32 Years Old, Always Dreamed of Getting Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Constantino Mendieta for Past 10 Years - Miami, FL

I am so excited about my upcoming procedure...

I am so excited about my upcoming procedure scheduled next week.
I had a recent scare. On July 8, 2014, my doctor told me my white blood cells were too low to give me medical clearance for the surgery 3 weeks prior. I have since started a high protein diet over the past 2 weeks and I had to do repeat labs on 7-21-14. Well I got my results on 7-22-14 and they were GREAT! I feel great! I had no idea I was so deficient in protein, however I started a diet 3 months ago that removed the bulk of my daily protein intake.
I work in a very stressful environment of management. Some call me the firefighter, but one thing about me I do not quit until the job is complete. Which is why one day it hit me and I said I will move forward with the surgery of my dream, The Brazilian Butt Lift.
I have been researching Dr. Mendieta since spring 2004. I remember I was a senior in College and the new show “Beverly Hills 9021 Plastic surgeons” was airing all over the nation weekly. I was able to get my firsthand experience behind the walls of a plastic surgeons office.
I have gotten to a place in my life where I am ready to demand my body to do what I need it to do. I haven’t had any children, no major surgery and I’m only getting older. NOW IS THE TIME. Overcome everything I allowed to distract me and get in the way of getting my surgery. No Turning Back, Finally doing something for ME!!!!!
I am excited to have a NEW ME. This procedure is going to change my life forever! I want to ensure it is for the best.
I have done everything that has been asked of me by my primary care physician. And I’ve completed extensive research on pre- and post-surgery tips, and I have pulled together my CARE PACKAGE to ship to my hotel!
I’ve been a member of the Real Self Community and learned so much since joining. The encouragement and support prepares you in a way I would have never imagined! No TURNING BACK NOW!
My expectations:
My expectations is to have a hour glass figure with .7 ratios. I want a very small waist, curvy full buttock, round hips, and space in between my inner thighs.
Today I purchased my HIVAMAT for Lymphatic Massages. I want to ensure a speedy recovery, and I want the very best results. I want to begin using this as soon as my body can handle it. I think that if I am going to endure all of this pain I need to ensure I have the BEST EVERYTHING for recovery. It cost me an additional $3,000! After reading all the stories of post-surgery experiences regarding protein buildup, scarring of tissue, swelling, drainage, this seems like a necessity to reduce all the side effects with aggressive LIPO!
Any pics?
Good luck today!!!!
Best wishes & happy healing. Dr. Mendieta did my BBL surgery in May & he gave me the perfect .7 ratio. I'm 10 weeks post-op & loving my results. I followed his pre & post surgery care/advice to the T and highly recommend him. Enjoy your journey!

I day post surgery

Okay surgery went great, yesterday and my doctor, family and i feel my results are impeccable! My strength is really good. The pain is not as bad as anticipated. Today im regaining strength today by eating. I will post pics.
Wooohooo .. cant wait. Glad everything went well. Xoxo

6 days post surgery

Wheew! Its been a tough week. Last night I finanlly slept 5 1/2 hours without getting out of bed. I had my bowl movement after 3 days after this ive been pretty consistent. Eating all the right foods helps with healing. Swelling is major and I learned that I can not have a message until the drains out. Yesterday the nurse was able to take out 1 drain but not both:(. So I cant push those toxins out of my lymph nodes! Im taking 21 meds a day and good ole soul food like burgers, chicken, steak!
Happy healing sis can't wait to see your results
Thanks im mending back together. Im so glad I took off the maximum time allowed. I have learned no matter how strong you feel you will still easily faint!
It is definitely a journey. He is a awesome doctor!

day 7 post op

One drain still in draining more than 2 5cc within 24 period

day 9 all drains out

Met a wonderful nedical massage therapist. Shr really educated me on how my body lymphatic system responds the process liposuction and of getting tockins and fluid out of thru lympathic massages . She was not afraid of excreting fluid. Truely talented professional. Her name is msrioan medicalmassageprofessionals.com. 752 west flagger street suite 107 miami fl 33130
How are you doing ?
Your story was so helpful. I just found out about BBL. I missed it on Dr 90210...that show only made me obsessed with TT & boobs! Now I'm hooked on RS for BBL pics & info. I'm 37 and my goal is to get my surg done for the big 4--0! I thought I was the only one waiting so long, lol. But 10 years, you are my inspiration. Please post pics...I can't wait to see you, Dr M is awesome. Happy Healing Doll!!
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