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I had a brazilian butt lift because I needed to...

I had a brazilian butt lift because I needed to remove stubborn fat from my body and then inject that fat into my buttocks to return my body to pre-pregnancy shape. Dr. P is a true artist!!! Love him, his credentials, and his staff.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

He is hands down the best plastic surgeon in Miami. I had a brazilian Butt Lift and I love my results!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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At RealSelf we take several steps, before publishing reviews, to ensure that they are not fake or spam. You are all entitled to your opinion, however, there is no proof to show that this review or the reviewer is affiliated with the provider.

The user who posted the review has returned to state that they had the procedure and has provided before/after pics. After further checks there is still nothing that would suggest this review is not genuine.

At this stage the comments have devolved into "he says/she says" and are neither helpful nor, in some circumstances, appropriate.

I have now closed comments on this review to allow the situation to die down. Please contact me directly, via PM, if you need any further assistance.


Fake fraud & phony. Tell the truth and shame the devil! At this time and age there r so many horrible stories you hear about plastic surgery gone wrong. Us women have joined this site for honest reviews, research, protection, & advice. Stop ruining the integrity of this site. If you have a "real" story or experience to tell, tell it bc many people choose their doctor based off reviews from this site.
This girl isn't blog saavy but she was smart enough to delete one picture and add two more....Mmmmmm I don't believe you.
Okkkkkaaaaay! It is very suspecious...or better yet, suspect.
I honestly dont think someone at his office would do this. I feel like they would've made it seem more believable. I don't know. I'm not going to call anyone a liar, & I hope this is real. The reason why I don't think this is a response to freeme post because you join the site at the beginning of january & freeme did that post in feb.
I looked at the same thing.. The dates joined... Then I had someone that inbox me saying they had a bad experience with him when they learned of my date suggested i check out Salama... I gave my number immediately and told her to call me so we can discuss further... I contacted Salama for a consult the same day where one girl said he was booked on that date and another said they can squeeze me in and gave me an even higher price and then said she'll try to work with me on the pricing... My thought was if this individual was truly trying to help why not call me immediately... Why wait a week after its fine to call me and be like "oh... So u already got it done.". My thing is if It were me I would have desperately tried to reach out to that person if I had their best interest in mind even giving them my number in the initial message being that I was scheduled to fly out 3 days prior to receiving that message... I'm not saying her story isn't true I'm just saying I would have exhausted a bigger effort in stopping someone from doing what I thought would be a bad mistake then the person who ID was created was on 1/26/12 which made me more suspicious. I have a hunch that if it is true that she and freeme are the same person. I pray to God that my results come out in my favor b/c all this w/the mixed ignorance of another blobber is insane!
blobber is insane? You mean blogger is
Yes. Blogger. Auto correct with my Iphone did not say what I wanted it to say...
Wow that's crazy. I always heard mixed reviews about him. I hope your results still come out good.
I find it suspicipus that sumone posted from the same doctor before saying how horrible her experience was and all of a sudden the good review of the same doctor gets updated, seems fake, can be sumone working for him, ohwell
I agree with you!! and that was the only point I was trying to make with Ms Divaish but she took it personal. OMG!!!
Well I can only hope that her review is true. Time will tell, especially for me...
-:- Message from RealSelf staff -:-

This comment does not follow our Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Service. We reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.
Please stop! I have posted as promised beginning pics of my experience with Dr. Pazmino. I took down previous picture because I thought I share my progress from beginning to end. See beginning pics that I just added. Will continue to add more for everyone to see. I am not blog saavy but will try my best.
Sorry but I have to agree with the other comments.All of the women on here give long stories to why they wanted the procedure, how they are worried about it, and they asked for advice. Many of them pour their hearts and souls. You have glorified your doctor and haven't really made your experience personal. If this is an attempt to save the reputation of your doctor you need to stop. You are only making matters worse. No one on this community should be lied too. If the doctor is good his work will speak by itself you dont have to protect him.
Thank you Kali2012!!! I think Divaish, is upset she didnt go to Dr. Salama or something...Me and 4 other girls were just making comments about this review seeming fake and this chick took it personal. No one had even directed the comments to her. I was trying to be the nice person on this and apologize to StchBchGrl, advising her if the review is not fake good, then I apologize. And then this heffer want to come in and act like I needed her approval. She betta leave me alone. I tried to be nice to the chick until she broke down the "assumption" clause (like I didnt know what she was saying) Calling me an ASS..I aint going to be all like a kitten and being nice and respectful to her. So I went to her review and made comments on my opinion of her attitude and rudeness.
Teresa, You sound very ignorant honey. Funny out of all the 4 ladies that voiced their opinion you're the one still flapping your gums. You took what I said to heart... Nothing on these sights is 100... It's merely he say she say... We're on this site w/hopes of obtaining the information we sought out for however it's up to us to make the final decision... It's not about the doctor honey... Why take it there? To each is his own. Everybody's body is different and can react to this provedure accordingly.. Other girls as well as myself pray to God that we've made the right decisions when it comes to plastic surgery. I chose who I chose and u chose who u chose. I could have went to Salama but decided to pay the extra 3k b/c I can afford it and also i based my decision on my comfort level w/the doc chosen. It is what it is. You have an issue when people disagree w/u... Again that's a personal issue and like I said in the past when one don't thoroughly investigate and ASSume, they look like an ass... Case in point... You... I'm not on here to battle w/you nor degrade you however my opinion of you is my opinion of you. In reading some of the things you've said, it's very apparent that you lack the knowledge of what this procedure is totally about, it's outcome and the process during your healing period... For those reasons you will be very disappointed. Everyone don't want a video vixen booty. I'm a college educated african american female with several businesses. My goal is to walk around with a more curvy shape complimentsry to my frame not like a video vixen or porn star... Not knocking the next lady but that's not what I want nor is it condusive to my lifestyle. My pics are less than a week old to let MY followers see that swelling and fluids exist and are visible... I've gotten more attention this week w/my ass than I would welcome however if I'm turning heads honey it's confirmed my doc did a damn good job. To date I'm satisfied... How about now you concentrate on what you have going on soon...I'm sure then you'll be more consumed w/your own... if I'm turning heads honey it's confirmed my doc did a damn good job. To date I'm satisfied... How about now you concentrate on what you have going on soon...I'm sure then you'll be more consumed w/your own... Also send me a personal message if u want to speak further about this or respond, it's not right to clutter sthbchgrl blog w/such BS... -Waiting...
Well said, Kali2012. Your exact words is exactly how I felt especially the timing of this post & YES, I saw that suspicious, fake picture that everyone was talking about. I also agree with most of the comments from other women.
Well DAMN!! lol..I understand what youre sayin. Its been getting kind of messy on this blog lately. I saw the original pic and the way it was displayed along with the short review she posted it did look a little suspicious at first. But Ive seen other reviews on here that were similar in length and the blogger never responds again..those strike me as fake. sthbchgrl has responded explained and is willing to post pics (they look real to me) to a bunch of people who have not been very friendly (there are so many ways to express concern without offending others). Ive been visiting this site for quite some time and there were never these types of arguments..I feel like im on facebook or something lol. If everyone is entitled to there opinion then let it be so. If u think its fake K.I.M. (Keep It Movin) Lesson received this dr is not for you if you believe it then wait for more updates and photos. We need to cont. to support one another and not get caught up in the other stuff.
Thank you. and this was the only point I was trying to make with her.
Totally not fake! Will create a collage of my before and after pictures just for you. Will post very soon.
I usually do not post pics but I do want Dr. Pazmino to get recognition for the true artist that he is! wont believe it till I see it. and if soooo, I will apologize..if it looks to be a real and true experience.
Nobodys trying to cyber bully you. We would all be happy for you, if this is a true review. I AM HAPPY FOR YOU...this site is to lift us up with these processes for our wish looks. You must understand your review did not look real (I see now you posted before and after pics now, instead of that pic that was there previous to seem as though it was you). This was not just my opinion, other ladies said the same. But like I said, if this is a true review..I apologize and wish you the best of happiness with your results. God bless.
Ahhh. That was sweet Teresa!!! You brought tears to my eyes! In the words of Rodney King, "why can't we all just get along..." lol. Smooches ladies!!!
Well, I just red your comment asking me what is my point? My point was my opinion like I said in previous comments. Your previous comment of us ladies going off on her was incorrect. I dont appreciate your quote, "She just had a pic up that u all ASSumed was hers then started going off" and capitalizing "ASS" in the word assumed. I think your trying to start something. I am gonna be the big girl in this situation and leave it alone...but respect is due to everyone on here, including you. So im gonna leave that alone. Have a happy recovery!!