25 Years Old, 2kids, Want the perfect hourglass shape!!!

180, 5'6 trying too loose 10 pounds by october. I...

180, 5'6 trying too loose 10 pounds by october. I got a quote for damn near 15,000 in miami from dr.perry for full body lipo. bbl, fat transfer and boobs, I wasnt expecting to pay that much, so ive been doing research on other doctors. Ive heard so much about dr.yilly as well as duran. what do you guys think?? help!! lol whose been to them before? by the way im new on here. hi guys!

ALL at ONCE???

hi guys.. im getting a little nervous. I wanted to do everything at once, do you think its not safe? i know their is always risk. I just didnt want to take two trips out of the country, Im a very busy young lady. Whose been to yily and got bbl, fat transfer, lipo, and breast aug.. how did it turn out for you?? was your whole body down??


Has anyone ever spoken to yily assistant through what's app? Their asking me what all I want done and send pics! I just want to make sure I'm not speaking with some fake person. U know! Crazy world. Please let me know before I send pics! Thanks

Quote for dr Yily 5100

So I received a quote of 5,100. That includes bbl, lipo, breast aug, arms and inner thigh. I have been messaging yily assistant on what's app. Do u guys think that's reasonable? I see ladies that are getting tummy tuck and theirs is a little cheaper. Hmmmm. Maybe because I'm 180 need to loose 10 pounds? What do u guys think? And as far as payment. Do u send your deposit and pay the rest when u arrive? How does that work?


Hi guys I've been quite busy! Haven't been able to be on here as much as usual but I have been confirmed for October 15 with Yily


Does yily cut down the middle of your breast through the nipple or under the muscle? I've seen some reviews good and bad about her implants?!!! Does anyone know? Feel free to comment. Thanks!

Change of plans

Soon I've decided to stay in the states and go with did Jonathan fisher in Miami! I have a great price for bbl/ba and I'm going sept 15, for my bbl. can't wait. Do u guys love his work?

I have switched to dr perry!

Switched to dr.perry! Going September 19,2014. Are their any girls whose had work from him? Any new before and after pics? I would loveeeee to see! I haven't seen any new ones lately;(
Jonathan fisher

Great communication skills and very honest!

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How much did Fisher quote you, I've been considering killing 2 birds with one stone and getting it over with.
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About 8500. But I've switched to dr perry. Going next month. I don't like how vanity consultants are. They are horrible! Perry quoted me 8200
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Welcome to RS! Dr. Yily's price is great compared to Dr. Perry. Yily does great work & she can snatch a waist.
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I'm in the same the situation but i decided to do it with Dr. Michael Salzhauer. I saw his results and his work and hes a very professional person and an expert in bbl. He's having a promotion this month for bbl and free consultation if your interested. This month, he's charging $7,000 for bbl which includes the full body lipo and fat transfer. It would be good if you go give him a visit and good luck in your decision!!!
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really that sounds great. im going to check his before and after out now.. thanks:) best of luck!
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I took a look at his work, he doesn't really give you that perfect hourglass shape.. have you tried contacting yily? besides you may save some money!
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Welcome to RS! As you I a just learning a lot from this medium and read all sorts of good and bad things often about the same doctor, but what is great is that one can actually see results achievable in similar body types as one's own, although age, skin elasticity, health issues are all things that have to do with one's individual end result, and also the after care, with the bbl it is said a few weeks of no seating, The lipo and bbl's recovery also fluctuates tremendously between patients, some are up and about after surgery others take weeks before feeling comfortable again. Whatever you decide, this is a great site to be able to get the information needed to chose the doctor that would the best job for what you want to achieve and perhaps you might want to do some of the procedures in two sx instead of all in one shot, less shock to the body but if you are young and healthy that might not be an issue. Good luck on your journey. I think age is a strong factor in having several surgeries the same time, how old are you? I am not sure what you meant by full body lipo, how many areas did they say they would be able to do at once? Blessings and love sent your way. Gina
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Sorry just had awaken....you did say you are 25 in the title....you should do great...the younger the better.
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Hi Gina! Yes I'm 25. I've actually been researching this surgery for the past 2 years. I just recently had a baby. And although i know it takes time. It just seems harder to get the weight off the second fine around. I went for a consultation for a bbl, fat transfer. As well as boobs and was quoted over 15,000 I think that's a bit much! So I've been doing some research on dr. Yily. I've gotten in touch with her assistant thus far. Just waiting on a response and thanks for your kinds concerns!
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AGE doesn't have anything to do with it strictly your HEALTH.. your focus is your HEMO, HEART (EKG) BlOOD WORK ..
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