Seriously Thinking About Having a TT - Miami Beach, FL

Wow, RealSelf is AWESOME. I thank you ladies for...

Wow, RealSelf is AWESOME. I thank you ladies for giving me the courage and the motivation to go through with the TT. I'm a new comer to the community and I have been up and down about having a TT for months now. Reading all the different stories and experiences have been so helpful for me. As of right now I am going to go ahead and join The Flat Tummy Club. I have already completed my consultation I think I will commit to a date for the procedure next month. (August) I'm 49 with two (pretty much grown) children, son 20 and daughter 17. My son is a senior in College and my daughter is a senior in a private High School. I feel I have been sacrificing my life since they have been on this earth. So much sacrifice I lost myself. I had gained weight, stop doing the things that I like to do and before I knew it 20 years had passed. Well now I have set out to find myself once again and not to miss a beat of my life from this point on. I feel getting a TT is just one of the things I plan to do for me that will boost up my self esteem. So hopefully you all will be able to help me through this journey.


Hey! I would encourage you to do something for yourself that will make you feel awesome about yourself! The TT is the best thing I have ever done! So much more self confidence. I invite you to visit my page and read about my journey if your interested. You are worth this and I cant wait to hear what you decide:)
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If you hang out at REALSELF for any length of rme, an old saying will come true for you to; "hang out in a barbershop and pretty soon you'll get a haircut"

I am a happy man that I did this. 3days ago I had a deflated beer gut, now it's an ABSCAPE.
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Good for you. I'll be hanging out in the barbershop for awhile, so sooner or later I'll get a haircut. : )

Hello TT family, this night will begin my journey...

Hello TT family, this night will begin my journey to the FLAT SIDE and I hope that all of you hold my hand throughout this journey. Today I decided that I will go ahead and have the full tummy tuck. I am truely starting this journey from the very beginning. I would like for the TT to take place either March or April of 2013. Hopefully this will be enough time for me to heal some before my children graduate. Both of them graduate in May of 2013. The TT is my 50th Birthday gift to myself which is in April. My first question to my new family is, How many Doctors should I consult with before making my final decision on which doctor to choose? I have already had one consultation and I'm scheduled for two more. (Aug 16 and Oct 1) I don't want to become overwhelmed with too many doctors to choose from. Ana13 has already given me quit a bit of information. Thank you so much Ana. I would like to also thank all of you for your journeys, stories and motivations that I have been reading for the last two months. You all have inspired and motivated me to go over to the FLAT SIDE. : )


Congrats on your decision! The journey is hard, but so worth it! I am 2 weeks out and still struggle to get through the long days. If possible I recommend you look into doing your tt earlier in the year if you want to be ready for the hectic graduation season. Swelling and lack of endurance will plague you for at least 6 weeks and full results up to a year. As for docs, make sure you look at pictures in your age bracket, be comfortable with them and ask how many they do in a month. Good Luck!
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Honestly, you need to make sure they are all board certified before you do any consults. And you do as many as you need, you will know they doctor when you find the right one. You will not have to guess that you want him operating on you. Ask to see before and afters and a lot of times they have a list of patients that can call you to give you their experience. Lots of homework, but its your body, so make good choices with that doctor. Congrats on taking this step! Its so exciting. I would suggest you do your surgery in March, that will give you enough time to recoop for the graduation and you wont be walking bent over. Trust your instincts, you will know your doctor!!
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I had consults with 6 and only felt really comfortable with one, sort of comfortable with 3 others, and uncomfortable with 2.
If I had known and had the means I would have asked the nurses who took care of me during my overnight stay. Several surgeons use the facility. Luckily they all said if they were to have any work done, it'd be with my surgeon (whew).

I knew they were sincere.
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Hello TT family, I have begun my TT journey. I...

Hello TT family, I have begun my TT journey. I would like to share as much of it with you all and hopefully will receive some positive feed back as well as dos and don'ts. Yesterday I had my third consultation. This PS owns pretty much his own mini hospital. Very Nice. I enjoyed our consult and hopefully his honesty, but I have two concerns and hopefully someone can help me. First of all out of the three PS he's the only one that said he would just lipo my flanks only , along with my TT. For some reason I thought to contour your body lipo is needed on the flanks, upper & lower abs and lower back. The other two PS told me that they would lipo all of those places. The second concern is the pain pump. I'm not familar with that. Is the pain pump a good thing or what? Help! The second PS offered to use glue on my incission. Which is better ladies the stiches or the glue? I am aware what ever response I get from everyone the decision is still up to me. But I would like to hear feed backs and experiences which will help me figure out what is best for me. Working hard but carefully to make it the FLAT SIDE. : )


Hey girl! Im so glad you are getting ready to join the TT family lol. I think the PS will only lipo the areas that need lipo. There is no rule to what areas need to be lipo'd when getting a TT. If you feel you need lipo in all those places be sure to just ask the last PS why he isnt doing those areas. The pain pump is a good thing! You push a button and you get your pain meds. Its set so you cant overuse it and normally it comes out pretty quickly. I had a pain pump and a drain pump left in. Glue vs stitches, its PS preference. I was told during my thigh lift that once the skin was removed the doctor would decide on the spot which would be better in my situation and I have stitches and I was fine with either. I have found a trust with my doctor that his decisions are made for whats best for me and only me. That doesnt mean I dont question him, because I do. This was my 3rd surgery and I go in every time with a list of questions and he answers them fully and never gets frustrated. Be sure to choose a doctor you are comfortable with, doesnt rush you out of his office and understands your concerns and fears. Good luck to you!!!
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