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First thing to take into condsideration is that...

First thing to take into condsideration is that there are other costs just besides what you're paying the surgeon. The garments cost me 200 each and I purchased two and the pr-operative stuff costs me 320 out of pocket because I have no insurance. Also there were the prescription costs which was around 200 dollars.

That being said I picked a really great surgeon, he was awesome very friendly and did a very good job. The liposuction on my waist, back, flanks, and thighs looks great. I have an hour glass figure now which is something I have been waiting 20 years for haha, I'm only 20. Anyhow, I was amazed at the results there was some brusing on my legs, and minimal brusing on my abdomen and I wasn't really swollen at all. From what everyone else was saying I thought I was gonna be huge but I really couldn't even tell if I was swollen or not.

The pain, well it is a very painful recovery. When you first wake up after surgery you want to die, because your sore everywhere. It hurts to even move at all. I had to sleep on my sides for the first 3 days which was not comfortable at all, and I had a lot of stinging from switching sides. It was hard to walk at first, and pee, and shower, and you just want to die, to be honest. But I think it's worth it, for sure. It gets better after the first week. The drains are a pain in the ass, I had four drains and the ones that didn't drain into anything leaked a lot which was gross, so it's important to shower after the first couple of days when your doctor says it's ok. I vomited a lot because the medicines are strong and the antibiotics made me nauseated. You get light headed from doing any kind of activity especially showering so make sure you have someone to help you with that for the first two weeks. It's very VERY important to eat, if you don't it will take longer to heal. It's hard at first but you have to make yourself eat, believe me it helps in the end.

I like my results so far, they look natural and my butt is a good shape. It's not as big as I hoped but then again I did not request that from my doctor. I'm a pretty small girl I only weighed 136 before the surgery and my boobs are a lot of that weight so I'm not sure if he didn't have enough fat or what I had a pretty hard time gaining weight for the surgery, but it still looks good and compared to my waist it is definitely proportioned well. If I could change one thing I would have told the doctor to make my butt a little bigger but overall I am very satisfied and I hope that it doesn't get any smaller. I'm three weeks out of surgery so we'll see.



How's the butt looking after a year of surgery? Do you mind sharing how much you paid. I am considering him too but he sure is expensive.

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Hi, do you have any before and after pictures?
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Hi >flatty2fatt<
i'm still in the process of researching doctors for the BBL procedure... Dr. Mendieta has great results... other than him its hard to find doctors with as good results.. can you share the other doctors that your are considering? so i can make better comparision.

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In Oct of 2010 I had a another surgery done with...

In Oct of 2010 I had a another surgery done with Dr. Mendieta (lipo and fat grafting again). And I am pleased to say that I liked my results much better after the second time. My butt is a pretty good size, and the recovery wasn't as painful as the first time.

I do plan on having the surgery done again with Dr. Mendiet, I wouldn't pick another doctor, just because I feel like he knows what he is doing and he does an amazing job. In my third surgery I plan on getting more fat taken from the bra line/upper back area and some from where ever else Dr. Mendieta feels he can take it from and using it in the upper part of my butt since I feel sometimes that is the only thing I would change.

Surgery a second time was only 9,000 since it was a revision. I can truly say that it changed the way I look at my body and it was worth every penny. I know that spending 20,000 on my plastic surgery sounds outrageous but I can't even begin to say how much better it has made me feel about myself.

I will take some pictures and post them soon. Good luck to everyone recovering, and those who are planning this surgery in the future.


Hello! How is it looking now? Are yu happy with your results? Will you be posting before and after photos? I used him too and so far I feel like it is not big enough. I did stress I wanted a big rear end ... haven't talked to the doc yet so im not sure what happened :( will see what he has to say next Friday
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Hi! Everything looks good now, I said in a comment above that I also felt like mine wasn't big enough too. I had surgery with Dr. Mendieta twice actually once in December 2009 and then a second time in October 2010. After my second surgery I am much happier with my results although some days I feel like it's still not as big as I wished it were, but I get compliments all the time from friends who have no idea that I had surgery. I do plan on going back to get more lipo and possibly fat grafting (wouldn't want to waste the fat). I didn't really start liking my results and being really happy with them until at least the 9th month after so just give it some time. I will post some pictures as soon as I take some. I hope you heal well, I know the surgery is pretty painful.
Thanks for your response! I'm glad to hear that you are happy with your results now even though you are considering a third one. WOW! I can't imagine having to do this again and paying all that again :( I am glad you feel better though. Thats what matters. Please post your before and after photos of both surgeries. I'd like to see the difference in the resultsfrom one surgery to the other since I may have to have another one :(

Ok so I posted pics for you guys, I hope that my...

Ok so I posted pics for you guys, I hope that my review has been helpful. I even found some great before pics that I didn't even know I still had...I try to forget the way I looked before lol it was bad. You can see from the pics that the my surgeries made a world of difference on my confidence. I would never take it back. I also want to say that yes as soon as I get the money I am going to have a third surgery just to get rid of the extra fat that I don't like...I am not crazy lol I am just a perfectionist and since I have already paid a lot of money to have the kind of body I always wanted I might as well just fix it all. And I will keep you all updated when that time comes but it's at least another year and a half before that happens. I also want to say that I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Mendieta and his staff. Priscilla was a wonderful nurse, and provided me with great care in my recovery period and follow up visits. I know that this surgery is expensive but I wouldn't choose any other doctor for this type of surgery because I feel like Dr. Mendieta is simply the best out there. Plus, this is your body that you see for the rest of your life. So a few extra thousand dollars is worth spending to get great results. Good luck to everyone and happy holidays as well!


I don't know why but I can't see your pictures ?
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sounds like you got amazing results! My surgery is in 8 days with the same doctor. Got lots of before pics and even used the surgery software to edit my body in the pics. Doc says they are realistic expectations :)
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I dont see the pictures
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