Post Op!!!Miami Beach, FL

Hey all!I have my TT procedure scheduled for May...

Hey all!I have my TT procedure scheduled for May 13 of this year.I'm a 26 yr old,mother of two.I had my second born, 11 months ago & throughout & after my pregnancy,have had a hanging bulge.So much so that everyone thought I was having twins!Now the bulge just wont go away.So for the past few months I've been doing tons of research for a TT. I've met w/ three PS & decided to go with #3.I'm from New York & am actually going to South Beach,Miami for my surgery.I have a friend of mine coming to help me out.I'm super excited!!I'm still young & don't am not thinking of having any more children & want to look exactly how I feel.I'm hoping to lose another 15 lbs before surgery,just so that my results can really stand out as they should.I'll keep everyone posted on my progress. P.S.This website is God Sent!It's so great knowing there are tons of women feeling & going thru exactly what I am.Good Luck to everyone on their TT Journey :)

Good luck on this new journey! Today is my TT and BBL (Brazilian Butt-Lift) I was told do weight training before and this will help with recovery and healing. I also was told to do leg workouts and back workouts because these area will be working hard after surgery to help your core heal, walk, and you'll be hunched over for a little bit just till your skin relaxes. Hope this helps. And not to scare :/
Thank You!Best of Luck to you!

Hey Everyone!Officially out of the 40 day...

Hey Everyone!Officially out of the 40 day countdown for my TT! 39 days & counting.I know to some it may not seem like a Big deal,but when you've been waiting for so Long, IT IS!!Still dieting trying to lose a few lbs before hand.Low Carb so far has been amazing for me. 13 lbs down in 15 days with exercise of course.I will post some pictures of my progress.

26 days & i'll be heading to south beach,Miami for...

26 days & i'll be heading to south beach,Miami for my Extended TT!!And in exactly 27 days,I'll be on the Flat Side!Halfway thru April already.I cant stand it!lol. Perfect way to start the summer,with a flat Tummy.I 've been taking multivitamins & also I got all of my Post-Op supplies.Thank God for the Dollar Tree,bc hey were super affordable.I also bought a few open front pj's,sandals,socks,& granny panties.As much as I LOVE Miami,this trip wont be for partying/clubbing like the others.I rented a Studio apartment for my cousin who will be helping me & I.We'll definitely be shopping for food the day we get there,Since surgery is the Following morning.

Some of the items I purchased for Post Op are

Clear Medical Tape
Antibiotic Ointment
Keta-Cote Silicone Gel Scar Treatment
Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap
Hand Sanitizer
Super Maxi Pads (w/out wings)
Lysol Wipes
Stool Softner w/Laxative
Tylenol PM Extra Strength
Hydrogen Peroxide

Hopefully I wont need much else bc the supplies alone take up most of my suitcase,seeing that the clothes I have are mostly pj's & that I wont be going out Much if at All.
You don't have long now. The flatter side is almost there.
Yes I know!It took forever to to get here.
Good luck to you on the 13th it's almost here. Keep us posted.

Ok Ladies,3 more days I'll be heading to the...

Ok Ladies,3 more days I'll be heading to the airport to Miami Beach for my TT on Monday a.m.Going out there on Sunday means I have no real pre-op appointment.I'm guessing I'm getting marked up the morning of.The nurse says she will,however,call in my pain meds this week so that I have them for after my surgery (THANK GOD!).Over all,I am sooo excited,not so much nervous.I'm more afraid of the flight there!But I'm ready to Go!!
Good luck!
Thank You sooo Much!
Wow not long now, bet ur counting day, hr, mins, sec lol. Gud luck can't wait to see ur after pics

Hey Ladies!I am at the airport on my way to Miami...

Hey Ladies!I am at the airport on my way to Miami Today!!Tomorrow is the Big Day!After 7 a.m tomorrow i'll be on the flat side & will try to post at least one pic :) Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful mommys.I left today & am missing my two lil ones Bad.Praying these next 10 Days Breeze By.

Ok ladies,so I landed safely in Miami.My little...

Ok ladies,so I landed safely in Miami.My little studio apartment here is perfect & the manager made sure I got a ground floor suite So I won't have to walk up stairs after surgery.Groceries are done & my cousin & I got the only double bed suite.That means I get my own Bed &its loaded with pillows!!!I brought one from home thinking I would need extra but here there are Plenty.Its still such a daydream to me.Cant believe I'll be on the flat side tomorrow morning!!!
Exciting. Good for you. Sounds like a comfy set up.
Good luck :)

Hi Ladies.Im post op just a few hrs now & im ok...

Hi Ladies.Im post op just a few hrs now & im ok.Incision site stings but I can walk & empty my drains.Right out of surgery i was extremely groggy,got back to my hotel & slept slept slept!I just ate bc i had gotten light headed.Coughing is ok but not too much coughing going on.Im significantly smaller whih i didnt honestly stunned!Follow up visit tomorrow.Will keep u all posted.xoxoxo
Wow girl! You are a soldier, updating hours after your surgery! Lol you look fantastic!!! Dr Tachmes was one of thr PS'S I seriously considered but ending up going with someone else. 40 days until my big day!! Cant wait to see more pics!
Thank You
Good luck! Can't wait to see after pics ;)

Hey all.I'm post op Day 2.Pain was a lil more...

Hey all.I'm post op Day 2.Pain was a lil more today,but I'm still able to walk & eat a little.Coughing is the worst part,but you can get thru it.Hoping tomorrow is better,bc id like to get some Fresh air.Wish me Luck!
Looking good keep us posted
Thank You!
Good luck girl!!!!!

4 Days P.O

Day 4 P.O & the pain has subsided.I'm off vicodin & now on extra strength tylenol.I've only had one today,thats how much better my pain level is.Walking super easy,even my coughing doesnt hurt as much.Still super swollen,& i get my stitches out on Monday.The only annoyance is the binder.Its itchy now,i seriously just wanna tear it off.Also the stitches feel like bee stings every now & then when the binder rubs on it.Otherwise I'm okay.Finally had a BM also.All in all this recovery is going wayyyy better then expected.
Try putting a cami under the binder. I read some ladies doing that and they said it feels much better. Happy healing!! :)
Thank You.I'll definitely give it a try.
Your welcome!!

Day 5 Post Op

U look good! And u r doing so well. I'm so happy for you see u on the flat side
Thank u so much!

One week Post Op

Got my drains & stitches out today.Nurse said im healing super fast & im still at maximum swelling.I feel great overall!Cant wait for the next few weeks to see more of a change :)
Hey SAH, good to see you're healing so fast. Did you have any lipo with your tt?
Thank you & no I didn't have Lipo.
So you just had tt?

9 Days P.O

Still swelling especially in lower abdomen.
I hope I recover as fast as u did
Me too.Im sure you will.
You look so good. I'm so glad to hear your recovery has been better than you expected. That's my main concern, of course. I love your post about being stunned at how small you were when you woke up. So happy for you and your outcome.
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