33 Year Old with Acne Scars (showing two procedures here, not sure why old posts still go with new procedure)- Miami Beach, FL

I had acne as a teenager and it left me with some...

I had acne as a teenager and it left me with some scars and discoloration. This is my second procedure with the same Dr in Miami, FL. I was pleased with the first time but wanted to wait a significant amount of time in between to proceed onto getting this second procedure due to allowing all collagen to restore itself. I go out in the sun often (hey, it's south Florida) but i always wear a hat or cover my face when tanning my body. I don't believe in using sunscreen (don't yell at me, just my personal belief and have been doing it my entire life). I was pleased after the first treatment and had a lot of swelling and redness. However, this second treatment seemed to have been less intense. The Dr said he was aggressive like i wanted him to be but the heeling that took place showed otherwise. I had less redness and less peeling. The Dr stated that the second treatment sometimes has different post treat symptoms due to the skin being thinner. Not sure. Anyone ever had minimal peeling and redness due to the skin already being treated? Hope all this helps someone. I think this procedure, if done aggressively, is fantastic. Tightens the skin, smooths the surface ridding of some soft scars, craters and some wrinkles as well as evens out skin tone from sun spots etc. Just be aware that prices vary and if you are getting a discount then you probably will be in again because the Dr will probably not be as aggressive (you want aggressive, in order to see results).
Hello, I'm 38 year old female from LA area. I had the same experience the second time I had my treatment done. I felt that second time was not as aggressive as the first one and while some of my hyper pigmentation around my mouth become less, I have a completely new area of hyper pigmentation now. It's around sunglasses area on my left side as I'm driving all the time. And even though I never leave house without sunscreen I have this ugly spotting around my left eye area now. I would say that my skin texture is better now, maybe due to this procedure? The second procedure was done a year ago and my doctor told me I can do it again now.
hello,.. i just got it done 3 months ago.. you can see my reviews .. how long did it take for the new DARK spots to show? thanks!
Hi FloridaGirl, any update? Did you have your follow up treatment? I had my first treatment on Thursday.

3rd treatment of Intense CO2 laser

Lots of pain last night but not much today. Just a little warm, and periodic slight pins and needles.

1 day post CO2 laser

Pain was 8/10 last night, hard to sleep with burning and pins and needles sensation (on no pain meds). Today it's 4/10 and tolerable and took ibuprofen. Washing every 4-6 hours (goo and yellow hard flakes gets stuck so it's important to wash that off) and thereafter applying aquaphor. 2 antibiotics x 7 days to prevent infection.

Intense fractional co2 laser for a me scarring.

I'll be uploading daily. And trying to upload some videos as well. Dr Shapiro and his stag have been genuinely attentive throughout post op. I felt bad waking them up all last night with my fears and concerns just because the sensation and coloration changes so quickly within hours that I needed to be sure it was all normal. They followed through with getting back to me right after calling and texting them. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Intense fractional co2 laser for acne scarring

I'll be uploading daily. And trying to upload some videos as well. Dr Shapiro and his stag have been genuinely attentive throughout post op. I felt bad waking them up all last night with my fears and concerns just because the sensation and coloration changes so quickly within hours that I needed to be sure it was all normal. They followed through with getting back to me right after calling and texting them. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Thanks for your response! Well, I had the procedure done with Dr. Shapiro and I'm so happy I had it done! I also had severe pain the first 24 hours. It was unbearable. I had to have the A/C vent pointed at my face at all times. I had taken ES Tylenol is it wasn't enough. I had to get Motrin 800 and that helped with the pain. After about a few weeks, I started to develop hyper pigmentation all over my face and had to get prescribed three different creams to lighten my skin color. So farm I'm two weeks into the creams and my hyper pigmentation has gotten lighter. Did that happen to you too?
The first two times I didn't get hyper pigmentation. Do you have photos? Was the treat intense?
Lucky you! I looked like Nightmare on Elm Street. I did a lot of research and it's fairly common. Not sure why it happened to me since it happens mostly on people with darker skin. I'm super light skinned. I do have photos. I plan on posting a review on my experience, but haven't had the time yet since I'm in grad school and it takes up a lot of my time. Yes, my treatment was intense. Dr. Shapiro was very aggressive. Even after taking two valiums, having numbing cream, Lidocaine injected in my T-zone, and another pain killer injected through my arm, I felt a lot of the procedure. It was very intense.

Day 2

Day 2 of Third session of FX CO2 Laser

Day 3

No pain, slightly itchy in different areas. Much skin falling off. I'm excited!!! It was done so intense. I surely am healing quickly. Dr Shapiro now has me on 3 antibiotics because he says it'll help speed the healing process and boy was he right! Sill washing with cetaphil and applying aquaphor. Skin is just falling off in think chunks. Amazing.
Glad things are going well - thanks for the update!
Sorry for all the scattered post and typos! I can't edit what I post and am in a hurry with most posting. Also, this site is great but my new pictures seem to have my old procedures message below. Maybe I'm not realself.com Savy!! Bare with me, please. :) The first time I had the procedure it helped to eliminate some discoloration and craters as well as make my skin tighter and pores smaller by about 60%. I wanted to do another treatment. I waited two years in between and decided to proceed and use Dr Shapiro again. The second time was less intense and the Dr admitted to the machine needing maintenance so I basically got a facial and it just tightened my face a bit. The Dr told me to come back for a complementary fractional CO2 laser treatment being that the machine wasn't right. I was very grateful. So this is my third fractional CO2 laser procedure. He did it intense like I wanted but I am healing so fast. I'm excited to see the results!

Day 4 of this third treatment of CO2 laser

I can't believe it! Thick chunks of dead skin were just falling off all day today. Every time I looked in the morrow, more skin was falling and I mean these were think short pieces. I am very pleased. It's exactly what I had hoped for. I'm itchy now. No pain. Still taking antibiotics and washing every 4 hours now and placing aquaphor on afterwards. I haven't been outside at all. I have a lot of red tones still which is normal but just a bit of hanging skin on the side near my forehead. I feel the pigment turns out best if NO SUN AT ALL gets on the face while healing. It's day four and I am now ready for bed. Here are my update pics. Amazing how quickly I have healed.

Day 5 of third co2 treatment

Face is just red and dry. All skin is done peeling off. Still on three antibiotics and still putting aquaphor on my face. Haven't been outside. Staying away from sunlight still.

Day 6 of third co2 treatment

A little dry still. Some blotches of redness. Stopped antibiotics this morning. Going to leave aquaphor of most of my face except patchy red spots for today and see how tight or dry it feels without it.
Your results are awesome! You look great! How long did you have to wait between each co2 treatment?
Dr. Jason Shapiro

The staff is unbelievably brilliant with going above and beyond to help you get the best results and feel at ease. Dr Shapiro and the medical chief, Christina, were there for me throughout the night being that I was concerned and in pain. When I woke up in the morning I had messages from both of them making sure I was doing better and what my face looked and felt like. He did it just as I asked for, aggressively as possible so that this can be my last treatment and he wants me to get great results. It really eases any worries I have. Having an attentive dr as well as with superb bedside manner is so important and I can't stress this enough. Not only does he prepare the room to make you feel comfortable but he also continues to ease your fears and calm you throughout the procedure. When picking a Dr for cosmetic procedures, it's utmost important to have a highly skilled Dr such as Dr Shapiro but post op is when you realize you need a Dr that really cares about his patients and checks on them continuously. My mom is getting her eyes done there. I've been a patient of there's since 2012 and I live 90 minutes away from them and I refuse to go elsewhere. The staff really makes Tribecca Medistatics the best cosmetic surgery company by far. I've been to many and nothing beats their service, Dr Shapiro's compassion and bedside mannerisms and everyone's smiles as well as their constant encouragement and the clean and calming workplace that they all work together to maintain.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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