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My names Tabby, I recently turned 24 and for my...

My names Tabby, I recently turned 24 and for my birthday I wanted to broaden my backside. I'm 5'6 1/2 about 180lbs with average size breast(c cups) and a below average butt. I've been wanting to do the bbl for a while because I have always felt I had a "sometime booty" (you know the butt that's there when you were certain clothing but then sometime disappears in other clothing lol). So I wanted to make my behind an "all the time booty" and have a simmer waist to make my shape better then ever. I've read so many reviews on here and it made me more excited to do the procedure. I'm actually scheduled for my bbl in less than two weeks so if there is any advice the veterans can give me I'm all ears.

Thanks for reading in advance. =)


Hi Tabby im thinking about going with dr. t but unsure about his results.... can we see some pics =) PLZ
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Hey Tabby im also scheduled with Dr. Tachmes please post your pics your the only one I have seen that went with him an im so nervous im considèring canceling. Reading post both post/ neg has me scared. Not sûre what to think about Dr. T seems like he is no Where on these threads and Im only trying to have this procedure once... Please post..
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Did you have the procedure? How did it go?
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