11 Days til "Operation Change the Game" 1500 cc's bbl #TEAM PERRY# - Miami, FL

Hi my beautiful BBL Queens! I have finally jpined...

Hi my beautiful BBL Queens! I have finally jpined ! Lol. Like many of you I have quietly luried this site for months! Can you say addictive?? Omg it's become my new Instagram lol.

I am inspired by sooo many of you. I have followed your journeys and definitely can identify with the struggle with feeling insecure about the booty. Sigh.... but those days are over!
Dr. Perry in 26 days!!!
I will update later! Smooches my sisters!

How are u doing Lovely39 ur time is just around da corner? *Team Perry 4/2013*
Hey SexiiRN24! I'm anxious as all get out! Lol.. I'm so excited and ready for this! How are you?
Good luck and welcome!! Dr Perry is gone hook us up!!

Hey BBL sisters! I am getting closer and I am sooo...

Hey BBL sisters! I am getting closer and I am sooo anxious! As I read your updates I find so much great information. Ladies we all go through so many emotions in this journey. Please put forth a genuine effort to be supportive and understanding to your fellow sister if she is having a bad day. Negative energy is so draining so eitjer be nice or be out! Lol.
Dr. Perry is an amazing man! He and his staff have been so gracious to me in the journey. I will be traveling alone from NYC and they assisted me in finding the perfect caregiver!
Many obstacels have come my way thru this journey, however I have maintained and I am truly determined to make this next move.... my beat move.
Okkkk. *Operation Change the Game* is on a serious countdown! Yes bc my SX is a major career move as well as a lifelong fulfillment from deep within. No I am not a dancer lol but a Corporate CEO who has decided to change the game! Remember that phrase! Watch my work ladies! Smooches lol
Im so excited for you! I live in nj could you send me your care givers info please. Ive been searching all over to find some one. Actually its been the hardest part of my planing...so frustrated. Thank you
Hi did you have your surgery yet?
Just wondering did you consult with any Dr's here in NY at all?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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