I am currently residing in ga, definitely won't be...

I am currently residing in ga, definitely won't be getting the procedure done here since Atlanta is the"fake ass" capitol and all the prices are jacked up. I am at my dr research stage and I'll probably get my procedure done in Florida. I just got approved for a care credit card last night with a $6500 credit line(anyone have any experience with this?) but I have not received any quotes from drs yet. Anywho, about me.. I'm 25, no kids, don't plan on having any, and I'm engaged to the love of my life. She is the one paying for this procedure because she knows how my recent weight gain has depressed me.(I gained 20 lbs since the beginning of our relationship) I do not know where to start with this whole thing ladies, I'm researching like crazy and becoming obsessed!

pre op pics!

Obsessed or Nahh??

Y'all.... I have literally been looking at booty non stop for two days. I'm foaming at the mouth over this procedure. So far I have contacted:
Dr fisher
Dr perry
Dr ortega
Dr soto
Dr pazmino
Dr salzhauer

Im waiting for my consultations and quotes to start pouring in so I can choose and start pre pricing everything. I feel like I'm having an early Christmas!!! Will post pre op pics from the computer since it won't let me from my phone!

ughh just let me be great man!!!

Forgot my measurements but im 5'6 215lbs. Im still in the process of uploading and taking pics. I dont feel the need to cover my face because im that type. Im not gonna lie or ignore the facts that ive been enhanced. Anywho, my fiancee hit me where it hurt today man... she told me she really didnt want ne to do this, my ass was angry and sad at the same time. She told me to do what makes me happy, but then you say you dont want me to. I cant be mad at her for being afraid of losing me to cosmetic surgery, or even being in pain because of my hurt. Im starting to feel like im being selfish by even wanting this shit! Its about to be a tug o war! Ughhh!!!

Dr. Davis-Bouette?

So I've been searching for bbl surgeons in ga to cut back the traveling just in case my fiancee can't get the time off and I ran across Dr. Bouette... she's offering a bbl starting at $1999.00 and I haven't seen many bbl pcs from here but baybehhh she is the smart lipo queen!!! , at that price I could have my bbl and more aggressive lipo on my fat body. Im going to consult with her since that special ends Tuesday, if this is who I want I have to lock my price in quickly! Hell I may even have something left over too lol!!!

Consultation with vanity for Fisher

Mann... where do I begin..

I was quoted for $5,000(yess!! Care credit gave me up to $8000) I spoke with alexandra and she was prompt and pleasant, she went over everything with me and told me what the price included. She also suggested travel tips to help cut out of pocket expenses. She did tell me that I needed to lose 20lbs(I will more than likely lose it in my legs because my stomach is stubborn!) And she said I MAY need a tummy tuck(I am scared to death about this part!!) I heard all about the wonderful recovery house but it bumped the price up $2500 and I may not need it since someone will be coming with me, but who knows. I believe I could get the massages and garments cheaper, and my fiancee could nurse me =) ..I loved the way she described my body as me having hips and a smaller waist, I would've never thought I did lol. My body just looks crazy to me, I didn't think I had hips! anywho, I'm loving the price, but I'm still waiting to hear from bouette and one more dr to make my final decisions and lock in my price!

pre op pics

Let's try this again lol. Hopefully they load. But again, I'm 5'6 215lbs, 25 no kids.

I need help y'all!

Since my procedure will be covered through financing I need to know what else I need to pay for that isn't covered(labs,tests, medicines etc) im trying to have all my money in order so I won't fall short. I know I'll have to pay for massages and all, but what else? I need to get the whole total of things! Any help is welcomed! =)

Ortega outta the picture!!! (Slight Rant!)

So I just consulted with Anabel at CG(nice girl and prompt) and she said that Ortega said I basically need to lose 35lbs and then I would be a candidate for a TT (not a BBL which is what I consulted about, but with lipo to other areas) Idk if the girls make these things up or not because I know the dr doesnt stop during surgery to look at pics, plus ive seen girls my size go to ortega with no TT. TT is definitely out of the picture, shit, after I lose almost 40 lbs wtf would I pay $5000 to do a tummy tuck? If I had a little lose skin I'd find a cheaper alternative. Im not a dr but I just don't think all fat ppl need a tummy tuck or will have lose skin(ive also seen pics of bigger BBL candidates who lost weight and didn't get a TT) Losing weight has been the hardest thing in my life, and I doubt I can lose 35lbs in 4 months. Hell Vanity only told me to lose 20lbs n said I MAY need a TT after but it's not certain. If I wanna have a fat ass and a saggy stomach I think I should be the judge of that, instead of being told what order I can fix my body in...I'm not even gonna put that pressure on myself. Guess I'll be going with my first gut, Fisher!


My deposit is paid!! Im texting Alexandra right now to see what dates Fisher has available in November so I can get this ball rolling!! I will be driving to Miami with my fiancee. Any girls looking to buddy up please let me know! (Once again it'll be me and my fiancee so if you're anti gay then this isn't the buddy for you)=

Just paid my surgery in full && got my date!

Just paid my full amount and got my date. I'm waiting to get an email back from Alex about the process, I also talked to Claudia about refunds and everything. They both are very helpful and sweet!!! I am booked for Nov.11th.. wow man... this is real!!!! Alex was pushing for me to stay at the recovery house since they had $500 off but it still pushes me above my credit limit which I don't want to go. I did opt in for the 5 massages, 2 garments, lipo foam and tablet for $500 with vanity though only because it saves me cash since I'm financing. I can't believe I'm actually doing this agh!!! Okay, time to kick this weight loss in gear though!!!

Lazy As All Hell && Vanity Cs

Lol today is day 2 of exercising with the wifey. She isnt big at all but she lazy as all hell. She has a small pouch that she wants to turn into abs, so working out wont be so bad cuz I wont be alone. The gym in my apts is fairly small so I won't be spending much time in there but I WILL be getting up cardio up n all dat!! As far as dieting... may the diet gods be with me!! Im eating healthier though, I cut out sodas, fried foods, and sweets already. I have to take this mess in moderation because I dont wanna overwhelm myself. Idk how ppl drink a whole gallon of water but when I do, I dont even feel like eating that much, and I'm using up all the damn tissue LOL!! Oh and its been 4 hours now since Alex told me she was printing out my papers to email me. Im praying I dont have an issue with Vanity because if I do, I plan on talking to Dr Fisher about it when I see his face. Come on now, it took 30seconds to take $5500 from me, Im gonna be a little more patient because Alex did tell me they were busy today.

More PRE OP pics

Selfie Wish Pic.

So I'm just playing around with this surgery app and this pic I made is similar to how I want to look. Pretty cool!

Booty Nightmares!!!!!

I've been looking at many booty pics and I PRAY I don't get one of those booties that merge with the back of your thighs, you know, those long no cuff at the bottom type booties. I swear that's a waste of money to me, I'd cry everyday!! I'm glad I got 4 months to get my body in better shape before my bbl. I also don't want a snatched body with big ass flabby arms, this procedure has motivated me to eat better and exercise already!!

Wish pics

I'm not really a wish pic girl because every body type is different, BUT if I had to choose a perfect booty it would be either of these.. man I'd shut the club, parking lot, and grocery store down!!!!!

Please Dont Do This To Me(a litle tmi)

So I just woke up from sleeping, I've been in much pain since earlier but I'm the type to sleep pain off... I wake up and tadaaaaa my f$!@#ng period is on!! My period switches days every 5/6 months so this is the start of a new time frame for me... but what is today? 7.11... approximately 4 damn months before I get my sx. I CAN NOT bare going through this surgery during my menstrual y'all.. my cramps are no joke, and to have blood coming from multiple areas of my body is too damn much. Blood makes me week as hell, plus I'd be scared that I would lose too much blood.. my cycle typically stays on 3 days so I'm contemplating....whew man, I'm just gonna stay hopeful and positive that it changes again!


I cant even start to say how pissed I am, because I fear im going to sound selfish.. but to say the least, my fiancée decided she wants to go back to school now and im just now hearing all the details of it. So since im not working or funding anything right now, I just decided to tell her I was gonna cancel the surgery(she didn't disagree, or even comment on it for that matter) so I cancelled it. Im hurt, im upset, and I thought we were on the same pg but we weren't... maybe next year... ugh..


Ya girl finally got a job!! Its been 6 long fckn months of unemployment and no income. I am so happy I can't stop smiling. I'm going to save $1500 then my surgery is BACK ON!!

Got My Date Back...Plus bad news..

Well I'll start with the good news, I got my date back for November 2014, Alex my pc is such a sweetheart, I'm glad she understood what I was going through at the moment..
Anywho on to the bad, I was originally told to lose 20lbs because of my weight, I went to donate blood last week and found out I'm 21 lbs heavier than I was. I now have to lose 55 POUNDS to get my bmi down... November seems so far away but weight loss ain't easy. Between the sweating and moving around at my job, plus my current diet, and me joining a gym next month, I WILL LOSE THESE 55 lbs!! This was meant to be lol!!!

Oh Y'all Got Me F***ed Up!!

Day 2 of my new job has been a headache. Just to clarify, I don't normally work under the management or with black ppl, it's just my preference. This place is mostly ran by Hispanics who speak broken English..anyway, so today I got stationed in another section and it was my first time, so of course I was trying to catch up. One black girl gonna say to me "y'all two slowing us up" and eventually I was moved to another section. I get over there and a Hispanic lady kept saying "ayyee no no" and shooing me away with her head, she said that was her "amigas" spot. Then 2 hours later "a machine breaks" and they sent all the black ppl home... y'all I'm irritated as hell.. these bitc*** can work on my nerves but they won't be stopping my check. I got a body to buy in November!!!!!!

Having Second thoughts..about vanity!!!

I've been reading many recent reviews about vanity and it's turning me off. I can't say I disagree with any of it at all... When I told my pc I was ready to schedule my surgery again she sent me multiple messages back to back trying to get my card info, but when I text her simple questions like what's the address for vanity so I can look up hotels, I hear nothing back(today is day 3, no response) idk about y'all, but $5000 doesn't come my way easily, me and my wife break our backs to make things possible for each other so I have NO ROOM FOR ERROR. I'm really thinking of finding another Dr(I love fishers work but is VANITY worth the headache?) I need to know that if I had a question POST OR PRE OP that it would be answered ASAP. I know vanity is crowded but if they just stopped trying to make so much profit by fitting so many ppl in every week, they would be able to focus more on patients and follow up, and Fisher would have time to actually build rapport with patients. This is my first and only time I'm going to be able to do this surgery and my life and body is precious, I want to be at ease before sx because that lets me know what kind of experience I'll have after...Im not sure if it's just my pc or if they all are there to serve you when trying to get your money, and then don't care after but it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth...Idk y'all, I think I'm going to continue to shop around for now, I can always get my money back...

This is ridiculous

me at my highest weight EVER... a whopping 235lbs.. all bad y'all... I'm disgusted with myself...

Pics of me between 185-195

these were pics of me when I was fine with my weight... I've never been small, but I was content... I call them my "get back" pics

Losing weight, feeling great!!

Like many others, I've tried every fad diet around(liquid,pill,powder etc) on top of exercise.. well 5 days ago I decided to give another product a shout since the wife bought the pills for me. They are called "hcg activator" they are hormone free and natural. The first week before you take the pills they insist that you gorge and baby I had so much fun. The first two days of taking the pills you continue to gorge because day 3 of the pills you are on a 500 calorie diet(with STRICT food intake guidelines).. well I am on day 5 and have successfully made it through 2 days of the 500 calorie diet, I thought that it would be hard as hell, but I'm already down 3lbs in 2 days. It's a start and I'm just happy to see the numbers go down. At this rate I will definitely lose the 40lbs before sx, hell I may even reach my personal goal and lose 55lbs. I will keep everyone posted on this weight loss journey. Any questions feel free to ask me, and good luck to all the other sistas out here losing weight!

More awesome news

I've been so miserable at this warehouse job, but I finally go for my orientation at Wal-Mart on Monday. it's not much, but to have one job that pays every week and one that pays every two weeks is the bomb.com . I really feel like I was destined to have this surgery now considering where I was just about two months ago. just thought I'd share my good news with you girls, now I'm off to the gym!!! =D

Weight loss and VANITY updates...

Okay so last time I wrote on my blog I was so ecstatic about my weight loss. y'all this diet is so strict you can only have 500 calories a day
breakfast: black coffee or tea with no sugar
Snack: apple/orange, or a hand full of berries and a melba toast
Lunch: 100 grams of meat, not fried, no butter, dressings, or oil tp prepare it, and 1 cup of veggies (no corn or potatoes)
Same repeated snack
Same items for dinner

For 2 weeks I handled it fine, with no complaints... then my period came on and my cravings made me gain the weight back. to be honest, I have no problem eating only 500 calories, but when you cut my caloric intake by 1000 AND give me a small list of approved foods then I get very bored and discouraged. So I decided to dump that diet because I'm not strict enough, and I plan to go to a dr Friday to get prescribed Phentermine. I will be working out 4-6 days a week and there are too many success stories behind phentermine for me not to try. on to vanity...
My pc Alex left me a voicemail a couple of days ago saying I needed to fax back the consent forms that same day or they would cancel the sx. I have been waiting for her to resend those damn papers for a month, she told me to check my spam and everything and I never got them. that day I finally received them and sent them back. I am going to text her just to make sure they didn't change my sx date because I'm going to be pissed the hell off. I won't be making any more updates until something drastic happens because I know ppl really don't care about the updates until you actually get the sx but I just thought I'd let ppl know how the weight loss journey has been and it's been especially hard watching wifey enjoy fried shrimp, French fries, pizza, chips etc while I pretend to enjoy my colourful tasteless vegetables and dry fish and chicken. I currently have 2 months and 3 weeks to lose 40 lbs sounds like alot but I will get er done. Goodbye for now dolls!!

Oh the drama lol!!

I'm not going to say names because specifics don't matter right now, but you know who you are. it's inappropriate to take ppl pictures from real self and upload them without their consent onto instagram because instagram is more known than this site is, which leaves more room for ppl to judge. nobody wants to share their experience on ig that's why they do it here, alot of these women sharing their experiences don't even tell their closest friends about this procedure so why do you feel it's okay to share others journey for the whole world to know? If you are truly sorry about something you would fix the mistake and move on, not screenshot pictures of conversations going on on real self and post them to your ig to get validation from your followers that what you are doing is okay. I don't give a damn who doesn't like this posts or who has something to say, but what I will say I'd don't ever screenshoot something I say and post it to ig anymore. It's not that serious for you to spend your life sharing the unwanted journey of others, if ppl are so curious to find out about someone else's journey they need to come to real self, none of us here opted in to have our business on ig, those that have probably are okay with it. but always think about how you'd feel if some random stranger was taking your pics using info from your journey using it on their ig pg, sounds a little crazy and obsessive. grow up, remove the screenshot, you apologized, so be genuine about it. the end!

24 more lbs to go and personal drama!!!

So I've been taking my weight loss prescription and working out hard in the gym along with eating healthier and I've gone from 235 to 219 in the course of a month. to be honest, I'm not really sure if I'll have the 24lbs lost by 11/10 and that's just being truthful, id love to but I have to be realistic with myself... On top of that, my relationship is going through some issues to where we have sought out relationship counseling... now, the sessions are $170/pp for our first individual session, then $190 for our couples session, each session is 50mins... no biggie huh?? well my fiancee pointed the blame on my surgery and the costs to travel to Miami to have it as being the reason why we can't go to counseling sooner...it hurt my feelings because she isn't even paying one red cent for anything for this trip and yet she still complains... I feel hurt and yet selfish because repairing my relationship is more important than my surgery but at the same time, I've been prepping for this for a minute now... hopefully I can have enough money saved to do the trip and one counseling session before we leave for Miami, if not.... I'll have to push my date back to December or January..(I WILL NOT CANCEL AGAIN, UNLESS I'M GOING THROUGH A FINANCIAL CRISIS!!) So yeah, between losing weight, working to save money, and a relationship that needs guidance, I've been going through it y'all... forgive me to those whom have checked up on me and those I check up on, for being ghost but life has been too real! hopefully my next review will be more positive and certain, happy healing to all who have had sx and good luck to those with an up and coming sx!!

Decided to go to surgery alone...

I need suggestions for good recovery homes or nurses that could come to my hotel/someone who could ride me around....Hellppppp!! lol

Updated Weight Loss Pics

I have only lost 17 pounds total, but I can already see minor changes in my body, I feel it more than I can see it!

Another pic from today...

sorry for the bare face lol, but y'all, I bought new pants for work today,and im officially back in a size 16, and I'm wearing a 2x boys shirt!! yeah iI still have a roll, but after 27 more lbs and surgery ima be fineeeee as hell!!

Vanity is paying me tf off!!

I paid half on my sx in the beginning of August, I have not received my invoice yet!!! I called vanity and they said they had a new system and it's updating so she'll try and print me out one and send it... but I also emailed them yesterday and no one responded(she didn't respond because of the system update, but that's something I should've been notified of) I'm going to give it til Friday then I'm going to call and ask what my invoice has on it, if it's not what I paid for, I'm going to cancel and go to another facility. Im so over vanity!!

I meant "vanity is pissing me tf off"

lil typo, that tis all lol!

Start my liquid diet...

On 10/13 I will start a 2 week ALL LIQUID, NO CHEWING, type diet. I have 27lbs to lose in 34 days so I really have to kick it up. I know you're not supposed to exercise while on these types of diets but I wanna do atleast 4 hours a week. im really gonna need some strength because I have tried the master cleanse diet and I only stuck to that a day. Also, any suggestions for a fast working laxative/colon cleanse? to no avail, I've tried magnesium citrate and milk of magnesia and they both made my stomach bubble but produced no bowel movements... I feel backed up yall, my last resort is an enema!!

Bmi requirement..

I was on the phone with one of my RS boo's today and we were talking about bmi n this surgery or what not. Now multiple coordinators from VANITY have told me that my bmi has to be 30 or less, but I've seen Dr Fisher on RS saying something different... so my questions are(for those who had surgery at Vanity) if you needed to get your bmi down to 30 before sx and did not, did they still approve your surgery? how did you get them to approve it? what was your bmi? what did dr Fisher(or hasan) say about your bmi once you got there? I'm freaking out about these 27lbs and I don't wanna get down there and they start some b.s about a couple of lbs!! thanks in advance for any answers!

Last minute shopping...

So I finally got everything situated and planned out, so I decided to spend some money today.... got all the supplies I will need for under $50, I've been trying to spend as less as I can.. y'all, I found a boppy pillow alternative for less than $3! about to post a pic of it now, you can thank me later lol!!

32 Days Until Surgery...

and lucky me, my period will be on on the day of operation... im so nervous about that, I don't even know if he can operate on me during my period, Im going to ask though. I am gonna get a $40 compete blood test here before I get to Florida just to see if I need to do anything to help my results. im starting my 2 week liquid fast Monday to get rid of these last few 24lbs I gotta lose which will bring me to a total of 45lbs lost in 2 months and a week!! I just got some email from vanity with all the required tests that I have to get taken but other than that, nothing new here... can anyone tell me how much their meds were WITHOUT INSURANCE? thank you ladies! :-)

just a few weight loss pics

can't wait to see how I look after I lose the final 22 lbs!!!

forgot this one

Yayyyy!! Liquid diet tomorrow!

Wifey bought me a juicer, so I got me some fruit and veggies(still missing my oranges and ginger tho). Im going to see where I'm at after a week of this liquid diet, then I'm gonna go back to dieting for 2 weeks then liquid diet again for my last week before sx. Y'all wish me luck!!

Feels like I'm getting ready for my...

first time all over again...y'all I'm over here debating if I wanna get a Brazilian wax to go with my Brazilian ass n I'm scared! getting my eyebrows snatched is one thing, but my fupa... -_- idk... I'm also trying to find some bra and panty sets(y'all, ya girl has no SETS, no lingerie no none of that... all I have is boy shorts && "time of the month draws") lol this is so sad... I never realized it, no wonder why wifey say I never get sexy anymore... blah lol... I decided in going to bring the wife with me and we're gonna either stay at the RH house or the extended stay with vanity, either way, we needs our privacy, cuz the day before sx... nvmd... but anyway, anyone remember their first Brazilian wax?please fore warn me!

Loving my new face shape

my round double chinned face is getting slimmer!!

No Insurance..

how much were your meds that dr Fisher prescribed you(for those without insurance)? I wanna make sure I have all my last minute coins lined up! thanks ladies!


So my liquid diet was a FAIL, I stayed on liquids only, but I believe i didn't incorporate enough vegetables so the carbs and sugar didn't help. I didn't lose a single fucking pound... here I am, 21 days from surgery stuck at 210 with 20 more lbs to go... I could just scream... it's gonna take a miracle to make this happen... I'm gonna hit the gym 2-4 hours a day and up my water intake because I haven't really been doing either. No laxatives or teas have worked because I haven't eaten anything to produce a bowel movement. I'm just so fucking irritated because I've been on a roll now im stalled. Hell I may be going on this ice,gum, and water fast if my ass doesn't get it together, real shit. Im out of options and ideas, guess it's just tone to get in the gym and burn as many calories as I can... I'll update again closer to sx date....

$50 sx shopping list...

This MAY or MAY NOT be beneficial to some, but I'm on a budget because I am missing alot of UNPAID time from work so I decided not to splurge on unnecessary recovery items... Here is my list, and there is a little "Helper item" that I will go into detail about at the end..

1)Maxi pads-to cover incision spots so I won't bleed out all over my cg
2)Iron pills/multivitamin gummies-self explanatory
3)Wet wipe bathing cloths- so the wife can bathe me on day 2 if I don't have the strength to get up and wash my ass lol
4)Inflatable Cushion- to protect the booty during car rides
5)Antibacterial soap
6) Hand sanitizer
7) Scar fading cream
8) Compression socks
9) Thermometer-to check my body temperature and make sure I'm not getting feverish
10) Blood pressure monitor- to make sure my blood pressure levels don't drop to the point where I need a blood transfusion(been seeing alot of that lately, I wanna be prepared)
11)Triple antibiotic ointment
If you are one of those ppl who believe in vintage medicinal methods try this NATURAL HERB out, its origin is India and it's called Withania... here is why I chose to get withania pills ...
-boosts immune system and fights off INFECTIONS
-helps you to relax
-helps with blood/circulation flow
-can help lower blood pressure
-helps heal wounds and injuries
-promotes a good night's sleep

This is my list outside of clothing items. Anything not mentioned like first aid items and food I previously had so I didn't need them.

the clock is ticking, I have less than 3 weeks left, I can't wait for this to be over with lol!! but I am gonna enjoy my 11 days off work!

My pc is heaven sent!!!

not going to say her name just in case someone has a connection with her or something, but I'm going to bring my pc a surprise to vanity when I get down there. she is a breath of fresh air compared to my ex pc Alex. Whenever I email her something, her responses are prompt, she's always friendly, doesn't make shit up, and just overall helpful. There are many pcs that were and still are at vanity that don't do things in a timely manner, so I just want to get her something that says, I appreciate you and what you do for me! She deserves it!!!!

Having second thoughts about..

Waist training... I've heard it's not healthy for your bones or organs and these pics I'm about to post make me concur with the statement.... im not sure if I wanna do it!!! OAN: I'm losing 1lb a day, I'm currently at 205!!! 13 days until sx ladies!!!

Today is a SPECIAL day!

not only is today my one year anniversary, but today marks me losing 30 lbs! Yes gawddd yall, I'm so excited!!! well I'm not here to ramble, just came to share some pics!!!

The quick run down..

I wanna leave you girls with a few words before I take a hiatus from RS. I've really gotta get more focused on my weight loss, I'm at 205 with 15lbs to lose in 12 days, so shit is crucial for me. I have all my supplies now, I even bought a new tablet to document this journey(video& text updates). Me and the wife are driving to Miami on November 9th, now my damn job has me working from noon to 10pm that day, and wifey can't really drive at night, so I'll be damned if I work all day and then drive until the sun comes up(its also an 11 hour drive, I look at it more as a roadtrip lol!) I am using vanitys "home away from home" package but I will be staying at the extended stay instead of the barn, scuse me, I meant RH! I am going to try the lemonade diet Monday and I may take some water pills,but I gotta push myself, my bmi is currently 33, its supposed to be 30 or less so I really have to focus on my self right now. Also my blood pressure has went from hypertension stage 1, to now being normal, I gotta congratulate myself for doing what i gotta do to become healthier, and just sticking to it... I will post again on November 9th once we get ready to hit the rd, any ladies that wanna keep up with my weight loss progress, now and after sx follow me on ig @ goodbye._fat I will talk to you ladies another time, if I miss anyone's sx in this time frame, I send you best wishes and will follow up with you when I return. thank you everyone for the encouragement and support! I love y'all!!

Quick updates

So yesterday I took my cbc/cmp tests(paid for out of pocket with no insurance so I didn't waste my money on the hiv or hcg pregnancy tests) and today I got the results. Hemo was 13.1 and everything else was normal EXCEPT my bun/creatine level was off by one point and my alkaline phosphate level was off by 4. Basically I need to incorporate protein in this master cleanse and keep it moving. I took my ptt/pt/inr test today so I should get the results of that tomorrow. I am currently down to 202(loss 33lbs total) and my pc said dr Fisher will look over my new weight loss pics to see how much more he recommends I need to lose. I pray I hear good news!!

why Fisher said no..

plain and simple... BMI!! my bmi is currently 32, it has to be 30 or less... the thing that pisses me off is I've seen girls on here 5'6 195(bmi at 31) Get worked on by Fisher... now they're telling me to reschedule or go with dr James mcadoo(who has no fucking bbl pictures nowhere in sight!!!) his fucking rs pic look like it hasn't been updated since the year 2000! yall im so upset because me n the wife took off, spent extra money, and invested in this shit. I've bust my fucking ass in the gym, I've missed out on good meals and all for this shit just for them to say no at the last minute. so now I either A) Chuck up all the money I spent on blood tests and the days I'll be missing from work, and reschedule(which won't be able to happen until next year
B) let this fucking mcadoo character do my surgery and pray he knows what he doing

I'm so fucking over it I can't even think straight. I was 10 minutes away from ny job when yiselle called with that bullshit, I couldn't stop crying so I turned around and called off and took my ass home... I'm off because I can feel my pressure rising

Yall Aint Gone Believe This

So, if me having to change my ps wasnt a damn sign, this is what takes the cake.. So im at work, helping in other departments as i always do, and i go to stock something on the toothpaste isle. I stock it, then i turn to stand up, my jacket gets snagged on something so i try to turn around and the damn fire extinguisher falls on my foot! pure steel and liquid. Long story short, my job sends me to urgent care and i find out MY FOOT IS BROKEN!!! I have to stay out of work for 4-6 weeks and visit an orthopedic dr before i can be sent back to work... soooo yeah NO SURGERY FOR THIS GIRL!! But the good part is, i can now reschedule with Fisher, and get that time off that i need for it AND get workers comp all in the same time... i guess it was a sign now after all of this shit because i was originally gonna call off work today because today was my big sisters baby shower, but something told me to go! Maybe me and my RS boo queenbiles can finally go together!!! For the most part im okay yall, but this shit was so unexpected.

Yall Aint Gone Believe This

So, if me having to change my ps wasnt a damn sign, this is what takes the cake.. So im at work, helping in other departments as i always do, and i go to stock something on the toothpaste isle. I stock it, then i turn to stand up, my jacket gets snagged on something so i try to turn around and the damn fire extinguisher falls on my foot! pure steel and liquid. Long story short, my job sends me to urgent care and i find out MY FOOT IS BROKEN!!! I have to stay out of work for 4-6 weeks and visit an orthopedic dr before i can be sent back to work... soooo yeah NO SURGERY FOR THIS GIRL!! But the good part is, i can now reschedule with Fisher, and get that time off that i need for it AND get workers comp all in the same time... i guess it was a sign now after all of this shit because i was originally gonna call off work today because today was my big sisters baby shower, but something told me to go! Maybe me and my RS boo queenbiles can finally go together!!! For the most part im okay yall, but this shit was so unexpected.

When I thought I had something

so I'm scrolling through my fb pg n I see a pic of myself from 6 years ago... I was about 185 and man everything was so "tight"it kinda looked like I had a booty lmaooo but yeah I wanna be this size or a lil smaller when I go into sx

So Yiselle Just Called

And told me Fisher won't be in on 2/5/15 and asked was it okay if I was changed to 2/4/15 which is fine with me.. but what makes me mad is she tells me I need to do my labs AGAIN! I just paid $120 outta pocket for those tests and now I have to do it again?! I'm not doing it! labs are included in the price and you don't get reimbursed for taking your own labs, so I'm not even gonna do it. all my labs were fine this time so they will be fine in February. I'm not even gonna do it cuz I don't have insurance nor do I have $240 to waste on tests. that money could put put to use on something better!! Oan: I only need to lose 20 more lbs for my bmi to be right, but I'm gonna shoot for 30-35!

Close to my body type!!

I saw this on dr durans IG pg and it kinda reminded me of my pre op body.. I'm a little more curvier in the waist hip area but I love her results. I'd want more booty tho haha

What's your true intention??

there is a member here on rs that hasn't been, their "REALSELF" and it's truly been bothering me now that I look at the facts. I won't say her name because it won't take you long to put 2 and 2 together. First and foremost the flaws in her story didn't add up, she originally came on stating she had 2 kids with a small baby back in October, now here it is November and she now has 3 kids with her smallest baby being 2 months older than she was last month! Okay NO biggie right? Well shortly after, she stated that she bought this nice ass house down in Miami and would turn it into a recovery house for future dolls, posted pics and asked how much would pay and all. Sounds so helpful right? Well after the pics, something didn't sit right with me so I decided to do some snooping, come to find out, this house is "intensely expensive" and didn't belong to her! Oh elle you don't know that!(Oh yeah? refer to the pics I posted) Oh elle you just being a nosy bitch!(am I really? her intent could be to get ppl to send money for this so called recovery home and you never hear from her again!) THIS IS REALSELF, IF YOU CAN'T BE REAL HERE THEN YOU GOTTA BE FAKING IN THE REAL WORLD!!!

Happy early thanksgiving

I just wanna tell all my rs sisters happy thanksgiving. today u officially got my cast removed and I'm now in an air cast, out for work another 2 weeks until my next follow up(for those that wanted an update on my healing) I haven't been able to exercise but those crutches put my ass to work, my arms could probably push a car. I've lost no weight but I have lost inches. I leave you ladies with an updated "inch" loss pic. eat well, and work out to keep everything tight! love u ladies and let's remain to be positive!!

Bye Bye Boppy!!

So one of my ig friends posted a butt pillow for $30, and me being me, I searched the net to see if their was a cheaper replica, and was!! It's about $15! So I decided to say goodbye to the inflatables! I have found my booty protector!! OAN: I've been eating extremely poorly for a month and a week now, I've gained 6lbs also! I have to lose 23lbs to be cleared for sx in about 49 days, im going to try and lose about 30-35lbs though! Any of my new or old rs sis's having sx while I'm away, I wish you the best of luck. it's time I get back to my diet and exercise routine and say goodbye to this fat, I'm focused!!!!

Not really feeling it...

If you know my journey you know that i broke my foot in November.. It still isnt fully healed but i tried to exercise anyway so i could lose the weight i needed to. I didn't think i could lose 22lbs in 19 days so yesterday i switched to mcadoo... In all honesty i have yet to see one current mcadoo doll that had great results. I don't wanna waste $6000 and end up unhappy... outside of not being able to lose the weight im afraid that my job won't let me take another week off when i just started the job in August and have been off work 2 months due to me foot... ugh im back at square one. Im thinking of just cancelling until i reach 185 first instead of guestimating a month when i think be at that weight...im honestly just so over this shit... i wish i could just go to the DR and get it all over with...

I'll just have to woman up!!

So my fiancee took off for me to have sx in November and i didn't go, she already got approved for February. Im not going... Since my new date is March 30th she tried to take off... her job denied it.. i cant say i blame them... im just upset... i have never flown before, now i have to experience it alone. I didn't wanna stay at the rh, i wanted to stay at the extended stay, now i may have no choice. I refuse to switch my date again... i just want this over with... it isn't fun anymore... this has been the most draining thing to ever come into my life.....

SOOOOO damn indecisive...

So here`s the quick run down... Of couse im still focusing on my weight loss, im still stuck needing to lose 20lbs. Other than that everything else is in the works. I decided to take the greyhound down to miami since im going alone this time and it was less than $50 for my ticket, but i did decide to fly that 2 hour flight back home and the ticket was $89. I have been falling more and more in love with dr hasans results everyday but currently im scheduled with Dr fisher for march 30th. Im still waiting for my pc to give me all the answers to some questions i asked her about the transportation, extended stay, and RH. Im getting a little aggy but i guess thats what happens when she spoils me by answering all my questions the same day about 30 minutes to an hour later and now its been almost 3 days. Blah, im gonna give it one more day. Ohh i also chose the greyhound because i can bring all my supplies as is and not have to go through all the b.s. The ride is gonna be almost 14 hours but it cant be any worse than when i rode the greyhound to Indiana!!! Im still working hard, trying to save more money so i can get my full back done and maybe chin lipo is the funds allow me to do all that but then again i dont wanna be in too much pain and be alone without my honey down there either. Thats me, indecisive as hell right now. I hope Hasan has some open march dates because the sooner i can get this weight off the sooner i can go and at the time the 30th was the only date open for fisher. Im definitely not on here as much because im really trying to focus on this stuff and im moving into a house in march and my 26th bday is in march, in addition to my surgery so ya girl is extremely stressed and discombobulated!!! Everything is gonna work out though, i dont think i've come this far just to let things get out of control and just give up ya know? Anywho, good luck to any dolls about to go through with their journey and any dolls in between until my next update. Stay safe ladies!!! If you or anyone you have read up on has been to vanity's recovery house in the last month or two please comment or let me know their names so i can read the review about it, thank you!!

Pictures Of Me

Im Currently still 207 and im 5'6. I need to get to 186 for my bmi to be 30. My personal goal is to be 180 when i get to miami.

i know yall tired of my ass...

Vanity is putting a nasty taste in my mouth with their pricing scams.. its really pissing me off... seeing that im going alone i just dk if i wanna deal with them... im thinking of switching to dr. Omulepu... i love hasan and fisher but im at the end of my rope with vanity...

Hasan Doesnt Do Drains...

I talked to my pc about this because alot of the reviews i have been reading on Hasans patients end up getting a seroma. I dont have time for that and i dont wanna have to deal with any extra pain than whats necessary. I asked my pc if i could still get drains even though hasan doesnt provide then and she told me i could. Thank god because that was one of my issues with going to hasan. So me being me, i had to ask her if it was free of charge because u know vanity likes to get ppl money any way they can lmaooo but she said there was no additional fee for it. Other than that nothing here has changed, just workin on getting this fat off. Adios dolls, see yall next time. I need to take a hiatus so i can focus on weight loss and eating habits that i need to break!

Im so lost right now...

My coordinator booked me with hasan on 3/30(monday) but youre supposed to come in a day early so you can do bloodwork and sign papers... okay well vanity isnt opened on sunday... now heres my delima... if i get sx monday i will have to be in miami a day early and probably pay for my own hotel for a night(even though i paid for the recovery house with vanity) i would also have to leave a day early... if i get it monday i would have to try and do blood work the same day and hope nothing has changed so i can move forward with surgery but i would have to stay an extra day. I only took off for up until April 5th... im getting so aggy... and i was just about to book my flight... glad i caught that... im just waiting to hear back from my pc.. ugh

Rewording of my last entry

sorry i didnt clarify what i was trying to say exactly because i was angry typing lol. i didnt want anyone to think i was ignoring their comment since im getting alot of the same answers. Im getting my bloodwork done here in atlanta in about 3 weeks, i just thought that you had to do other tests and re do blood work while you were there since its included in the price, and i also read a girls pg where she said something about an urine-ology. Im not going to miami without doing blood work here first, ive read too many horror stories from girls who did that lol. I just wanted to make sure i wasnt gonna be tested again, and how i would go about traveling since vanity is closed on sundays. Im sure im going to either have to get there sunday and pay $100 for one damn day, or either get the earliest flight to miami on monday which is 9:00am(and i wanted to be there sooner) but when you dont have many other options, it is what it is. Thank you for all your answers and help ladies

Weigh Loss Is A Serious Bitch

So here i am stuck at 205, its been 3 weeks!!! Im always plateauing around 200-205 so i figured it was coming. I have about 33/34 days until my surgery so im going on a green juice and water fast for 30 days. I have 19 more pounds to lose to meet Dr. Hasan`s BMI requirements but it i lose 19+ pounds in these 30 days i will be more than excited!!! Wishing everyone else good luck with any journeys you may be or will experience, for me its losing weight. The surgery is out of my control, all i have to do there is keep myself healthy, lay on a table, and pray i wake up. After care will be the following journey lol. Be safe ladies. I dont play to update again until ive reached my goal or im headed to Miami!!!

Dr Omulepu...

i just saw two patients of his that confirmed me wanting him as my dr. seeing that he actually follows up with you, talks to u on the phone, doesn't require you to stay for a week, operates on bmi of 32 or less, does good work from what i see, and his quote includes your upper back, im all sold!!! i havent been hearing back from my pc selena at vanity and that further made me make this decision. between me moving into a new apt, working at a highly understaffed and the stress of trying to lose weight, im totally drained. Dr. Omulepu requires me to be 192 at my heaviest so i need to lose 8lbs which is way more doable for me than losing the 15 vanity required... this is my final decision!!!

Dr Omulepu and Vanity?!!!

I was doing more research on Omulepu and saw him on Vanitys website and i immediately got confused and happy at the same time lmaoo!! Im gonna email about this asap, also does anyone else have selena as a pc at vanity? does she still work there because i havent gotten a response from her in almost 2 weeks! Im calling tomorrow!!!!

Not A Happy Camper

So i have a new pc named Lia, Selena is no longer there and they did not even fucking notify me of course(this is the 3rd pc ive had in less than a year) I called to get info on Dr. Omulepu at Vanity. She tells me he is $5200(he`s only $4500 at spectrum) and in order for me to book him, i need to pay a $700 difference since i was getting hasan/fisher for $4500 at that time that i got the special. Now, im not cheap by a long shot, BUT, i financed my procedure so reduce the out of pocket expenses. Im not trying to have to pay $700 extra for surgery, pay for blood work, food and book flights. I initially only had to pay for my travel there and back, blood work and my food so u can see how the $700 threw me for a loop!! Also, im not saying Dr O isnt good at what he does, but how does he come in charging more than Hasan??? Im a little confused. Idk if i will book him at spectrum for $4500 because my pc there is a little too slow at communicating for me, and then i will be paying less for the procedure but more out of pocket since im saving money by booking the RH with Vanity... ugh idk what to do, but if i have to pay $700 extra i will not be getting my sx until April... If then, because my job already approved me 7 days off for the surgery i was supposed to have on march 30th.... lawd i just wanna get this over with and never have to look back!!!

My Promise To Rs

Even though im not as active as i use to be on here, and probably will be less active after sx, im gonna make sure i give you all not only the honest truth about my experience, but im also gonna give in depth pictures. Nothing saddens me more on here than going to click on someones profile to view a drs work and only see cropped pics, no updated pics, or only pics from angles that make their body look different than it is. When its a new dr or a dr that doesnt really have much exposure ppl wanna see as much as they can to get a feel for the doctors work. Dark, cropped photos do not do your doctor any justice and it doesnt really help others with their choice on going to that doctor. So if you love your results and you believe your doctor did a great job, please showcase it for others to chose. I cant speak for anyone else but im not ashamed to show any part of my body now or ever, i wont edit out crop or blurr anything. Im gonna give it 100% organic to you ladies. Anywho, 17 more days until im an ODoll and this time im really ready. Its been a long stressful journey and i almost seeing the sun peeking through from inside this tunnel of darkness! Safe journeys to all!!

I Have No Need To Lie To Strangers...

I got a questionable message saying that i was lying about having surgery because i keep rescheduling... Well guess what, i just have a shit ton of bad luck. Ive had to reschedule about 5 times now.. this time i actually had my plane ticket and bus ticket and i was ready to go. I got in a car accident and had to purchase a new car(which is way more important than this surgery BTW) so i did what i needed to do as an adult. As u can see from the invoice that im posting right now, ive been paid off IN FULL since July of last year. I have no need to lie about getting surgery, what purpose does that serve for me or any of you girls? None... I have enough going on in my life to try and worry about negativity and im not even gonna let u bother me... But the proof is in the pudding so after this, dont bother me about it lol. I will have surgery when the time is right for me, yes, things keep happening to me, yes ive rescheduled hella times, but im honestly not even in a rush anymore... And to u heffas saying its a sign for me not to get it, hush lol. Cuz im still gonna do it when everything is in place.. Lol love yall but IJS, dont shoot my hopes down, its gonna happen... ONE DAY

pics are hella small but u get my drift

Updated Weight Loss Pic

Well Im still 203lbs but i am looking to lose 13-20 more pounds. I have to lose atleast 13 to get Hasan to do my surgery, but if not, im happy with Dr Omulepu being my secondary doctor. My skin is tightening up very nicely which gives me alot of hope that my stomach will look nice after the lipo. I still have about 61 days to get everything tight and right, im just really focusing on my arms and thighs right now, but only time will tell!

Not To Sure About Dr. Omulepu

Ive only seen one girl on here with results from doctor omulepu that i loved. Im not trying to go for the wide natural looking butt, i really love the bubble butts that project out. Thats why im trying to lose weight so i can book back with dr Hasan. I love the way his booties look, right off the damn table. I dont like those wide high booties that u have to wait for them to drop, nor am i looking for a " i just paid 5 grand for this booty and i cant tell much difference" type of booty either. im too damn fat not to get the booty i want lol. Real talk, i need this thang to be poking!!! Time to go extra hard in the gym and get these 17-20lbs off for real. I dont wanna be disappointed. Yeah i know you tell the drs what u want, but some drs just dont have the technique, and thats a reason i didnt go with Mcadoo a while back. All drs cant procduce the results u want and im getting cold feet in this case...

Current Body Pics( 5'6 200lbs)

i like to post these pics so that women out there with similar body types as mine can get an idea of how their after results will look. I think many women on here expect to have similar results as their wish pics but it depends on the foundation you had to work with in the beginning.. If you have a square long ass now, its no way youre gonna have a perky high bubble butt. We have to be realistic of our expectations so we wont be discouraged when we dont look similar to wish pics. I only follow ladies with similar body types as mine and it really gives me hope that i will look nice based on the way they turn out. Anywho, 32 days until surgery. Im gonna try to get to 195-190 and i put big emphasis on try because its very hard for me to even get to 199, ive been suck at 200-204 for atleast 3 months now lol.

Stop Discouraging YOURSELF...

Its so irritating to go on profiles and see grown women say "im gonna delete my profile because people arent responding to my questions" honestly ladies, some of yall are asking the same questions that have been asked a million times over, if u just take the time to read through other blogs, search around the website, or even google for a matter of fact, those simple questions can be answered. If they can not, then maybe these are questions us ladies dont know the answer to. U cant just get on here and start asking all these questions without doing your research then throw a hissy fit because no one responds, were all on journeys too and most of us did our research. IJS, not being mean or rude... its sad to see ppl close their accounts because they want other ppl to do their work.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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