Hello I have been very anxious about my up coming...

Hello I have been very anxious about my up coming bbl with Dr. Fisher. I've been pretty nervous but after reading and chatting with a few people on this site I am feeling more confident about the procedure. My bbl is schedule for 6/26 I'm so excited. I will definitely keep everyone updated on my journey. I do have a question has anyone received the post surgery massage? I received a called from Vanity cosmetics to take a look at this option after my surgery.


Vanity is expensive for the massages & they r too aggressive. You can contact Mariam. I will be in Miami next week also & I'm doing massages with her.
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Thanks. Do you have Mariam's info?
Gd luck:-)
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One week today until BBL

I'm so excited I have one week today until my procedure. I am very much exited and nervous at the same time.


Welcome to rs hun. Looking forward to seeing your progress. I'll be following your journey.
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Thanks. I'll post pics as soon as I can after the surgery.
Yes its 5 massages for 150. Find her at www.medicalmassageprofessionals.com! Scroll down to pay $50 scheduling deposit & pay the balance at time of massage.

One more day

So I am going in this morning for lab work and to see Dr. Fisher I'm am so excited and anxious at the Sam time. My procedure is tomorrow. #almostthere

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Today is the Day!!!

So I am schedule for today at 3pm I am a bit anxious, but I'm very excited and helpful of the outcome. I will meet and have the procedure with Dr. Fisher today. I'm praying everything goes well. I will provide another update. After the surgery.


Prayers going up blessings sure to come down!happy healing and a speedy recovery!
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Thanks so much it was a success.
Good luck ! Praying for your speedy recovery !
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1st post op pics!

So I was super annoyed when I initially got there. I met Dr. Fisher today before the procedure. I was told my surgery time was 3pm but to arrive early to speak with the Dr. I got there at 1:50 but didn't get to the changing room until 3:40. I then waited another hour laying there for the Dr. He finally visits me and he's super nice and handsome. He's everything everyone says he is. He answered any questions and concerns I had a put me at ease. I then waited another hour for the anesthesiologist to start an IV to calm me down I had built up slot anxiety within the hour. He was cool and took his time. It is now close to 7pm when I am taken to the surgery room. I fell asleep so quick. I woke up in the recovery room about 10pm and left Vanity about 11:30pm got home about 12:20am ( friend lives in ft Lauderdale). I was in so much pain and I just wanted to leave, prescriptions not filled by the way. I know you shouldn't take others medication but I ironically my friend was prescribed the same exact prescriptions I was given. She had a procedure last month. I'm feeling very sore but the pain has calm down a bit. I'm having trouble sleeping which is why I took the moment to write this at 3:30 am. So far so good. I have a post op apt tomorrow. Well I've posted the only pics I have so far. My friend had taken it when she walked in. I will definitely post more when I can. Thanks a lot for the prayers and concerns ladies, I do appreciate it!!!!!!! :-)


Glad everything went well
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Hello, I'm new to RS and was going to schedule an apt for dr. Fisher. We're you able to find out how many cc's where transferred? Did you use a outside masseuse for your post opt massages. Just want to pick the best options for my surgery..BTW looking good...
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Hi welcome to RS. Dr. Fisher Is great, he's super nice. I don't know how much cc's he added when I asked him that question he said cc's doesn't always determine the end results. I showed him a pic of Irene the dream (google). I'm satisfied with my results, my waist it crazy small and my butt is big and round. I have not measured my waist but I'll do it soon. I've been really sore and been in a bit of pain. I will definitely add more pics and my measurement when I get some energy. I'm using a outside masseuse named Marian. She charges 5 massages for $150 where as vanity charges 5 for $350. She's located on the same street as vanity. She also offers a recovery home staffed with nurses cheaper than Vanity.

4 days update

Ok so I'm so sore but I'm am happy with my results. Unfortanely on my way to my first massage apt. The taxi I was in got into a bad car accident. Now my entire body is in pain, my back hurts and my ribs are a bit bruised. I'm going home on Wednesday I can't wait.


U were very helpful to me even though u were going through pain urself! Lol thanx hun I appreciate it ....'ol roomie!
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How are you? Since the accident
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I'm ok from the surgery. My back and my ribs are in excruciating pain from the accident. I'm at the airport now headed home thank God!!!

1& 1/2 week Update.

So it's been a week and half since my surgery. I am taking vicodine which makes you itch. I went to PCP yesterday and she says evething looks good. I am really annoyed and concerned about my side flanks which are really tight and sore. It's seems to be getting tighter, pulling my my musles and skin in more every day which itches and hurts severely. Has any else experienced this? I've been given musle relaxers and tramadol along with cream for itching. My black is hurting a lot from the car accident. I start physical therapy next week. Over all I am satisfied with my surgery results and I've gotten a massage to help with the stiffness and pain. ....oh yea I drove today and it wasn't bas at all.


FYI Make sure you get a lawyer for that accident if you haven't already, you'll get *a lot* of money out of it.
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Where did you get your cute skirt!? You look great - please keep posting, I am going to Dr Fisher in Oct and love to see before and after pix of his work!
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Sorry to hear about the accident, has that impacted the healing of your lipo in any way?? You look beautiful by the way, and thanks for posting a comment on my page about the massages.
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3 week update

So I'd have to say this has been a journey in which you have go though it to really understand the ups and down of it all. So my incision site closed up not to long ago and I still have a bit of fluid in my stomach. So right now one side is super flat and the other has a tiny bulge (fluid). I am schedule to have to it drained at an outpatient hospital next week. Other than that the pain from the surgery has gotten so much better. I'm simply taking Tylenol for the pain feel from the tightness of my flanks. My sides have actually softened up a bit but not all the way which makes it manageable. I am turning heads when I go out lol it crazy. I absolutely love my figure. My PCP says everything looks great with no signs of infection, she even asked for his info lol. I'm going to be a bridesmaid in my cousin wedding, I got fitted for my dress yesterday so as of yesterday my measurements are 37, 30 42-1/2. It's crazy! my hips are huge lol but it fits me well. I hope this helps.


Do you know your waist measurement before surgery?
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Can you please post some befores? Thanks so much.
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Before Pics

So many you guys have request my before pics which I should have done initially. I am posting them now. Hope this helps :-)


U look really good. Can't wait until all ur swelling goes down. Congrats. I have my surgery with fisher aug18 I can't wait.!! Enjoy
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Hi I just posted the before pics. To be honest I'm not sure what before measurement were.
OMG, huge difference. He sculpted you in just the right places. You look amazing. Thanks!

More pics


you look amazing xxx
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You look great hun! Very natural
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Body is amaze:-)
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