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Okay, so where do i start. First i want to say...

Okay, so where do i start. First i want to say thank you to all the ladies thats ever written a review, because this community has helped me a lot. so, Thank you :)

Now for my review, I had a bbl done on Nov 19, 2011. It has been about 12 days, and I can honestly say I am not at all happy nor satisfied. I went in wanting a BIG butt and really SMALL waist, and jsut KNEW he wouldnt disappoint, being that he's done so many of the girls on here, and he did the infamous "flo624" bbl. well, lets just say my results or nowhere NER hers, which is what I paid my hard earned money for. This is kind of depressing. I know it is still early, and it normally takes about 3 weeks for the butt to plump up and expand, but the way it is going I just dont see it rounding out the way t should. I need some advice on what i should do in this matter????

I also felt like he could have done a better job lipoing my back..i still have some fat under the bra line area, or maybe its still from the swelling, idk :( but im praying/hoping and wishing that things get a LOT better, cuz gosh, lets be real, this is A LOT of money, money that i DO NOT have to waste!

my stomach looks great, but i dont care for abs, cuz i never really had a big gut to begin with, my focus was gettign that big round butt, and i sont see that happeneing. well anyway that is my review fro now, hopefully things will work kit self out.

if in 4 weeks time I am not happy, how do you suggest i go about getting some kind of reimbursement from my ps?...anyone that has been in this situation before pls help. anyone that has been to Dr. S, and has these same worries please help. :(

Miami Plastic Surgeon

nnot sure, so i dont want to give a rating right now. I will rate my ps in 3 weeks.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Did you ever get the results you wanted?
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Im 2 1/2 weeks post op and I feel the same way. I hope things get better. Did they get better for you? I paid for tt and bbl. I have a square shape and no projection. I hope things get better but not sure how things will end up rounding out. I see so many girls who get the surgery and have immediate results.
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I hope thing get better for you too. 2 1/2 weeks is early. Thats my fear that I will end up with a marshmallow but! I have much of a square shape no hips and am dreaming of me with projection. It's not easy choosing a Dr. I had a consultation with Salzhauer everything sounds good but I am just not 100%.. Best wishes to you. Keep us posted.
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came across your post, any pics of your results are you today happy with your choice?
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First ill start off saying sorry ur not happy money is a terrible thing to waist its sad but im glad your honest with ur results. Guess thats y im worrying myself and not eating much because of this surgery thing hoping n praying my bbl turns out fine im sorry again for ur results which the doctor should be telling you or better yet fixing what he didn't do right. Jesus!!! Smh
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Sorry to hear that you're not happy with your results. I think it's way too early to judge your outcome yet. But without before & after photos to go by, it's really hard to really know. I hope in time, once you healed, you will eventually like your new booty. Good Luck!!!
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@badash, how are things going now? Do you see any different results. I hope everything works out well for you.
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i'm sorry that you are not happy with your experience as i just ran across your review. give it about a month to see how everything looks. he told me to stay off my butt for 4 wks and i have a post op appointment this friday. it's hard to say more without additional information but please consider the following and do not take things the wrong way as my questions are only to help bring some clarity: do you have any pics (before & after)? what did he say when you had your first post-op? did you follow all of his instructions to a "t" before and after surgery? what did he tell you about your body expectations during the pre-op. were you specific about what you wanted? etc. if things don't look the way you expect and as you both discussed, then talk to him about possible options. i know with me, he and i had several frank talks about my body. i knew that he was so busy that if i just laughed and clowned, i wouldn't get my point across so i was very specific and frank with him. he knew it and gave me his opinion. i took wish pics and told him everything that i wanted and he indicated what i can reasonably expect based on body types. you're right, it's ALOT of money and it's a huge investment. but give it a couple more weeks and think about some of the things i asked to make sure everyone was on the same page. if you need to chat, feel free to pm as i totally understand! there was a case on make me heal that he did again. don't know how that turned out but he did it for that young woman and i would think he wants his customers happy. also, body types play a huge key in everything. in addition, keep in mind most american doctors are not as aggressive in reconstructing bodies as the mexican ones. i hate to sound stereotypical but it's the truth. i got the sense from dr. s that he's more into making your butt look good not necessarily having a big butt for big butt's sake if that makes sense. if you want a big butt then he'll give it to you but you have to let him know that's the deal and don't leave any room for negotiation. I believe that's what FLO624 indicated and when I discussed her with him, he even said that she was adamant that's what she wanted and he gave it to her. I know he did say that about 25%-30% reabsorbs and what you have left after four weeks is permanent. Now, if more fat absorbed then that should be discussed to try to find out what happened and why...i hope this helps and i hope you're able to resolve the situation to your advantage relatively soon!
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I forgot to add, talk to Barbie or Monica, relatively soon so they can set the ball in motion.
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I'msorry to hear you are having a bad experience. Hope everything works out for you.
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Well, ps kept telling me it was swelling and i knew right from the jump the lipo was horrible. i was of course swollen, but why the rolls still on my back and the comment. everything was looking good because i had the garment on 24/7. i just refuse to where it anymore and you can tell that there was no results. i had ultrasonic lipo which i would never recommend to anyone!!! please get the traditional because you will have excellent results.i cant wait to get it done soon because it bothers me so much!!! im schelduled for march but if i get money sooner, im going to see if they can squeeze me in to get this over with! just try to give your self sometime and relax because i wanted to see my results right away also, actually some people do...i guess everyone is different. however on the bright side, i do have a butt now!! ;-) i did not have that at first! so im happy about that! just upset to pay all over again!!!
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I posting pics in a few weeks, I had the bbl for the small waist, knowing I will loose some fat from the transfer, how long was it before you were able to tell about the bad lipo?? Good idea on tummy tuck, I've heard that does wonders! Good luck with that:)
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Do you have before and after pics? I noticed that when people compain about results they almost never post pics!?! Its kinda hard for us to help or pass judgement without anything to go by......anyway, I had the surgery in april, my butt was not as big as i wanted either and the ps did a horrible job at the lipo. however, im moving past it and getting a tummytuck next year with more fat added. i wil be going to a different ps and praying everything works out becuase i cant afford to do this again. how many ccs did you get?
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Hello- I'm sorry to hear that, I had bbl as well, 2 weeks in, only paid 4,000 for, he only took 150 cc but the shape he gave me in my hips and lower back makes my butt look a lot bigger, even if I loose half. As for your back I was told by my doc the swelling will come and go, so won't see a real difference for almost 4 months, I am no doc so, talk to your doc, about your concerns, if he is well known, he won't want people to hear bad results. I hope you get things situated out. Do a lot of research for some sort of refund and read all the papers you filled out about surgery. Best of luck to you.
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I'm sorry to hear that u had bad experience with ur doctor. This is the first I heard bad news on this doctor. If I were u just try and be patience and see what happens in the next couple of months and if ur still not happy with ur results go have a chat with ur doc and see what ur options are in correcting the problem. I wish u all the best.
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