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Im already two weeks post op and i so surprised at...

Im already two weeks post op and i so surprised at how easy this surgery was..... (I walked 4 blocks the day of my surgery). The Tummy tuck was the main reason that I had surgery. The rest was just a bonus, and as of right now I'm happy with all of it. I still have a long way to go but I decided I do want my journey recorded.

fears are setting in...

Hi everyone, I'm two weeks and two days post. I noticed for the first time today, that I still have about an inch and a half of my scar that I so desperately wanted to be rid of. I'm not sure why it's still there because this was one of the two reasons for the mommy


Makeover....I'm very concerned as more and more of my fears are being realized. I had some concerns before my surgery about my PS about getting the tummy tight because in his before and afters, most of his patients were very very loose. The reason that was given to me is a large % of patients come from out of town, and they have to take post ops at just 1week and that made sense to me.I'm having second thoughts now, hahaha. It appears I'm developing a Montrose Cord as well. I will call PS in the morning to go everything on my mind.

l'm not convinced

My surgery was on June 6th, so I'm just about two months post ok. I've been very patient in my healing process. I have still not figured out what was done during my surgery. I went I. For a full tummy tuck and I did not receive one. Nothing above my belly button was moved, and very little below was moved. I still have scars, stretch marks and fat. My skin wasn't pulled tight so a revision is in my future. What I don't like is that most people get one chance to do something like a tummy tuck. I now have to do it twice, pay twice and pray twice as hard.
My Dr chose to cut half of my lower an off instead of all and I'm so disappointed. I will keep you updated
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I'm not ready to review my Dr yet

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Let us know what your doctor says today!
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Thanks for starting your story here on RealSelf! Were the first three days as hard as they say?

I'll be checking back for your updates as you continue to heal. Amazing that you walked four blocks the day of surgery!
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I'm still not quite sure how I made that walk. However, that makes about the 15th surgery in my lifetime and they don't slow me down anymore. I honestly dont think this surgery was difficult at all
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