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Very Painful - Miami Beach, FL

I had the procedure done today, and it was more...

I had the procedure done today, and it was more painful than I thought. The $2000 I paid was for two treatments, one month apart. After today's experience I am so NOT looking forward to my next appointment. BUT I Really hope this works for my loose jawline! I will update as soon as I start seeing the results ;)

So the second procedure, for some reason was not...

So the second procedure, for some reason was not AS painful as the first. It was still painful, but I think it was because the tech. went over fleshier parts of my face. I noticed that when that machine hits bone, its crazy painful. But anyways, its been about 2 1/2 months since my first procedure and I can say my face has improved tremendously. Even helped the appearance of my deep acne scars. I believe this is a result of the tightening of my skin.

Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. B and her office has always been very well known all around the country.

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No, not at all! I actually feel, my face and neck have gotten better! I don't understand how it can get worse, since the whole point is that elastin & collagen are stimulated with this procedure. Maybe if not done correctly, it can hurt you in a bad way. Make sure you go to someone that has their own before and after pics, and are board certified.
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Thanks for the comment. One more question - someone posted that after some time had passed she thinks she looks worse now than when she had the procedure done like 10 months ago....do you notice anything like that happening to you?
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It is worth it! If you have slackening of the skin on your neck and/or lower part of your face, you will see major improvement. I didn't have it done on my eye area or forehead, so I can't give you any input there. Hope everything works out for you!!
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I am considering getting this procedure done....based on reviews I have been reading I am not sure many are pleased with the results vs the cost. What is your opinion? THANKS!
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Dr. Laura Skellchock Boca Raton, FL

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no, when I had the procedure done, they didn't want to do the whole face, since it was not approved for that yet. It was only for the jawline and upper neck. Now I know they do the whole face. My new dermatologist is located in Boca Raton, FL, and she does do the whole face. But I'm not sure I would do it again. Maybe :)
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Nashap...would you mind telling me your derm's name in Boca? I am in that area and would like to know of a WONDERFUL injector, etc.
Thanks so much.
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was the $2000 for the entire face
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I'm not sure, how long it lasts but about a year sounds right! Thanks for the "young" compliment by the way ;)
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gee you seem too young to do this! do you still like it? Do you have to go back in a year?

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I had the ulthera done a few months ago. It is a very painful procedure, but my doctor Dr. Choe, injected a type of novicane all over half my face and after he was done, the other side of my face. It was torerable. However, I had spent 1500 on juvederm injections 2 days prior. I wanted to wait becasue I looked great, but I paid for this in advance to get a discount so he kind of insisted we do it. It did take out a lot of the juvederm. I am not real happy with it after 3 months, but it's done. I had a lower face lift several years ago and there is a major difference. Uthera will never replace a surgical procedure, even Dr. Choe will tell you that. I have recently learned I have much more serious matters to be concerned with, unfortunately, nothing to do with that procedure. I spent over 5,000 between the juvederm and the uthera. It's running about 4,000 for the whole face but you still need fillers so consider the surgical lift which will last at least 6-8 years, where the ulthera maybe 6-8 months. Hope it helps.
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Let me also add that Dr. Choe is a cosmetic, plastic surgeon who restricts his practice to the "face" only. He does not do any other part of the body. He is really wonderful and "no pressure" whatsoever. He's not trying to sell you anything, you are going for a consult on improving the appearance of your face only. A consult is well worth the $50 so just try it. It's amazing how much he has to offer. Thanks
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Ann, hope all is ok -- I just read your other post. So, overall, you are "not reall happy with it" - you mean the ulthera? You have been very helpful by the way with all your explanations -- thanks!
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Just came across your post and noticed someone on the boards had mentioned this guy: I do not know his prices, but he's a PS in Va.


hope that helps you.
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Does anyone on here know of a doc near VA (I am willing to drive quite a distance) that does ulthera but not for the higher price of 4000 -- I refuse to pay such a high amount when other docs in FLA are offering same thing for less than half, and do just as good work!! How does one go about finding the docs for such stuff? I am really having a tough time finding anyone near me, so do I have to fly or drive all the way to FLA?
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Hi nadiahoney,

Here are some doctors in Virginia Beach who specialize in Ultherapy. Hope this helps.


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It's been about 5 weeks since I had ulthera; I did my whole face. I am very happy with the results. First, I would not recommend a dermatologist; I would seek a well known costmetic surgeon. There is a major difference in the two. My doctor used something like novicane, he did several injections over my neck face forehead, and he gave me several motrin, and tylonol. No pain meds, but I was so numb my eyes were crossed and he could have pulled teeth! The brow area is very sensitive because it's close to the bone. Just be sure you are numb for this procedure because it will be too painful to go through if you're not completely numb. I drove home but, did little the rest of the day. It is not surgery, but it is extreme, so be prepared and discuss all options with your physician before the procedure. Leave nothing to chance! Take charge of yourself and know what the doctor is going to do, no surprises! Hope this helps.. Ann in VA Beach
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So wait....he insisted on doing the procedure simply because you paid for it in advance to get the discount? Hmm seems wrong. Also, are you or are you not happy with the results? Some of your comments made it hard to tell....I do NOT want a face lift (I am 38) and I might want ultherapy but not if it isn't worth it. Maybe I should just save my money up for a future lift? That's sometimes what it seems you are suggesting. I am not at all rich!
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Hey Ann -- I live in VA and am considering going to Dr. Choe too. I had ulthera on my jaw in Maryland done by NOT a doctor, as you suggest, but by an RN who was taught the procedure by the people who market ulthera. I do wonder if there is a difference in who does it, as you suggest. Why would there be, do you think? I agree it is VERY painful -- and since I now want the brow, it will be more so. So....do you think the results are definitely better with a surgeon (vs a trained techie), and therefore is worth the money (I think docs charge about 500 dollars more, in general, than people without the degree.)
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Can you tell me the Doctor to go to for this? Who did you use?
Did you get great results?
Thank you!
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Leslie Baumann MD in Miami Beach, FL and my other dermatologist that is also offering Ulthera

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The Physician Assistant told me the eye area is more painful, and I'm only 32, I don't think I need it yet.
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Thanks for posting.

You mentioned you had the jawline done.

I have small little jowls forming that were not there 2 years ago.

When they do the jawline, do they also do the neck, like the throat area?

Does it feel strange on the throat??

Best wishes, hope you continue to see the improvement you desire.
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They do the neck, but I'm not sure if they go over the throat area. They didn't go as far down on me to go over my throat, so I don't know how it would feel.
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no, just the lower part of my face and neck.
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