Breast reduction with Dr.Salas @ Vanity in Miami - Miami, FL

Hi Everyone I hope this thread finds you well. Its...

Hi Everyone
I hope this thread finds you well. Its been 1 year and 6 months since Ive had my original surgery. March of 2013 I had a breast lift with implants put in under the muscle. Unfortunately due to the heaviness of my natural breast and the scaring ( IM NOT HAPPY) after a year they are more bigger and heavier. So heavy that my boobs dropped to original shape which I was never happy with. Im now on another venture to fix them with having a reduction plus removing the implant.
Im currently 31J in proper measurements but 32F in department store size.
Im 5'1 @ 150Lbs

I contacted a few doctors. 1 in Beverlyhills which was asking for way to much, another in Tampa,Fl which was asking for half, and another that was recommended by some of my followers and friends which is Dr.Salas and Dr.Fisher in Miami at Vanity

Coordinated with Stephany at Vanity..shes absolutely amazing! And very helpful
Hopinh to have my surgery the first few days of Oct 2014

Whp else is having surgery at Vanity at this time?

Time is coming

So tomorrow morning I'll be scheduling my surgery. Will update when I get the date

Date is set!

So today was the day I made my appointment to have surgery. I contacted Stephany who has been coordinating everything for me. I scheduled my surgery date for October 3rd 2014 and another consultation/lab work for Thursday Oct 2, 2014.
My deposit of half of the surgery cost was also paid today.

Recovery House

I decided to book a stay at Medical Massage Professionals for a total of 5 days. I will extend if needed. I sent my deposit of $250 over today to secure my reservation. Heard great info about Marian's recovery house from fellow RealSelf members. Im coming to Miami alone for this surgery so have people around me will definitely keep me comfortable. Oct 3rd departing Oct 8th

27 Days to go

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update.. 27 days from today is the big day @ Vanity with Dr.Salas. I will be arriving in Miami on Oct 2nd (which will be the day of all my errands and lab work). So far i bought

Make Me Heal pre and post vitamins (amazing vitamins for surgery)
a few front closure bras from walmart (great reviews)
Antibacterial soap

**** I do have other items from my previous surgery that I still have at home.

Im looking forward to a new me.. BTW Ive got in contact with a fellow RealSelfer who will be having surgery the same day but wi Fisher. I hope to meet her and everyone else at the recovery house

More items

Hibiclens soap
tylenol extra strength day and night
Antibiotic ointment

2 weeks from today is the big day!

So my surgery is scheduled 2 weeks from today.. Wow how time flys. Currently im traveling for work because i decided to take a month off to recover.. I purchased me favortie pre and post supplements from MakeMeHeal.. Will start taking them this coming Sunday. So far im not nervous.... I will be maybe the day before and day of.

Talk to you soon

1 more week

The time is almost here
Will be sending the rest of amount owed on Monday. My lab work is Thurs which I will update with more pics.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Scheduled for Oct 3rd 2014

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Becareful with Marian's recovery home, I read two negative reviews in the BBL forum about her. Make sure you have a caregiver there with you.
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Buy A LOT of gauze!!!!! ;)
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How much did he charge you?
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Oh 3750. I had a reduction but it's hard to keep your weight down when that is where all your fat is stored smh I want another round as well
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I was confused on your review.. Did you go to salas or someone else., how was your experience if you did? .
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Good Luck on the Second Time Around !
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Hey! I hope you get the outcome you're looking for. Your 4 month post op pic looks like a great size, but I totally agree with you. Even though I'm almost 2 weeks post op, I think I'm going to be around a C. I love my size now! You will be extremely happy with them.
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Thanks so much. I was really happy at my 4 month PO but now not so much. It's to big and heavy and my natural breast are sagging. :(
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Since you're getting the implants removed, you will probably like your natural breast even more after the lift.
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Why the low cost? Most women seem to report a reduction costing about $10,000?
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It depends on location.. You pay for location.. Beverly Hills wanted about 10k , Tampa wanted about 6500 But since Miami is a place where there is so much surgeons and competitors and surgery is at a all time high.. No reason to charge more
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Wow, good to know! Thanks.
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Welcome! What size do you want to be in the end?
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Small C
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Ya, I ended up a large B or small c and I love, love, love them!!!!
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That is so cool to have small breasts. I m a 56 B will be going to my consultation on Oct 9th. I would like to become a small C. I hope they hurry because these large girls are killing me back aches, dents in my shoulders from the weight. Hurry for small C.
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I had the exact same surgery done in 2012. I too am unhappy with the sagging. I will be having an explantation and reduction on Dec 16. Good luck! Your day is rapidly approaching.
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Who are you going too?
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I live in Missouri so im going back to the same surgeon who did my tummy tuck and breast lift with implants. He orginally advised i get a breast reduction, but I was like naw i just want a lift. So here I go again!
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By the way his name is Dr. David Deisher in Cape Girardeau, Mo.
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Good luck on your journey!!!!!!
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