I am 2 days post op - Brazillian Butt Lift - Miami, FL

I am 2 days post op and am in some pain but it is...

I am 2 days post op and am in some pain but it is manageable. The worst pain is from my arm. I got cellulitis from the IV (it loosened when they flipped me) and meds got under my skin. Since you need your arms to drag yourself in and out of bed, it reallly hurts. The doctors tell me that it will go away with antibiotics.

Still really swollen. Can't wait for next week to see if there is more contour. Right now my behind is HUGE but my abdomen and stomach are swollen also. I changed the garment because the one the doctor gave did not cover my entire back. There is also pain in my lower back. I think tha is more from laying on my stomach though. THe arch is almost unbearable. We will see....

Well almost 2 weeks out and I am feeling pretty...

Well almost 2 weeks out and I am feeling pretty good. I did have a huge issue with my IV infiltration (left arm swollen and rashed all over) but my body contour is AMAZING! I haven't put on "real" clothing as yet, mostly sweats and yoga pants. I tried on a pair of shorts and the were TIGHT over my behind!

I am ecstatic about the outcome and can't wait to see everything once all the swelling goes down on my lower back. I was afraid that my butt would be too big but I am satisfied and hope it doesn't shrink too much more. I stiil am not sitting, lots of laying on my sides and belly and kneeling on cushions to eat! All doctors and sites say different things about how and when so I am being cautious and taken the recommendations of the longer time. I have changed garments twice now (as the swelling goes down, I get a smaller size). They are expensive so you may want to start off with a super tight one but I was afraid that the tension would be as bad as sitting, not too mentiom breathing!

I do have some bruising on my inner thighs, torso and buttock but nothing like I expected. I am hoping that the skin on my stomach will tighten more (the doctor is convinced it will). I go back in 2 1/2 weeks for follow-up.

The staff have been great in taking care of my concerns. I have had 2 extra visits to take care of my arm and am happy with the report the doctor has with me.

Will give updates as I go...

14 days today! I feel great. The bruising from my...

14 days today! I feel great. The bruising from my inner thighs are almost gone. I am still waiting for swelling to subside. I can definitely see a difference in the volume of my butt however, the shape pretty much remains the same.

I think I should have asked for liposuction to the back of my thighs, just below the lutt cheeks to enhance the shape.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Thorough and down to earth. Makes you feel very comfortable. I was able to have 3 consultations with him to make sure that I was making the right decision.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Happy healing, can't wait to see pics
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Hello Butt_lift_beauty. Congratulations on your journey and BBL. I'm sorry to read about your complications. How are you feeling now? How are you progressing? Do you like your look? Are you able to share pics with us this weekend of your progression. I am in need of this favor and update because I just recently went to Dr Ortega for a BBL consultation. Everything went well in the consultation but I'm still undecided and need a little push over the hump (LOL, so to speak). I am supposed to pay the $500 Non refundable deposit on this coming Monday. Very Nervous. Pls HELP
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do you have nay pictures you could share with us?
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hi there great to hear a bbl review on this doctor...would you consider sharing some pics..what were your before and after weight? Did you have a wish pic and how close did he get to that?..thank you:)
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No before & after pictures of this doctor's work?
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hello, do you have any before and after pics i could see?? thank you
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Can you please post up some post and pre op pics please
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How has your BBL came along. I am going to him, but I don't see very many before and after pics from him.
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hi....thats great...can you also send me before & after pics? i have gone to several doctors and im still deciding on which one to choose.... Is it what you expected? Did your butt increase in shape or size? Thanks =)
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Can you send me your before and after photos.... THANKS
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what was total cost and do you have before and after picture
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They do accept Care Credit and will apply on your behalf right there in the office. (Lilly is great). I did not finance but I know that is an option. They price includes pre-op visit for lab work (they will conduct an EKG if you are over 40) 10 days to 2 weeks before surgery date. anesthesia, surgery, 1 garment, and post surgical visits (generally next day, 1 week, 1 month and 6 months). I did have additional visits due to IV allergic reaction. Hope this helpps. Good luck!
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Can you provide the name of your surgeon?
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Dr. Mel Ortega in Kendall (Strax Rejuvenation (305) 412-9990)
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