UNHAPPY Vaser Liposuction (Abdomen, Hips/flanks, & Posterior Chest - Miami Beach, FL

24 yrs old & i have 2 kids. Very anxious to...

24 yrs old & i have 2 kids. Very anxious to get this done & also feeling lots of anxiety to the point i want to back out. Ive had a tummy tuck done before and had an awful experience. the dumb doc left extra fat on my hips. & i hope this doctors does the job RIGHT!! & Also so when i try to loose weight that are just stays and gives me no hope of loosing more weight. so ive pretty much let go of myself.

I am very nervous because im having all these areas done or even just thinking of being put to sleep makes it worst.. ahh!! Anyways i hope this goes well for me. My surgery date is next week 10/20/11.. i will post pics.

So ive got my meds ready and im like 3 days away...

So ive got my meds ready and im like 3 days away frm the big day. I am so scared by now that i might back out. Im soo freaked out. I keep feeling like i am not going to wake up frm surgery. Uggghhh i hate this feeling.. some advise... Some support.?

Can anyone tell me how they were prepared the day...

Can anyone tell me how they were prepared the day of surgery?? Did u feel nervous? Or when they put u asleep. Please details. I want to kno what i have ahead of me.. thanks

Day 2 of the surgery. The first day i was feeling...

Day 2 of the surgery. The first day i was feeling great. But today im in pain. I can say frm a 1-10 i am a 5. But to get up frm the bed is the worst. Can anyone suggest how i should sleep. I am sleeping flat on my back with pillows under my feet to have my feets blood flow. Today i will be heading to my doctor to see a follow up. The only thing i am upset from my doc is that he didnt give me a the whole body garmet. He just gave me the wrap around my waist. Grrr.. well ill update photos when i can take my garmet off..

Well today is my 5th day since surgery, and i see...

well today is my 5th day since surgery, and i see no change :(

i am back at work since yesterday (im in a desk all day) and i feel much better today. anyhow the surgeon decided NOT to give me the garmet that is they first offered. they gave me a binder, grrrr.. that thing hurts.. so last night i bought myself one for much cheaper and it feels sooo darn good. maybe thats why i feel better.. anyhow, hope to see results soon or i will be very upset. i will post pics when i get home.. Thanks all for the support.

Ok day 7, NO results as of yet. i am very...

Ok day 7, NO results as of yet. i am very dissapointed. I have veryy little discomfort and its mostly in the night when im trying to sleep with a 2 yr ol spoiled toddler..lol..anyhow, i see my doc today to remove stitches. lets see what he has to say because i will def tell him how unhappy i am from besides how he jus gave me a binder and not the garmet. ill update after the docs appt.

Hi sorry i havent been updating. Just been busy at...

Hi sorry i havent been updating. Just been busy at work. Anyhow, i should say that ive been feeling great! i am not sore, nor have any bruises. i AM VERY DISSAPOINTED. i weigh the same & i see no difference. Some people at work say i look thinner but its honetly the garmets compression. i have posted pics of the 7th day of surgery. i will take some tonight and post soon. THANKS GUYS!

Hey! so today i am 18 days after surgery. I called...

Hey! so today i am 18 days after surgery. I called in & spoke with the docs office. I am very unhappy about my results. i am aware that it takes time to see results but you have to atleast see something and i dont. i worked so hard to get the financing for my procedure this makes it worst. Anyhow i have an appt to speak to the doctor on Nov 14 to talk about how i feel and what they will do for me. i am no scientist but i knew that 1300 cc was NOT much & especially how little i was bruised just gave me a hint that not much was done. and i expected more than this. I will keep updating :)



Hi. Well tomo is 5 weeks after the surgery. Stilll...

Hi. Well tomo is 5 weeks after the surgery. Stilll verrrryyy unhappy. I finally saw the doc on nov.17th and he said he saw a difference. But also offered me Zerona for 3 weeks for free. Says if in 2 months im still unhappy and he sees no results and agrees then he will do the vaser again and o8nly charge for anestesia... Oh man. Thats still money out of my pocket and im so upset. Now i have to go 3 weeks more wearing a garmet which is so uncomftable. I really want a result. I will post pics up frm today later.

Well next week is the last 3 treatment for zerona,...

Well next week is the last 3 treatment for zerona, STILL NO RESULTS. I will post pics when done with zerona

Ok so i was done with my Zerona on Dec23rd and i...

ok so i was done with my Zerona on Dec23rd and i am still soo very dissapointed. I dont get it. I spent 3 weeks going to this and i see no results in my pants nor shirts. They said i lost 3 inches but i dont feel it. my clothes feel the same. ive been also doing a diet/drinking lots of water and this sucks to see no results after vaser & zerona! i WANT my real results. GRRRR in the pictures below u see my before & after but i realized that in the after i wa asked to raise my arms up which my your body look more slim. i really feel like i deserve from doctor tachmes to do another vaser lipo... i see him on Jan 17th.

So Jan 17th i had my appt with Dct Tachmes about...

So Jan 17th i had my appt with Dct Tachmes about my vaser bk in 2011. Finally after Zerona and the wait, we have decided to do the Vaser again. I have to pay $500 out of my pocket to get this done. I kind of understand but then again i feel i should have received this time around free. But w.e. I really hope this time around i can be happier with my results. I will keep you guys posted with my surgery date etc.

Hi Ya! well today i have an appt with Doctor...

Hi Ya!

well today i have an appt with Doctor Tachmes to "SEE" about the conversation we had bk in Jan about doing vaser again. Im a bit iffy of whats going on and if the doc changed his mind..It was my impression by the person who was giving me the appt. she was trying to but out of the sudden she was like "oh the doc has to see you again before we set an appt because its been a while" ahhh.,,grrr

Well hello, i have a job and i cant just take off when i want too and also im a single mom who cannot afford to pull $500 bucks out of my bank account just like nothing.

So lets see what happens. My appt is at 2:15pm today..

Hi Guys again!! LOL Well im pretty happy right...

Hi Guys again!! LOL

Well im pretty happy right now. Ive scheduled my appt for the touch up! I REALLY hope this time around i def see results. I will keep you guys posted!!!!

Things are looking different.

It took me some time to see my result but the end result is good. I am happier with my shape after all. The office and doctor are very helpful and understanding. I highly recommend Doctor Tachmes and the office.
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I definitely could tell a diff from your picture labeled awful hips to 18 days post op.
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Thank you for your honesty. I totally agree. Dr Tachmes
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Hi Lous,

I'm happy for your. At least the doctor agreed to that. Is he going to charge you a fee?

Good luck and keep us posted.

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Hi Lous,

I am so happy to hear that he's gonna redo the Vaser Lipo. I know it sucks that you have pay again but it's at least not thousands. Have you already set a date for the surgery?

I will hold thumbs
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Hi Lous,

I just updated my review and you can check-out the latest pictures.
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Hey guys,

If you remember i said my clinic were fighting giving me the before and after pics, well i finally got them 2 days before i was to settle with full payment and only because i wrote an email of complaint and insisted i was put in touch with the head office. Needless to say the photos were terrible, i couldnt see any difference so i went crazy!!! In the end they offered my lyposculpture (under a general anaestetic)for the same price... so i went for it, the only thing im annoyed with now is the surgeon who was to operate gave me a cconsultation the night before and told me i was likely tto have loose skin left on my stomach and would probably have to follow it up with a tummy tuck - i'm hoping he's just preparing me for the worst :o(

Anyway had it done 3 days ago, still quite sore and the garments are so uncomfortable, i havent taken them off to look yet cause im afraid i'm not gonna like what i see. Had flanks, hips and stomach done and he removed 4.8 litres which sounds quite good considering i was only 9 st 6 lb before hand, i just had quite a bit of flabbyness going on.

I have my first post op appointment on Thursday (nervous)!

Lous,i'm glad you're at least getting the treatment again but how much is the anaestetic? Have you tried threatening to write in complaint to their head office? I so hope you get some resolution from this!

Speak soon and try and not let them ruin your Christmas :o(

Kat xx
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Hi Lous,

I'm sorry, I hope you get what you initially wanted and paid for cause this is no cheap surgery.

I took some pics today of my back and arms without the garment and will upload them tomorrow morning. I am very pleased with my results so far. I actually have minimal bruising and swelling which I can't believe since I'm the ''queen of bruising and swelling''. I'm so scared of having sagging at my arms but it looks good so far, will have to keep this garment on for good skin retraction.

I will update my review tomorrow morning with some posting of pics without the garment.

Keep well.

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Hi Lous,

Just popping-in to find out how you are girl. Have you noticed any changes since the last time?

I am 2days post-op from Vaser lipo to my upper arms, bra-rolls and flanks and I have updated my review with some before and after pics of my arms. Maybe you can check them out.

I hope you are doing much better now and don't lose hope.

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Hi Mo,
Well im still unhappy. The doc offered me free zerona treatments due to the unhappiness that i feel frm the vaser results. After this if nothing he said he would do vaser AGAIN but i will have to pay anestisia.. ughh wat an experience.. ive been going 3xs a week to do zerona bur still hopeless. Anyhow i saw your pics and ohhh my i see a BIG difference in your arms. Nice... Happy for u.. i want to see ur flanks.
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I see it! Your hips are a lot slimmer, a lot more shapely! I had Vaser along with a tummy tuck, and it really does take time to see results. It was easily three or four months before I could see my shape (I had some shaping done at my waist and hips). I hope after a little more time, you're more satisfied!
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Hi Lousvy,

Did you have any joy with the doctor? I hope so.

Thinking of you...

Lots of love xx
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Hey KT4,
Im trying to keep it positive, but i feel like they are giving me the run around till my deadline is over for me to speak up.

yea becareful and demand those before & after photos. My surgeon office had very little and there excuse was because a lot of the patients request to keep their photos private, so that could be the reason, but then again, who knows because i now feel that maybe they didnt have much because of the bad work, since i am one of the unhappy customers. Have you gone to a different office? Maybe you should get a different quote else where and demand photos. Good luck too. Thanks again.
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Good luck for tomorrow Lousvyctory. I get mine done on the 15th Dec but am in two minds now because you are so unhappy with things :O( I'll keep watching your updates

Kat xx
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Hi K4t,

Thanks for the message. Well i have been rescheduled to this thursday instead because the doc wants to see me a month after the surgery.. can you believe this? ugghh.. Like if 3 days will make a darn difference. I will keep posting my statuses. I am soo aggravated.
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Hey Lousvy,

That's annoying but look on the bright side at least it isn't a straight no. I am getting annoyed with the company I'm going through because I asked for some before and after photos almost a month ago and they keep fobbing me off :o(

I'll keep my fingers crossed for Thursday, good luck with it lassie. Look forward to hearing from you soon xx
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Hiya Guys. i really want to have thi vaser lipo done. could you recommend any good surgeons. my problem is i am 9 stone 5lb. i wear a size 8 on th top then ... disaster at the bottom. i am a size 12 even sometimes a 14.it ridiculous and i hate the way i look. i really think theres a fair bit of fat to be removed from my ass and hips and thighs. is this going to do the job? i dont want to have to do the one under general anasthetic. anyone with good experience and good results of bad as well. am going to see sugeon on thursday 17th. aoughy how much could it cost for 3 areas...
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Hi Lous,

I'm so sorry hun, I also think 1,3 litres is a bit too little just by looking at your fat deposits prior to the procedure. I hope he can redo it for free cause it is not your fault. I can only see a very slight difference in your shape.

All the best for the 14th.
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Hi Mo,

yea i know & its so upsetting! Not only did was it so hard for me to get the financing and then money out of my pocket. so then the job isnt done right!?? They better do something for me for FREE! its obvious that there is NO CHANGE! thats why i felt so better so fast. grrr this things SEEM TO ONLY happen to me. With the tummy tuck, it was the same thing. im soo depressed, broke & tomorrow i have to make the first payment for this loan and its hurting to know im paying this for NOTHING!
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Yes, it's truly sad. Voice your concerns and tell your doctor that you dont have any funds to pay. You still have debt to pay off. Have you seen his before and after pics?

I really hope he does it for free. Holding thumbs for you.
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Thanks Mo, i really do too. I did look at his before & afters but he also is a well known doctor here in South Beach, FL so i figured hes the one. but i will def tell you if he really is worth it when i talk to him and see what his response is.

By the way have you posted the pics up? i dont see them. :)

Will keep u posted.
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Hi Mo,

I have to wait till Nov 14 to see him. I update. i hope he gives me good news about my unhappiness.
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Yes, 6litres of fat. Lol! Will post them soon.
But what does the doc say about you not being happy?
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Thanks Mo, i will wait a little..lol

he said they took out 1300 cc which i have no idea..

did you post new pics?
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Lous, no I haven't posted any new pics yet but will definitely over the weekend. I will also post the pre-op pics of my back for comparison later.

I think 1 300cc is about 1,3 litres if I'm not mistaken. It's not much compared to my 6litres. LOL. I have to say again, you are one lucky chick not to bruise. By now I would have been black and blue, I bruise very badly.

Holding thumbs for you girl and I'll upload my pics.

Chat to you soon.
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6 liters? wow! wish i would have had that removed!! geessh! lol

About the bruising, i think i would have had bruises if the doc did the job well..

Hope to see pics soon! :)
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