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Reversed Time on my Face. Plus Eyelids Done.

Age 58 , eyes and midface, only one week post op...

Age 58 , eyes and midface, only one week post op but looks like 10, possibly 20 years off my face. smile! Wanted to do this for about the last 3 years or so but finally after interviewing some docs in my area, I found a doc I was confortable with.

Still some lower area bruising but eyes look good and jaw line cleared of the jowl, marionette and other lines smooth.

You need help, someone with you at least the first night and into the next day! I depended on a friend to do everything for me until I was totally recovered from the surgery meds and help to transport in and change dressings. Don't do this alone, get a friend. xoxo

I'm confused did you have Dr. Epstein do your face or did you go to Mexico? Thank you for the clarification. I'm considering Dr. Epstein now.
About one year now and have lots of nice pics from the vacation in March 2011. I was afraid to try to have it done in another country, but some people have reported good results. I was lucky to have a Nurse friend come and stay with me for the procedure and the first week , very important that you get help and find a doc you can communicate with. I didn't want to look overdone, just better, so happy:)
I love my facelift. I flew to SanMiguelle, Mexico Christmas 2008. I was 57. I stayed for 10 days, 3 nights in a hospital with great care and then on to the most beautiful healing casa, Club Marino.(The WHOLE vacation, including plane tickets, healing casa and even food and driver to and from the airport was 10k) It was the best thing that I ever did for myself. No one believes I'm 58 (soon to be 59). I'm usually guessed at 45 or younger. I would say to anyone who is considering, make sure that you do your homework completely, entirely. The one thing that sort of surprsed me, I wanted to look perfect. I think I really wanted to look 25, which is crazy. I think it was something that I didn't expect. I am soooo pleased with everything. I'll never, ever forget the beautiful time I had, and I went home looking amazing.
Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon

In office procedure, loads of procedure pictures, all questions answered, great staff, clean and modern facility, one block by major hospital, good references.

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