January 6th! Excited to the MAX! Hope It's Worth It! - Miami, FL

I have a BBL scheduled on January 6th in Miami, FL...

I have a BBL scheduled on January 6th in Miami, FL. I honestly have never had surgery before in my life. I am a little nervous because I don't know how the whole anesthetic thing works...I'm frighten of extreme pain! I don't want to feel anything...but the thought of finally having an ass is like yes!!!!

My family came from the continent Africa. I'm sure everyone is aware of the fact that the majority of the continent is well known for their "over sized asses". Well, that's not the case for everyone. My mom, my sisters, my aunts, my grandma, and my dad side of the family. Now, I'm so confused, what happened to me??? lol how did I get skipped in the mist of all of this...me out of all the family members.

My butt is so flat!!! Like it's literally aligned with my back. Dresses look disgusting on me...especially form fitting dresses....I have to find pants that are tight on my thighs (the only pants that would make my ass a little bigger) just to avoid sagging because with an ass like mine, yes you will be sagging from your original size jeans. I need this to change!! I'm thick girl with a flat ass!!! not a good combination....I'm tired of family members making fun of me (although it is hilarious)

I blame sitting when I was in grade school....the teacher somehow always made us sit on the floor and it was hard. I got used to it and BAM!!!! No ass lol...I hope it goes well and hopefully will be satisfied with my results. Spending so much money on it but hopefully it's all worth it.

I will post some before and after pics soon! Help a sister out with support if you have already did it!

Hey realself friends!!!! Counting down to the big...

Hey realself friends!!!! Counting down to the big day....i know...i know....almost every realself member that's about to have surgery has this logo "oh my gosh im so nervous"...."so excited"..."can't wait"...truth is....all these feelings are real...anyways...i am excited and hoping and praying this is all worth it...here are my before pictures....my after pictures will be posted on after January 6th, 2012...any who...this site has been very helpful...the before and after pics the ladies here post helped me made my decision to go through with this!!! so don't be shy!! post some pics...if your that concern about your privacy...don't show your face!!!!! I will keep yall updated on everything... literally 2 more months until that time...in the mean-time keep me in yall prayers!! hoping for the best...miss flat ass to miss phat ass!!! chea-yeaaaah!!!!

Hey guys! I don't visit this site quit as often as...

Hey guys! I don't visit this site quit as often as I used to. This semester was rough for me, so I never had time to check out what's new..wow so many great new threads and results from some of y'all! So much more hopeful and excited.. Again my surgery is Jan. 6. Today is Christmas and I just want to update you guys on a few things. Last time I told you guys I was losing weight because I was overweight! I'm down to a good descent size! Not overweight anymore. I have some new pics of how I look now! A week before my surgery date! I will post the after pics as soon as I heal! I'm counting down. One week and half left. I hope my booty will be looking nice! I just want to finally be happy with my shape! Been very insecure for a while now and now its time to bring my confedience back!

I'm happy with my results so far!! The Dr. is...

I'm happy with my results so far!! The Dr. is awesome and so is his staff! Again I wrote this really long essay but my computer decided to freeze on me! I will let my pictures speak for themselves!!

I will post more up in 3 weeks...which should be...

I will post more up in 3 weeks...which should be the final look :-) enjoy

Hey guys! I'm in my 3rd week. My butt is still the...

Hey guys! I'm in my 3rd week. My butt is still the same size as it was 8days post op! I think the 30 to 40 percent of fat taken happen when the swelling went down. 2 more weeks until I take this disturbing garment off. BUt my waist is actually smaller then the pics i posted, matter of fact my whole entire body is smaller...I used the zoom to get a clearer look of how i look....but my butt, is big!! I like it....hope it stays...but I really do believe the 30 to 40 percent of fat took in when the swelling went down because it was super huge before... and Oh before I forget. Dr. S put 1200cc's in my behind. It looks really good. Thanks for all the folks who did it before I did, really helped me choose the right doctor!!! Well anyways, enjoy!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So I wrote this really long essay on here and my computer decided to freeze on me! I wrote everything that I was thinking! Took me about a good 30 minutes! Well anyways, I'll just let my pictures speak for themselves!! EVERYBODY HIT UP DR. SALAMA!!! A plus!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look Great I hope I get results like yours
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U look great girl!
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hey hun how are you
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@heartshape looks great how many cc?
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Lookin great hun
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New pics r needed did the results last?
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Update pic pls
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Hi girl! Hope you're healing well! I think I'm speaking for all the BBL sisters when I say: we would loooove to read an update! Take care, xoxo
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Hello, please post up to date photos. I would definitely like to see your results today
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Hi, your results are amazing and I am actually considering Dr. Salama for a bbl so I really trying to see a lot of before and afters so do you think you can put more pics and maybe some with jeans too see how they look with clothes, thanks I would really appreciate it.
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Hay hope your healing well... Can't wait to see your progress
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Hey heartshape, you're almost 1 month now. I hope you're healing well & feeling better each week. I'm now 2 months & 1 week post-op & I'm feeling great. It's well worth it!!!!
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Hay heart shape! Hope your feeling ok :)
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I agree. I wanna be knocked the hell out. I wanna just close my eyes and wake up when everything is over. I'm a very nervous person so I know I would probably give myself a real heart attack being awake and seeing and hearing everything but I have read some post when people have only had local sedation and they were fine.
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Only you know yourself good enough to make that decision :) good luck!
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Hello. I have a question, did you go through with local anesthesia or general because I received a price quote from Salama of only 4,000 with local and 5,300 with general???? I'm scared of being completely sedated but I don't want to feel pain during surgery?? I don't know which to choose...anybody have any suggestions?
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Ichave never had local and I'm scared of pain and of bein out under too; however, I can imagine seeing and/or hearing what's going on during surgery while on local ... It would freak me out! I'd say go for general.
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Your results are amazing.
Did you stay in a hotel? If so, which one? I'm trying to find some places that give student discounts.
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Did you get the garment your wearing in the pic from dr s? And does the garment show through your clothes? Do you have a list of things you used to prepare for surgery (items needed for recovery)
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Very nice job, was it 1200cc per butt or in total?
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Interesting that you mentioned that @bottomup. I realized that in looking at Dr. Pazmino's work in comparison to Dr. Salama. I am more interested in that hourglass figure than a big bottom. Well, what has brought me to even considering this to begin with is because I was in a car accident last April which has left me one leg bigger than the next and dents on my hips due to the impact. So I have always had a butt, but really would like to have it reshaped with a BBL and just to have my body contoured a bit. The past year has been difficult since I was limited in what I could wear due to the swelling from the accident. Anyway, I love Dr. P's work, but now his price. Does everyone agree with bottomup or is there anyone who feels that Dr Salama does pretty decent work with 'designing' shapely figures. THis is such a difficult decision. My consult with Dr Salama is in two days!! So please, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi girl!

I am sooo happy for you, your results are great! Can't wait to see how it looks after a month/two months! I think that $4999 sounds like a really reasonable price, especially since you got the garments and massages etc etc. I really REALLY want to have BBL done on me, but I'm still not sure where I should go (I live in Sweden) or which doctor should perform it on me... Would you recommend dr. Salama?

Again, I am so happy for your results, you look banging!
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Thanks girl. Well coming all the wa from SwedenM dr. Salama is the best choice for you. Really all you have to take care of is your hotel and plane ticket. Everything he takes care of. Garment, massages, transportation...and the procedure which he does really well. He is the only plastic surgeon that's able to give you a bundle like that. I made the right choice! I feel like my butt is becoming bigger and rounder as the weeks go by. I recommend him a lot! Choose him!!! You will save lots of money!
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Salama definitely has good prices!
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Thank you so much for your quick response, I am leaning more towards dr. Salama, I've read so many reviews and I don't recall reading a negative one of him.. And the price does not go against my budget...

The "only" things left for me to do are finding somewhere to live for a month or two in Miami, then actually fly to Miami (LOL), go to a consultation, see how I like the doctor, book the surgery... and yeah... This is tough...

Thank you for your answer Heartshape :)
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