Do I Have Enough Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift? - Miami Beach, FL

I'm new to this website, but I've been doing...

I'm new to this website, but I've been doing research and this website has helped me a lot, the other day I went in for a consultation and the girl at the office told me not to get butt implants because that wouldn't make a difference and the biggest size of implants was only 200 cc, she explained that implants are for extremely skinny girls, then she told me a BBL would be a better choice for me but then she checked my body and said I only had about 2 liters of fat in total, & that I won't end up with a big difference in my result, what should I do? Do I not have enough fat for a Brazilian butt lift? I'm 5'5 and weigh about 135lbs last time I checked I was like 26% body fat.. Can someone tell me what I can do to lose those love handles and get a bigger rounder duller butt and hips?

I was told by one doc I had to wait that I didn't have enough fat, I am about 5'4-5'5 weight 137 I lost a lot of weight due to a tummy tuck beginning of March My figure resembles your figure so I checked around now & I plan on going to Dr. Ghurani in Florida and I sent him pictures & wish pictures and he told me they were do-able & he told me to gain 5-7 lbs. I would get a second option like I did. Not all docs think alike. Some see fat where others don't.
Sounds like u got enough fat to get 2000 cc at least your bigger then me I'm 128 55 my doctor told me 2000 cc now maybe cause I has two kids that baby fat never leave lol
That's almost exactly what I was pre-SX I'm 5'4" and 136 pounds. I don't think that my cheeks have too much more fat but the lipo has made a difference in my over all appearance :) so I do think you have enough fat. But your torso is WAYYYYY. Longer than mine whereas my legs are longer. I didn't have lipo to the legs at all. You may be able to find fat there too. Good luck
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