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Dr. Salzhauer is my modern day Leonardo da Vinci!!!

Will be undergoing several procedures (arm lift,...

Will be undergoing several procedures (arm lift, Rhino, bra line back lift & full lipo of the back). Extremely nervous, since I live almost 2 hours away (due to heavy traffic) sitting in a car after undergoing such long surgery. Also, afraid of the pain & not achieving sought after results. Took a long time to save up the money & have waited since I was 8 years old to have an arm lift. Have always had big arms for a small person. Any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated.


You are in great hands. Salz will work his magic on you. I'd love to see photos if you're comfortable posting them. Best of luck to you! xo
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Hi D's Wifey, I do plan to post photos (except nose). At first, I didn't to post pictures at my most vulnerable moment (lol) but, after viewing all these incredible transformations & how everyone here is so hospitable it only right. Hopefully, it will help others as others have helped me.
I'm a little confused about waiting for an arm lift since you were 8 years old? Did you mean 18? 8 sounds so extremely young to be thinking about something like that. I wish you good luck and hope you get the results you are hoping for. My arm lift is turning out exactly or even better than I expected.
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This is getting real Ladies!

The count down begins! 11 more days!!! The funny thing is after reading most posts the PS is requesting to gain weight. My PS requested I lose the weight :(. He's only requesting 10 pounds 8 more to go! Can I do it in 11 days, I ask myself. It was hard to be in a diet during the holidays. BTW, I am an emotional eater & I'm nervous undergoing theses procedures. But, I know if I don't do it now may never will (Have the opportunity to recover for a full month & not worry rushing to go back to work to soon). On the hand, I hope it does not take me a month to recover since now I have to find job (since I resigned from mine). Please don't judge (lol) but, this how much I am wanting to start a new life with a new rocking body! Well, I'm working 2x's a day total of 2 hours. Got most of my stuff except my medications. When I had my BR 5 years ago went crazy & bought everything in sight to help w/ recovery. Probably only used a 1/4 of the items & threw the rest out. So, this time I'm taking it easy. Besides the medications (yet need to purchase) bought some arnica, sterile gauze & tape, Dial (as requested by Dr Salzhauer) & hydrogen peroxide. Am I missing something else? I'm having really 5 procedures (Rhino, bra line back lift, brachioplasty (t-scar) w/ lipo & full lipo to upper & lower back. I'm hoping that after my bra line back lift I look somewhat similar to my wish pic. Please keep me in your prayers because I must admit I am NERVOUS. I was freaking out that have already reschedule my surgery once (originally schedule for the 27th of January). Now, I wished I would have kept it & it would've been 4 days post op... Well best wishes to all who are in my shoes & hope you get what long for. For those that been through it already such Azzmatazz, wishing you a quick & painless recovery process. :)


Everything will turn out great, I know how you feel, I'm nervous too! Wish u the best!
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Thanks for the encouragement :)
Good Luck with everything!!
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Days away from transformation.

Only days away from meeting the new me!!! Lately I've been unable to sleep due to the upcoming surgeries. Still have 5 more pounds to lose in less then a week, oh no! Please keep me in your prayers :). Love you ladies (and gentlemen too).


Hope surgery went well & recovery is as painless as possible.
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Thinking of you! Sending you lots of love and healing thoughts. xoxo
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Good Luck!
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Lengthy 5 hour procedure

Had a total of 5 procedures. As of now only minimal pain probably still under the effects of Anesthesia. Only extremely nauseous but Dr. Salzhauer, anesthesiologist & nurses made sure to keep it under control. Only puked 2 one at dr's office other at home. Dry mouth was a other issue but didn't want give me Gatorade or H2O because it would cause me to gag. Some ice chips provided but I wanted to jug a bottle of H2O so bad. Was discharge around Miami rush hour I think it took almost 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get home. But, I'm alive with very minimal discomfort -Thank you God!!! God is beautiful. Since I'm l bandaged up have no clue how my body looks. BTW, This is how wonderful Dr. Salzhauer is he is sending a nurse to my house 1 day post. I'm 2 hours away from his office. On next blog I will provide a short run down of the day. Best wishes to those getting ready for their procedure & those recovering a quick, painless recovery & rockin results :)


Congrats babe!!! Happy healing cant wait to see the magic he worked on you :)
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I'm so glad it's done! I've been thinking of you all day! That is so amazing they are sending a nurse to you 2 hours away! Major bonus points for Salzhauer! ;) I'm so sorry about the nausea. Try ginger tea. That really helps with nausea. Coke always worked for me when I had morning sickness. Just one sip and I felt better, that's all it took. Make sure you are staying hydrated (even more important since you're feeling pukey). I can't wait to see pics! I already know you look incredible! I'm sending love. Tale it easy and have a super fast recovery. :)
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Thanks you!

Dr. Salzhauer after marking my body up


I am glad you had a safe surgery!
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Thanks!!! Please keep me posted on your upcoming surgery. As soon as I'm able to shower & see my results I will post pictures.

As promised Dr. Salzhauer delivered

His nurse came by to check on me. Was able to get a preview of new body (back, abdomen & arms swollen) but I can already decipher some great curves forming. Too early to see how small my arms will be. Yily the nurse was very nice & patient.


Congrats I am so happy for you..
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Thank you very much.
Wow you made it! I hope your recovery goes quickly! I can't wait to see your results!
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Surgery took place Feburary 11th

Surgery took place Feburary 11th for some reason the timeline is off. That morning took a shower as instructed with Dial soap (so drying). My mother & I left the house around 6 am to be on time for our 8 am scheduled slot. I was calmed & collected maybe the prescribed Xanax helped. Because Sunday night I was a wreck & had a mini crying spell. Was taken to a room asked several questions & I asked several more & more pictures were taken. The nurse anesthetist (CRNA) came in to review the dangers of anesthesia & health/history. Dr. Salzhauer later arrived w/ a big grin & asked if I was ready. Of course I told him I ready for a change but was nervous too. Understandable he said. Once again he reviewed the surgeries & I seized the opportunity to show him my wish nose again. He marked my back and arms & about 30 minutes later was walked over to the Operating room. Recall thinking what a small operating bed (that's why he asked that I lose the weight). The CRNA had served in the Air Force & thanked him for his service while starting my IV. Next thing I know I was in recovery with a very dry mouth & nauseous. Dr. Salzhauer came to check on me vaguely remembered he said I something how well I did & how happy was going to be. That's when I recalled during my markup the Dr had mentioned due to the excess back skin a second surgical scar close to the buttocks may be needed & if I was okay with that. Gave him the ok. But, the second scar was not needed after all. Was in recovery for about 3 to 4 hours need to clarify with my mom. Got home after a long car trip & my husband took over in caring for me.


Oh yay! Thank you for the update. I'm glad you're doing well! I can't wait to see pics. I bet you look amazing. Are you in much pain from the nose? You get the splint off 7 days PO? After the splint is off is there tape or anything on your nose? I don't know much about rhino but I've always wanted to do it. I'm so glad you didn't need the additional scar. :) Sending lots of healing wishes. xoxo
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Took a lot courage to post before pics, please be nice :)

Here's a before. Look at those huge rolls.

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This is about 22 hrs post-op

Still a lot swelling but those rolls appear to be history!!!


Wow, wow, Dr Salzhauer did an amazing job! The last picture you can clearly see no more rolls and a very nice waist. You are going to look stunning once you heal and the swelling goes done.
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As promised I finally took a courage pill & posted some before (scary stuff) &

After pic (only 22 hrs post op). When Dr. Salzhauer nurses came to check on me my mother snapped that shot. Originally I had mentioned I was have 4 procedures but it was a total of 5 (Rhino, t-scar brachioplasty, bra line lift, full lipo to back & lipo to bilateral arms). Surprisingly I have never been in pain just discomfort due to my limitations from the brachio & bra line back lift. The biggest hassle has been the compression garments. The women here (Realself) were right after awhile just want to rip them off. On my BR from 5 yrs ago I went crazy & bought every single item everyone was recommending & most went to waste. This time I wanted to be smarter & careful with my money (since unemployed). Hopefully, this new shape/body gives me that much needed confidence. I was really scared not being able to breath through my nose after the rhinoplasty & honestly have not had any issues besides the dry blood & gunk that feels like a bad congestion (very tolerable). My mother thinks I had a BBL TOO & just keeping it from her. My husband also made a comment regarding my rear end & how plump it looked :). But, trust me ladies & gentlemen no BBL done here, 5 procedures was enough. If I were to make any recommendations especially for those getting lipo or having to wear some sort of compression garment is having those super thick maxi pads to stuff down the garment(s) for those sensitive areas or where the garment(s) dig into the skin. Again best of luck to all you beautiful people here on Realself. The doctors here who also took their time to give of themselves (love u guys). Can't thank you all enough for helping appease some my fears & answering questions.


Congrats!! You look great!! I'm booked for May :)
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Thanks! May is around the corner but you will be in the best of hands. Keep us posted :)
Aaawww... Thank you for being so brave and sharing your pics with us. It's not easy to do but it does show us what incredible results Dr Salz gave you! You look amazing! That's so wonderful you haven't had much pain. I hope the rest of your recovery continues to go smooth.
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Nose splint removed

Had my first post-op yesterday. Finally had my nose splint removed, but now miss it. Felt it guarded my freshly renewed nose. Even though swelling lingers at the tip I can appreciate its beauty. When I saw Dr Salzhauer, I had 101 questions and he still patiently answered them all. I love this man!


How you doing Azteca? Just stopping by to show some love, hope all is going smoothly :)
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Your results look great so far and ur still swollen!!! I am so happy to hear ur doing good take care and thank you for posting pictures so we can all see
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@ BootyiciousMari, thanks! My backside is looking better everyday. Now that the swelling is subsiding my butt is looking plumper. My husband really thinks that I did something to my backside still :).

About time for an update

My back is looking even better as time progresses. My nose is also getting smaller by the day as the swelling at the tip is settling. Stilling living in my sweatpants with my compression garments about 23 hrs a day. Want to do this big reveal (to my hubby) with this awesome red sexy backless piece I bought. All he sees me with are these pressure garments & sweat suits that make me look like the Goodyear blimp. As I commented before never endured any pain. However, for the past week both arms predominately the left side has been swollen. Including underneath my axilla near my boob. I'm really hoping this swelling goes down! Even though my arms are definitely smaller post brachioplasty they still look big (to me). My sweet mother reassures me not to panic it's likely due to the swelling (God I hope so). I've have been walking 4 miles almost daily to aid the lymphatic system. Yes, I'm concerned my arms will not be as small as I envisioned but, will stay positive!


Hey ! How you doing these days?? How do you like your back ???
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My back look incredible! Love how my tighter t-shirts & blouses look now. No more digging in between fat rolls or having to buy thick bra straps. My back finally looks feminine. Hate to admit it but every time I pass a mirror I do a double take. I thought that I had to live with those fat rolls forever. I'm forever grateful to my PS. How was your trip? Did you show off your smooth back ? Will be posting some pics soon.
LOL, I was doing that too , constantly looking in the mirror and just being like WOW, no more roll ha ha ha ! So, I know what your talking about !! I cant wait to see your pics . . . my trip to Cabos is on April 1st, my hubbies b'day ! I cant wait so exited ! I ordered this really cute bikini set that comes 3 piece; one is the bikini top other the bottom and there is another piece on top that comes with it its wider (you can wear the bikini top underneath) and you can even wear pants or whatever on the bottom with it. It covers most of my scar which is what I wanted. The really sides doesnt get covered but my arms are usually there LOL so I dont care about that ! Check it out, its so cute. I got the dark one with flours : http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6029038997.html

Can't believe it's been a month already!

A month ago I was so nervous but also looking forward to finally take care of some of my trouble areas. Words betray me in explaining how much I love my contoured & sexy back! My expectations were highly exceeded. My nose looks better each day. Had my haircut yesterday & the stylist commented how beautifully my features are proportioned. That really meant something since my tip is still swollen & still found my features attractive. In Regards to my arms, still hoping they get smaller. I have this band on my left arm that really bothers me. Don't know if caused by the pressure garment or the brachioplasty itself. The Dr told me to stop using the garments. This coming Friday will probably have the tape removed from all the incisions. Finally will get to see how I'm healing. At the same time I want there as a security blanket. Since the tape does help with tension & prevent the scar from getting bigger/wider. The best to my Salzhauer sisters who are recovering & to those who dates are quickly approaching.


Hey doll! Checking on you how did your appt go? How are you feeling??
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Thanks Needmorejunkinmytrunk, besides this cold I caught, I'm doing very good. My follow went well. Dr said my arms are swollen. So, hoping they do get smaller. Having a cold does not go well with a rhino since not allowed to sneeze through nose or even blow my nose. However, as soon as I start to feel better I will post new pics. Hope all is well with u too!
Aww that must suck! Hopefully you get better soon try those emergen-C drinks I have heard good things. I'm just not so patiently waiting for my date :) lol

Sending positive energy

My Salzhauer sis D'Wifey will be undergoing her procedure tomorrow. You are in my thoughts & prayers!


i see the major diff already,in the actual post op 1 pic. plz post other pix recent,and happy healing!adios. god speed.chica.heal well.
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Hello hun. I wanted to know if your willing to post any updated pictures.
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Girl I gave my deposit today!! I'm sooo excited :D
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Been MIA

Tomorrow I will hit my 2 months post op. Again, I never endured any pain or major discomfort. Which may be a negative thing for me because now I'm thinking of additional procedures (my recovery was a breeze w/ 5 procedures). A week ago had my follow-up & Dr. Salzhauer agreed that I would benefit getting a brachioplasty revision. This revision will probably take place in August of this year. Waiting for the remaining swelling to subside. During my follow up I seized the opportunity to ask if I was a candidate for a neck lift, breast aug & inner thigh lift. Must share what professional & ethical physician Dr. Salzhauer is. He said definitely NO on neck lift ("Your neck, skin & profile is great you don't need anything done to your neck"). His honesty is greatly appreciated. He did say my breast could be evened out (lol, never knew they were uneven). He's very analytical & a perfectionist and I dearly trust his critique. The crazy thing is that I had a breast reduction over 5 years ago & now seeking a breast augmentation (call me crazy).
In regards to the Rhino & Bra line back lift- I'm in love!!!!!!! He blew this one out of the park!!! My results (in my opinion, hubby & mom) he really worked his sculpting magic, hence my da Vinci.
At this moment still looking for employment & it's very discouraging. Will hold my head up high & trust that God will take care of everything. :)


Congrats on your recovery process. And updated pictures?
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Scary before pics-proceed with extreme caution

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Dr. da Vinci aka Dr. Salzhauer


do you have pics? :) im sched. for june 18! How r u doing.. ?
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Hi mia23, Decided to remove my pics about a month ago. But must say you're in excellent hands. My back rolls were actually very enormous (Disgusting) & now I have a beautiful & curvy contour. Let me know & I will upload them for 1 day & remove. Anyways, best of luck & know u will be ecstatic w/ your results :)
I hear ya.. I removed my other procedure pics too! That is awesome your happy .. glad to hear! Maybe if you wouldn't mind you can email me pics:)? Im soo nervous/excited! what areas did you do?

24 Hrs pics


I am scheduled with him on 7 August and if you don't mind I would love to see your pics of your before and after results... You speaking so highly of him does help to set my mind at ease... Glad you are loving your results :)
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Hi extrememakeover, Read your post & you are right, Dr Salzhauer is very nice & extremely talented. I was bless to have found him. Before I carry on, want to Thank You for your service (in the Arm Forces). Very much appreciated :). My experience with Dr Salzhauer has been nothing but pure excellence to the point that I'm going back for more :). My self esteem is much improved (he's truly an artist). I will post my pictures for a day (tomorrow) & remove. Please free to ask questions (even though) I had very different procedures then what you are having. In December, God willing, I will too be undergoing a BBL & breast augmentation. Best of luck :)
Thanks for sharing ! Amazing transformation .
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Before & After


Awww thanks ... That was totally sweet of you to post your pics for a day (which by the way look amazing!!!) It really looks like he was able to give you some great shaping to your back and waist from what I can see. That is pretty incredible. I really appreciate you doing that for me and thank you for the thank you as well ...lol ... Im really glad to hear of another satisfied and happy customer... Thats also great to hear that you are planning on doing BBL and BA... Im not gonna lie Im excited but a little nervous about my upcoming BBL and BA... are there any procedures that he did on you that you were or are unsatisfied with or were you happy with each procedure equally?
Thanks, my back looks very feminine now. Also, underwent a rhinoplasty with amazing results (not posting pics of that for obvious reasons). Now even though my arms are smaller, wished that I would had gone with a full brachioplasty. Which I will in Dec along with the BBL & BA. He's also revising the lateral side of my breasts (small fat bulges). However, he gave the feminine back I always longed for. The BBL is not going to be a full BBL compared to what u are getting or the other women here. I'm actually happy with my projection but I have some dimpling that's going to be taken care of. Will see :). Please keep us posted especially since my upcoming procedures are somewhat similar to yours.

As requested by a fellow RealSelf sister.


Love the transformation! Fabulous :)
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Any new recent one? I know this one is from right after surgery but what about after you healed ? How are the scars?
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Miami Plastic Surgeon

Have not had procedures yet.

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