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Dental Protrusion, I Hate It, Couldn’t Afford Them in the Past but Now I Can - Miami, FL

Ok I have a protruding mouth because of years of...

Ok I have a protruding mouth because of years of not getting braces even though I really needed them back then, now that I’m older 20 years old to be exact, I can now afford braces, ok my big issue is I got braces and 6 tooth’s removed to make space to fix my protrusion but I don’t think my orthodontist is doing a good job because nothing is retracting, for example my lips are still in the same length as my noise and it’s been 7 months, I did some research and I learned that tads (Temporary Anchorage Devices) can really help push everything back, but instead he used power chains, the power chains started from my canines to my second premolar and back, both sides top and bottom, last month I ask my orthodontist will he use tads on my teeth because I read that they work better, …… he looked at me like I was crazy. Right now I am stressed because I don’t want to spend all this money from my own pocket for a crappie job, I mean he didn’t even give me head gear or anything, in total I spent 2300 so far on this treatment, I am here to ask for u guys opinions on my treatment, I want to change orthodontist soon, I already scheduled an appointment with another orthodontist for a second opinion on the 21st of June. So can u guys please give me some advice or tips or even your opinions on this treatment thank u.
Hello, and thank you for joining our community.  Not having seen your 'before' pictures, it's hard to say for certain.  However, I have seen even Invisalign close extraction holes in 9 months, so it seems like power chains should be able to as well.  I, however, am not a doctor.  

What I would suggest to you, in addition to what you've done here in making this review, is to go to the doctors Q&A forum and ask a question.  I'll give you a link in a second.  I would upload both a before pic, as good as you have--crop it to keep it anonymous if you have to.  If you need help with that you can let me know :).  Right, so a before pic and all of the pictures you've uploaded to this review.  Make the question succinct--I've been in braces for 7 months and had 6 teeth extracted (was that before you got the braces put in, by the way?)  Does this amount of progress seem reasonable given that period of time?  I feel that I've made no progress and am concerned.

So here is the link:  Ask the Doctors a Question

Good luck, and please let us know both whether the doctors give you an answer and how it goes at your consultation.  I think the consultation is an excellent idea.
hi and thanks for the advice, im new here sorry, i later found out that i can ask a doctor. here is the link to my post : http://www.realself.com/question/fix-my-dental-protrusion-extractions-and-years-braces
No need to apologize :D.  I'm happy to see you already posted a question!  I hope an answer is forthcoming.  Unfortunately, I cannot follow questions like I can reviews, so I won't know what the doctors say when they answer you.  But if you update here, then I'll be notified.  Thank you for letting me know!

Ok this is my current progress 6/2/2014

Alright this is my current progress as of this month, my mouth is still protruding a lot. The spacing’s are closing but I’m not sure if the back teeth are moving forward or not because I only want the front teeth to move backwards instead.
I asked a similar question about (bi-maxillary) mouth protrusion and the use of TADS was highly suggested. The way your orthodontist responded to your suggestion on tads is rude and I would find another doctor.
it takes longer to fix overbites, I had a friend with a over bite s lot similar to yours, and she worn braces for 5 years!! After the five years her over bite did improve a whole lot but she is still left with a slight overbite, her teeth rare now 95% better!! I'm having braces put on in two more weeks, this will be my 3rd time!! (I know thats crazy!!) But I am determine to get the smile I always wanted!! Hopefully this will be my last time!! They always say the 3rd one is the charm lol!! Good luck on finding a new orthodontist!! Hope everything works out for you and you get your dream smile!!
How much time is between the first and second sets of pictures?  It seems like there is noticeable improvement, but there are some differences in the angles, so that may be all I'm seeing.  I think you're doing the right thing getting a second opinion from doctors here on RealSelf.  Take any real-life second opinions with a grain of salt.  It's good to do them, for sure, but if they think they can get you as a client, it's to their advantage to play up the slowness of the improvement.  I'm not saying they will, and it's unethical to do so, just make sure you are working with someone you can trust.

Just to give you a little perspective, Severe overjets like yours are one of the very most difficult things to fix in orthodontics.  They are non-trivial.  You may even want to clarify what result your doctor is confident you will get.  It may be physically impossible to get the kind of change you are looking for without jaw surgery, if your protrusion is skeletal.  So you'll want to ask about that at your consultation as well.
Dr. Steven D. Aaron

He’s a nice guy and he knows what he's doing. the staff at his office are just rude.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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