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So Far, So Good - Miami, FL

I had done an arm lift in 1999 by another surgeon...

I had done an arm lift in 1999 by another surgeon and it turned out a disappointment. For the past several years I've been wanting to get it done over but worried that there were not a lot of doctors doing this type of procedure. I chose doctor Rubinstein because he did have several photos as past patients doing this procedure and they all looked pretty good. Although the anesthesiologist's fee was quite high, now I know where the extra money went in how I was prepped for the 3-hr operation. This was something your would never find if done outside a hospital!! I'm only 4 days out so I will like give another report in a few weeks.

These are my "after" pics from a 1999 armlift

I found these pics of a former arm lift surgery taken shortly after the procedure. from 1999. As you can see it didn't turn out very well. The arms remained basically the same over the next 13 years. I have never been overweight. I had droopy arms due to genetics. Thanks, YiaYia (grandma)

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

How did your surgery go, are you recovering well and not in too much pain?

My surgery went well. The only discomfort immediately after surgery was a sore throat and jaw pain when chewing hard food. Took pain meds for that, not for the arms. I guess it was that breathing tube they shoved down my throat during surgery. My next follow-up is on the 17th. I will update then.

Awesome, so glad everything went well for you. Rest up, have a smooth recovery and I look forward to reading your updates! :-)


12 days post op

The doctor says I'm coming along nicely. Next appointment in 3 weeks. Lots of itching, otherwise, no complaints.

still have a long way to go

i'm still stick with telling the paps, "no photographs, no statements, and absolutely autographs or selfies!!

Exactly 2 weeks after surgery

I've been given the OK to stop wearing a compression type shirt. I bought a couple of really nice stretchy compression tops for Sports Authority but now the time has come to go back to wearing my beautiful holiday clothes/ Anyone want to chime in on how long they had to wear the top 24/7?
Hope your recovery is going well and that you are happy with your arm surgery. Your previous scars were really strange...glad you were able to have them redone...

still doing good

I am now 45 days out and have my professional after pics scheduled for Feb 11. I've been using Mederma Advanced gel every morning and evening and I hope this stuff is really working. I have not used a compression garment in almost a month.
How is your experience when you stopped using the garment? I leave the garment off for approximately 1 hour after taking a shower/bath to a sure my arms and the scar are completely dry but than I'm glad to put it back on even though at night it is quite warm. I have to wear it at least until my next appointment on Feb. 4th.
Wow, that looks nice and similar spot where your scars are as mine. For the last 3 days my left arm near my elbow was bothering me but now I'm not even feeling anything but expect later in the day a little discomfort but hardly enough to complain. I'm still swollen a little bit and still wearing the garment since my doctor stated I need to wear it for 4 weeks all the way over the elbow. I only take it off for a shower/bath and than leave it off for about an hour and put it back on. I don't like cold weather but now I'm glad it is not as warm in Florida as normal. Good luck and I can see you are happy and that is what counts.

worried sick now Jan 22, 2014

my arms look like they're beginning to go back to sagging again. It's no wonder with all the stretching and moving just in everyday activity. Up near the armpits I have ugly pouches that I thought would go down in time but...no, they haven't. I don't want to lift weights. This is not what I signed on for!

70-days post op

.as u can see not much different than 5 days post op. I never did get any swelling so I’m somewhat disappointed that my arms are still so big but definitely still glad I had it done. My Dr said if he had pulled in any more skin I would have trouble reaching.
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to be continued

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