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I had acne as a teenager and it left me with some...

I had acne as a teenager and it left me with some scars and discoloration. This is my second procedure with the same Dr in Miami, FL. I was pleased with the first time but wanted to wait a significant amount of time in between to proceed onto getting this second procedure due to allowing all collagen to restore itself. I go out in the sun often (hey, it's south Florida) but i always wear a hat or cover my face when tanning my body. I don't believe in using sunscreen (don't yell at me, just my personal belief and have been doing it my entire life). I was pleased after the first treatment and had a lot of swelling and redness. However, this second treatment seemed to have been less intense. The Dr said he was aggressive like i wanted him to be but the heeling that took place showed otherwise. I had less redness and less peeling. The Dr stated that the second treatment sometimes has different post treat symptoms due to the skin being thinner. Not sure. Anyone ever had minimal peeling and redness due to the skin already being treated? Hope all this helps someone. I think this procedure, if done aggressively, is fantastic. Tightens the skin, smooths the surface ridding of some soft scars, craters and some wrinkles as well as evens out skin tone from sun spots etc. Just be aware that prices vary and if you are getting a discount then you probably will be in again because the Dr will probably not be as aggressive (you want aggressive, in order to see results).
Dr. Jason Shapiro

Personable staff, excellent bedside manner and reasonable rates. Just not sure he did it as aggressive this time as he did the first time. The staff did state that they will do the treatment on the house again (since i am not happy with results this second time around and their machine apparently needed to have maintenance on it due to the gage reading not being accurate), which was so considerate and honorable of Dr Shapiro instead of having me pay for another procedure and blaming it on something else as most drs would. He really is a great Dr. I would recommend him to anyone. I'll keep you updated after I get the procedure in a few months.

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Hi FloridaGirl, any update? Did you have your follow up treatment? I had my first treatment on Thursday.
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I too had two treatments with a CO2 laser. The first one showed very good results. The second one was very incomplete and haphazard, so being not as aggressive despite my request to be more aggressive was the least of my concerns. The doctor missed many of my damaged spots and when she said she was done I couldn't believe that less than 5 minutes had past since the start of the procedure. I asked her to please make passes over the missed areas, so she did but she still missed several places. Once I was completely healed I did not see results so I waited longer to make sure and several months later I still had no results. It was extremely disappointing to spend that kind of money and realize that the doctor was purporting a ploy to keep me coming back for more treatments.
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Hi! I recently had a consultation with Dr. Shapiro for CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing. I see you are happy so far and are getting a second treatment done. Have you noticed a big change from before to after? I have a lot of sun damage (spots, fine lines, hard looking skin, noticeable large pores) from too many tanning beds. I'm 35 and I feel now my face seems and looks tired. My line of work is in real estate so I need to have flawless skin which makes a great first impression. Taking care aesthetically can go a long way in this field and says a lot about a person. I'm a bit afraid of discomfort and disfiguration. Did you have the same fears? Hope to hear from you soon.
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Hi! I liked the results! But, I heard that the real result comes about 3 months later, when the new skin layer is thicker, with less deeper holes (sorry for my poor english). I have craters around my lowers cheek and chin and large pores either, but they never bothered me until 2 years ago. As well as you, I have a beautiful face and young skin, but I realized that after 40 years old those scars would become a big problem. So, now that i'm 28 y/o, I started the fraxel CO2 treatment. This week I did the 3rd session and there's one left to finish the treatment. Unfortunatelly I didn't take any before/after picture, but I'm happy with the result so far. I'm looking forward to seeing your new pictures!! :)
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Yes, you are absolutely right about it taking 3 months for full results to show because of the collagen production. My dr will do it again on the house due to the machine needing to be repaired since the reading wasn't right when he performing the procedure. It told him he was doing an intense treatment but the laser wasn't as intense as the reading said. The intensity gage was off. Anyhow, I'll be postin again soon. I'll so glad you are happy with your results :) it really is a great procedure for so many different things. Tightening, closing the pores, softening the skin, softening scars and craters and wrinkles. You name it. I love my dr. :)
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I will be posting more pics in 3 mts. :)
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Welcome, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us! What kind of acne scars did you have?
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Hi, Eva. Before my first aggressive treatment, i had some craters where deeper acne was around my lower cheeks and also huge pores and the skin had some dark spots and was almost saggy feeling. After that first treat by Dr Shapiro, i was so happy with the results that i wanted to do it a second time. This time it didn't even peel so i am seeing him this week to discuss. His secretary stated over the phone that the Dr agreed to do a treatment on the house, if this was the case. I'll keep you up to date. I'll be adding more pics in a week or so to show any change or not. I hope this helps. Questions are very welcomed. I definitely recommend the FX CO2 laser, if done aggressively with a good Dr. Many Dr's know that you'll be back if not done aggressive enough so make sure you have a trust for whom you are getting it done with to ensure you best results. I'll update you after my visit this Thursday! Good luck!
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Sounds great, thanks :) I will watch for your updates. 
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Ok, so we are doing another treat in three months so I'll be adding more before and after photos of that treatment. I'll keep you all posted!
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