After years of fillers and a...

After years of fillers and a waste-of-time-and-money Ultherapy treatment last year (I have a review of that fiasco, click here) I am having a face lift! Nek lift, lower and mid face and upper lids to be exact.

I am going with my beloved PS Dr. Leonard Hochstein who did my breast lift/reduction a few years back (click here to see my review, "New Boobs This September").

Surgery is 1 week away, pre-op is Monday. Watch this space for lots more details!


Good luck to you. I'm anxious to follow your new journey!
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Only 5 days away...

I've uploaded more before photos for documentation purposes. How did my lower face end up looking like a 70 year-old's? Unbelievable.

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Okay here are the photos

I take it back. I don't look 70, I LOOK 90. WTH???


Good luck!!! I am scheduled for June 2014! Yeah!!!! Oh, and your breasts look great:) You are going to have a whole new you! So exciting. Keep posting so we can see your journey. M
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It's great to be able to share this experience - and info - with other patients. Good luck to us!
Good luck to you! We're close in age and while some felt I was "too young" for a lift I also was not happy with the direction my neck was headed -- south -- and came to the conclusion that Thermage and Ultherapy would be a waste of money and time. Keep us posted on how you're doing!!
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Turkey Face Went to Her Pre-Op Today.

The usual:
- Blood work & EKG (all done in my doctor's office)
- Completed payment & other paperwork
- Signed a million consent forms
- Was given a fantastic SkinMedica kit with all the creams I'll need
- Talked to Dr. Hochstein about the procedure, expectations, etc.
- Got my Rx for Keflex (antibiotic), Valium, Prozac and one other for nausea/vomiting

That's it. Nothing else to do now except wait until Friday and try to stay away from mirrors until then.


Big day coming soon ---- good luck
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Oh goodluck and thank you so much for sharing
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Oh my gosh, this is very exciting! How are you feeling? I'll be thinking of you on Friday!
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Less Than 24 Hours to Go.

Jennifer from Dr. Hochstein's office called to give me my surgery time (745a) and go over the basics:

- Bring Rx with me (Zofran, Keflex, Valium)
- No food or water after 12 A.M.
- Shower with antibacterial soap especially upper body and around head/face.
- No lotions, perfumes, deodorant, jewelry, etc.

I have picked out my outfit, went grocery shopping, made my "bag" for tomorrow with my meds, ID, money, etc.

I will be up at 500a tomorrow and will leave home at 645a to be there in time.

My mom is accompanying me but our housekeeper is driving. She'll be here early to help get the house in order before we leave.

Am I having surgery or going to the Moon?

Anyway, I'll see y'all tomorrow night or Saturday morning, or as I like to call it now: Fifteen Years Ago!


Good luck tomorrow....
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I am so excited for you! See you on the other side:)
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Good luck!!!!!!!!!!! Let us know how you do!
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Day 1 Pinost Op

Everything went extremely well. It's the morning I'm after and I got up, made coffee, let the dogs out, etc. but straight back to bed to rest.

I'm taking Ibuprofen 800mg for pain and Valium at night to sleep. Otherwise the pain is minimal.

I am uploading pics of me right before going in, in my Dr. Hochstein robe as well a some taken right after and some today.

I have to take this moment to say that Dr. Hochstein and his staff make you feel like you are the only and most important patient they have. Like a lovely, caring, fun military operation if you will. Even the operating room is gorgeous. Wish I could have take pics in there too!

ONE VERY IMPORTANT POINT: The Doctor FORBIDS you from talking for 24-48 hours. He's so adamant about this he even called me at home at night and yelled at me for for answering the phone! I suspect there's a very good reason for this.

See you tomorrow!

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More pics

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Next steps.

I go to the doctor Monday morning for check up, gauze removal, etc.


You look amazing! I didn't expect you to post so soon since I thought you would be recovering for a few days. Your pictures post op look incredible. I would agree... your doctor is a genius.
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Ckkmia, What a great transformation! Your first photo after surgery was astonishing! You look so much younger with very little bruising and swelling. You have probably heard it over and over, patience is what helps your recovery the most and by the looks of it, you may not have to wait as long as some of us to see the real results! I am almost five weeks and just now can see positive improvements. Rest all you can! All the best!
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Such nice words thank you so much! I LOVE my doctor, I think he's a genius! More pics to come!

Day 2 - With bandage off

I took the bandage off to re-wrap it and decided to take some pictures. Wow. That is the the only word I can out together. Just.. wow.


Wow & wow going to have a FL at the beginning of next month in June - if I get those results will be thrilled to pieces :-) beautiful.
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Other than the trauma to your eyes (that need time to heel), you look like a model. It's funny you mentioned that your lower face melted. I feel the same way: One day I woke up, and my face looked like everything "fell". great description!
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Wow indeed! :)
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Day 3 - Redness & Concealer Recomendation

While I'd had very little bruising I did wake up wit a bit of blood pooled underm y eyes. Ice packs helped with the swelling but the best camouflage for the discoloration is a combo of Giorgio Armani's Master Corrector 2 (a peachey/orangey color) and Lancome Dual Finish Matte Bisque II Powder. The peachy shd of the concealr counteracts reds, purple snd greens. Not cheap but a miracle product.


I just bought both products on Ebay for less than $100. Hopefully they work as well for me. I am not having any eye work done, but I am asking for a peel in certain areas, and the redness will be pronounced. Thanks for the tip. Oh, by the way, is there any special way you apply them (brushes, finger tips, etc?)
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Excellent results so far, such minimal bruising too.
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You look Fantastic, I' m having a BBL this year searching for a great Dr. in 2 years. So doing home work now. your results are fantastic
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I want to run through the streets screaming!

In a good way.

I went for my first post-op check-up today and all looks great. I will be back for stitches/staples removal this Wednesday. Until then, some fun photos.


Just re-looking at your photo's --- he did an excellent job --- look at that neck -- beautiful work! You should be really happy as time goes by
Any concealer that is peach based will work. White, beige or ivory won't.

Day four and I'm over the moon.

No wrap just occasional ice. Stitches off tomorrow.


Moving right along-- going to get better and better ---- looking fab
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more. look at that chin!

I feel very lucky to have access to Dr. Hochstein.


Ok, I am sorry, but how is it possible that you look so cute 3-4 days after a facelift :) You really look great, no surprises you are over the moon!! Congrats.
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Hahaha I'm a good healer, I have an amazing doctor and some luck. I just posted a pic from today so you can see where the swelling is pooling - not so cute after all
Look at your neck - amazing I so want one ohh Dr Hockstein your just to far away :-(
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Day 4 - Swelling

Things should look great once these balls of swelling subside.


Any idea what kind of facelift you had? The symmetry is really amazing and makes for a beautiful result. Was this done in an office operating suite and I must say that is quite a reasonable fee for so many procedures! Congrats, grace
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Hi Grace, thanks for the nice words. I had a neck lift and lower and mid face but I can see from where the staples start that he started pulling almost near the eyes. I also had a top Bleph. As for the procedure I think most surgeons use the same procedure these days known as SMAS. If you look at the breast lift/reduction review I have on here (same doc almost 3 years ago) you'll see that he is a superb surgeon and strives for perfection. He did my breast lift without implants which is really remarkable when you see the shape he was able to achieve. The other PS I interviewed all told me I needed to have implants. Dr. Hochstein has his own stand-along building where he has two operating rooms and a recovery room with 6 beds. If you are coming in from out of the state/country - which many many do - there is also an in-house facility with 24/7 nurses etc. He is one of the top surgeons in the US and yet his prices are so reasonable. The other two quotes I got from top Miami plastic surgeons were $17k and $20k.

I had to post this thought...

This surgery didn't just take me back to where my face was 10 or so years ago. It has given me a face I never had. That tautness, the lips turned up, the cheekbones - all of that is new. So that's nice huh?


Wow you are looking flawless! Your lips are beautiful and like Grace said what a great price for all you had done! Congrats!
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Love the photo --- you really are looking great ----- man the make-up is good --- I just never left the house :)
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Day 5 - Hello Mickey Rourke!

Yikes, swelling and bruising but going away.

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Eyes too swollen to remove sutures

They were able to remove the sutures on the front of the ears but no go on the eye lids. Way too much swelling today. I will be back Friday to try again when the staples are due to chime out.

So nothing but water and sitting up for the next two days!


Did you have lipo on your chin?
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You look great! Eat very little sodium foods and you will see a difference in swelling. Ask your doctor about scar gels or creams once the scabs are gone.
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Are there no incisions under the chin? I just noticed that either there aren't any or there are no pics that show that angle. So a neck lift without and repair to the mid line muscles....very good! grace
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One Week Mark!

So today I had all stitches/staples removed. A lot of what I thought were stitches is actually scabs so when I wash my hair and give my ears a good scrubbing everything will look much better. I have an appointment to see Dr. H again in 3 weeks so until then it's just taking care of my face like a new born baby, using sun screen and that's that.

New pics posted. Next time I post will be with hair did and full make-up!

Please ask any and all questions, I am more than glad to answer.

Also, Dr. H has his own free-standing three-story building including a separate place where out of town visitors can stay overnight with 24/7 nursing care. I am lucky to have him in my home town but if I didn't, I would find a way to get to him.

Looking forward to hearing about everyone else's journey! This was SO SO SO SO worth it.

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These pictures tell the whole story.

Dr. Leonard Hochstein. 305.931.3338.

That is all.


Wow!!!! You look absolutely AMAZING!! You must swing by my office the next time you come by Dr. Hochstein's Office. You are looking fabulous!! :)
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Thank you gorgeous, I will stop by and say hi! ;)

Re: Ibuprofen

Dr. Hochstein's Patient Coordinator just read my post and noted I said I was taking Ibuprofen. This is a MAJOR NO NO. No Ibuprofen/Aspirin for 2 weeks before or after surgery. Tylenol is ok. I just wanted to clarify that .


You look fanbloody tastic & your blogs are so amazing & detailed that I have now booked & paid to have my FL. No more second guessing so many thanks. Leave for Malaysia 31st May, procedure on the 2 June plus a 2 week stay. If It turns out half as good as yours I will be one happy lady. Beautiful, wonderful, fabulous. Be well & again you are awesome for sharing :-)
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Did you have your lips done too or are you just pushing them out? The dr did a great job on your neck, I'm losing weight and the under chin is something I worry about, although I'm also trying to tell myself I'm only 46 and look far too young for a face lift lol.
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Wow. I'm just... Wow.

I got a boost of energy and curiosity so I did my hair and make-up.

These pics are not retouched. No filters, no touch-ups. Just tons of makeup covering up swelling and bruising. One week after surgery.

I'm very happy.


You look beautiful and the kitten is cute too:) I may have to save for your doc!
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Omg -- look at you -- absolutely stunning -- really stunning!!!
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What a transformation.... You look beautiful!
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Day 9

Hi Ladies (and maybe a few dudes?),

First I want to say thank you for the wonderful comments from all of you on my surgery and appearance. I know we do this for ourselves first and foremost but I don't think anyone would disagree that we also like to look good for the rest of the world.

Yesterday I put on 6.6 lbs of foundation and concealer and ran around all day. By 3 p.m. I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a spoon so I came home to rest. Today I plan on staying in and doing NOTHING. I got so many great comments and must have given out Dr. Hochstein's cards 10 times. Some of the funnier comments were "Whoa, you've lost so much weight!" and "Hmmm, do you have a boyfriend?!" No to both. But most people who know me were along the lines of "OH MY GOD YOU LOOK LIKE A PHOTOSHOPPED VERSION OF YOURSELF!!! I WANT ONE NOW!" And I have to say the swelling under and around my eyes is still very pronounced. It may take at least another week until that swelling has gone down. As it is now, my eyes are healing at different rates and I look completely insane. And it got worse as the day went on - my body's way of telling me I need to put the cuteness aside for a bit and get to the business of repairing this horrific, violent thing I paid to have done to my head.

That is one thing I learned about plastic surgery after my boobs: it takes a good 6 months for all of the healing to be behind you and often one (eye, cheek, boob) etc. will take a totally different healing path than the other.

I took some pictures this morning so you can see what I look like when just out of bed (and perhaps the reason I'm still single). I will post pics the next time I get made up to go out.

I hope you are all doing great in whatever stage of the journey you're at. (The grammar could be better there but I'm tired).


You look absolutely beautiful and the kitten made me smile. :)
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Well, I always love to read your stories and what you are up too! Totally agree one part always heals faster -- I wrote in my blog - notice my left eye doesn't want to heal as fast as my right. But --- seriously -- you need to rest and take it easy --- your head wants you too! :)
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Your so funny :-) (and the reason I haven't got a boyfriend) lol hardly.
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Day 10



First of do not look like a grandma in your before, you were/are clearly a beautiful woman...full stop :). But, your results are great! I am teetering on the fence, trying to find the courage to actually book my procedure...two big worries: will I be ready to go back to work in 14-15 days. Do you feel ready at 12 days? And for some reason, I am worrying way too much what other people will think. I have told no one (other than everyone on this site) about the consult/plan to have the FL done. Did you worry? Did you tell all/none/some people? How did they react...any negative? How did you handle that? thanks!
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We are all different :-) it will come down to your own DNA in the end. If we are honest I think we all care about what people think? Question is do we care more about what people think - or should it be more about what we want for ourselves? I have finally booked after 6 plus years of dithering - head to Malaysia 31 May for procedure on the 2 June. So guess I answered my own question lol Good luck with whatever you decide just remember its the things in life that we don't do that often cause us the most regret in opposed to the other way round:-)
Good advice, thanks Shazza. I go back and day positive I want to do it and ready to send the day making every excuse under the sun why I can't possible do it :)...Good luck on your procedure and hope to hear all about your journey!


A thought: I think the Ultherapy treatment I had last year made my neck worse. It seemed to melt after that.


Bravo!!! Fantastic results!... excellent!!!! I go in TOMORROW for mine... : )
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Your before pic is not bad by a long shot, I had read several articles about ultherapy melting fat and looking worse down the track. It's so hard to know what works without knowledge, that's where I have found real self . You are looking lovelier as the swelling reduces. Look forward to seeing more pics of your journey. :)
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I'm a cat/dog groomer (physical job) & have groomed some easier ones after 2 weeks--going back full time tomorrow (20 days).

Well, it happened...

Nurse at doctor's office today, looking at my chart: "You're 48?!".
Me: "Yes. Why?"
Nurse: "Huh. You don't look it. You look like you're in your 30s."



Pics of you with hair and makeup done, So gorgeous. :)
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Thank you so much! SO nice to hear! I have so much less Photoshop to do n them ow - how liberating!
You look awesome! Going to contact Dr. H for my face lift soon, I have friends in south Florida I can stay with for a few days and then come home to north Florida. He does beautiful work, I can't wait to have mine done and post it! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful Doctor with us and your new life!!
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2 weeks and 3 days - Updated pics and Healing Update

So now the underlying muscle from my ex-jowls up to my temples is starting to come alive and is hardening a little and also starting to lose its numbness - all in all just uncomfortable but you can tell the body is simply doing its thing.

You can see the swelling in the new pics (no, I do not have a canary in my mouth) and I think it's working to my benefit because I look 12. Let's see what I actually look like once all this youthful volume subsides. ;)

Only area of slight concern is last pic - will hair regrow there? It looks like a wig right now. According to everyone who's had a FL the hair should grow back but I need to ask Dr. H about this next week.

On the plus side, I got hit on by a college student today. So there's that.


Good Morning: You look beautiful. I believe 20 years younger. Incredible job!! I am researching for a facelift and brow lift and was thinking to find a Facial Plastic Dr. I was looking a Dr. Bustillo and Dr. Wall. However, your pictures are very impressive. I also hear a lot of good things about Dr. Hochstein I think is the kind of Dr. that I am looking for. Will be possible to see new pictures of you? I want to have these procedures done next year, but I am so chicken. I am wondering if it is a good idea to stay on his facility the first night? How long was your procedure? How was the anesthesia? I am wondering if something goes wrong, the person has to go to ER or the Dr. gave you some recommendation. Again you look amazing!!! Bravo Dr. Hochstein Good Morning: You look beautiful. I believe 20 years younger. Incredible job!! I am researching for a facelift and brow lift and was thinking to find a Facial Plastic Dr. I was looking a Dr. Bustillo and Dr. Wall. However, your pictures are very impressive. I also hear a lot of good things about Dr. Hochstein I think is the kind of Dr. that I am looking for. Will be possible to see new pictures of you? I want to have these procedures done next year, but I am so chicken. I am wondering if it is a good idea to stay on his facility the first night? How long was your procedure? How was the anesthesia? I am wondering if something goes wrong, the person has to go to ER or the Dr. gave you some recommendation. Again you look amazing!!! Bravo Dr. Hochstein
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sorry copy and paste twice. I don't know how to edit it. :)
Absolutely gorgeous transformation. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience.
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3 Weeks - Let's Talk HAIRLINE CHANGES

So I've hit the 3 week mark and here's the latest:

- All bruising gone (since about week 2)
- Swelling has almost disappeared so I look more like me now
- Lumpy numbness on sides of face, from temple to ex-jowls
- Eyelids still numb and a bit swollen (mostly at the inner part where my PS removed fat)
- Still some scabs must mostly on the tips of my earlobes and incisions inside hair.

Speaking of incisions: make sure you have a detailed conversation with your PS about your incisions. You will want to know - in clear detail with visuals - where your incisions will be placed as they relate to your existing hairline. In many cases, to get the best results, some incisions will be made that will alter your hairline. Make sure you are prepared for these changes.

Mine has changed slightly (my sideburns are higher and the back of my head, behind my ears have changed). It is all very evident (to me) because hair had to be cut to make the incisions but will be almost imperceptible since my hair grows out. Just make sure you have a "map" of where your doctor will cut and what that means for your new hairline, especially if you wear your hair up a lot.

New pics in a few weeks!


Omg hun you look so beautiful. I would love to look like you. He made you look at least 20 yrs younger. I am looking for a great surgeon who can give me the same results as you. I live in Montreal, Canada but I am willing to travel for the best results. What all did you get done in your surgery? Did he also do your lips and if so what did he inject it with. Since I am out of town am I able to stay there overnight? Were you put to sleep for this procedure? Hope you csn answer my questions before I contact the Dr. Thank you.
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Thanks so much! I recommend Dr. Hochstein especially for out of town patients. They specialize in that. They have an in-house concierge to handle out of towners as well as their own overnight accommodations. You MUST check him out! So I had my neck done and all the way up to my temples and my upper eyelids. My lips are untouched, what you see there is swelling from the surgery (although after the surgery I had quite a bit more lip than the couple of years before the surgery. I had lost volume because my cheek fat was falling and making them turn in and down.) Best of luck to you - I really hope you get in touch with Dr. Hochstein's office. Amanda, Christie and Jennifer will take great care of you!
Hey gorgeous! You look wonderful! I have a question for you - I am 8 days out from a midface lift and overall very happy - I do have one side of my upper cheek that's a little more pudged out than the other - I noticed that *very* early on you had a little swelling or something under your eyes and wanted to ask about when they started to even out and look symmetrical? They look great in your last pics. Not sure if mine is swelling or just that I had more fat there ... probably the latter but in general did you notice a lot of natural symmetry adjustment in the healing process between say the one-week mark and the one-month mark (or some other time)? Mine already looks better than it did in terms of symmetry than three days ago - and I KNOW these things take time. Just curious what your experience was with that. You look wonderful! :)
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It's so nice be in my 30's. Again.

So I wanted to post a picture with no magical lighting or makeup so everyone can see what things look like at nearly 3 months. Also a close-up so you can see the tautness.

I just started a new job and it is slowly dawning on me that people think I am in my early 30s. I have to giggle at the comments from people my age "When I was your age..." Um, okay then! I am also CONSTANTLY getting comments from women asking what I use in my face, what I eat, etc.

I still have some itchy numbness from temple to jawline but swelling is gone. Scars behind ears have totally integrated and I forget I had this procedure. Until I look in the mirror or notice the young guy that delivers the mail staring at me. ;-)

One last P.S. The eyes. I can't imagine not having done the eyes. Look into it.

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These pictures were taken 2 months apart.

Yes, they're both me. The picture on the left is what made me finally go forward with the surgery.


ckmia...don't know if you mentioned it but you didn't just have a full SMAS face lift. You had a deep plane which is usually a 4-5 hr process with an extra 30 min for each eye. And you had yours under general; they can be done under twilight as well. While we here on RS are in the mood for specific information~ I thought I'd just toss that in. And you are now THE poster child for your PS and the deep plane technique making sure that the PS is very comfortable with that extremely difficult procedure. :) grace
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Goes to show how much I know! Grace, how do you know I had deep plane?
Yep, just checked. He did mostly deep-plane (and I think a more superficial procedure on the neck).

New pic, just for fun.

For those of you who have said they can't see the bags under my eyes, here's a photo that shows them a bit better.


you look great, I think the biggest improvement is in your neck and jowls. Did he cut you under the chin in order to tighten the neck muscles?
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Thanks! No, no cut under the chin, only a little lipo there.
wow, the neck area really looks great, I think your face and lips were already beautiful :)

Almost 3 months out

So here's me doing a Glamour Shots photo session in my car! Starting to enjoy make-up again. Nice to look in the mirror and in photos and not see any shadows or creases, just planes of smooth, taut skin.

I still have a little numbness on the outer edges of the face. All scarring has healed and the "folds" of skin behind the ears have completely integrated.

On August 19 I will be having a slight revision to the sideburns, Dr. H is going to lower them a bit. This is a matter of taste, I think mine are a bit too high. He is doing this revision free of charge but I do have to pay the anesthesiologist's fee of $1500.

Totally thrilled and I recommend this to anyone. Having said that, do look into the differences between an SMAS facelift and a Deep Plane facelift. I think it is an important distinction that has major impact on the results. If you do decide to have a Deep Plane, make sure you are going with a surgeon that is EXPERIENCED with DP. It is a lengthy and difficult procedure.

Have a lovely day!


Ckmia, Does your incision behind ear cross over and do what is called a hockey-stick (cross from top of ear back over to hairline then run toward the nape of the neck)? Deep plane, since it takes usually 2x longer than a SMAS and often, when combined with other procedures, is done with general with catheteriztion. One a positive note: less chance of hematoma having to do with less "open area" for blood to collect due to composite nature of lifting skin.
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Yes, I think that's what the scar looks like. I can't even feel it anymore so not 100% sure.
You look absolutely gorgeous!!!
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Sideburn Revision 8/19/14

Here is a before and after pic. Most people don't have an issue with the re-positioning of the sideburns, however, I am so pleased with my results that I have chosen to have them moved down slightly - I want to get as close to perfection as I can. This is my face for the next 15 years, after all.


Thanks for uploading another beautiful pic of your oh so perfect face. Im loving your results hun. Even without your revision you still look amazing.
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Hi are just looking better and better...really beautiful! Question for you; I am about 17 days post short scar FL and upper bleph and feeling a little lopsided :). Through the earlier healing process, did you ever feel like these were a bit "uneven"? The logical side of my brain knows it is early days and each side of the face/eye can heal at different rates...but the illogical side of my brain is convinced I am going to forever have a lopsided face and it will never even out :). Any experience with that?
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EVERYTHING was uneven and it slightly still is. Nature is famously asymmetrical. One eye healed weeks before the other, I had a weird lump on one side of my face that showed up after 1 month - healing is an imperfect thing. Also, your face wasn't symmetrical before the surgery, it won't be afterwards. Having said that, if you see asymmetry that is very severe (huge red lump for example) , call your doc, send them pictures. Otherwise, 17 days is nothing! I still looked like a monster at 17 days! Scroll up and take a look.

Pictures of me in my early 20s.

Someone asked what I looked like in my 20s so here are two photos. No amount of surgery can replicate that baby fat or innocence in the eyes, buuuuuuut, I think the contours Dr. H gave me during this surgery have yielded a better facial structure than in my 20s. Now about my ass...


Wow... I think when all is said and done, your doctor better be paying you a commission for all the business he is going to get after people see the excellent work he did for you.
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Hahaha! I'll tell him you said that!
You look amazing-and natural!!! I am so happy for you. I have had similar procedures (lower face lift) and love my neck!! I can hardly believe what's possible with so little recovery time. It's all about choosing a good surgeon and clearly you did that. Enjoy!
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Dr. Hochstein's Out of Town Patient Instructions.

He can do consultations for those not in Miami, over Skype or phone. Read more here...

Questions? Call sweetie pie Jennifer at 305.931.3338.


Need a "love" button for this review ;) I just keep coming back and looking at your pics. I have 'never' seen results like this... and not finding any results like this in my area :( Shoot! I so wish I could come to Miami to have my work done...
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Thank you for posting your story. I am def not going to wait til 60 for facelift
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Hi ckmia, I wanted to comment/ask about your scheduled sideburn revision. Have you gone over in detail with your surgeon exactly how he plans to lower them? I ask, because it's not generally that easy to do without risk of visible scarring, which is one of the reasons for making the original incision in the temporal hair to begin with. Even in the Kridell piece you linked to and which I was familiar with, it talks about raised sideburns being difficult or even impossible to repair after the fact. Most everything in all of this comes with trade-offs, and I get a little worried about tinkering with a truly excellent result. If your sideburn elevation was to an unacceptable degree, then I get it, but you look beautiful and no one but you, or someone studying side-by-side before and after pictures would ever notice. More than one doc has told me to be careful not to let perfect be the enemy of very good - an old expression that can be especially apropos in cosmetic surgery procedures. The main way I know of to lower a sideburn is via the creation of a flap, which would generally involves a scar along the front edge and across the bottom of the sideburn, or temporal tuft. Ideally, the new incision heals in a way that the hair can grow through the scar as it heals to hide it, but it doesn't always work out that way, in which case you really are stuck. Maybe Dr. Hochstein has something else in mind, but just make certain you know the planned technique and are really fully aware of potential risks. I would just hate to see you trade a beautiful outcome with no visible scars and only very minor hairline elevation for a slightly lowered sideburn accompanied by a visible scar or hair loss in a very noticeable location. Obviously, that's a worst case scenario, but is not all that uncommon a complication. Just be certain you understand the risks and are sure they are acceptable to you if they occur. Best wishes!
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Sideburn Revision Scheduled for Tuesday, Aug 19

I just posted a picture showing the scars of my surgery. You can see the sideburns are a bit high (I chose this potion vs going through the hair). My darling Doctor is going to re-position them for me, at no cost. Will post after pics.

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Before and After of Sideburns.

In the left is before my facelift (which took place on on May 9) and on the right is the after picture. The idea is to cut around the new (too high) sideburn and pull it down. Scars will be visible now (in front of sideburn) but done in a way that the hair will slightly cover them. Also, my scars fade to nothing.

I should have chosen the second option in the first place.

Revision scheduled for 8/19/14.


Thinking of you, I'm sure you'll do fine! Best of luck, sending you healing vibes :) XO
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Thinking of you too!
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Hi ckmia, am thinking of you today - I've been a little worried about this revision and hoping all went very well. Please update when you're able, and in the meantime am sending good karma and a big hug your way!
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Sideburns Revision

I went in at 3:30 and was home by 6:00. Very quick procedure, see stitches.

When the stitches are out I'll post a before and after pic.

And now I'm done. But wait, maybe a little lipo? Hmmm.


you look awesome. im speechless.
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Ha! Thanks!
You look fantastic! You have such an exotic look to you and look so happy. Your results are great.
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Sideburns Revision Scars - Healing nicely!

Scars almost disappeared, staples out this Wednesday.


I am curious as to what procedures you had done? You look amazing!!
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Deep Plane facelift (vs SMAS) and upper Blepharoplasty. If you have the patience to read through the comments on my post there's A TON of detailed info. Thanks for the compliment!
Yes I read through the whole thing! It is all quite impressive. It sounds like pretty much the same procedures I am considering that is why I was asking just to make sure. Thank you for sharing your experience it is very helpful!

Four months

Silly pictures just to show progress 4 months out.

Next step is a little filler under the yes (in one pic you can really see the hollows). My new cheekbones have made them more visible. Oh, and a smidgen of Botox to kill that worry line across my forehead, and my head transplant will be complete!

Healing update: still a little numbness and itchiness in front of ears.

I will take good pics of the sideburns revision tomorrow and post.


I LOVE your transformation and detailed review. Thanks so much for all the pics you shared :-)
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Beautiful outcome - you look incredible! I read all your updates and was wondering if you had a previous upper & lower bleph with brow lift in the past? Love the shape and position of your brows and your eyes are so pretty! Thanks for sharing your journey, Dr. Hochstein did an awesome job!
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Wonderful results! What type of anesthesia did you have? Thanks,
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Sideburn revisions was a total success!


Nope, the raised eyebrows are all mine! (I got them from my mom.)
That's awesome! I raise my brows subconsciously in an attempt to lift my hooded lids but it's a futile habit, lol. The only way I'm going to regain a rested open-eyed look is to have an upper bleph & lateral brow lift (genetics backfired in my case, pfft!). :-)
Well, even with my Cruella eyebrows I still needed the upper Bleph BADLY. See my Before pictures.

Dr. Leonard Hochstein gives Real Housewife New Boobs and Tummy


you look fantastic I want to ask a question cause i saw this doctor last week for a evaluation of my face but I am 46 years and maybe could be make ultherapy before to make a face lift What is you opinion?
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Thanks. I can't possibly have an opinion on what is best for you or any other person, all I can say is if you read my review here on Ultherapy it: a) was a waste of time b) was a waste of money and c) made my face worse.
Thank very much for say that ,is very important for me you experience with ultherapy so I think don't waste my money thank again for you help. Honestly you recommend me this doctor if I decide make facelift right?

My doctor, Leonard Hochstein is going to be on tv tonight!

On Bravo at 8:30 and again at 9:00 on a show called "Don't be Tardy for the Party". You'll see him do a consultation and then operation for a Mommy Makeover! I thought some of you might be interested since you've heard me talk about him on here for a few years now and many have complimented his work. Tune in!


Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. My God you look simply stunning.
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i wish i had gotten the deep plane lift instead of the SMAS the muscle stitched and pulled up just dont do as good a job as what you have done but then again yours is very risky with getting close to the nerves . but boy you look younger than your younger photo
Hello hot stuff you look great!!!!Im 47 and Im starting my research for a face lift and seeing your results gives me hope.
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Miami Plastic Surgeon

This is my second procedure with Dr. Hochstein, so there is an added element of comfort. He's great, his office is great, the staff is marvelous, etc. EDIT: I came back to post about the staff. I won't name them because I know I'll forget at least one but next to his hands, his staff is his best asset. What an unbelievably kind, smart, professional, thorough group of women.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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