Keep calm! Im feeling good! LOL

Hey wonderful ladies I would first like to say...

Hey wonderful ladies I would first like to say that I love this site!!! Love how there is so much encouragement and people providing there experience so me because I am totally lost lol.

Well let me tell you a little about myself. I am 23 yrs old with 3 children (Yes 3 lol don't judge me jk) but I am in Houston. I really been want a bbl for so long even though I am so scared! I hate my shape so much! No matter what I do I can't fix my shape so I decided I want to get this done. After having children I have become so self conscious about my size. Family and friends joke about my size and everything. To the point where I had low self esteem. Now I'm trying to boost it up. I have been wearing clothes where you can't tell Im shaped this way. So I haven't really been upset until I went to try on wedding dresses... I started crying lmao (yes im a crybaby) so anyways I'm getting married the summer 2014 and I want to look good!!! Like mind blowing good!!! I want a BA too but everyone says it hurts to get them together.

I was really having trouble figuring out who I should go to. Any suggestions? My body is horrible lol I need help!!! I dont mind traveling just cant be to expensive because im taking money from my wedding. i dont really wanna spend 10k thats why i was considering DR. If anyone has went if you would like to tell me about how much you spent all together on everything. Thankful to one of the girls helping me on how to go about contacting a doctor. I don't really know the steps on getting the bbl. well I'm going to post some pics of my horrible body!

I would really like to hear from anyone if you have feedback for me or if you could help me with what I should do .

Tried contacting Doctors... Cant wait to get a response!!!

So i attempted to contact Duran, Yily and Pelayo... Hopefully I get a response soon so I can know what all I need to buy and everything... Im ready to get prepared!!!

I used a app to show what I kinda wish for!

I know I probably didnt do a great job using the app but I tried lol but this is what i kinda want


I never been a stalker until now!!! This site is addicting!!!


Hey ladies I was wondering what all items do you think I'm going to need. I love being extra prepared! I know you have to buy certain things just don't know what exactly are those things lol.

QUESTION??? Do you think I need a tummy tuck or can the lipo help me?

I was just talking to a doc via email and he says since I had 3 kids I need a TT. I'm very discouraged now because I don't want a TT since I plan on having booty recovery laying on my stomach.

I lo this app to enhance my photos lol

I can only image my surgery lol

I'm trying to contact them but no response yet

I need my date!!!! Lol I want to get a response from yily or duran!!!


After all that has gone on in the DR i am considering staying in the states, have not made up my mind ladies but I was thinking about going to FL. Are there any Florida drs yall recommend? If I dont go to FL im going to go to the DR with dr baez, she is very kind and cares about health. I dont want to go to someone that just cares about money. I still havent heard from duran ugh its been so long smh. As for yily i heard she is rude, IM NOT THE ONE!!! I know I would end up going to DR Jail if she talk to me the way she talk to some of her patients. So ima avoid that situation completely even though them waistlines she be giving it the BEST!!! I really need to get on the move, ima start ordering my stuff soon, just wanting on choosing the right doctor.

Thanks all the ladies who read my post and comment!

BAEZ gonna make me BOOTYFULL!!!

I know I have been switching up who i want but i think im leaning toward baez more and more each day.

From what i was told the doctors in miami will not give me a TT with my BBL. Ugh i am so upset!

So I think the DR is the way to go for me and baez is very caring and i love that she really cares about your health not just about the money.


Hey ladies I was wondering what all did yall start taking before your sx... I am trying to get me some items but dont know which are the best. Thanks

Baez Date FEBRUARY 11, 2014

After being in the Original Baez Beauties group, me and my buddy IwantaGhettoBooty decided we are going to baez on February 11. Baez said for us to be there on the 10th so we are going to meet up in Miami and go to the DR together. We decided we are going to be staying with yasmin. For the price and the great reviews I have heard I think we are going to be in good hands. Baez quotes me 3800 because I am getting a TT with my BBL and yall know need some HIPS lol but im getting my stomach, flanks, back and she says my arms can be done not sure if ima do it or not. So me and my buddy are excited, we gon spend her birthday down there and ugh valentine's day too smh ima have to video chat my babe cuz ima be sad lol we gonna definitely celebrate before I leave since they say no sex for 6 weeks lmao I know TMI, but seriously who actually waited that long??? Thats how long they say after childbirth, smh just crazy! Well time for bed ladies lol Goodnight!!!

Anyone know of any nurse or hotels

My buddy and I are considering going to a hotel and hiring a nurse. If you all have any suggestions please let me know! Thanks!


Hey ladies i would like to apologize for not updating this in a while, alot has been going on lately. But i will try to post frequently again!!! Well her is and update on me... I still have my Feb 11th date for Baez but i contacted her last night to see if she had any December dates i could have. Im in nursing school so in Dec i will have a break. If not i will definitely go in feb and take a medical leave for school. I am still undecided on if i should get a TT or not i am considering not getting one and then i will just see what my results look like in 6months and if i need it i will eventually get one done. So today I started my diet because i realized I just gained alot more weight smh. I also start taking pur absorb. i must say i dont like it with water lol i can taste the iron in it and it is nasty. But today I will take it with juice so i guess it will taste better. I hope to hear from baez soon about a december date, If i do get one i will need a buddy!!! well ladies thanks!!!

Thinking of changing dates!!!

So i talk to Baez today and she told me I could come Dec 14th!!! I started shaking lmao I got so excited!!! Tomorrow or Tuesday I am going to go to the doctor and get testing done to see what my hemoglobin is at because if my iron is very low i dont think i will have enough time to raise it by dec. I very excited but that means i will have to plan everything and get all my stuff together asap!!! I didnt purchase anything yet, really dont know what to buy. I would have to hurry to get a passport. Ugh Im unorganized, but i wasnt thinking i would go this soon. Well I just wanted to share that with you! If anyone is going in DECEMBER let me know!!!

Getting Overwhelmed

So yesterday i went to get my labs done to see what i was at since i was going to switch my date until dec 14th. I got my results this morning and my hemo was only 12.1 so that means in the DR its going to be 11.1 since i heard its one point lower there... This has me very overwhelmed. I need to contact baez to see what the lowest my results could be for sx. I will be taking my purabsorb and i am going to buy me some blood builder from off amazon.

Its been so long... I miss my rs girls!!!

Hey ladies I know its been a while but my one yr old has epilepsy and very bad asthma so he been in and out the hospital. My mind has kind of been away from surgery even though i still try to connect with people through the facebook groups. Well my original buddies bailed on me lol jk some stuff came up so they was not able to go. I have been considering yily but im so comfortable with baez, im not sure. Then I been battling the fact of getting a tt or not . I hate the scar!!! I really think im going to get one though because I want my stomach flat not extra skin. I will just eventually get a tattoo over it lol. Right now im taking multi-vitamins, purabsorb, and megablood pills. I have not bought anything for sx yet but I going to order a few things online in a few days... I also still havent got my passport I know im late but i had to get a new birth certificate from my home state. Im going to pay the extra money to get it mailed to me fast... I feel so unprepared because Im late but Im going to get things done now... Had to take care of my family! I need to get a list of items for tt since I think im going to get one... Oh I forgot to tell yall I gained some more weight ugh im 184.1 im going to try to lose some before sx, I asked baez and she say since im 5'6 i dont have to lose any but i want to.... Does anyone know where to get lipo foam or boards also have yall heard of make me heal pre and post kit??? Im going to try my best to keep you updated!!!

Package Came With Urinal

Im slowing ordering my things online, but today my P EZ urinal came in the mail.


I am very upset!!!! Very discouraged actually!!! So let me make a long story short, I am getting surgery so I can be comfortable at my wedding in june. I have no family here in houston except kids my mom and fiance, so Im always around his family even though they work my damn nerve asking am i preg and asking about my weight! My fiance and my mom was the only ones that knew about surgery. His mother overheard the conversation with me and him and was like what kids of surgery u getting in february and stuff... I couldnt deny it them cuz I was caught, but if i would have got it done and came back i could have denied it!!! Im so upset she knows cuz I know she gon run her mouth!!! I told her i was getting a tt or lipo i didnt included bbl though... A part of me wanna say fuck it im getting it done and dont care if ppl talk cuz i deserve to be happy but the other part of me wanna say forget surgery cuz im embarrassed or something. Dont really know what to do!!! I apologize for venting!!!

Changing to Yily!!!

I decided yily can lipo me better than baez. As of now my Yily date is March 1st I plan on getting just lipo and bbl, no tt. I don't want to have to deal with the tt. I will let yall know how it goes.

using the app again!

Weigh in for the new year.

Weighing in at 183.8 I need to lose some weight before surgery. Im going to excersize 3 to 4 times a week. Plus im going to eat right.

my corset arrived

I ordered a corset for after surgery, right now its a bit to small but I still decided to take a pic with it on.

My mom wants me to change!!!

I know I do alot of switching up LMAO, but I might be in florida in 2 weeks. I know its last minute. But if God has it planned thats where I will be. Unfortunately next week my youngest son has to get surgery. But they say recovery time is only 3 to 5 days. So If he is good my mom and I will be in Miami for 3 or 4 days. I heard so much about my vanity smh Im skeptical about choosing them. But I was also thinking of cg cosmetics. I really want dr fisher but i might go to dr ortega. Im not really sure. I been thinking about not getting a bbl, maybe i can get a tt. Or maybe i should just get lipo and keep my flat but lol. My mom really wants me to stay im houston, I cant find anyone in my budget. I did find a lady to do my massages. I wish I had help. I dont really know what to do.


Im going to Hassan in 10 days yall, Im so scared yet excited! I already bought 2 garments, tummy board, and lipo foam from vanity. I will get it when i get down there... I have to book us a hotel asap, im so late on things smh can someone message me any hotel suggestions. I will be there mon 24th and I leave fri 28th. Also can someone help me out on supplies. I need to get all this weekend.

Went Shopping!!! Im so late but I think I have everything...

Before I leave I will post pics of my supplies...

Not mentally ready!!!

A part of me is scared but I'm so excited I want to hurry up and get it done and over with... Last night me and babe was talking and he was saying how he still worried something might happened. I broke down in tears thinking of the worst. My children are only ages 2, 3, and 6... They mean the world to me... I get so upset thinking about it. But I am a woman of God and I know everything is going to be alright so just pray for me!!! I don't want to go in there fearful because I might run for the door lol... I haven't been drinking so every time someone offers me a drink i have to turn it down and they automatically think im pregnant smh... I also dont want anyone to know but I know they will smh I dont feel like snapping on no one but I know I might have to because they will criticize me... Well im going to sleep GoodNight ladies

Weighing in at 183lbs ugh that was the weight I was when I gave birth...

Dont Pray And Worry!!!

My grandmother says how can i pray but worry... Its not possible... I have to trust and believe everything will be alright!!! God got me!!!

Changed a few things but this time next week I will be in Miami...

I changed my surgery date to the 26th instead of the 25... Me and my mom will be flying in on tuesday... Bags packed. Flights book. Rental car booked. Hotel booked. Im so ready to get this done and over with!!! Also I have great news my baby is not getting his surgery today, unfortunately it got rescheduled til march... Im kinda happy because I hated leaving him the week after his surgery... So now i dont have to worry about that...

I like this better than my boppy pillow lol #DIY

I will see once i get a new ass... My boppy pillow dont seem like it would hold me up with a flat ass so i know it wouldnt hold me with a fat ass lmao maybe im using it wrong. But I seen a lot of woman using pool noodles so I decided to put a little twist on it. I used foam and pool noodle and tape lol I really like it. Its so comfortable. Well I hope yall like it if ya dont oh well lol

Everyday I talk to my patient coordinator.

I know ppl are having problems with money when it comes to vanity, but not me... I never got forced to pay with the sales pitch. Everyday I call my patient coordinator... she reassure me that everything is going to be alright. I feel comfortable, if I didnt I would definitely ask for a refund... I hope those of you ladies with the problems with them get it handled... Tomorrow ima take some pics since next week im getting surgery..

Message from vanity...

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery

(PRE-OPS Instructions)

The week before of the surgery you cannot:

· Drink any alcohol

· No natural tees

· No herba life

· No protein shakes

· No aspirin (if you have any pain you may only drink Tylenol)

· No vitamins

· No birth control pills


The day of the surgery you can't have

· Any Acrylic or gel nails

· No nail polish

· No jewelry

· No creams

· No make up

· No eye contacts

After the surgery

After the surgery it’s recommended to walk 20 min per hour everyday, starting the day of the surgery.

*The day before your surgery an assistant will contact you to give you the last minute instructions and the time you must be at the clinic. Please reply this message as a confirmation that you received the instructions a week before of your surgery.

Thank You

Hurry Up

Days are going by so fast. Im ready to get this done and over with! Be Blessed Ladies

I think after surgery...

Im going to delete myself out of these facebook surgery groups. All these woman do is argue. Its ridiculous and stressful... I really enjoy some of the ladies on it but some are just out of hand... I havent had a problem with rs yet but best believe if i do Ima delete it to... I really enjoy this because I like following ppl journey but we are all grown and aint got time for bs...


Anyone know any massages places in houston that do lymphatic massages for a reasonable price. I would really like to save extra money lol but i dont think its possible. im gonna pay $600 for 12, $440 for 8 or $220 for 4 massages do yall think that is a good deal???

I think i found massages in miami

Im going to call the place tomorrow, I hear they are very good and only 50 per hour, I will let yall know the name once I call

Can sleep...

Been on real self all night long!!!

After surgery

What to eat drink etc after surgery lol i dont wanna gain anymore weight after surgery. I already feel so big ugh its ridiculous!

Im not packed...

I have my stuff sitting on top of my suitcase, wondering if im gonna really need all this... PROCRASTINATION AT ITS BEST!!!

My eyes are heavy...

Been on realself all day!!! I been considering to pack this darn bag but i guess i will just do it tomorrow... Goodnight ladies


I will be in miami in the morning... Ugh im nervous!!! Well off to get my hair did because i dont want to have to deal with this!

Weight gain, pre-op pics

Not happy with the weight gain but here the pics are...

Few hours left...

Im leaving for the airplane at 5:30 but my plane leaves at 7am im leaving from houston with a layover in atl, I should arrive to miami at 1pm then I will go straight for testing at vanity. I cant sleep, my nerve are bad right now. I would like to say thanks everyone that are keeping me encouraged and helping with all the answers I had through this journey. I really appreciate it.

Today was not my day...

Once I get time I will tell u how horrible today way... But on the bright side I'm getting at 630am. I'm going to go to sleep I'm very tired. Pray for me

Prayers be lifted up!!! I will see yall on the other side!!!

Surgery in a few hours. I am Dr. Hassans first patient at 6:30 am. Let me tell yall about yesterday since im trying to kill time. Well I went to the houston airport and everything was fine except for the fact that i was nervous and had not slept. The flight from houston to atlanta was horrible. My head felt like a hot air ballon was about to burst. I was woke the entire time. My flight from atl to miami was fine until we arrived. I was so happy I had got a little bit of rest. When we arrived the flight was already late, then to top it off all the terminals were full so we had to stay extra time sitting on the plane. When we finally got off the flight it was already 2pm. The flight was suppose to arrive at 1:06pm. I was furious because I had already told sheila i would be there around 2 so she was wanting on me. (Sheila ended up leaving after waiting so long because she became ill and she called me and told me how she was feeling so I said it was fine) So i went to get my baggage and my mother and I had to go get our rental car. I must say that damn walk from baggage claim to the rent car place was long, especially since we have to catch the metro rail thing. When we arrived at the rental car we looked up our place on priceline it say Fox rent a car. DO NOT RENT AT FOX!!! First it wasnt at the spot with the other rentals at. I called them on the phone they told me to get back on the metrorail and go to the airport and go down stairs and get on a shuttle bus and it will take you to there location because its 2 mins off the property... We did all the walking again to find out we was led in the wrong direction. So once again we do all the walking back to the metrorail and then someone decided to tell us how to get to the right spot. I was so damn exhausted after all that walking and dragging heavy luggage. I know i lost some weight from walking lol... We waited for the fox shuttle bus for over 10 mins and it was hot outside... We the rude ass man finally arrived he said he was busy thats why it took so long and then he didnt even get out his seat to help me with my baggage and it was very heavy. I asked him twice he didnt move so the man behind me helped. Fox is in the ghetto!!! I looked so scary right there thats probably why it was so cheap. NEVER AGAIN!!! So at this time its about 3pm, Im so nervous because im late. They give us this itty bitty ass car but we just roll with it because we had to go. The gps in the car says in traffic it would be 20 mins. TRAFFIC WAS HORRIBLE!!! The bad part about riding in that traffic was the damn gps kept saying signaled lost smh we kepted going the wrong was because the signal kept getting lost. I was so pissed we paid extra for that damn thing. We couldnt used our phones because they were both dead. I began to pray because I arrived at 4pm. They was gonna make me come back the next day for testing to have surgery on thursday . I swear i wanted to cry lol but then I met hasan who is cute by the way but we talked and he told me that if i wanted surgery that i need to hurry up and get everything done. So i hurry up to sign papers, give blood, and urine lol. Kayla was a doll she helped me so much! I really appreciated it. I seen so many bodies at vanity... They looked so nice I just pray I get good results. My mom was in the back running her mouth with the patients and docs lol they loved her she learned so much and met so many ladies that just had bbls done recently. I felt so bad for one of fisher patients she was in so much pain and they couldnt do anything. They said she had fluid and needed massages but she didnt have any money left. We i left vanity and suppose to be back at 630am so we gonna leave early because we dont want any traffic or gsp problems. We decided to stay at the ramada by the airport. We get our room and i was so pissed off. The room was clean except for one of the beds look like someone decided to take a cat nap in it. SMH I swear one of the pillows was balled up and it was a body impression in the covers. And a balled up piece of tissue in the trash, OH HELL NO!!! I eventually got another room. At about 10pm i decided to take out all my jewelry. I have so many piercings, everything came out except my clit piercing. I was so over whelmed i began to cry lol hours after hours i tried to no avail. I started panicking thinking how im going to have to get a catheter and they would deny me because my piercing. No tattoo places were open. I just didnt know what to do. So I decided if i get denied surgery i would just go home. Because my period should come maybe tomorrow i was cramping so damn bad. So i just decided to go to sleep. Waking up at 2am by my fiance. He called to check and see if i had got the piercing out i began to cry again lol he kept calming me down. Then he decided to say the magic words "To bad u dont have any latex gloves for grip" I ran to my suitcase got some gloves and magically it turned so quickly lol. ALL THAT SHIT FOR NOTHING!!! He should have been mentioned latex gloves. We now im wide awake wondering whats about to go on in a few hours. Im not nervous anymore just not ready for the pain. Prayers be lifted up for me. Im suppose to know when I arrive if i passed all the test since i was so late. Hopefully I do. Well I appreciate all the prayers, comments, and everything else from you ladies. See yall on the other side!!!




I want to thank all of you ladies for your prayers and concerns for me!!! Im feeling wonderful... Im about to tell yall all about my surgery. Just wanted to let everyone know im fine! And i apologize for updating so late. I had electronic problems so i had to wait til I got back to houston to write.

sorry ladies

The reason I have been quite and not posting pics is because there was this thing going on in the facebook groups for surgery. Someone decided to expose ppl with their names and pics. This made me so upset I didnt want to be bothered by fb or rs. Im going to pist my pics but im not really sure how long my account will be open. So sorry ladies.

post op pics

I took pics on the day after surgery, 2 days after when I made it home, and 7 days after. After surgery my skin was so saggy lol but everyday it gets better and better. It makes me want to cry because I never would have imagined this. I know my results are just going to get better and that give me hope!!!!


Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

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Your results are amazing!!! look good girl ...he did his thing ...hope you are doing well
  • Reply
Hey sis. I was just stopping by to check on you. How is recovery going?
  • Reply
Your results are amazing. Thank you so much for the update
  • Reply
Your skin has contracted back girl! I hope mine does the same I have extra skin at the bottom:( but you look great!
  • Reply
U look so natural! I luv it.... Like u were cornbread fed as they say
  • Reply
Thanx for the tummy update... Thats really one of my biggest concerns regarding the outcome. I don't mind some stretch marks bcuz I have some now. I am worried about loose skin however, which is why I've been using anti-wrinkle skin firming cream on a regular. Ur tummy looks good! I hope I retract the same way
  • Reply
Looking great,please update with pics,and how do you feel do you've have any complaints were you at sleep when you had surgery,is your but getting bigger or shrinking?
  • Reply
Wow so amazing. Thank you thank you thank you for the update!!!
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dogon!!! your stomach looks good!!!! hoping mine looks good too!
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Oh wow! Your skin contracted so well babe!
  • Reply
it still dont feel like my skin is connected to my body ugh i hate that... also i been getting massages faithfully but still feel like i got little knots inside my skin
  • Reply
It's going to take time to feel normal again. You may have some scar tissue forming. Google castor oil wraps for scar tissue...I plan on trying it.
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Your swelling went down so much...u look awesome
  • Reply
girl im a still very swollen
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Even though your still swollen do u like your results
  • Reply
Shay08 is one. And I have been searching for some more as well. I think I'm going to stay in the states and go with him although I already paid a deposit for Duran in the Dominican Republic
  • Reply
Does Dr. Hasan have anymore pics of bbl patients.
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you look great! I'm booked for June 3
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Looking good hun thank u 4 updating us with pix!
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U look great! Just wondering how is your urinal working out for you? I ordered the same one..are u liking it?
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Do u recommend the recovery house?? I'm going to Hasan in may and the more I'm able to save the better...vanity want 2000 for 7 days..u went home right away...I'm trying to be like u
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What day in May are u going?
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Hey Lay Lay boo! I've been waiting for your update. That is so scandalous about FB! Anyway your skin is really contracting well and you are looking great!
  • Reply
Girl I aint got time for that shit!!! But yes it is contracting well, I havent used anything on it yet because its so much swelling. How have u been hun
  • Reply
I've had a few rough moments but I've been doing pretty well for the most part. This soreness is ruining my life lol
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