I am 5'5 and weight 169. - Brazilian Butt Lift - Miami, FL

I am planning to get BBL in Dec '11 or Jan '12. If...

I am planning to get BBL in Dec '11 or Jan '12. If I can afford to, I'll do it earlier. I just wanted to know if anyone could give me tips or what to expect. I live in orlando but have been leaning towards going to miami because i feel the "more experienced" are in that area, among other places like LA, ATL, etc. I have been researching for quite sometime. The doctor I am considering is Dr. Salzhauer. I have heard many good things about him.

I am 5'5 and weight 169. So I am a little overweight. I used to weight 130, but I felt that was too small. When I was 130, I had no butt at all. Now that ive gained some weight, I have a little something back there but not enough. I would like to have the "Kim K" effect. I want a nice butt but not TOO big. I want it to look natural. I'm AA so it probably will lol.

My biggest concern is the cost. I wanted to know if anyone has had the procedure and how they went about financing. I am in college so my credit is hardly any so Ive been denied for financing. I would just work 2 jobs and save up but I kind of want this procedure done soon, and also a breast reduction.

Does any have any suggestions? Thanks!

I'm going with this doctor too!! I'm very excited but nervous too!! I seen a lot of great reviews! I'm going during the winter I'm traveling from Texas.
when are you going? what made you choose him?
I am from Texas too.. let me know how it goes!

Okay, I have been researching this procedure in...

Okay, I have been researching this procedure in and out! My first choices were Dr. S, Dr. Medienta, Dr. Salama, and Dr. Pazmino. There are all great but I felt they were too expensive for me. After a while, I decided to go out of the country because it would be cheaper they have many great PS in other countries. I was going to go to Bogota to get the procedure done. Then, I heard about Dr. C who is phenominal and has been doing alot of girls from MMH and RealSelf. I sent in my pictures and got a quote for 3320 which is amazing. It includes 3 areas of liposuction and would give me 500 - 600 ccs. I factored in hotel, flight, garments, etc. in the price and it came to about $6000 - 6500 for the whole process. After thinking about everything, I realized I wouldn't be paying THAT much more to get the procedure done in the U.S. So going back to my original choices and finally selcted Dr. S. To me, he has the BEST results. I really think he will give me the profile I want.

I submitted my information and I am waiting for a response. I am hoping it will be an affordable price. Sometimes he has specials so, who knows. It will be a while for me to set the exact date because there is a $1000 down payment, once I get that, I will set the date. I wanted to have the procedure in December/January but based off of my finances, it won't be until March (I'm hoping).

I posted a picture of me now, I will post more before pictures once I know how many cc's I will be getting and also once I lose a little bit of weight.

All the more reason to love Dr. S, he has his own...

All the more reason to love Dr. S, he has his own app available on iPhone called "iSurgeon" its a fun way to see how you would look with surgery.
hey glamdiva congrats on your decision with Dr.S, i havent met him yet but every time i have a million questions i call right down and annoy the hell out of those wonderful ppl. they truly answer and assist me every time and i go to him late Dec '11 as well... that was my goal as well so yes ive also dealt with the little down payment process. the quote i got was 4 areas of lipo and ft for 6700 that includes everything, garments and anesthesia, but there was a special, so hopefully you catch another one because they just scooched it up to 9500... yikes, but i am too fascinated with his results and consistency as well, hope you checked out makemeheal.com like every mentioned, there's good help and insight there as well. and much more active too. PM me to keep in touch
Yeah, he said that although I think I have a lot of fat I really dont. I might have been close to 160 when I went down there in June. Also I have a semi muscular looking build so I know people never think that I weigh as much as I do. I messaged u with my album info so you could get an idea of what I mean.
Hello Glam Diva,

I am going to Dr. Salz in late Dec '11. I just wanted to let you know not to worry about the $1000 deposit. Of course they will say that because its better for them in the event that you change your mind because it is non refundable. However I was able to secure my date for $500. Im am 5'5 and 167 currently so we are roughly the same size. I am having lipo to back, flanks, upper and lower abs, and inner thighs. My price was 6,495. His office runs promotions every other week. Seriously they probably have a Halloween special dropping shortly. LOL. So I say keep your eyes peeled for those by visiting his website and joining the mailing list.
Best of luck to you as you make your decision.

Ok, Ive been going back and forth with doctors....

Ok, Ive been going back and forth with doctors. After weighing out my options, I had definitely made the choice to go with Dr. S so I got my quote and it was 9500, I like Dr. S results but for that price, I could go with someone like Medentia. I asked about the discounts because Dr. S usually has good ones but I was informed they will no longer be doing them. With that being said, I have decided to go back and go with Dr. Campos, which was my other choice anyway. He also has good results and quoted me 3320. So now with traveling and other expenses, I will be expecting to spend 6000 - 7000 for the entire procedure. Now I am unsure of the day but I am hoping for sometime around March or April of 2012. Campos is booking dates like crazy so a day in one of those months is more promising right now. Im just ready to get this procedure, but I now I know I will be able to afford it with Campos. I'll keep you ladies updated!

So I figured out my measurements.. Height:...

So I figured out my measurements..

Height: 5'5
Weight (As of today): 170 lbs

34G- 37 - 42

I find it strange Im a 42 in the hips considering I feel I dont have any. I guess they just need to be filled and rounded. I'll be sending my Dr. the measurements so he can give me advice.

Here are my goal measurements:

Height: 5'5
Weight: 125 - 145 (whatever makes me look proportionate)

34C/D - 24 - 40/41/42
I wanna go 1000cc hoping that 800 stays.
I went to see Dr. S last week! I too was given a price quote of 9,500. I was so shocked. They said the price just went up in October. I decided to go with Dr. Salama. He quoted me 5,200. That includes transportation, two garments, and 2 massages. I hope to get my BBL in January 2012.
oh wow!! salama is pretty cheap, he was one of my other choices. Im just mad tht salzhauer went up. How big are you tryna go?

I found the perfect "goal" picture and added it. I...

I found the perfect "goal" picture and added it. I am for certain going to Campos. I will create another review for him once I set my date.

bless you and your goals.
Do you have any post op pictures? I would love to see them
im taking the San Diego route tickets are cheaper and cab fare i'snt bad
Dr. Campos

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