Dr Perry 1 month post op New Pics!!

So my top had always been bigger than my bottom I...

So my top had always been bigger than my bottom I def have the OD apple shape all my life and I'm hating it. Its time for a change I got these nice skinny legs and my butt is so flat it looks concave if anyone in this world deserves a BBL it would be me. So booked with Dr Salama on the 5th of January I'm sooooooooo nervous and worried that something might go wrong. I'm going to MyVanidades but Dr Salama will be my dr there for the surgery anyone knows how clean and safe this place is????

Wishing you well!
I hope your having a good recovery!
Tomorrows your big day good luck! Keeping you in my prayers


Ok SOOOO SORRY EVERYONE NO I DIDN'T DIE OR ANYTHING BAD HAPPENED TO ME. Its just that I actually changed my surgery date to June from jan 13 because i had to work go to class and move this month is sooooo hectic i literally had no time to answer anyone's post. Hope you guys will forgive me but I definitely will get the surgery since I already put down 2000 and when i do finally get it in june I PROMISE I"LL POST PICS!!
I feel your pain. I'm asian also and my body is almost exactly like yours except I have a saggy stomach from having children. I want Dr. Salama too after reading all these reviews ! How big do you want your butt to be ? I don't want a huge butt. Just enough to even out my body and be noticeable.
what day in June do you have?


Hi, any updates ? Did you go through with the surgery ?
I agree. Even if they couldn't do the same price, some type of discount would be nice instead of acting like they don't care. I'm really hurt by all of this and out of more money.
I had called and spoke to Jennifer and I also e-mailed Ruben and they just apologized for the situation but would not go lower on their fees or deduct the deposit I already made. They are very friendly and easier to deal with but they would not go down on the price their facility charges or give a discount and I can't even have surgery the date I was scheduled for because they are already fully booked at their facility till the end of summer. My flight can be rescheduled but the airline is deducting $150 for the change which sucks too. So now I have to pay $2000 more for the same surgery with the same surgeon just at a different facility and flight change fees and I can't even have surgery in May like I was scheduled to. But its worth a try, hope you have more luck than I did. I considered Mexico but I just really love Salama's results!

Still looking for a new doctor because since...

Still looking for a new doctor because since doctor salama quite the myvanidades office he had failed to own up to our original agreed price. Now his price is over 7 Gs and I just can't work with that. Thinking about going with Dr Perry according to his assistant he was the teacher of Dr. Salama
Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear that!! He won't work with you at all with the prices? Maybe you can go for $6,000 or so?
Hows the search... I'm looking at Dr. Perry, Dr. O, Dr. Azurin, Dr. Pascula, Dr. Pazmino, Dr. Salama want to keep all my options open... so far I had 3 iconsults... I say research and ask questions!
what type of questions did you ask. My surgery is actually this coming monday!!! its crazy i just called and asked if they can squeeze me in for monday since I will be on vacation in miami anyways and it all worked out. I have done research but I don't know if it is sufficient enough. But at this point I just want to get this done!

Ok 2 days post op and I feel like I got hit by a...

Ok 2 days post op and I feel like I got hit by a truck!!! My shape looks reallll good but my butt is soooo sore actually my left cheek feels worst than the right and it looks slightly bigger so I'm a bit worried. I'll be posting pics tomorrow so you guys can see the difference, im not sure if i should be taking arnica or not my doctor said i could but he doesnt recommend it since there no evidence to support plus his last patient had an allergiec reaction to it but im really swollen in the stomach rit now is that normal? Just to brief y'all I am 5'2 and 140 I told the doc I didn't want a ghetto booty just a nice shaped one but he injected 1000 cc in each of my butt cheek do you guys think it's too much will it go down? Sometimes I wish I never down it but lookin at my current shape I'm quite happy too, BTW I WENT WITH DR PERRY NOT SALAMA BUT I CAN'T CHANGE THE DOC RIGHT NOW

Hey booboo!! Hope Ur healing well!! I PMed you!! :-)

Hi there, thanks for your update, I'm glad everything went well with your surgery. Hopefully your pain and swelling will go away soon.

I have changed the doctor to Dr. Perry for you. You can change the star rating yourself. If you need anything just give me a shout!

Thanks kirsty!!

Well today is my 7 day post op i'm feeling...

well today is my 7 day post op i'm feeling great!!! The only downside is that I think my left butt cheek is slightly larger than my right and I don't know if I like the shape of my butt or whether the shape will change after 3 months. If any of you past veterans would like to share your opinions it would be greatly appreciated. If I have any advice to give to the girls that haven't done this surgery yet is DON'T GO BY YOURSELF!!! I definitely underestimated the impact of ths surgery. Please don't go by yourself because it can be very dangerous pulling the that 4 days by yourself. The massage definitely helps dramatically so no matter how painful please go. Btw does anyone know a good message person in nyc??
Hello I'm going with Dr Perry! How are u liking ur results so far? Do u recommend him?
Hello bbl sisters! Hi aestheticbeauty I think ur results look nice. U got what u asked for and that's what's important. Everybody isn't looking for a huge butt. Now if u asked for a huge butt and didn't get one that would be another story. Also as far as ur lipo goes u still have a lot of swelling and it is very early to tell how ur end result will be. Please keep us posted on ur healing process!! BTW I am also team Dr. Perry!!
O well then you are happy with the size of your bottom. You think he was not aggressive enough in your lipo, I guess from the photos you can see but I think your new shape looks nice. But I can see how you would want more fat out. How many liters did they take?

I was thinking to add 750 in each cheek nothing too big but I love Stacy Dash shape small petite with round behind. So not too much.

I been waiting for my waist to go down but its...

I been waiting for my waist to go down but its been a month and I'm still only 29 inch I was 31 inch before that and dr perry said I have to wait and my waist will continue to shrink with the swelling goes down. Also I gained 7 lbs after surgery and I haven't lost it yet which really worries me prior to surgery I weight 143 now 150 lbs if somebody care to share some insights on that would be great. Otherwise I have been using arnica gel to massage myself everyday and haven't been to a masseuse. I don't see too many lumps on my body because I believe miriam did a great job draining me while I was in miami. Overall I do see my results turning for the better everyday although some days are better than others. I really hope dr perry would have lipo suctioned my back better so for you girls who are going to him make sure you emphasize on that even though he might say he will include arms legs and upper back he barely suction those areas because my measurements are the same. Remember that even though you are suppose to wait till the swelling goes down to see the real result, the areas where you are really worked on can be seen immediately so if the doctors tells you to wait for it when you don't see any real changes to begin with it's probably not going to happen either as the swelling goes down. My waist on the otherhand is much better than my back and that was something I saw the second I woke up from the operating table. For the future bbl girls def use arnica gel i definitely experimented the results. I used the gel on my front side and not the back after 4 days I noticed my frontal bruises are allll gone but my bruises on my back are totally there and very visible then i applied the gel to the back too and after 4 days they were gone.. so it is very useful, I been taking lots of vitamin e, bromlein quercintin, zinc, arnica tablets, vitamin c. and they been helpful. Oh also squeen does wonders but the second i come out of that thing i gain an extra inch on my waist :(( Oh yes my ass shrank but i'm happy about that I never wanted a giant ass to began with I made that very clear to dr perry. But it better not go down more than this.
Dr perry did your sx
Hey dearie, I hope you are still doing well!!
you look great and I can't even tell which butt chick is bigger than the other! Happy healingggg!
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I will change the rating to a 5 star after I see the final result right now it looks great!! but still swollen.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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