Okay Surgery Date Scheduled !! - Miami, FL

Need as much advice as I can get. Looking forward...

Need as much advice as I can get. Looking forward to it !!!!!!! I have been thinking about getting this done since 2007 and now I am going to stop thinking about it and do it I will keep you all posted!!!!

I am counted down the days trying not to forget...

I am counted down the days trying not to forget anything I wanted to put up before and after pics so here are the BEFORE !!!
Mini TT and BBL 8/1/2011

I am getting excited and a little scared at the...

I am getting excited and a little scared at the same time!! 3 more days

The surgery was great didnt even know how much...

The surgery was great didnt even know how much time went by.. After i was for awake a while i but into the body garment. The BBL was the easy the Mini TT not so easy Untill yesterday I had laying only on my stomach which is why i have not been updating and the pain meds kinda have you out of it a bit. The first couple days i would sometimes get a little dizzy. I have two drains in one in front for mini tt and one in back the one in back is not really draining the one in front is. the PAIN is not bad at all I know so people say it hurts like worst then child birth but its not bad it all if you feel a little pain just take a pain pill. I would say GO FOR IT its worth it whoever is looking into this surgery !!!!!

Will be posted photos later when a little more swelling is down.

So i had my second massage yesterday and the lady...

so i had my second massage yesterday and the lady did not use anything but baby oil i didnt know any better..

OMG i have not been this swollen since i was pregant in 2010 i am PISSED and hurting!!!!!!!! back on pain pills again

Feeling better than last post kinda hard at home...

Feeling better than last post kinda hard at home now with my kids but i will make it through. Dont really want post pics untill some if this swelling is down. But i love the mini TT HuGE difference already BBL that is a hurry up and wait thing that my friends and family see the diffrence i just wanna see a BIG BIG Difference without swelling so i know waht i have left

My back has gone down alot since last post my...

My back has gone down alot since last post my garment had gotten too big im waited on a medium now so i ave been wearing spanx over my garment which has helped.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Very informative,great bedside manner. Knows how to make you feel comfortable

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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Hey . I'm just curious . It's almost a year since your surgery . Did your results same the same ?
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keekeed hope all is well inbox me on how to deal with the mt\bbl at the same time im havin the same done next year 2013. I already had a bbl done in feb 2012 but so not happy with it it wasnt by doc salama it was with doc john pinnella at South florida center for cosmetic surgery down south i paid 4500 it was 4000 but i wanted my inner thighs lipo. ive been seein doc salama's work for a year now and the reason i didnt go with him at first was because i had already started making payments with south florida center. but its better late then never with makin a diff with yourself :) ttyl.
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lmfao @ Be Honest your the only chick thats ever said anything bad abt doctor Salama lol i cant stop laughin because your to funny what really made me laugh the hardest was the market part that Anesthesia must had you really f^cked up lmao woooo your funny. then after all that you said the women even myself is still goin to him for surgery and not only a few but more then alot. when i went the Secretaries spoke english and other language also. This is now 2012 and the man is turnin awhole lotta nothing into something as if he takin a persons head and putting it on another body. I love the way he makes his tt's look the scars are thin from what i seen and straight, unlike some doctors makin the scars look like a smiling face and thick.
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are we able to see some before and after pics pleaaase???
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Can someone please tell me the brand and style if garment that Dr. Salama puts on his patients? I keep hearing that his garments are great. I did not have my surgery with him and live very far from his office to go buy one from him, if they would even sell it to me. I'd like to try to find it online. I'm 21 days post op. Thanks for the help!
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Good day ladies. I would just like to inform all of you that we certainly make an effort to follow up on all of our patients and make sure they have a pleasant experience. I am not here to criticize anyone nor anyone's experience, but I do have a certain protocol of how to handle patients who come in from out of town. We have made the process for all of you and try to go above and beyond your expectations so that we can make sure your surgery goes as planned. All of the surgery centers that we work with are state accredited, and under no circumstances would I ever undermine patient safety. As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I would never jeopardize my integrity in performing surgeries in a non-licensed facility. I take patient safety as my utmost responsibility to all of you. We negotiate our rates with various surgery centers so that we can be as competitively priced in the market. I welcome all of you to contact my office with any questions, and/or comments in how we can improve your experience because at the end of the day, you are our best advocates. I look forward to working with each and every one of you in the future. Thank you very much, Dr. Salama.

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@ keekeed you are just so ignorant ! If you look at my post I was actually one of the first to post here on your post posting good luck and let us know how everything went ... but let me guess that was being negative right?! whatever. You had a great experience and im happy for you but I did not and thats what blogs are for to share personal experiences. I even said i wasnt going to post on your post anymore but you keep attacking me .
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@ be honest yes you were postive in your questions to me but as you and everyone else can see i ignored you and i did that because i have seen other blogs were you ask people questions about their surgery and then you start to be negative didnt want that to happen to me Yet here i am !
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@Be honest - if you want to post your experience you should have a blog not just always have negative things to say on other peoples. as far as your experience what you have to say and want to say so bad can be shared as you see fit but why dont you have your own bog with pictures and everything?? why are you always so negative with comments you leave on everyones page you visit?? BE HONEST with yourself if its so bad show everyone with your pics!!
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Sorry guys. Didn't mean to start an argument. Was just asking keekeed how she feels about her results. Thanks be honest for your response. Again didn't mean any harm to anyone on here.
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@babyjaas - not an argument at all just that Be Honest is always negative i have always ignored her but not this time she asks questions then talks sh*t to people on their pages thats what she does you can go back and read her comments on their peoples pages I think she is just a all round negative person nothing is ever good for her so that being said I have nothing else to say about Be Honest. But regarding your questions I am over all happy with my results i am going but to get more added in February or March I want a bigger butt I went from flat as a board to having butt, BUT i want more!!!@enjoy yourself i took my pictures down due to some issues with people i know but if you would like pics send private message for pics !!
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@keekeed - that's too bad that you had to remove your pics due to some issues w/ people. How many cc's did Dr. Salama put on you? I'm curious since you said you will come back to him to add more cc's in Feb/March, will he lipo another body parts or did he save & store some of your extracted fat for future use? How much will he charge you to add more cc's? Thanks!
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Keekeed why are you so angry ? real people want to know real stories and no I contacted bad yeni in a positive way and she is what motivated me to go to him in the first place. People should know the real deal I didnt know this would upset you so much, This would be the last time I would post on "your" blog. Take care People with questions can message me.
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@ BE HONEST -- so why are you posting this on my blog dont you have your own blog set up these comments should be posted on yours not mine if i can get this removed i will you have always been negative and where is your pictures your blog it doesnt exist get your set up and say what ever you want to say about how you feel WHERE ARE YOU PICS ??????????
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hey, my name is elina ,
can you send me the pictures on elina_la_ca@yahoo.com. i am thinking to go to Dr. S.
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I originally went to Dr. salama because of a review I saw here by "bad yeni " and I have regreted ever since . This is just my story but i have to put it out there. First I was told i had to get a mini tummy tuck because I would have a little flabby skin I didnt want to but he said the scar would b 6 inches and no one would see it . Then I went back and forth about pricing because it kept going up he even sent me someone's quote to me . I asked him for other pictures and he said he couldnt send them to me but when i got there that there was plenty of pictures but when i did get there he just showed me the same ones on the site Ruben and his brother (the DR) was nice to me and answered all my questions but it really didnt make up for all that i went thru First where you get the consultation is NOT where you get the surgery done , They have 2 centers The one they sent me to was crazy first it had a scrub store and supermarket connected to it ! Dont believe me ?! ask ruben for the address to both surgery centers and google map it for yourself... but that wasnt all when i went in no one spoke english ! I kept calling ruben telling him I had a bad feeling about this because they gave me papers to fill out for consultations when I was suppose to get me surgery done , My appt was for 9 am Ruben told me to get there at 830 am I wasnt seen until 5pm The doctor came it and was saying he was sorry he had other surgeries but isnt that what appts are for ?!! When I came out of surgery I was taken out in a wheel chair to the parking lot to the car which was very embarrassing because people that where coming out of the supermarket where looking at me the supermaket and the center share a parking lot that fits about 15 to 20 cars NOT a bit lot I am still very upset about the whole thing. They kept asking me if i was the one from georgia. It was so annoying. I havent heard from ruben since I left florida which was almost two months ago Just got one e-mail asking for pictures , THE NERVE ! A female receptionist called me from their office asking if I was coming in for my consultantion. I was like what ? I got my surgery done already. She said sorry and hung up. As far as the surgery itself well the scar that was suppose to be 6 inches is more like 8 inches and I have a ulgy scar from the drain and when I tried on my swim suit you can see the scar yes my stomach is flat but it is more flat on one side than the other and as far as my butt I lost most of the volume in the first month it is just now starting to giggle it was very hard it's getting softer tho He put 1000 c's I weigh the same 170lbs and 5'6 And I am not being a nit pick I have had surgery before (my breast and lipo)Do yourself a favor SAVE your money go somewhere else. I have pics to prove EVERYTHING from me with ruben , me with the doctor, the doctors office and ofcourse my surgery , The only thing i dont have is the surgery center I left my camera that day But like i said call ruben yourself ask him for the address and google map it
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keekeed, how is your butt now? Where's your photos? Please post new pics. Thanks!
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I just started my online consult with dr. salama this week. Hoping to have surgery scheduled for jan/feb. Are you still happy with your results?
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i have my bbl scheduled with salama for oct 14th, keekeed, is it okay for me to send you a private message asking about your procedure in detail? you look fantastic, and i wanted a few tips on recovery advice...
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highsprings Im doing good, I will message you back.
nevaeh thanks doctors have specials you wwould have to ask the office those questions i dont know about that. I didnt stay for 10 days after surgery its a case by case situation. Hope this helps!
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Once again you look great, he got your waist perfect. I have been wanting this surgery and researching for awhile for someone within my 5k budget. I know that he has a special goin on now for $4500 or $4999, does he take any down payments to hold the price? I wouldnt be able to get procedure until Dec/Jan but dont want to pass up the special. Also are you required to stay for 10 days i live in atl. MORE PICs show off your new beautiful body girl!
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you look great
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Hi how are you doing I sent you a private message you know I'm scheduled Oct 7 so keep me posted thanks
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blaqdiamond- only the lipoed areas get massaged not your butt. Sorry guys i have been off for a minute
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1 classylady i think everyone gets drains in but not sure depends on the doctor but they help with swelling
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