Brazilian Butt Lift + Breast Augmentation - Miami, FL

Hi everyone, I am a 22 year old black female and I...

Hi everyone, I am a 22 year old black female and I have always wanted to get a Brazilian butt lift + breast augmentation and I am going to go threw with this journey. I am 5'2 and 155 pounds, I lost weight a year ago and went down to 130 but I was way too skinny and everyone thought I looked sick lol so I gained back my weight but now most of the weight is in my thighs and butt area but I don't have a full butt that pokes out it's just kind of wide but the fat is beginning to reach my arms n stomach so this is the perfect time to workout and get myself together before I go threw with the surgery. I'm in the mist of saving up for the surgery and I have been looking around. I wanted to go to D.R after seeing Yaris Sanchez body and I even contacted Dr hector cabral and he quoted me $5500 for Bbl + breast augmentation. But thinking over and over I realized that going to D.R by myself would be way too much and plus I am also scared about what I have heard but anyways I was still going to goto cabral in September until I seen that he recently deleted his Instagram which scared me. I've been thinking that I wouldn't even want him to touch my breast and they come out looking crazy or I get a infection it's just too much to think about and I can't lie I'm scared of D.R now. So anyways I decided that I'm going to look in Miami and I need help ladies. I'm thinking Mel T. Ortega he has a deal for bbl $6,000 + Breast aug $3,500 which is $9,500 in total. So ladies give me your opinions please
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