5 months 34a 5'3 106pounds/300cc HP Saline unders - Miami, FL

I recently got breast augmentation exactly one...

I recently got breast augmentation exactly one week ago today, I was an A cup and I wanted to achieve a small C. I got 300cc HP saline. I have mixed feelings so far because I had really nice breast and now they are square and high. I have no under boob and my chest is popped out. Is this normal? I'm feeling really sad.. I just started my massages so I'm hoping thy start to drop and round.. My natural boobs were round. Please send me some comments!


Rest assured; they will look better and better each week. All the swelling at the upper pole will settle, and they will look like gorgeous, perfect C's!!!
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More from day1


Thank you! They're so much bigger than I wanted right now hoping they shrink in due time I'm very small big breast don't go with my size

Surgical bra

I feel that my bra is too small, am I wrong? How are they suppose to drop and fluff if my surgical bra is tight?... Confused... Really want the dropping process and de-swelling process to begin but I'm afraid it will be delayed with this bra. An when I'm bra-less their so heavy!

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It's like a push up bra lol


Try to have some patience as hard as it may be!! The swelling will go down & they will drop, change, more & more as you progress. I felt as if the sports bras pressed by boobs down as well and I even went up a couple if sizes! Did your PS instruct you to do massages already? :)
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Thank you Hun! I am starting to feel a little better today I realized they has gotten smaller. They change day by change, did you end up Wearing something other than a sports bra? And yes I started my massages when I made a week
Hi how are you feeling? Did he say how long to wear the surgical bra? im going to miami for mine next week with dr freiman. What size were you before?
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Dr Mel Ortega

I just want to say that my doctor was great and the staff was extremely attentive and took great care of me. It may have seemed different in my original post but I was just freaking out and wanted to hear from other woman. Dr Mel is a great PS!


What bra are you wearing? Post a pic? They do take a time to drop and you look very lean so they are going to appear very protruding until the skin laxes and gravity does her work. Patience, and no underwire bras no push ups. Try a genie bra, and gently do your exercises.
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Have patience. It will get better which time.
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I actually wore a sports bra for at least the first 4 weeks then switched to an underwire free bra. I'm 12 weeks post-op and only wear an underwire bra when needed. I had sensitive incisions but healed and had minimal pain elsewhere!

capsular contracture

Okay this topic freaks me out! Anyone have advice on how to avoid getting capsular contracture? And any advice on what vitamins I should take post surgery. I normally don't take any vitamins but I want to start.

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12 days post

I feel better about them everyday it's very interesting watching them change from one day to the next. They definitely have been dropping rapidly and getting softer, my right is way softer than my left and a larger. Is that normal? I am slowly but shortly loving them. It's been a process for me. I can't believe in 2 days ill be at 2 weeks post, wow time is going by fast.


I think they are perfect for your body frame! The higher they are the smaller they are appear to be. You will see it. As they drop, they will become more round and fuller. About CC... Nobody knows what is causing it. Because of that there isn't a specific thing that you can do to prevent it. There are different theories to explain CC, but they have to do more research on that. The best you thing you can do is to maintain healthy lifestyle, and to pick a good surgeon. I think you got it all. :)
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Another freak out!

Tried one some wireless bras yesterday (2 to be exact) just because. I am Definitely not purchasing bras for a while but it was fun to try one on. I did however purchase a super comfortable sports bra since today makes 2 weeks post and I can officially let go of the surgical bra! Which I didn't love.

My left breast has been bothering me lately I hope it's completely normal.. But everything scares me and causes a major freak out. I'm waiting patiently for them to drop soften and fluff. They look better everyday but they're still swollen I'm dying for them to completely de-swell already!!!


You look great! Congrats
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Thank you! I just hope that they don't look to big for my tiny frame that along with other things is a major concern. I never wanted big boobies. Did you or do you still have back pains? It's been 2 weeks for me and my back hurts so bad sometimes! It's intense. I hope that goes away soon.
It's completely normal to experience back pain. Mine was awful for awhile but I think sleeping on my back contributed to it, along with sitting all day at my desk job. Hang in there! :)

Happy camper


I love that black bra, they look greatt!
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Thank you so much!
Multi- vitamin one a day is fine to take every day
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My left breast is way bigger and rounder than my right. My right breast is not as round and it's smaller higher and tighter. It looks strange because my left is bigger and I have some major side boob. Ugh this is really bugging me! Should I be concerned? What do I do?

My boyfriend is coming to see me in a week and he'll see my breast for the first time by than I will be 3 weeks and 3 days post. I hope my right changes I don't want him to see 2 different boobs lol.


Wow you look great! Our bodies seem similar in size, how did you and your dr decide 300cc? That was my original but now I want 350cc because of anatomical implant and under the muscle I would lose some ccs ... Are you fully happy with the 300cc?? You look fantastic
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i love your result!
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Im almost 7 weeks on tuesday & my right is slightly still higher im just massaging it more as PS requested.. Hopefully in time they get with it. I read a lot of girls on here the boobs change after months, even 4 months later… I don't know let's hope.
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Almost 3 weeks!

I am about to hit the 3 weeks mark and my breast no longer feel like foreign objects. They feel like they're mine which is a great feeling. I'm still not in love with them yet but I'm getting used to them. I think once they settle drop and I have more boob in the under pole I will finally love them.

My left is still larger wider and rounder than my right I'm trying to paitent. Hopefully in time they will even out.

Also I can feel the edges of my implant on my right breast does this mean I will have visible ripples edges? I certainly hope not!

Lastly they're still larger than I wanted at the moment I'm hoping in time they get smaller.


I can feel mine in one spot. The r breast on the lower right side. Ps said it's not covered by muscle there and the thinnest area so it's normal to feel it there
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You look great! They already look fantastic. Once they completely drop, your breast would be the most desirable one. It is too early to determine if you have rippling. Everybody will feel them on the side, more towards bottom because they aren't covered with muscle in that area. It is all normal.
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So sad :(

I've been trying so hard to ignore these feelings and be paitent but my breast are so much bigger than I wanted I really regret trusting my PS. I told him I wanted to be a full B small C and he did 300cc will give me that but I am a D cup right I've tried on 34C bras and they're so small. I never wanted my breat to be this size I'm so sad I regret being okay with 300cc and not questioning it. I wish I would of gone smaller. I don't know if ill ever love my breast I barely even like them right now. I have no good feelings about them right now.

In a day and a half ill be at 3 weeks and they haven't gotten any smaller. I hate the size I have it's too big for my frame.

Ugh please lord shrink my breast!!!! I wish I can go back in time and get 275cc or 250 :(


Please stay patient and know that you often have a bit of post op depression. ..I know cause I did. They will get smaller...trust me..it's been a year for me and heaps smaller. I'm the opposite to you...wish I was bigger. You will get used to them soon. Big hugs shell..ps...wait and see how much the boyfriend loves them lol :)
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I agree with Shellysmall! Boobie blues & post op depression go hand in hand! I over analyzed EVERYTHING and wasn't patient. I wish I would've come across this site prior to my BA because it would've easied a lot of anxiety. I also suffered depression too which doesn't help matters, lol. I guarantee you that they will get smaller! But if you're still not satisfied in the long run, talk to your PS about your options. You definitely want to be happy with your body! And it's your surgeons duty to please you. :) like I said, now that mine have settled, I wish I would've gone bigger but was so apprehensive to do so with my small frame. Hang in there!! :)))
I know exactly how you feel!! I came home first thinking they were too small but a couple days later I freaked out and felt they are too damn big for me. I have 375cc and now at almost 3 weeks they are getting a little smaller slowly and dropping bit by bit. I actually like them a little more each day. They say it can take a few months to get smaller I'm still swollen up top and they're still hard. it'll get better soon don't freak out (:
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Wish boobs

If my breast turn out like this photo ill be the happiest girl!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been sending positive comments and trying to ease my worries. I really appreciate it! I'm not happy with them right now but I know I must give it time. I'm trying! Will keep all of you lovely ladies updated


How's everything going
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Not much changes since my last post, tomorrow will be 4 weeks post. They're still really high and I have no boob in my under pole. They're still popping out of my chest not natural looking at all. They're still much larger than I wanted, don't think they're still swollen at this point. So I'm still not happy with them.
I felt the same way for a while about my boobs for awhile but the swelling is going down a bit and I feel much better about them! it's crazy everyone else wants to go bigger after and we're here thinking we went too big. I didn't want anyone to notice but I had some people already ask if they are real so it must be obvious they aren't... hopefully after the swelling goes down you'll feel better about them. Also cup sizes really depend on who makes them I went to victoria secret and in the Body by Vs I'm only fitting I to a 34 B/34c but in pink I'm more of a 32D so don't freak out about size but more on how they look on you! Stay positive hun they look great so far (:
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4 weeks tomorrow

9 days ago I posted how I was not happy with my breast and that hasn't changed. Tomorrow I will be at 4 weeks post and my breast really haven't changed much. They're still high and I have NO breast in my under pole and its not cute! They don't look like normal breast, they look strange on me. They're still much larger than I wanted and I don't feel like they're swollen anymore at this point. They're still looking like they're popped out of my breast it's not natural at all.

I thought at 4 weeks ill be happier with them an notice a lot of changes but I was very wrong and this sucks. I wish I was one of those girls who loved their new breast. So far my breast are not even close to the look I wanted.

In 2 weeks I'm going on vacation with my love. 7 days in Mexico an I hope and pray that they look so much better but I'm really doubtful since they haven't changed much in the last 2 weeks. I want to look good in a bikini and I want to feel comfortable naked around my man.

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Popped out of my chest*****


Hi!!! I bet you will eventually love them and they will be exactly what you want! The swelling takes up to 4 months to go away...trust me you are definately still swollen. As the weeks go by, you will notice a decrease in size. Also, dropping and fluffing takes a long time, you are only weeks out. I was seeing changes up to 2 months ago and I'm 8 months post op! It's hard, but be very patient!!! I'm sure you will love them in months to come:)
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Hi...I think you look amazing....but I understand that you have to feel comfortable with them...just remember that you do have to give it a lot of time for them to settle and drop...I know it's easier said then done. maybe if you can show up a pic of you without the bra on and that way we (realself) can help you with any feelings and/or questions you have....regardless you deserve to be happy so just hang in there and I'm sending positivity your way! :) my surgeon suggested 300cc's and I'm 5'8 and 113lbs...so I'm curious to see how you look without a bra on! :)
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You look amazing girl!! Love your boobs and hope mine turn out like yours! :)
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Finally uploading photos. They're looking better but not quite there yet. 4 weeks tomorrow.

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In the photos you can clearly see that my right is the smaller breast. My left is wider and larger.


And... Your boobs DON'T heal at the same pace. That is all normal. You aren't a robot. Your body is smarter than you think, and healing process is very complex. The same is with incisions. For example, I have some lumps under my right incision, but not under my left... It bothered me at the beginning, but I figured out that I have to stop unless I want to ruin my recovery. The more you stress the more damage (mentally and physically) you can make. Also, ask your surgeon about strap. It can help your boobs drop faster. Good luck!
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Had to upload these again


You look amazing. It's interesting because I got 600cc HP silicone, but mine look just a bit bigger than yours, I think (I am 5'6 135 lbs). I think that goes to show you that it's so important to consider body frame when choosing size. I honestly think that 300 looks perfect of your frame! Your body looks AMAZING! I would trade in an instant!
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4 weeks! NEW PHOTOS

I went shopping today for stuff for Mexico. I tried on soooooo many things! About 30 items dresses jumpsuits rompers tops and Bralettes. It was interesting trying things on with my new additions.

I'm attaching some photos of my shopping spree


Aw Thank you so much! Im getting use to them day by day it's going to take me some time I know I will fall in love with them once they drop and settle till then it's a process. It's such a huge change I've been tiny my whole life so adjusting has been difficult. My boobs are so big it's so weird just saying that lol! And yes that's why you can never compare ccs because they look different on different body frames
Thank you Hun!
Thank you! I swear they're larger than they appear to be in the photos or maybe im tripping lol the side photos I posted is of my right breast which is the smaller one. I have so much cleavage it's crazy! Didn't expect it. I've talked to my Cordinator about my concerns but all they say is give it time BLAH! It's been 4 weeks today so I'm hoping ill start I see some major changes in the upcoming month *fingers crossed*

Blurred photos

If anyone has been wondering why I blur the section between my chest it's because I am blurring out my tattoo that I have there.


First and foremost, we are our own worst critic duh, don't be so hard on yourself!! You have an amazing figure and your new addition REALLY rocks your bod! Patience is the worst part of this recovery process but you come out a stronger woman for sure! I'm at 2 months post op and my left sits just a hair lower than my right... I'm right dominant. There's factors that play into how things heal but also work with your body while healing. My fellow boobie buddy Nikki down there is always trust worthy with her health and body stats, she brought some things to light I hadn't considered ;) Your dominant side will be more muscular meaning tighter looking breast that may sit higher or lower for instance. Looking at your progress you're on such a beautiful recovery no joke! Fitting into things will be a challenge like you've encountered BUT personally speaking my first "relieved sigh" moment wasn't until the week I hit two months. Bathing suits are the most frustrating thing to encounter I think, so be ready for more obstacles to come with an open mind. I cannot stress enough wait it out. No matter what size or shape we've all got positive input and very genuine love to share here!!!!! Xoxoxoxo
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U look great hope to have mine like yours enjoy sis
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Rocking those pics girl...I would kill for boobs like yours. Xoxo
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5 weeks

Time is flying by! It's been 5 weeks since my surgery. I've been back to normal pretty much since week 3. I feel like my boobs havent really changed in the last 2 weeks, they're still super high.

My left is still larger rounder and wider it pisses me off how much it projects out compared to my right. My right is smaller and less round but it's longer than my left if that makes any sense. Sometimes they're super soft it scares me and I begin to wonder if my implant popped :O my nipples look low because I have no breast in my under pole and I want that to change so bad. Nipples are suppose to be in the middle! :(

they definitely don't look natural I hope that that will change because I asked for a natural look. Right now they look like high round balls on my chest. It's not a good look.

This has been a rough road for me I had no idea how long it will take for them to look like "normal" breast. I have moments where I'm super down and sad because they aren't how I imagined & wanted them to look but I'm hoping time will change that.

I was hoping for ALOT of dropping before Mexico but that's not happening so I won't be wearing triangle bikini tops but I'm still excited for my vacation 4 more days!


Hi! I am 1 month post op and my left is slightly bigger than my right. They have evened out more but will never be exactly the same because I had volume assymentry to start with. however it isn't very noticible anymore as they are still dropping and fluffing . also my right is a bit softer than my left that has to do with the amount of tissue I had before implants. I had the same feelings of not liking my boobs feeling like mine are too small..lol! I went from a very flat A cup to a C . they are still changing and will change more over the next 2 months. I don't think your boobs are to big for you. just try to be patient ..it is hard to do but they do change...wishing you boobie happieness!!!!
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Have you posted any before pics I didn't see any? I noticed when girls come into a BA with a sag the boobs come out more natural looking if they don't do a lift. Its hard because we have "fakies" now girls that come in flat chested always have a perky look after.
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under the muscle usually take much longer to settle than in front. but they will - time time and more time. :) You will love them in time!
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Feeling better

I've notice alot of changes in my breast today, I started massaging the entire breast last week (I was only pushing them down the first 4 weeks) and my breast have definitely dropped. I think the swelling may be gone but I can be wrong. My right breast UGH I love the size it's gotten so much smaller its the size I wanted! But my left :'( is much bigger I hate it! I don't know If my right will get bigger or my left will get smaller (to even out) but they're definitely not the same size. My left is much larger when I try on bikinis my right fits perfectly and my left is popping out. It's stressful!

I am feeling much better today I certainly have a long way to go but finally at 5 weeks and 2 days I am starting to like my new boobies LIKE not love just yet but we'll get there. I can't wait till they settle I am so excited for the final look!

I've noticed in the morning they're hard and look like rocks on my chest but once I massage and the day goes on they soften and look much better. They get softer everyday, some girlfriends of mine touched my boobs today and said they feel soft and look great! Yay!

I went shopping for a bikini and it's been a difficult task finding one I'm still on a mission but I am posting photos of some of my new items.

Thanks so much to all of you lovely ladies who have been posting lovely comments, they make me feel so much better!


Hey hun your journey is very helpful to many thanks for sharing. Your last update looks good. Did your p.s. ever advice you to use a strap so they can drop? Remember be patient because they still have somer dropping to do.
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How's everything going
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They look very natural and big. Thanks for sharing your journey.
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7 week update

Hey guys! I am officially 7 weeks! Can't believe I'm about to be 2 months post!

I got back from my vacation on Sunday evening I spend 7 days in Mexico with my love and it was wonderful. We jet skied snorkeld and enjoyed absolutely nothing but relaxing. I didn't wear a 2 piece bikini because I had such a hard time finding one that fit me right and looked good so I just wore one of my old cut out one piece that I love and it worked. So I don't have any bikini pics unfortunately.

My breast started to change the most 2 weeks ago. They have dropped and I'm pretty sure the swelling is gone. I still have the same issue with my left breast, it's larger and pops out more than my right. My right is just what I wanted and it's coming along well. At this point I don't think my left will even out with my right I think my doctor messed up with my left boob and there's no turning back now so I guess I just have to deal and hope in time it will not be to noticeable. I still don't have breast in my under pole and I really really hope that changes I thought that will start to change when they started to drop. They have began dropping but that hasn't changed.

My breast definitely look better than they did at week 1-5 so I'm looking forward to month 3 to 6. I don't love them still but Im not as sad as I was before. I feel much better about them. I will love them when they drop settle and my nipples are in the middle aka I have breat in my underpole.

I've been bra less during the day for the past 2 weeks, I wear a bra to sleep most times but not always.

It's so weird how used to my breast I am I forget I got them done sometimes. They've softened ALOT infact sometimes I don't feel my implant and I freak out!


They are really nice and big . My one with 340cc much much smaller, I wish to have yours on me :)
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Lucky duck you for getting to go to Mexico. I'm jealous of your results (as they are so far)
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Your breasts look so good! I hope mine turn out like yours are you kidding girl?! I hope you'll learn to love them soon and everything evens out! Xox
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Some thoughts

A Few things!
I miss sleeping on my stomach UGH! I'm having major withdrawals everyone I try to sleep on my stomach I can't stay in that position for to long because it's not comfortable plus I'm paranoid. Hopefully at 3 months?

I've been slacking on my massages I started messing up in Mexico I barely massaged them while I was there and since I've been back I've been doing 3 a day sometimes 5.

I am a performer and I've taken time off dancing for a while after surgery my doctor told me wait 4 weeks but at 4 weeks I decided to wait longer before I danced full out. I started using my upper body more (while dancing) yesterday & today and it's so weird when I use my muscles. It doesn't feel right I just hope I don't mess anything up. I'm not going to hard but even doing normal activities it feels weird if I use my muscle normally it's not on purpose.
It's crazy I had no idea how muh I used my chest muscles until I had surgery! Such a learning experience.

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Darn typos!

Every time I try**


I love your results.
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I totally understand that it's weird using your chest muscles. It's a weird feeling!
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So I read on a girls review her PS said about 6 months till the breast even out if you got different cc on each side..
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8 weeks

Really?! I am 8 weeks.. wow time flies I use to be so impatient but time is speeding on by. There hasn't been any changes since my 7 week update. I have the same pros and cons they're looking good but my left is larger & ETC I'm just giving it time.

My breast have been killing me all week because I am about to get my period. My breast are super swollen too. For years I've had terrible breast pain right before my cycle and that was the time of the month that my breast looked bigger but they hurt so very bad. I wasn't sure if that would continue after my BA but now I know it's here to stay!

Well there's my short update I hope all is well with everyone xoxoxo


I was thinking why is she in pain at 8 rights post op? Yes your period. Have you ever had that checked by a doctor? Never heard of that bad of pain because your menstrual cycle? My boobs did hurt when I first got them done when I was angry or cold outside. I'm now about 3 months the 11th they finally feel like mine and I can sleep bra less without feeling uncomfortable or sleep good sideways.. Happy healing they look great especially your scar is healing beautiful
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Hey! My regular PS knows about my breast pain before my cycle it's normal some ppl get back pains cramps etc I get swollen painful breast and it's been this way for years. Before I got on the pill I use to get all the symptoms terrible cramps back pains breast pain and now it's just breast pain. I was hoping somehow breast implants will prevent the breast pain lol that was foolish. Thanks for the scar compliment I've been so laid back with it I haven't started treating them and I haven't decided what I'm going to use yet.
Thank you!

Dentist advice requested

Hey ladies! I need some feed back. I need to go to the dentist I have to get a root canal, a cleaning and some fillings (I know so much work) I have a crazy addiction to sweets and I have so many issues with my teeth since I was a child but I am afraid because I read that it can be dangerous to go to the dentist when you have breast implants because the bacteria that goes into your system while they're doing the work can potentially get into your implants and cause capsular contractor. Now I don't know the facts that's just what I've read and I'm very nervous! I don't want to keep waiting because I've honestly been holding this off for a longgg time (I hate getting silver fillings) and I'm afraid if I hold it off for much longer ill end up getting a major toothache and infection which can't be good for my implants either :(

What do you ladies know about this? Have any of you been to the dentist in the early months after surgery? What does your doctor or dentist say? Can this really happen? If so what are the chances? What can I do to prevent any issues?

Unfortunately I am not in touch with my PS because my aftercare hasn't been to great so I won't be reaching out to my PS. Which is why I need some feed back from my boobie friends on here.

Thanks in advance xox
P.S I am 2 months post op


Hey girl! Your boobs look great, have you still been massaging them? Also did u get any numbness or loose nipple sensitivity during your healing?
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Thanks! I still massage them I try to do 3 massages a day. They're still high and have alt of dropping to do. I didn't have them inserted through the nipple so I didn't loose any sensitivity and I only experienced numbness in the first week.
Have to wait 6 weeks or 5 because any infections…. I had to go through this as well..
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Forgot to add these new photos


your boobs look perfect right now! i have boob envy!! haha please continue to post updated pics! ;)
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Your breasts look perfect! I know we have such different emotions during the healing process. It's an emotional roller coaster!
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Omg is your hair blue?? I wanted to add that color pastel blue to my hair, like the tips or even all my hair ha!
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11 week update

Hey ladies! It's been a while since my last update I really haven't had much to say but I read everyone's updates :)

I can't believe in a week I will be 3 months post! That blows my mind! I feel like I've had boobs forever...

I still have the same issues-my left is MUCH larger it hasn't changed one bit! It projects out so much more than my right and because of that it sits differently.. I Wish I could post a pic but I don't want to post nudes due to my tattoo in the middle of my breast and if I blur It out you can't really see some of my major differences+my man isn't okay with it. Also my left is higher.

My right is my smaller breast (obvi) and it's a different shape, it sits completely differently than my left its flatter and more natural if that makes any sense.....0.o... My right nipple is higher than my left nipple. It's definitely dropping quicker than my left I guess it's "ahead of the game".

They're looking a little weird as they drop this is such a longggggg process. But I'm glad they're dropping :)

Overall I love having boobs even though they're so much bigger than I wanted and I really really wish I went smaller. I still don't love them but I'll get there. I feel sexier in clothes for sure but weird in push up bras I'm not a fan. I prefer their natural placement verses being pushed up. I really really hope they even out and look ALOT better when they settle. I hate my left boooo lol!


You have really REALLY gorgeous results!
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Hiya. Your boobs look beautiful but I have the same problem as you. I had my op in Jan and my left side is still bigger than my right. It was always slightly bigger on that side but it was never really this noticeable until you put an implant in. You can't really see it with clothes on but when I get dressed/undressed I get a bit down about it. My right was always a bit higher too. Left dropped really quickly and it is rounder and heavier looking. I wore a strap on my right side and it did help the right side to drop down and my nipples are almost even but they don't look identical. I have a follow up with my surgeon in September to see how they change over time as he knows I'm not 100% happy. They kept telling me all along that boobs are always pretty much assymetrical and they keep showing my old photo to show that they were slightly different shapes and sizes to begin with but I guess I was hoping perfect boobs like you see in pictures. It has been a huge rollecoaster and I love them but the size difference does bother me :-( I kind of wish I would have seen another surgeon before choosing this one as I wonder if I had had a better result if my surgeon had put a different size implant on my right hand side. He put same cc (535) on both despite the small size difference. I'm now 12D (I think 34DD in Europe). But they don't look too big on me at all. Just the right size for my frame. Argh!
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Thank you! :) just posted an update xx

3 months

I am officially 3 months post! Crazy crazy time flew by. In the beginning everyone was saying wait till your 3 months that's when you'll see your final results-well I disagree. I'm 3 months and I know my boobs aren't done changing. They better not be!

I still have the same issues that I've wrote about in every single post lol so I won't repeat myself. I haven't experience much changes.. They're definitely still dropping.. My nipples are still low I'm waiting for them to be in the middle.. I feel like they've gotten bigger :( and I've got stretch marks they appeared a little over a week ago and I'm extremely sad about it. I mean I don't even have kids and I have stretch marks on my breast.. They're pink right now so I know they're not done healing. I've been using coconut oil and vitamin E. Ladies let me know if you know of great products for stretch marks. If I would of gotten the size I wanted maybe I wouldn't have stretch marks..

I still wish my breast were smaller my doctor really screwed me over I made it clear that I wanted to be a full B small C and I am D cup. I tried some bras on at VS the other day and I only fit a 32dd but I know their bras run small I don't trust VS sizing. But I was really depressed about that bra size.. I got emotional and cried.. I am considering down sizing if I still feel like they're to big at 6months to a year. I wish I was a 32C..

I purchased a wireless pad-free Calvin bra at macys in a 32d it's so comfortable!


I think you look beautiful and hope you are more comfortable with the size. My BA is coming up in about a month and I am having the same concerns. How tall are you and how much do you weigh? I was considering 304 to 339 ccs (allergan) but not sure yet. Thank you for sharing!
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your girls look beautiful, I had a similar size and think they are a bit too big and swollen, I can't wear anything low cut as it looks like I'm wearing a pushup bra, but I hope mine drop like yours!
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I think they look proportionate to your body, hope you end up with the results you are wanting!! My right is slightly bigger but isn't horribly noticeable at this point but I'm only 1 week post.
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23 years old

Hey ladies! I really don't have much to say.... I just wanted to post some new photos. I'll write a more detailed update when I make 4 months in 10 days :)

* I just turned 23 this week :) *


Hey have you had your dentist visit yet? I have to schedule an appt really soon because my molar is decaying! It's only now causing me a ton of pain. I had to start taking what was left of my percs/t3s last night but the pain still woke me in the middle of the night!
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I haven't gone to the dentist yet I've been holding it off for as long as I possibly can I'm going soon most Likley in September I'm so so nervous about it. I spoke to someone at my ps office when I posted about it and they told me to take 2 doses of antibiotics before my dental work and then take the rest of the antibiotics after. Talk to you PS

Cheers to 4 months!

Hey ladies! I hope everyone is enjoying summer'14, I've barely been on here but it's really because I haven't had much changes. I remember being so obsessed with this process in the beginning stages and it's completely different now. Sometimes I forget I've gotten my boobies done, it feels like I've had them forever. I can't even imagine myself with my itty bitties anymore.

So I haven't had many changes... My left is still my bigger/higher boob. My right is lower and smaller but my nipple is higher, my left nipple is still low and it just makes my left boob look sad.. Literally a sad looking boob lol it's dropped but the nipple hasn't moved and I have no idea if it'll ever change. I stopped massaging them about almost 2 months ago when I found my first few stretch marks, I don't know if that will help with my left nipple. When did you stop massaging?

I have a lot stretch marks on both breast.. They're super pink and have been for about 2 months. The only thing that really bothers me is having pink stretch marks on my cleavage. I can't even enjoy showing the girls off sometimes because my stretch marks show :( I've been using cocoa butter for the past month. Hoping for a miracle.

I can honestly say that I didn't get my dream boobs but I've come to live with that and I'm okay with it. I don't regret getting my breast done however I do regret not being on this site prior to my surgery and gathering all of the informative information on here and deciding on less cc's.

I sometimes think how my breast will look if I got a different profile.. Will they be smaller if I would of gotten moderate? But because of that will I not have them as close together as they are (which I like)?
My high profiles pop out of my small frame so I sometimes wonder...

At 4 months I am extremely grateful to have gotten here with no complications (so far) I'm so thankful that although I may not have my dream results I have healthy good looking breast. My heart breaks for woman who have gone through and are going through tough complications.

I LOVE having breast I am so happy that I got mine done and I can finally say that I'm at a good place with them. I look forward to watching them change this year. I know it takes a full year for them to be %100% healed.

Cheers to 4 months!


I don't think they are large ! They look fit your body perfectly ! I have seen many ppl regret of BA went too small You look beautiful ! Mine would be 300 and 325 next week . Hope it look good !!! So excited ! :)
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With a lower profile they will be flatter. The higher e profile great the projection. You can get a different profile but the width will be the same they just wouldn't stick out from your chest the same distance.
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I love your results! I went with 280cc/310cc hp and as the swelling goes down they are lookin SO small! So weird how different sizes look so different on people. But I think your still looking amazing.
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Hey everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your summer.

I am about to be 5 months post in a few days and I've been experiencing some pain in the bottom corner of my left breast (inner corner) it started a few days ago and it's gotten a little worse. The pain comes and goes. It's not unbearable but I don't know if I should be concerned? And what to do? My doctor is in Miami and I have not been in touch with him because my clinic kind of sucks with after care.

Please Let me know what you think xx


Thank you! Hope your loving your results x
Thanks Hun! Hope your loving your new boobies!



How are you doing now? I think they look beautiful and they look even with a top on. Thank you for all of the information. I was thinking of using your surgeon possibly instead of the one I chose but I'm having second thoughts now. I hope you are well!
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If it's worse I think you should take an X-ray to make sure they are ok !
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Have you been doing massage at least 2 times a day? Hope massage could help the pain goes away because it was help me when I feel pain because of the muscle and scR tissue are tighten the implant . They make it hurt sometime !
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