1300cc each cheeck tummy tuck November 16 2013

This is my second bbl my first wasn't so great so...

This is my second bbl my first wasn't so great so I decided to go with doctor Salama despite of a few negative comments on him. I've been following his great work for two years now...Im 5'1 5'2 I guess lol well I was a member on real self before but I had my page deleted well now im back :)... My first doctor did great Lipo on me its been almost a year and you can still see my lipo :))) I have very nice hips I just want more butt full and round and I have faith that dr Salama will full fill my dream.

I want to have my inner & outer thigh lipo plus my...

I want to have my inner & outer thigh lipo plus my arms because seems like that's where the fat went. If he reach the 4000 limit then hopefully when I go back to have my tt I will be able to get those three areas done. I know a lot about the bbl because I've been thu it once. Ppl ppl stop judging your results so soon because everyday your body changes trust me I know. Doctor Salama is a great doctor and im not only saying it because he is my doctor his work shows for it self. Doctor J is also a great doctor...When I first had my surgery my doctor didn't put drains in me I guess I didn't need em. I wasn't sick or anything everything went well as far as my health but I just wasnt happy with my bbl but i was in love with my Lipo and till this day you can still see great lipo. He didn't do so good with my inner thigh he left fat :( one side of my hip isn't round like the other side but Doctor Salama will fix me.
Good luck on your journey. Yes the process takes along time and everyday is something different. First 30 days results are not finalized.
Hello bbeautiful2 yessss I know it takes awhile but at the end its all worth it. Thank you hun :)
Welcome!! Good luck to you on your journey!!

I went thu this samething before having my first...

I went thu this samething before having my first surgery stressing not because I don't trust my doctor guess im to excited and ready for it to be over with I have lost alil weight but not much. I've been trying to stuff myself with all types of unhealthy foods :/ gotta get it right eventho I know I have three months to go but I rather get my weight up now then later. Boost 360 cal worked for me last year so I pray it does the same this time around. I don't wanna get to big because I want my inner and outer thigh and my arms lipo but like I said before if he reach the 4000 limit then when I go back to have my tt those extra areas can be taking care of so either way im good. I only want to reach 165.
Never heard of her until now, but in general when people do sh*t like that to innocent people it's a shame, i hope she gets plenty of jail time. But at the same time the victim should have been wise enough to research *qualified* doctors. I feel bad for them. but ladies (in general) should not be that eager if they can't afford it, it's not worth risking your health over.
@missgiggle I really dout if pebbles knew of the concrete that the he/she injected into the woman I highly think that pebbles just sent her to him. And ur right the lady should of known better not to go. First off how the he/she looks that mess would have had me like oh hell no. If you type in pebbles name for murder it'll show you pictures n all its very sad tho losing life for some ass. Smh the woman who was injected was from atl.
I heard that also. The thing is though, hip hop culture praises the uber pear shape body type so much now, that women are literally dying for bigger butts and girls like Pebblez are profitting off women who want an unrealistic body...but are broke and won't get a procedure done by a Board ertified surgeon. The sad thing is though, a lot of women want bigger butts but are ignorant, lazy and cheap so they don't do their research, give money to back alley con artists and sometimes end up dead *SMH* I feel mean for saying that but its the truth. There are safe ways of doing surgery but people want it on the cheap -_- xxxxxxx

Gatorade/PoweradeGranola Bars/Light snacksGreen...

Gatorade/PoweradeGranola Bars/Light snacksGreen TeaBenadrylArnicaBromelainIron pillsSleep AidMultiVitaminPain pillsMuscle relaxersEx-lax and Gentle lax-painStool SoftenerOk I really did not want to post this for fear of looking stupid but what is the foam cut in to a triangle for I've seen a couple ladies post it thank, youIce Packs hot/cold packNeosporinMederma scar creamSilicone Scar sheets (post op)MakeupComb/BrushHair ClipToothbrush/Toothpaste Antibacterial soap Shea Butter/LotionDeodorantFunnelSafety Pins (for drains)Antibacterial wipes*Baby wipes*Pads*Gauze*Band aidsLanyard (for drains)Open front Pjs/dusterCute Comfy ClothesHair ScarfArm sleevesCompression GarmentCompression stockingsEpifoamFoam cut into a triangle Ultrasonic massagerWhite tee shirts (to wear under garment) Drain pouch Bras/UnderwearSocks (2)SlippersBoppy pillow*Body pillowTablet/Tablet chargerPhone/Phone chargerIdentificationPassportEmergency Contact Info Sheet$ for meds$ for emergency (blood transfusion/incidentals)$ for massages

By ShesAGlamazon » Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:35 pmAs...

by ShesAGlamazon » Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:35 pmAs I went through my surgery and now as I go through recovery, I kept thinking of things I wish I had done differently to aid in my comfort, convenience, etc. Please keep in mind I got BBL, so you may have to adjust this accordingly for your own sx.WHAT TO PACK:Clothing:For this trip, depending on the length of your stay, you could truly get away with a backpack. The same outfit you wear in is the same outfit you can wear out. You truly need not pack much, especially if you are staying at BeautyCare, as they do your laundry and have other clothing items. If I had to do it again, I would pack:-2 pair of socks (preferably the soft microfiber kind with aloe)-1 pair of comfortable pajamas (I wore a button down shirt and pants to my post-op appt with Dr. Pantoja and was very comfortable. I would only bring one pair for post op visits. No need to get dolled up. You'll be sore and swollen. Your comfort level is tantamount to fashion at this point. BeautyCare had gowns and robes that I lounged in and most of the time I slept in my garment comfortably.-NOTE: I didn't pack any underwear, but did pack bras. I never wore them. Albeit, I was in a room alone, I'm sure my roommate wouldn't have minded seeing me in a bra and my CG. When you've had your guts sucked out and put in your ass, you're pretty much over preliminaries. i packed tank tops, these were useless, too and never worn. Also, if you have slippers, wear them on the flight back. A lot easier to get on and off during security checkpoints.- Second garment. I would call ahead of time if your doctor provides you with a garment to discuss your measurements, type of garment, etc. so that you can purchase a second one prior to your stay. You WILL stain your garment. It WILL have to come off. These are non-negotiables. Nothing is more miserable than being securely bound in your garment, then having to come out of it and being dizzy, nauseous, etc. then having to wait again to put it on later as it is being washed. I'm sure CGs to us feel like being swaddled to newborns. After having your body worked on, it does offer a layer of protection and security and you will want that as much as possible.Miscellaneous Essentials:-Pieces of foam cut into a triangle (you can get this from WalMart in the craft section) and some gauze. Do not wrap your triangle in your gauze in case your nurses need to cut it down to size. This helped tremendously to get rid of my back swelling in the first few days. My nurses were glad that I bought it.- A funnel to use the restroom. Your garment will be crotchless, praise be to God, but the mere thought of you trying to sit on your thighs or butt to use the bathroom will terrify even the holiest of saints. I didn't bother getting a special female funnel. I copped a 99 cent funnel from Wal-Mart you can use to change your oil. Best. Purchase. Ever. I don't think I'll ever pee sitting down again.- A small handheld fan. You may have waves of nausea that can be alleviated by being cooled off immediately. Try to keep your room at a comfortable level. At one point I got ill post lymphatic massage bc my room got to be a sweltering 80+ degrees. Keep in mind that your nausea can be associated with your blood pressure and temperature. I also am one of those people who can't stand certain smells when I don't feel well-- even if they smell great, it can be too much. This can also help clear the air around you. - Wipes (feminine and anti-bacterial). The toilets in MX are not really great, so you cannot flush tissue down most toilets (at least at BC). Your body will be warm, and your princessa will be exposed so to avoid any UTIs or yeast infections keep your wipes handy. You'll also want to keep your new booty clean too with your wipes (it will take several and you probably won't reach it the first time, so be prepared). Remember to clean your funnel after each use.- Lip Balm. Stay as hydrated as possible. I love Lip Elixirs. They are the best and I can't imagine using anything else. It kept my mouth perfectly moist.- Blush, eyeliner, mascara and gloss. No need to look a mess bc you feel like it. Dr. Pantoja told me I'm going to be a knock out once my butt fluffs just by looking at my face. I almost threw up on his shoes, but appreciated the compliment nonetheless. Looking better will make you feel better and since recovery is almost 100% mental, come fully loaded.- Boppy pillow. I did not take one because I thought it would've been useless. Once I got a chance to use it, I was highly upset that I didn't bring one with me and sprung the $55 to get one from BC. YES. $55. So considering I could've purchased one for $8, I was highly irritated, but it added to my comfort level in a way that I think a neck pillow or rolled up blanket could not. It adds cushion for your hips which will have a lot of pressure on them and the density of a neck pillow/blankets will not suffice. Check consignment shops to see if you can get it cheaper or borrow one from a new mom who isnt using it anymore. - Spray lotion. This will be essential to keep you moisturized. You won't be able to maneuver the way you want to put lotion on. If you stay at BC, you won't have to worry about shampoo, conditioner or body wash.Medications/Vitamins/Supplements:-Stool Softener. Start taking them the day before your surgery or even the day prior to the day before your surgery. Your first bowel movement will be murder. Try to take it as easy on yourself as possible. Take your stool softener and try to walk as much as possible to get the anesthesia's effects to wear off of your digestive system. I had to get an enema and it was not the best feeling in the world. But I did feel better having moved my bowels, however, I should've kept up the regimen when I got home because when I did finally have to use the bathroom on my own at home we almost needed crime scene tape.- If you can get pain meds Stateside, please do so. I have a high tolerance for pain, but the meds in MX were like skittles and really did nothing for me. You will want Percocet and Phenergan. Phenergan is the TRUTH for nausea, and also works as a sleep aid, so you can benefit from that immensely. I ended up buying extra/different meds from Dr. Pantoja (he initially prescribed Tramadol) and got codeine for pain and something called Kriadex to sleep. That stuff is amazing. - I got the Bromelain and Arnica Montana, I believe it began to add to my nausea with everything else I was taking. I can't express how much you want to keep your nausea at bay especially if you do a TT or lipo. Your insides will feel like it is pushing out your soul if you have to throw up. Additionally, check your regular vitamin regimen and make sure you are not taking anything that will interact with your meds for your surgery and stop taking them at least 7-10 days in advance.-NOTE: BeautyCare has medicines there to help you with your needs (additional pain medications that are administered intravenously), nausea meds (I had to get a shot in my butt. JESUS that hurt), and other things for your needs. That's a perk of staying there-- there is no need to send out for them or have them delivered. Everything is there. There is an additional cost, so be sure to cushion your budget for this in case you might need them. They only accept cash.Entertainment- Bring your kindle, iPad or Laptop. You may not sleep a majority of the time and will need to occupy your mind and keep it off of your pain, healing. TV was kind of boring so I was happy I had Netflix and videos in iTunes. It was also good to video call with my husband and friends. Made things feel a lot better.- If your phone is a smartphone, consider getting some fun apps to play and audiobooks to listen to. These are great for the lymphatic massages.The Ride Back Home/Being Home:- I mentioned wearing slippers for the flight back. Simple life saver.-YOU WANT WHEELCHAIR ASSISTANCE. Don't try to be brave, don't think you're going to smash your butt. Sit on your hip and you'll be fine. However, with wheelchair accessibility, you will get pushed to the front of every line, have premium choice of seats in the front row and may be granted extra amenities. TAKE IT. You will need it. Make sure you designate this when you make your flight arrangements. Also follow up with your airline before you leave just to make sure that it is solidified. - Take a nausea pill with a small piece of fruit or cup of oatmeal to settle your stomach. Once you're on board for a min, especially if your flight is long (my first leg was 5 hrs), take a sedative. You are going to stress over if you're smashing your butt. You will hate every one. Just calm down, lay down if you can, walk around and then get comfortable and attempt to sleep the rest of the way. If your doctor will give you the compression socks from your surgery, this would be a good time to wear them. - if you are not a side/stomach sleeper, I would suggest you spend two weeks prior to your surgery getting used to sleeping this way and alternating sides in a way that you are planking instead of turning over on your butt. This way, it will be second nature to you when you get home.- Get as many pillows for your bed as possible. Your positions will be limited, but sometimes the support from pillows can help the lower back pain, use between knees can be helpful too.- Swelling may be getting worse, so try elevating your body as much as possible while staying off your butt. - Don't overdo it the first few weeks home. Stretching, squatting, bending, etc. can ruin your grafts making them useless. Fluffing happens when your fat grafts can vascularize (hook up to a blood supply) so try to stay as comfortable as possible and keep your butt happy. If you don't have to do it. Don't. - The burning from lipo is crucial. It's not a game. Take your pain meds, even if you don't feel like it's constantly needed. You don't want to chase the pain and as your recovery will cause more pain in spasms, stay on top of them. Try to walk a bit each day, too. As your nerves regenerate in your torso and arms, that burning, tearing, ripping sensation will remain, so try not to stay too dormant as it makes getting up harder each time.- Also, before you leave, get your nails done if you have nails that you maintain every two weeks. Get them cut shorter than usual so that the additional growth will not bother you. It will be a while before you can sit on your butt again.- Try to catalog your progression in images. Take pictures of your body so that you can see how you are shaping up and keep track of any changes you might need (i.e., change in garment, diet, etc.) - Since your CG will be crotchless, consider wearing boxers to keep some protection between your princessa and the elements and clothes.If I think of anything else, I'll update.ShesAGlamazon Posts: 65Joined: Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:03 pmShare this topic! 
Sorry I meant you will be looking good girlie silly me I was typing faster then I was thinking lol.....
Bubblez lol lol thank you hun
Whoop whoop pull ova dat ass too fat.....I love trina you looking good girlie do your thang I ain't mad at cha :)

Didn't meet Larry yet but from our phone...

Didn't meet Larry yet but from our phone conversations he seem to be a very caring man. He advised me of the area I'm staying at he also told me to call him if I needed him for anything anything. He called me making sure I have all the things I needed. I read some mean things about him but he don't seem to be those ways. Now lets see how long it'll take him to pick me up lol jk. Went to the office yesterday for post op everyone was great of course. Didn't meet the famous Salama yet but will today before surgery can't wait to meet him. Will keep everyone posted on everything good or bad. Ttyl
Hey sis praying for a speedy recovery and a excellent surgery without any problems GOD BLESS!!! ;-)
Bubblez boo thank you sweetie :))))
So where are you located in Miami I only ask bc I'm here too I'm getting my bbl today at 2 from Dr palayo . Hopefully we are up to posting some post opp but I will try to check on you. Good luck. Blessings and miracles.;-)

I weighed at 161.6 pounds I'm 5'1 measurement...

I weighed at 161.6 pounds I'm 5'1 measurement before surgery 36 bust 31 waist hips 43...I'm so happy that doc was able to lipo all of my areas I want lipo arms inner and outer thigh stomach flanks upper and lower back all of that went right in my ass

I told doc to just do what he do. I thank God that...

I told doc to just do what he do. I thank God that I'm not sick only a lot of pressure I do get alil pain but that's what pain meds for. Ill write more later.
Heyyyyyy girl! Good lord! You got hooked up! :-D heal well hon
Hey hun yes he did give me the hook up hope it all stay lol @lookingfit.
Congrats you have been Salamafied

The butt out garment is not the business it hurts...

The butt out garment is not the business it hurts it goes right in the middle of ur ass crack. If you have to do number two its hard to take the garment off. Its hard to wip your own butt now that it's ten times bigger. My butt is hard like a brick can't wait till it get soft. I have a lot of volume but as we all know things changes everyday can't wait to see how my results turns out I'm sure it only gets better.

If any of you ladies would like to see my results...

If any of you ladies would like to see my results before n after feel free to inbox me ur email address so I can send you my pictures I just don't want my pics on here because its not private and everyone can get on here and just see you naked just my wishes

I just thought this was to cute n funny I sent her...

I just thought this was to cute n funny I sent her my before n after picture this is wat she replied...
XBBL4newyear Apr 26th, 2013 6:03pmGirl, that booty is DANGEROUS & SHOULD BE ILLEGAL! LOL! All these Salama booties are making more than ready for my BBL next year! Happy Healing with that monster booty!
Which one of you is newbootyinc? I've heard alot about you and would like to look at some of the tips and advice you've given.
thats alot too take in!! im getting nervous:-/
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