Okay Surgery Date Scheduled !! - Miami, FL

Need as much advice as I can get. Looking forward...

Need as much advice as I can get. Looking forward to it !!!!!!! I have been thinking about getting this done since 2007 and now I am going to stop thinking about it and do it I will keep you all posted!!!!

5300 what does that include ? which area of lipo ?
yes good luck with everything! please be sure to post pre and post op pics as well......I'm thinking about going to him :) :) :) thankx
please let me know how everything went. i scheduled to get mine done in October with Dr. Salama. I wish you a speedy recovery : )

I am counted down the days trying not to forget...

I am counted down the days trying not to forget anything I wanted to put up before and after pics so here are the BEFORE !!!
Mini TT and BBL 8/1/2011
@sigmad Thanks how are your results didnt see any pics posted
congrats and best of luck keekeed!
Hey guys Im in South Africa so the rates are not the same bt u can convert it, he charged R28 000. Im not sure where he's going to Lipoed Im seeing him next Thursday the 4th, again because I got this qoate Last year bt I couldnt do it, now he wants to see me again bt he gave me the dates over the phone. Will keep u posted after I've seen him.

I am getting excited and a little scared at the...

I am getting excited and a little scared at the same time!! 3 more days
Hi, just wondering how did things go with the surgery. I have been communicating back an fourth with Ruben he is so nice, I did mention you and he knew exactly who I was talking about. So how are you sleeping with the BBL and mini TT, are you in alot of pain. Please let me know what the experience was like from start to finish when you are up an around. I hope and Pray All is well and you are looking BOOTYLICIOUS and your shape is contoured like you wanted
Keekeed, Thank you for the Information, Ruben is the person I've been communicating with. They are very detailed when answering my questions, an feel no question is to silly to ask. I like the email communication we have been having already. He also told me about a transportation comany fo $200 will transport you to all your visit an even the airport. I'm starting to get excited.just trying to figure out travel arrangements when I have small school aged children at home. Did you have to travel and if so are you staying in a hotel close by? I'm not planning on having surgery til Oct when its not as HOT!! thanks for the information and " Happy Healing"!ouch that hurts LOL
hey hope your well ! let us know how everything went !

The surgery was great didnt even know how much...

The surgery was great didnt even know how much time went by.. After i was for awake a while i but into the body garment. The BBL was the easy the Mini TT not so easy Untill yesterday I had laying only on my stomach which is why i have not been updating and the pain meds kinda have you out of it a bit. The first couple days i would sometimes get a little dizzy. I have two drains in one in front for mini tt and one in back the one in back is not really draining the one in front is. the PAIN is not bad at all I know so people say it hurts like worst then child birth but its not bad it all if you feel a little pain just take a pain pill. I would say GO FOR IT its worth it whoever is looking into this surgery !!!!!

Will be posted photos later when a little more swelling is down.
Can someone please explain to me how the consultation process goes if ur in another state??
Keekeed No I'm working on pictures going to get a throw away camera tomorrow an take them an send them to Ruben. I don't hVE NO ASS AT ALL!!! I'm 5'6" 180 pounds my weight is around my waist. So you only had to stay 7-8 days Ruben told me about 11 days, I started looking at Hotel Prices today. Do you stay in a decent hotel if so which one? If you don't remind me asking the prices I saw was to rich for me( which travel and hotel adds another 1500 to price) But I guess 7000 is the going price. I'm glad that you are satisfied with your results and are BOOTYLICIOUS send me before and after pics and please please.... stay off you precious BUTT!!! keep me posted and thanks
highsprings do you have before pics? I am satisfied I know its going to take time for it all to fall into place but i have a flat stomach and contoured body the butt is there and stacked up it needs to fall and get lose. Experience was great. I go back saturday to get drains removed! looking forward to that i leave miami Sunday. I havent really done much just lying aroung hotel and walking around hotel room healing staying off my precious BUTT !! i have pics but i have to find my camera cord to download them. Just explain what you want so you can get the results you are looking for !!

So i had my second massage yesterday and the lady...

so i had my second massage yesterday and the lady did not use anything but baby oil i didnt know any better..

OMG i have not been this swollen since i was pregant in 2010 i am PISSED and hurting!!!!!!!! back on pain pills again
Keekeed hay girl how's it going? What's going on with the healing process? How r u feeling last time you updated you was pissed. Hopefully all is well. I sent pictures to Dr. S waiting to hear from him .keep me posted planning on having procedure in October. Let me Know what your thinking! Post pictures I Know you look bootylicious!
i hope you get better. please post some pics and let us know how your recovery is going
I would be scared to have the bbl and tummytuck at the same time! you are bold girl. well anyway happy healing and post your pics soon. i had the bbl and will have a revision hopefully soon and plan for my tummy tuck next year~!

Feeling better than last post kinda hard at home...

Feeling better than last post kinda hard at home now with my kids but i will make it through. Dont really want post pics untill some if this swelling is down. But i love the mini TT HuGE difference already BBL that is a hurry up and wait thing that my friends and family see the diffrence i just wanna see a BIG BIG Difference without swelling so i know waht i have left

nelli****@aol.com is my email...
@high springs will do!

Nellidaqt good luck with your surgery. I too I'm using Dr salama please post before pics a let me know about your experience and your results. Thanks
@ nellidaqt good luck Advice to you ask for what you want and dont be afraid to ask any questions you want to know . Send email address for more pics

My back has gone down alot since last post my...

My back has gone down alot since last post my garment had gotten too big im waited on a medium now so i ave been wearing spanx over my garment which has helped.
Hey . I'm just curious . It's almost a year since your surgery . Did your results same the same ?
keekeed hope all is well inbox me on how to deal with the mt\bbl at the same time im havin the same done next year 2013. I already had a bbl done in feb 2012 but so not happy with it it wasnt by doc salama it was with doc john pinnella at South florida center for cosmetic surgery down south i paid 4500 it was 4000 but i wanted my inner thighs lipo. ive been seein doc salama's work for a year now and the reason i didnt go with him at first was because i had already started making payments with south florida center. but its better late then never with makin a diff with yourself :) ttyl.
lmfao @ Be Honest your the only chick thats ever said anything bad abt doctor Salama lol i cant stop laughin because your to funny what really made me laugh the hardest was the market part that Anesthesia must had you really f^cked up lmao woooo your funny. then after all that you said the women even myself is still goin to him for surgery and not only a few but more then alot. when i went the Secretaries spoke english and other language also. This is now 2012 and the man is turnin awhole lotta nothing into something as if he takin a persons head and putting it on another body. I love the way he makes his tt's look the scars are thin from what i seen and straight, unlike some doctors makin the scars look like a smiling face and thick.
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