5 Weeks PO!!!!!! Slow Progress,But Still Worth It!!!!

I am 43 years old 5'4" and 178lbs and...

I am 43 years old 5'4" and 178lbs and have spent my whole life try to please others, but now that all of my kids are grow it's all about me!!!!!!!!! My husband keeps saying I don't need this and he loves me the way I am because he doesn't know how miserable I am with this baby bump in front of me , I look 6 months pregnant... I love this site been reading the stories fo about 3 months finally got up the courage to post. Oh almost forgot I'm scheduled for a full TT, MR, and lipo flanks upper and lower back on June 18,2012. So overly excited can't wait!!!!!

June 18th is approaching fast, have you started preparing yet?

Hello everyone. My day is getting closer and I...

Hello everyone. My day is getting closer and I just got up the nerve to post pictures,but I can't seem to do it. Can I upload pictures from my IPad or do I have to use the desktop? HELP!!!!!!
Good luck tomorrow. I'm praying for you. I had mine last monday. It's been a long week, very rough some days but in the end worth it. Just rest well and know you will be fine. Happy healing!
Me too!!!!
Hi Sexysoulsista, I'm so excited that I got everything I needed the day of my pre-op which was June 4th. The only thing I don't have is my recliner which will be delivered on Monday. You guys on this site have really been an inspiration to me. I love reading your journeys and can't wait to be on the flat side. I'm starting to get scared and nervous now but I know that GOD has a plan for me so everything is going to be ok. Thank for checking in with me. I look forward to being TT buddies!!!!

Ok ladies i just added some photos. I think I did...

Ok ladies i just added some photos. I think I did it right... Anyway tomorrow is the big day for me so wish me luck!!!! No turning back now!!! I got everything done,brought all my supplies, did all the grocery shopping, and my recliner is being delivered at 12:30 pm. I am fortunate enough to say that my mom lives with me and my husband so she is going to take care of me,but we will make my husband think he is doing it... LOL!!!!!! I love my man to death but he will drive me crazy if Iam sick.... I'm waiting on the Dr. office to call me with my time I hope it's early cause I don't know if I can go without food or water for 12 hours. Goodluck to all the ladies going in tomorrow...... I'm going to send up extra prayers for us all!!!! Talk to you ladies tomorrow from the FLAT side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck with your surgery and I wish you a speedy recovery. Contemplating this procedure next year!
Happy for you! I'm also 43 with 2 grown children. Finally having it our way huh? Feels really good doesn't it. I got engaged last year and preparing for some festivities this summer. This is my 7th week post TT. Very slow process! The surgery itself is a piece of cake. I still have pain killers left. Stop taking them on day three. I'm new to this group. I've been reading and getting some really good advice so I decided to check in. You will be just fine. I wish I had got a recliner, which is an excellent idea. I'm sure you will be very comfy in it. My honey took two weeks off with me and took very good care of me. Life is good and recovery is slow. I'm soooooooooooo satisfied though with results. At 7 weeks I still can't wear jeans or my slacks. Feels like to much pressure on my tummy. Looking better everyday. Good luck and I will check back with you Mrs. Russ
Sorry I put up the wrong date. My surgery is tomorrow June 19th, thanks for thinking about me. I was so looking forward to this, but now I'm getting nervous . I'm going to just spend the day at home relaxing and trying to get my nerves under control. Lol!!! I'm also going to try to figure out how to post my before pictures so you all can see what a mess my body is :( One more day and I to will be on the flat side!!!!!

Well ladies today is my day. Yayyyyy !!!!!! I'm so...

Well ladies today is my day. Yayyyyy !!!!!! I'm so excited. I'm kinda bummed because my surgery isn't until 3:30pm,and I can't have anything to eat or drink for the rest of the day. Oh well the price we pay for beauty.....anyway guess i'll just lay around and watch t.v till 3:30. Sending up prayers for everyone going in today!!!! See you ladies on the FLAT SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sending speedy recovery prayers your way!
Good Luck!!
Good luck to you . Can't wait to hear how happy you are. But first take care of yourself. I'll pray for you.

I made it to the Flatside!!!!!!!! My surgery was a...

I made it to the Flatside!!!!!!!! My surgery was a breeze. I went in at 3:00pm and was back home at 7:30. The first couple of days was a little rough, I'm not feeling any pain because I have a pain pump only soreness in my abs and back from the lipo. Ladies if your Dr uses the pain pump get it's so worth the money. I had my post op today and my stomach looks so good it's a little swollen but I love. I took pictures but have to get on the desk top to post them. I want to watch the Miami Heat win the Championship tonight , but I'm scared I might bust a stitch.... LOL!!!!!!!! Oh I have not had a BM yet but lots of gas... The key to beating this is to get up and walk the more you move around the better you will feel. Your body will tell you when to rest so don't over do it!!!! Happy healing to all for now.
Glad to hear your doing good!

Today is day 4. I'm doing pretty good, I was...

Today is day 4. I'm doing pretty good, I was having really bad back aches. I couldn't sleep in the recliner because I couldn't find a comfortable position and my back was killing me the first couple of days. I couldn't sleep in my bed because it's to high so I ended up in bed with my mom... Lol!!!! Now since everything is getting easier I'm back in the recliner. I stopped taking the demoral for pain on day two. I only take Tylenol for the soreness not really in pain because of my pain pump I am numb in my belly waist and hips. Getting the pump and drains removed on Monday we'll see what happens then Lol!!! My hubby has been a real tropper, he has really stepped up his game. I love the way he has been taking care of me. I'm going to try to post pictures later. Happy healing to all!!!!!!
Glad you made it through the procedure and things appear to be ok so far. Hope you continue to get better.
Glad you're healing well! Isn't that pain pump the best thing ever?!!! It doesn't hurt when they pull it out just a weird sensation inside since it's in there deep! A preview of how it will feel to have your drains removed LOL. Well, your looking great! Welcome to the flat side and take it easy! Happy Healing!!!
Glad to hear you are feeling better. PAIN PUMP??? I wish I would've known that existed lol lol I still can't find a comfortable position. It's day 7 for me and they took the drain out. I'm still in alot of pain and discomfort. They pain meds made me really drowsy and nauseous so I stopped taking them.

Ok, so today makes day 6 PO. I had my pain pump...

Ok, so today makes day 6 PO. I had my pain pump removed today, but I still have these darn drains. They will be coming out this week... Prayerfully!!! So anyway I'm going through the depression stage been crying for everything and very mean to my hubby when I know he is doing his best to take care of me!!! I love him and I'm going to have to do something really nice for him when this is over. So now I can't find a comfortable position to sit in or lay in every thing hurts my back this is the only pain I have. Any suggestions? I can't sleep in bed or recliner!!!! Tonight I'm going to try to take something the Dr gave me to sleep. Wish me luck!!! Happy Healing to all!!!!
Sorry you're so uncomfortable! Definitely take the sleeping pills do you can rest, hope you feel better soon!
if you sleep on your recliner had some pillows under your legsto elevate them a bit more so you can take some pressure off from them roll a small towel and put it behind your neck and take your sleeping pill, unfortunately there will be no way to find comfort but just need to hang in there it will get better , you are not the only one who's going thru depression ( I went thru it as well )it will go away soon , you feel like that because you are depending on your husband and THAT'S OK!!! ...REST! REST!! so you can get that hot body time to heal well and enjoy it later.....hang in there!!!!
I'm sorry the pillows under your legs are to take off pressure off your back I missed that part on my previous reply.....:)

Today is 7 days PO for me and I'm doing pretty...

Today is 7 days PO for me and I'm doing pretty good. I was having lots of back pain yesterday but I took the advice you ladies gave me and I slept soooooo good last night. Thanks to the ladies for this site I can truly say that anytime I'm having a problem I just post on here and someone always gives me an answer. I truly thank GOD for all of you and the support that are freely able to offer each other when needed. May GOD bless each and everyone of you. Happy Healing:)
Thanks pocahontas12. Itook your advice and it worked. The pillows under my knees really helped and the sleeping pill helped me sleep a little longed, I was scared to take them because of rumors from others. I now know that I what MY dr tells me in order to heal properly. Thanks again!!!!!!!!
good for you!!! happy healing!!!

Hello ladies. Today makes day 10 PO and I finally...

Hello ladies. Today makes day 10 PO and I finally starting to feel a little normal. I had a little scare yesterday when one of my drains started leaking fluid all down my leg. I called my Dr and he told to calm down and come in the morning and he will remove them,so as of 9:00 this morning I'm drain free!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyy!!!! I'm moving around a lot better without those darn drains.. After my Dr's appt my hubby took me to lunch and we hung out a little,but boy was I tired when I got home. It's like my body goes into shut down everyday at the same time. Is that normal? I'm still real swollen but you can see a big difference in my figure. My tummy is no longer sitting on my lap... Lol!!! I'm tired of sleeping in this recliner so I may try to sleep in my bed tonight. I miss having his warm body next to me,among other things:) but I'm not ready for that yet!!! Lol!!! Any whoo I'm just taking it easy and trying to do what the Dr says so that I can have excellent results, don't want to rush it. I retired from my job in January so I don't have to rush back to work so I'm just going to relax and heal!!!! Happy Healing to all!!!!!!!!

Hello ladies.... Today is day 15 PO and I have...

Hello ladies.... Today is day 15 PO and I have been having this fluid draining and running down my legs. I thought it was normal until it started to have a foul odor to it. This has been going on for a couple of days now. I emailed the photos of the wound to my Dr so I have to go see him at 2:00pm today. Other than that I have been doing ok I guess. I try not to do to much because I get tired really fast. I started driving of Friday and did some Arrands with my mom on Tuesday. I think that I may doing to much to soon so I'm going to try to slow down and relax. I am also in the swell hell stage of my recovery. It seems like my progress is at a stand still but I don't regret any of this. I'm just going to keep my eyes on the prize, which is a flat belly. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better!!!!!!! This is still worth all the suffering for me!!!!!!! Happy Healing to all:)
I hope everything is okay! I can completely relate to jyou and the you are feeling if you need some one to talk to let me know:0) you can also read my post as well
Hi there, I also had a infection in my incision. My PS admitted me to the hospital to get rid of the infection. Mine also had a HORRIBLE smell! Because of my swelling it caused my incision to open just a tad. The infection will go away with the proper antibiotics.

Hello ladies it's been a few weeks since I last...

Hello ladies it's been a few weeks since I last updated so let me start off by saying this has been one hell of a ride. I was doing pretty good until about two weeks ago my incision started to open up. I thought I had an infection but my Dr. said that sometimes happens with the larger tummy tucks. I was ok with that until a hole started to open up and now you can see right into my incision I can even see some of the dissolvable stitches inside of me. I called my Dr. and he had me to come in to check it out. He told me that everything is ok and my incision has to heal from the inside out,so now I'm walking around with a huge hole in my incision. My stomach is still numb so there is no pain I just have to keep the wound clean and dry which is hard because it's draining and i have to keep guaze on it. On a good note I am back sleeping in my bed and I now wear spanx during the day and my CG at night. The swelling comes and goes. my Dr. says I still have lots of swelling so I'm patiently waiting for my final results.All in all I am still very satisfied with my decision to do this and I did a lot of research and read lots of posts on this site so I was prepared for anything. I am posting some new photos of the good and the bad to help someonelse who may need it.Laides keep you head up and be prepared for anything because through all of this I'm still loving my new tummy and the I look in my clothes even with all the swelling and guaze on my incision.....It's still WORTH IT!!!!
That is what I am afraid of. I know I will have to get a large TT and I keep reading how the incision comes open or don't heal properly. This scares me a little.
Hope your feeling great.. I used dr Hochstein as well :)
Hey i was wondering how your wound finished healing i was looking into doing my tummy tuck with this doc do you feel he was good ?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. H is very good so far... His staff is very kind and caring, they answered all my questions every time I called. He is an artist with his hands and is doing more than is required of him. I would recommend him to anyone needing a gifted and professional PS.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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